Tanzanian arrested in Karonga for aiding illegal immigrants

A 50 year Tanzanian nation Ambokire Pilipili suspected to be an agent of harbouring and transporting illegal Immigrants using  uncharted routes to Malawi, has been arrested in the northern border district of Karonga, Malawi Immigration Department told Nyasa Times.

Immigration spokesperson in Karonga, Samuel Kandeya, told Nyasa Times that the Tanzania was arrested after a tip off from the community that he was keeping over 50 Ethiopians in his house.

According to Kandeya, Pilipili was intending to transport the illegal immigrants to Malawi during the mid-night using the boats.

“Upon reaching his house, the Ethiopians managed to escape leaving their effects but we arrested the owner of the house as he failed to run away,” said Kandeya.

He said the Tanzanian confessed during the interrogations that he is an agent of immigrants.

Kandeya told Nyasa Times that the office of Immigration has handed over the suspect into the hands of police in Tanzania as they carry on investigations.

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tozer tsono
What if Tanzania is sending into Malawi its foot soldiers to disrupt, sabotage, and sow terror? Since when did peace loving Malawians show disregard for life as seen recently in the cutting off and trading of private parts? Malawi must take seriously the collapse of its social structure by examining trends in barbaric behaviors and not only guard against but jail for life anyone involved in maiming another being for private parts or is in possession of the same. That is why it is important to take seriously anyone entering Malawi from Tanzania. Until recently, Albinos, in Tanzania have been… Read more »
concerned citizen

Malawians we are too corrupt. It really shows the immigrant officers here were given money by these immigrants? It is not possible, I repeat, not possible for all 50 IMMIGRANTS to xcape. Mind you anthu awa amayenda ndi ma $US we know that. you were corrupted for them to. escape. ACB gwirani ntchito apa


Immigration did a good and right thing to arrest and hand over the agent to his country. Welldone guys

Try Mwale

Thats Malawi I know. Full of Puludzus(CORRUPT OFFICERS)


Kkkkk malawi malawi malawi my country munthuyo walakwira malamulo aku malawi koma mukumupereka ku boma la kwao. Ndi amalawi angati omwe ali mu ndende zakunja?? Nanga bwanji maikowo samawatumiza ku malawiko???

Zanga Phee!

Over fifty escaped? why how,you think you are telling kids or what,that was a deal Men you pocketed you think we don’t know yo my officers in Malawi.See my Name.

Piche Yakiti

Athawa anthu 50? zotheka osagwira olo mmodzi????? apa munene kuti even wa ku Tanzania yo anakana kupeleka ndalama mchifukwa chake mwamugwira


Amenyedwe basi


How can all the 50 immigrants escape? Don’t cheat us- mwalandira kenakake guyz

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