T.B Joshua’s prophecy about South Africa coming to pass?

Four months after Nigerian cleric ‘T.B. Joshua’ gave a series of prophecies concerning South Africa, the writing on the wall shows a significant semblance to his words.

Joshua:  Prophecies trouble

Joshua: Prophecies trouble

In several articles widely circulated online, Joshua is quoted as telling congregants on January 3rd 2016 that a Southern African leader would face a ‘peculiar’ trouble, calling for prayer during February’s ending and April.

The prophecy sparked a national debate when it was disingenuously misinterpreted by Malawi’s Presidential advisers to mean their leaders death would fall between this time-frame.

Peter Mutharika responded with a controversial verbal attack against the ‘prophet’, suggesting his predictions were ‘fake’ and financial enrichment the actual motive.

However, Joshua’s followers point to the current travails of South African President Jacob Zuma as being the subject of the prediction.

The South African president’s hold on power looks increasingly frail as calls for his resignation continue to heighten.

This follows the damning corruption scandal which has engulfed Zuma after a court ruled on March 31st that he had “failed to uphold” the constitution when he did not pay back some state funds used for the upgrade of his personal home.

Joshua additionally predicted on the same day the fluctuating South African rand currency would eventually ‘stabilise’.

Although initial signs seemed to contradict his prediction, the announcement of Pretoria’s successful issuing of a foreign dollar bond led to South Africa’s rand, stocks and bonds all rallying, with investor confidence lifted.

“Prophet T.B. Joshua did give a word of prophecy concerning this South African business turn around,” wrote Nigeria’s Vanguard newspaper in its report on the news, which stated the rand seemed to be finally showing signs of stability.

Joshua stressed that South Africa’s attention should be directed to fighting the economic implications of the ‘El-Niño’ drought.

“The government should not be tempted to surrender most of their industries to foreign countries,” he warned, adding that the farming industry would especially be affected.

In what has been described as the worst drought in more than 100 years for the rainbow nation, Al Jazeera recently reported it is costing South African farmers more than an estimated $600m in lost crops.

On the same day, Joshua gave a global warning concerning the volatile North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, stating he saw an ‘arrow’ being released from the communist nation which would ‘affect the world’.

Days later, North Korea announced they had developed and tested an H-bomb, revealing later in April that it had successfully tested a rocket that will let it launch nuclear strikes on countries as far away as the United States.

T.B. Joshua is arguably Africa’s most popular albeit controversial pastor.

He boasts an impressive presence on social media, with over 2,000,000 fans on Facebook and nearly 350,000 YouTube subscribers.

Joshua has an especially large following within South Africa, with hordes still flocking to visit his church in Nigeria despite the building collapse incident that claimed the lives of 84 South Africans in September 2014.

  • Tebego Motalaote is a writer currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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27 thoughts on “T.B Joshua’s prophecy about South Africa coming to pass?”

  1. Chief says:

    lets see what happens

  2. Kaka sanderaniso says:

    GOD have mercy on us

  3. man of God says:

    anthu ambiri adzabwera mudzina langa …. koma patsiku lomaliza iwo adzti ambuye timanenera mudzina lanu tinaitanila padzina lanu ndipo ziwanda zinachoka koma ambuye adzati chokani inu sindikudziwani inu akuchita kusaweruzika….. mukhoza kuitanila padzina la yesu ndikumachita zozizwa koma ambuye nkukakunani coz iye sadzalola dzina lake lichititsidwe manyazi…………………………….the end is near reapent and believe the good news

  4. munyane says:

    Si onse onena ambuye-ambuye ati adzalowe mu ufumu wa kumwamba, koma ndi okhawo amene akuchita chifunilo chake cha Mulungu. Now ask yourself kuti “kuchita chifunilo cha Mulungu” ‘nkutani??????

  5. victor says:

    The Boko Haram in Nigeria stole school girls sometime back, till now the girls are not traced, why T.B. Joshua is failing to prophecy the whereabouts of the girls in his country to help his president to put confidence in people, if this can happen people will have more confidence in him? Why he is concentrating this to other countries? He is supposed to clean dust in his house. Only rich people can fly for such service, what about the poor ones? Has he reached poor people in his country, I mean in their homes to remove the demons? Has he prophecies the year and day himself is going to die? Why this possible with others, that is greediness.

  6. Jesse says:

    @ Lapkenifamily,

    Tipped ? There are millions of bridges in India, Trains, Floods, easy tip there. Just pick one.

    The Egyptian Airliner ? Ever heard about Lee Harvey Oswald ? Figure it out.

    Also check mental health institutions. Or schools and army, plenty mentally ill people there. Look at the the shootings in the US. Easy tip. It just happens on a daily basis.

    Why prophesy about a suicide belt that was a fake one and cannot explode.

    Ever heard about inside information and inside jobs ? Do your research.

    Have you ever seen a biblical prophet prophesy every single day, week after each other ? Or have word of knowledge for hours and hours ?

    And have you seen the Scripture:

    1 Corinthians 14:29 Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge.

    And have you seen prophets fight who stole prophecies from each other ? Hilarious !

    Jeremiah 5:31 The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?

    The amount of personal prophecy and international prophecy that comes from Africa is just ridiculous.

    It’s a Souvereign Matter and Issue not a conveyor belt of a production line. And I am going to say it one more time again. It’s inside information and some organisation needs to start looking into it. For my part FBI, CIA, the MOSSAD, or the Kremlin. Because it just is becoming silly now.

  7. mask says:

    the truth is malawians prayed against the death of their leader, since they rejected it through prayer, thieves are trying to divet the issue to SA economy hehehehe

  8. Pol Z Goman says:

    Plz Gyz Tizi Beliver God Osat Ma Prophet Anawa!!!

  9. Phiri says:

    Tayankhani za colapsing of a bridge in India. Was there a tip that on Thursday the bridge was to collaps? Faith cnt have a scientific proof. Mukadzazindikira momwe Mulungu amachhitira zozizwa mudzakhulupiria koma poti mmutu mwanu mumangoyenda za chinyengo zimungakhulupirire chozizwa.

  10. mac says:

    My two prophesies:
    1) Something peculiar is going to happen to a young child in southern Africa in the next 5 minutes. According to statistics, we lose so many kids per minute – so you see I am a Prophet

    2) The Kwacha will start depreciating after the tobacco season – you see I am a prophet.

    Nyasatimes is such a bore sometimes – why you give space to such morons to be putting up fake stories about this prophet (TB Joshua) and that other fake one in South Africa (Bushiri), I have no idea! We have so many real issues – do we really have to be debating this loser (TB Joshua) who obviously has nothing to do but to swindle people in the name of God. Eiissh – where is your editorial please! You insult our intelligence when you feature these half baked morons with stories about TB Joshua here.

    Like the President asked him – where was he when his own house collapsed – how could he not foresee that if his like is all about dreaming up misfortunes of others.

  11. Brother George says:

    Brother Jese thanks for yet a wonderful insit of the false and demonic prophets.

    As a matter of fact, the office closed on apstle John the Scripirue s clear. We are the in the office of the Apostles now. The first feeding – Twelve baskets and later seven Apolsles on the second feeding. It is the office that has attarcted huge warning from Christ Himself. Pls take care.

  12. lapkenifamily says:

    so if that is the case about Zuma then kindly tell us who who tipped Prophet T.B Joshua about the hijacking of an Egpytian plane and the breaking of a bridge in India? I will be very grateful please

  13. prophet says:

    I prophecieses that kwacha will stabling from 30th may to 5th June 2021.kkkkkk

  14. danielphiri says:

    kkklllllll aman of God..

  15. For Real says:

    Mbava TB Joshua, Wagwa basi, FAKE FAKE FAKE PROPHETS!!!!

  16. Jesse says:

    @ mesfin abebe,

    No your false private prophet has been wrong for a long time and all the useless stories he has been hanging up are nowadays completely useless.

    Why not take a visit to tbjoshuawatch.wordpress.com and we will exactly explain where your false private prophet is going off the track.

    Last one. Tell me oh thou great deceived one, how difficult it is to predict something for South Africa while they know by inside information from others, e.g. Malema that this was pending for Jacob Zuma. Also recently when TB Joshua went to Tanzania last year, there was an exchange between TB Joshua and Jacob Zuma and likely word for word this:

    Jacob Zuma: Prophet TB Joshua pray for me because there are some things coming up I need your prayers for. Then a handshake is taking place and a smirk to each other and so the inside information is transformed into a “prediction”.

    I dare you to disagree, because that is exactly how it went. But you Africans are to swooped over by your scam prophets and giving too much credit due while it was just a inside prediction. Nothing else.

    When I was in SCOAN, he could not even know a thing about me and when it came to my wife he told a useless lie that never was the case and we were coerced to stand in front of Emmanuel TV to tell that he was right, but we did not allow that to happen.

    So if this false church is in the business to put wool over your eyes. Please I hope people will be just like us and reject these charlatans to make money out of people.

    Mark the words of 2 Peter 2:3

    And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

    Go read it and know whom you are dealing with. You can’t fool God’s Word and twist it to make a living out of it with deceit.

  17. Ha ha ha ha ha ha wagwa nayo Joshua
    Pali prophecy apa?? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk dzizimba dzayamba kusuluka

  18. Steve says:

    When the prophets of old had a msg for someone or particular people, he (prophet) would tell them why that thing (calamity) will happen and how to prevent it (repent) BUT these thieves masquerading as men of the colar today are just throwing stones (prophesying) anyhow knowing we are living in a world where anything can happen. If they really have the msg why dont they call the individual as they men of God did in the old days and tell him/her the msg face to face??? Cheaters… liars…. thieves…. i cant see one true prophet today or can you show me one Tebego??? Joshua??? why? miracles? which ones? Dont you know that even the Devil is capable of performing miracles??? To hell with your so called prophesying and prophets. THIEVES, HYENAS, FOXES in SHEEPS SKINS!! Hell fire is waiting for all who are fake!! Fake christians, fake pastors, fake prophets!!!

  19. mphwache wa bingu says:

    Kkkkkkk there is no prophecy here. Nothing will happen to any African leader. Sorry TB Joshua this time you have missed!!!

  20. Nnzikambe says:

    Surprisingly this has no fought finders comments. Why? It is high time Peter sucked the religious advisors who mislead him to coming up with unfounded accusations on the man of God. They have instilled fear in the leader.

  21. The Analyst says:

    I wish people’s ignorance had limits . . .
    . . . and therefore stop fulfilling Joshua’s predictions when, in fact; those predictions have absolutely failed.

    . . . Anybody who knows about world currencies is well-aware that the Rand is one of the most volatile currencies around; and the issue of a Eurobond by South Africa is not a strange phenomena and has nothing whatsoever to do with SA govt’s lack of trust in their own currency; rather the need for the Dollar, so as to avert exchange-rate risk from the original sin problem. There is no prophesying about it.
    . . . As to why are people finding it hard to admit that Joshua lied; only the Devil knows!
    Also, I wish that you Tebego Motalaote could sober up and give us a break . . .
    . . . Otherwise, you are doing us great injustice when you continue to impose order where there is no order and continue to misguide people by relating what Joshua said to events in SA.

    Truth is . . .
    . . . If some other more sensitive event takes place e.g. death of a sothern African president; you Tebego and other misguided souls will come back and shift your attention and say; there is the “prophecy” being fulfilled!
    . . . If war breaks-up say in Mozambique between January and April; you shall again come here and say but this now is exactly what Joshua said!

    Cant you see that you are not making sense?; when you take the trouble of searching for events, no matter how commonplace they are; and relating them to Joshua’s lies? Joshua lied, simple!
    . . . And whatever he lied about, is not coming to pass. Sadly, though the ides of April are not yet come or gone; there is no any indication that anything peculiar will happen.

    God cannot be mocked! There is always a limit to which one can cheat people!

  22. g says:

    wagwa nayo ameneyo atamumasula Peter

  23. ZINAZI says:

    ZICHANI ???

  24. MO says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaa za fake he predicted about death not the troubles which SA is facing mwasintha liti kkkkkkkkkkkkk oooooooo what Zuma is experiencing munanenaso? Guys be clear and true to what lie u want us to hear from you,Joshua and his sisters predicted death kkkkkkkkkkkkkk aaaaaa inuuuuuu

  25. Dr tonde says:

    I hate these good for nothing thieves masquerading as men of God. By the way peculiar can mean anything. Didn’t some prophet predict that jb would win the 2014 elections? Prophets =conmen, thieves,

  26. mesfin abebe says:

    Tebego Motalaote may the lord bless you for quoting the man of God right. and you didn’t twist the whole thing around. you wrote just as it should be were as writers many doesn’t do that. we know the prophet is always true. and I thank God for the life of prophet tb joshua.

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