Tanzania arrests 250 Malawi illegal immigrants

About 250 Malawians were last Friday arrested and kept in Police custody on various charges mainly illegal entry and overstaying in Tanzania.

rrested Malawian identified as Dr Esther Mwenitumba was employed by the government as a Chief Medical Officer at Mburahati Health Centre who submitted false documents at the department.

Tanzania arrested Malawian identified as Dr Esther Mwenitumba was employed by the government as a Chief Medical Officer at Mburahati Health Centre who submitted false documents at the department.

Songwe Border Post Public Relations Officer Yusuf Shaibu confirmed the development in an interview with Zodiak, a private broadcaster in Malawi on Thursday.

Shaibu told the radio that the Malawians have already appeared before Court in Dare salaam.

He said they were slapped with hefty fine of which most of them failed to pay.

According to the Police Publicist, the people were fined ranging from One Million, 500,000 and 300,00  Tanzanian Shillings.

They will in default, be sent to Morogoro Farm where they will be involved in  Farm works as labourers.

Recently, Tanzanian authorities also arrested Malawian identified as Dr Esther Mwenitumba was employed by the government as a Chief Medical Officer at Mburahati Health Centre who submitted false documents at the department.

The development comes after hundreds of Malawians are still being kept at Lindela Prison in South Africa on similar offences waiting to be repartriated back home.

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20 thoughts on “Tanzania arrests 250 Malawi illegal immigrants”

  1. Kaka Flani says:

    Get it right guys!

    Dr. Esther Green Simon Mwenitumba was arrested in August 2016 (see http://allafrica.com/stories/201608080421.html ) and I do not think this should be taken as “Tanzania-Malawi” issue.

    These people sneaked into the govt and were treated as govt employees.


  2. Pax Romana says:

    How many illegal Tanzanian immigrants are in Malawi?So many and yet the government does nothing.Akaba nthawi zanji kuti azilimbana ndi illegal immigrants.Utsilu basi malabishi

  3. Chemusa says:

    Nyasa Times. This is a good report. But make a follow up. Ask the minister of home affairs and foreign affairs what they make of this report. Also ask them what plans they have to deport immigrants from Burundi, Pakistan etc. Malawi is led by very sleepy people.
    Illegal immigrants freely come to Malawi and government is silent. Some of these illegal immigrants are even given Malawian passports. Malawi is sucks. Please report all illegal immigrants. Start rounding them up. Malawians are hunted like animals in other countries. Imagine rounding up 250 at the same time. In South Africa over 1000 are waiting to be deported. Please start rounding up all illegal immigrants and report them. They are all over even in villages.

  4. Chemusa says:

    Msowoya is always emotional. He does not analyse issues critically. For example, where does he get figures that there are 500 Tanzanians living illegally in Malawi? Or 2 million Malawians in Zambia?

  5. Mr Kwame Maseko says:

    Boarders divide families and cause conflict. Colonialism is the scourge that has created the modern day Africa. It’s time to change our thinking and come together as one people moving forward. Lets go back to our roots, way before foreign ideas such as religion and hatred for self conditioned our minds.

  6. winston msowoya says:


  7. winston msowoya says:

    Jai Chipwete,please come to your stable senses.In the first place there are morethan one million Malawians in Tanzania living illegally compared to less than 500 Tanzanians living in Malawi illegally.Your senseless comments,are void of real good neighbourliness never held of since independence.There was a time when Banda claimed part of Tanzania as Malawi’s,but Nyerere told his people to calm down and ignore the rhetorics of an imperialist dupe who was there to devide Africa for his own greedy ends.Hastings Banda,Jomo Kenyatta and Mobutu Sese Seko,were highly paid CIA Agents and at the same time,were the traitors of African liberation movements.Right now there are morethan two million Malawians working and living in Zambia illegally,but the authorities there,have turned a blind eye on them and declared them brothers and sisters of Africa and not only that,Zambia and Tanzania took into their two countries millions of refugees,while in Malawi,these people were returned to their barbaric ruled countries to face their fate and regrettably,South Africa has more than 3000 illegal Malawian immigrants ready to be deported back to Malawi and if Tanzanians retaliate for your foolishness to deport their people,where are you going to keep all these people and where are you going to find jobs for these unfortunate citizens.On behalf of thoughtfull Malawians in diaspora,i implore the Malawi government to rescind its unwarranted and un-african attitudes towards fellow Africans and by the way,there are thousands of Indians,Pakistans and Chinese living in Malawi illegally and involved in illicit trade more so in smuggling badly needed FOREX.Please,think before you act,because your silly act will boomerang to your disadvantages.Deport Indians,Pakistans and Chinese first,before you deport our brothers and sisters of our Africa.

    1. Pax Romana says:

      Kambwe iwe you don’t even know what you’re talking about

  8. frinho says:

    My friends the situation is not good, those people are now in Prison not a farm as stated above and they double the number stated above, Last week I visited some of those people at Segerea Prison they have been jailed for six months, some women with pregnancies it’s actually saddening, our government has kept a blind eye , says nothing about it any way God is good and able they will overcome the situation

  9. Hastings Banda says:

    Alendo mdziko lanthu la Malawi amankhala mwaufulu koma ife kupita m’maiko azanthu sinkhaza zake zimene tikukumanazo, kodi chi christu chanthu chili pati ndikufusa inu azisongoleri akuno ku malawi?

    1. uchitsiru wa atsogoleri anu ndi omwe ukukuzunzitsani,

  10. bwamnoni says:

    Please, Malawi Government just go to Tanzania and verify if indeed our people have been arrested over pity reasons. If you come back just make sure that all the Taifas are dealt with. Take them by neck. Imagine our towns are very crowded with these people from Tanzania.

    Clear them now and send them to our farms. Good enough rains have just started pouring. We need manpower to do our work

    Work up mother Malawi.

  11. Jai Chipwete says:

    There are many Tanzanians who are staying illegally in Malawi. Tanzania has set the ball rolling and Malawi can do likewise. We shouldn’t be the warm heart of Africa to everything. Tit for tat is the best way to go.

  12. Buyelekhaya says:

    Kodi dziko lanthu linaphweka pati?

  13. Lulu Kuseka says:


  14. Geof says:

    sad news indeed they treat our fellow like pigs. why can’t they deport to our country rather they are treating them like slaves.Our authority must do something to come to their help.

  15. Zinenani Zoona says:

    Let’s start with these Nigerians, and Burundians who are perpetrators of crimes against humanity. As for the Taifa’s in LL and Mzuzu, I am already holding two by the neck

  16. Sims Mkwibo says:

    …….but you really wonder that our people are harassed outside when we are entertaining thugs from other countries. Shame on our laws in Malawi!!

  17. Wilson says:

    So you mean there are no illegal Taiga in Malawi? Make this a simple issue by rounding them up and then swapping them with our people. Why should we be nice?

    1. Songwe Boy says:

      Tulo a polisi a Malawi.

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