Symbolism is everything, Mr. President: Muckraking Extra

President Barrack Obama was in Beijing this past week. There are a lot of issues the leader of the free world and his counterpart Xi Jinping – leader of the not-so-free Chinese, disagree about.

Mutharika greeting Muluzi and ignored Chakwera who looks on

Mutharika greeting Muluzi and ignored Chakwera who looks on

 Issues of trade imbalances, human rights et al.

But do you know what hogged the headlines? The Chinese media, the mainstream and backyard bloggers alike, took issue with the US leader stepping out of his limo chewing gum. This, apparently, is irreverent, an affront to the Chinese culture. Barry got really ‘chewed’ for that.

I do not think Obama thought anything before throwing that gum in his executive mouth.

So, you see, symbolism is important anywhere in the world.

President Mutharika was ‘Guest of Honour’ at the commissioning of the Abdul Majid Motor City in Blantyre. Among the distinguished guests was the Rev. Dr. Lazarus Chakwera.

The MCP has never accepted that Peter won the May polls fair and square. Actually spokesperson Jesse Kabwila never misses an opportunity to remind us that the academic-turned-politician is presiding over a ‘fraudulent government’.

But the cleric-turned-politician has decided to move on, accepting all State House or Capital Hill invites. He was even with Saulos Chilima at King Cobra’s funeral across the northern border.

But at the Abdul Majid Motor City Peter Mutharika clearly snubbed him. The President warmly greeted former president Bakili Muluzi but ignored Chakwera who was sheepishly smiling right behind Atcheya.

Granted, Peter is not a spring chicken; his ageing eyes may have failed him. He might have not noticed the cleric-turned-politician.

But are his ears failing him as well? Director of Ceremonies Bright Malopa duly acknowledged the presence of the Leader of Opposition, so did Minister of Trade and Industry Joseph Mwanamveka.

But good ol’ Peter duly needlessly acknowledged his wife and went on to salute Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka and Muluzi and everybody else. But, still, Chakwera’s name was conspicuously absent on Peter’s mind, vision and speech. Really? Even my eight-year-old Raymond will check-mate you on that!

My good friend Fred, him who speaks for the big man, lamely explained that Peter did not greet Preacher Laz because of a barrier which nobody saw. Was there a “barrier” against the Chakwera name in Peter’s ear and on his speech as well?

Preacher Laz took it all in his stride. “I am me and will always be me,” he said. Well, he may as well be speaking Greek to the party he leads for I know some of his MCP gurus have always been uncomfortable with his zeal to embrace a leader his party believes stole an election from right under his pious nose.

The Muckraker is all for all sulking losers burying the hatchet after that fractious election which could have set this peaceful country on fire had people like Laz not let go quickly. But if the people good ol’ Laz traded his pride for are not willing to embrace him, perhaps it is high time the pastor-turned-politician learnt to become a complete politician…

…if he knows what I mean!

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Obaba adaleka kupita muzochitikachitika za boma komwe a ngwazi,ndikunyenyani,ndikupepelelani,Chitsilu cha Njanji,professor WA China ankapezeka zifukwa zake ndi ngati zimenezi,ndi agalu awa kunyansa nkhopeku ndi mitima yomwe,opanda nano ndi ulemu omwe,matchona.


when peter invited all 2014 presidential candidates to sanjika palace, chakwera did not show up, nkhonya yobwenzera kuwawa!

The Truthful One from the West
The Truthful One from the West

I totally agree that Dr Chakwela needs to rebuild and strengthen MCP when he still has the honeymoon. MCP is being too quiet in the face of many blunders by DPP.


Ati “sindinamuone”. Bakili anamuona bwanji mpaka kucheza chinthawi atakhala next to next?
And mawa aziti ” tiyeni tigwire ntchito limodzi, tonse ndi amalawi”.
Koma wina wamusala ngati kuti akudwala Ebola.

Chakwera NEXT PRESIDENT kaya wina afuna kaya safuna.


He could not manage to pronounce the name ‘Chakwera’ hence opting to omit it in his salutation. This is in addition to the invisible physical barrier between the president and Laz and not between him and Muluzi. Ndikutero ine Ntaba

I strongly agree with you Raph and believe that Laz has learnt something from what happened and I also think he has ………………… understood what you meant!! To Laz my message is that these people are doing all these invites to tease you!! You take it or leave it, their big intent is to display you for a “FOOL” when you are “NOT”!! Laz, you are in Malawi, and practicing politics and “Malawi POLITICS” for that matter!! If I were you, this was the time to hold rallies and hammer hard on DPP using the so many blunders they have… Read more »

As a matter of correction, the invitation did not come from DPP so Chakwera was not following them. All high profile people in this country were invited. In fact it was wrong for DPP to take this as a party function because it wasn’t their show

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