Tanzania says cannot go to war with Malawi over lake: ‘We are cousins’

Outgoing Tanzanian High Commissioner to Malawi Patrick Tsere has commented on the issue of the Lake Malawi border wrangle between Malawi and Tanzania and assured Malawians that his country “will never go to war with Malawi” over the border issue.

Mutharika welcoming Tsere to State House

Mutharika welcoming Tsere to State House

Tsere (L) holding farewell talks to Mutharika

Tsere (L) holding farewell talks to Mutharika

He was speaking at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre when he went to bid farewell to President Arthur Peter Mutharika, at the end of his five-year term as High Commissioner for Tanzania.

The diplomat commended President Mutharika for implementing policies which are aimed at improving the livelihood of Malawians.

Tsere said during his five-year stay in Malawi he was able to follow the country’s political system and events.

He said although there were some political challenges through the transition period, the current administration is creating an impression that things will change for the better.

“Despite facing some resistance and some economic challenges that the country is going through, the Mutharika administration is keen on seeing its people out of economic bondage,” he said.

He said despite the country having political challenges, President Mutharika has put in place policies that will transform the lives of many Malawians.

Commenting on the Lake Malawi – also known as Lake Nyasa in Tanzania – Tsere assured Malawians that Tanzani cannot fight with Malawi over the border issue.

Tsere said although people from both sides hold the view that they all have a share on the lake, the issue need to be discussed “soberly” so that they reach a common understanding.

He   said Tanzanians are very much aware that “Malawians are very passionate about the lake” and that even the country’s brand name comes from the lake.

“Tanzanians know that Malawians love the lake very much. But we also need to be aware that the border issue has been under discussion since 1967,” he disclosed.

Tsere added: “Tanzania and Malawi has always been talking about this issue but the talks were done quietly. But we have always believed in talking not excessive use of words or thinking about going to war.

“Others were even up in arms, asking why the issue came to light only after Bingu’s death, no, we didn’t even bring it up then, it has a historical process and we were only following up on history.”

Tsere encouraged Malawians and Tanzanians not to fear of a possible conflict due to a disagreement over the border issue.

“Even the statement that “the issue of the lake is not negotiable” [by President Mutharika] is not a hostile statement.” It’s what Malawi feels and we respect that.”

The Tanzanian High Commissioner further said the two leaders are still in touch with the mediator and they seem to be agreeing with the mediator and will soon come to a common conclusion.

“But I can assure you that Tanzania can never go to war with Malawi. We can’t even imagine that we can shoot each other. We are cousins. It’s unthinkable for Tanzania to go to war with Malawi.”

He then advised Malawi and Tanzania to continue having good relations with each other and also work at improving any slight difference they might have.

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Kulankhhula kwa munthu wamkulu tiyeni tizilankhula motere osati zomayalutsana pagulu ngati ajawa

frank wa anglican saulo

praise lord!!!!

Do you think he would have gone there and tell APM that we will go for war to resolve this issue. He had to say all he has said after all Tanzanians are like that. They we shrewd in all they do. They know that they can not win this issue when it goes to ICJ then they are talking nicely but they are not nice from their heart. They play the game with a joker to their chest. Believe you me all this u- turn is for their own advantage. They are shrewd they got all the Maunt Kilimanjaro… Read more »
A Big maN

ok oky oky

Jeremiah banda



omachemba,,do u know the current stand of dis issue ?its resource sharing,,ndiye udolo wa APM ulipati kuti unyoze JB,? follow up dis issue properly uwona kuti malawi and APM sakukamba zomveka pa ‘resource sharing’ and soon and very soon uva kuti tz yatenga mbali ina,,

Alfred Newmann

Well spoken Mr Ambassador. Viewing the lake and what’s in it as a common heritage for African neighbors is far better than preparing for war over it. War destroys what peace builds.

Romeo Hastings Bandawe

Joyce Banda zidamukanika koma apa ndi amuna okhaokha, that is why nkhani ija yabwerera mwa kale. Mamuna ndi Mamuna baasi.

Samuden Samuel

God Loves People Who Love Each Other. In The Paradise The Country Will be One, No Boarder Will Be Consdered All The People Are Going To Benefit From Any Physical Feature On Earth.


haters get a life! What does a potrait and a flag have to do with the issue at hand? Kamuvuleni hule wanu uja chi nsalu cha paphewa chija.

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