Tanzanians torch Malawian with petrol – Report

A group of sawyers from Tanzania, popularly known as Swahili, on Monday afternoon poured petrol and torched 25 year-old Malawian Ken Banda at Mazamba Forest in Mzimba District following a quarrel over cooked beans, according The Nation newspaper report.

Batttling for life after being torched by petrol

Batttling for life after being torched by petrol

Banda is battling for his life at Mzuzu Central hospital (MCH).

Mzuzu Police Station deputy spokesperson Patrick Saulosi said police have arrested the suspects, namely Geoffrey Fumuku (25) and Joshua Charles (30) and two teenagers (who cannot be named for legal reasons), all from Tanzania. Police said the fifth suspect is at large.

Saulosi said the Tanzanians have been charged with “acts intended to cause grievous harm” contrary to Section 235 of the Penal Code which attracts a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

The victim told the daily paper from his hospital bed that he had no relish to take his nsima with; hence, decided to ask for some cooked beans from the Tanzanians.

Banda, who was employed as a sawyer by Chawezi Manda, and the suspects work for different entities at the forest in Mzimba and separately prepare their meals known as m’memo

He said after the Tanzanians had prepared their lunch, Banda allegedly took away their beans without permission, which angered them

<Banda comes from Mashunga Village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Mzukuzuku in Mzimba.

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48 thoughts on “Tanzanians torch Malawian with petrol – Report”

  1. Samarakunjuta says:

    All this is happening due to the mapwevupwevu government we have in this country. What is wrong Malawians?Let the Malawian citizens cut the timber and sell not foreigners man!!get well soon Mr Banda.search these criminals they take drugs with them to jail

  2. Bertha says:

    Deal with the taifas abweretsatu sharia law yophana on small matters nanga abale nkhani ya beans mpaka petro fire bomb!

  3. oh please why should that be the case in our own country..what were the other Malawians present on the scene doing?? Malawians its hightime we stand united and fight against any abnormality caused by foreignors.

  4. george says:

    malawians are victims in their own forest and country at the of tanzanians who are cruel.i 4 one do appeal authorities to deport them peaciful

  5. Mwinanikagona says:

    malawians are victims in their own forest and country while tazanians sawyers smile with our timbers.deport them so that peace should be restored

  6. Sapitwa says:

    Deforestation by Foreigners?
    Who do they work for? Do they have work permits and valid entry documents to Malawi?Even if the Malawian stole nyemba from them, they could have taken the the law into their hands.
    Possibles charges;
    Attempted Murder
    Damage to property( trees) belonging to the state.
    Illegal entry into Malawi
    Working without any permit
    Expected verdict: 15 years in jail with hard labour
    Financial compensation to the injured

    Why is Malawi,s security so lapsed?

  7. zanga pheee says:

    Osauka alibe mawu

  8. Ndatero ine says:

    Mwizi mwizi kaiba marage…….. kamata
    Atupele is sleeping anamumwesa sleeping pills
    The big man is the owner off the so called pills akumangobwila at will
    …..some of these issues raised by the media are wake up calls ….plz do something…devil street full of nigerians rwandees tanzanians pameme they are supposed to be supplies osati kumagulisa majumbo n drugs
    What they do is register the shop thru a malawian girl n latter dump her kumuopyeza kuti amuloza
    Gvt plz wake up

  9. chefourpence says:

    kkkkkk this is Nyembagate! Atumbuka kwiba!muzitibera enafe koma anzanuwo eish! Ndiwolusa.

  10. jarek says:

    Police, charge them with attempted murder, not grievous harm

  11. Boyd Kilembey says:

    It is foolishness to be asking what the Taifas are doing at Chikangawa. That is a side issue which govt can tell us. It is in fact irrelevant to the incident. The debate would not have been better if the beans was stolen from Malawians. The fact is the owners of the beans were provoked. All their mind was on the beans, which somebody(Malawians or Mozambican) was so selfish to steal for himself. Had their beans not been stolen by a selfish man, I dont think the oweners( Taifas) would have cause to infliuct harm on anybody.

  12. Boyd Kilembey says:

    What is the root cause of this? The Malawian was wrong. Having relish, or beans means a lot to these povos, like somebody taking over your goats or cows.. The Malawian thought he was more important and clever to take their beans. He was belittling them. Bwanji osangopempha? I think the Taifas were provoked and if you were in their shoes they acted as normal human beings. Out there it is like what wild lanimals do. The Taifas should get a “washout”. This mentality of just taking other peoples things is becoming too common with Malawians. It is called selfishness.

  13. kawonga says:

    kill them as well

  14. chrisaukira. says:

    Maswahiri should stop cutting our timbers,can we go to their country and do the same.

  15. Mbukavu says:

    This is most unfortunate By the way are they not illegal immigrants? Do they have work permits?

  16. Real Patriot says:

    Once the mighty Chikangawa forest proudly started by Kamuzu was all destroyed by the visionless Muluzi senior’s tenure for the love of money.Timber from Chikangawa is going as far as Kenya and Somalia.Countries like Tanzania have strict laws on deforestation.You can’t cut trees in Tanzania anyhow while Malawi is turning into a desert little by little.No politicians cares for Malawi as longer as their pockets are fat and are driving expensive air condition prados.Kamuzu must be turning in his grave.

  17. igwee says:

    I know our goverment will do nothn out of that soon those tanzanizanias will be out. our goverment like money like bitch

  18. Bobo says:

    Brundis are heavily bribing police and Pmf

  19. Kadakwiza says:

    What are Tanzanians doing there anyway? If it was in South Africa, we could hear about xenophobia. Are Malawians people or animals? How can government allow foriegners to deforest our country. That is why Bingu called Malawians.

  20. Bobo says:

    Brundis are controlling northern region very diplomaticly while Malawians are in a deep sleep hahahaha dzuka a Malawians

  21. juwawo wawo says:

    Aaaaaaaa mpaka apo, shit!!

  22. Issa says:

    munthuyu anaba. going by this story

  23. dadaboma says:

    Malawi govt is on “pause”. It went to sleep long time ago, as soon as JB left office. Can Malawians do this to a Tanzanian in Tanzania?. We told you to vote for JB for sanity in this country but you did not listen, now you see what’s happening?

  24. RoyK says:

    So burning thieves is the order of treating those caught stealing

  25. RoyK says:

    Thou shall not steal.

  26. Macnote says:

    The habit of Tanzanian when ever you take their properties without their permission they called you Mwizi which means thief and that is why they use petrol coz even in their country the kill completely.
    But according to what they have done they need punishment indeed coz life is different from relish.

  27. Mapiri says:

    I have one big question: what are these Tanzanians in Chikangawa forest? It is clear they are cutting down trees illegally because the Immigration and the police are sleepy. Can Atupele Muluzi also stop being sleepy. He was making a lot of noise during campain about transformative leadership. He has not shown any leadership direction. These foreigners could long been flushed out if he knew what he was doing.

  28. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    STUPID MALAWI , you are there just watching foreigners , these people are not bringing any forex to Malawi all these Malawi products are just being smuggled to foreign countries by using fake documents .

  29. Bwande says:

    Ndiye mwati nkhani yake ndi nyemba?!! mxiiii

  30. edda mwalweni says:

    Eeee! please just go ngati mwathana nafe, shupiti

  31. moya says:

    First of all what are these Tanzanians doing in our forests? Government flush all foreigners out of all the forests. if they are investors they shouldn’t be inside the guests doing memo business.let Malawians work in the forests. Please government,immigration and police do inspections in these forests these are the very same people bringing guns and crime in our country. We love foreigners but let them do the right things whilst here let’s protect our natural resources

  32. Jelbin mk says:

    First of all the victim was wrong to take other people’s relish without permission which in criminal law is known as theft no matter those people were non Malawians but they had the right to own whatever they had in possession without anyone taking away from them without their consent. Secondly the suspects regardless of their nationality they overreacted by opting for a burn on a human being which really attracts the harsh punishment without mercy. I don’t know what went on during the confrontation which I believe caused the tragedy it might happen that the victim did not use light words against the perpetrators which might have angered them. Am sorry those is not going y to go down well with others but let the truth prevail and let the law take its course without favouring anyone.

  33. Achembele says:

    Tanzania people what is you problem you leave here in our country of malawi you are burning our people why?

  34. namatikitiki says:

    Tanzanians sawing and selling timber to China, Burundians in all the district markets buying beans, ground nuts, soya then smuggle it out to Kenya, Congo and Europe and the Government sees nothing wrong in this? No foreigner should be allowed to go into the villages to buy produce! Let Malawians buy from the farmers in the village. Minister of Trade/Agriculture please put a stop to this malpractice. Malawians cannot go to Tanzania and have a licence to cut down trees in their forests neither can Malawians go to Burundi and b allowed to buy produce directly from farmers and smuggle the produce out! We Will take the law in our hands, takutoperani!

  35. First offender says:

    You just said beans, what type of beans?nandolo, if it is nandolo ndiye mataifawa adamumvakukomatu

  36. opportunist says:

    Stupid Tanzanians.Why subjecting my fellow Malawian to such extent due to trivial matter

  37. Professor Seyani says:

    Tanzaniana wherever you are we will revenge to ten

  38. white katsokwe says:

    What is it naigbour? should we start barning each other like non recycled Materials??………

  39. double major says:

    first in RSA, Now on our own soil!!!…they still burn us no matter where we are….

  40. Benga Bush says:

    The swahilis are known to be very cruel people.They deserve stiff punishment

  41. Bushiri says:

    Bambowa analakwa nkumatenga nyemba zanawo zoti adyere nsima, palibe kanthu ngakumalawi konkuno koma adalakwa amapanga modelela kuti ngakonkuno ndipamene anzao aku TZ anawawonesa chamuna. Tisamapangachoncho ayi we r all african nkhanza zaku south africa zimenezo achimwene taonanitu akuvulazani anzanu.

  42. Chakufwa Mulopwana says:


  43. Mtumbuka says:

    Police Iphani Zigawengazo Zilibe Ntchito Ndiponso Kuno Sikwao Ayi.

  44. Bwengu says:

    These swahili’s should be castrated and left to go by foot home!

  45. Chinthumwananga says:

    Can our stupid prosecutors charge the taifas with attempted murder and nothing less.

    Stupid Police prosecutors, I am pretty sure they have already pocketed small change from the taifas hence bringing forward a lesser charge.

    You make sick.

  46. Mkhonde Osalora says:

    He was wrong to take other people’s beans without permission but that was not the passport for the Tanzanians to torch their Malawian counterpart with Petrol fire.How would you allow foreigners to do this infront of your backyard?Angoni kupepera.This cannot happen in Karonga.Taifas knows how fierce fighters nkhondes are.Akanasamuka onse mu Karonga.

  47. papi says:

    Nyemba kkkkkkkkkk hehehehehdheh koma Ai umphawi kumalawi

  48. the citizen... says:

    They are in!!! No one is above the law…

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