Taulo faces Parliament confirmation as new Malawi procurement boss

Members of Parliament will scrutinise the appointment of Paul Limbani Taulo as the new Director of Public Procurement.

Taulo appointed to be director of public procurement

Taulo appointed to be director of public procurement

Minister of Information, Communications Technology and Civic Education Patricia Kaliati confirmed President Peter Mutharika has appointed Taulo to replace Dye Mawindo.

Kaliati, who is the official government spokesperson, said the President appointed Taulo as Mawindo   has retired after serving at the helm of the Office of the Director of Public Procurement (ODPP) since 2012.

Taulo’s appointment awaits the confirmation of the Public Appointments Committee (PAC) of Parliament as stated in the Public Procurement Act.

He currently works as collateral manager at AHL Commodity Exchange.

Taulo has experience in collateral management, commodity sourcing, warehousing and procurement and supply chain management, according to his public profile on LinkedIn.

He holds a bachelor of commerce degree majoring in international trade from University of South Africa in 2012 and is currently studying with Amity University of India for a degree majoring in financial and investment analysis.

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16 thoughts on “Taulo faces Parliament confirmation as new Malawi procurement boss”

  1. markmarkc says:

    mwana akupepuka uyu!kkkk!wachepa nazo!

  2. Vyantonda says:

    haaaaaaa what is that qualification we have pple in Malawi with Master even within the office mukuti chani Lomwe syndrome

  3. VYOTO says:

    KKKKKK……………..MWATI MA QUALIFICATION A TAULO NDI CHANI???????????????????????????????????????????WHAT IS THE PROFESSOR PRESIDENT UP TO?????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Mphwiyo says:

    Look at the DPP thing on his jacket. Poor Mutharika. So clueless

  5. peter says:

    Has the appointment really been done by our state president? Otherwise, the person’s experience given by Nyasatimes does not show the person is good enough for the job let alone justify why a very experienced and educated president would appoint such a person. May be Nyasatimes should provide us with more details about the experience of Mr Taulo before we ask our MPs to reject the appointment..

  6. ken says:

    The experience presented in the article is not enough to warrant such a heavy responsibility.

  7. Kajidyole Mulwafu says:

    We continue to experiment with our economy when it is already in ICU. Politics aside, the guy is not for for job. I am DPP, but this is another clear sign to the world that we are not serious with what Malawians are going through.

  8. Joseph says:

    Sad times when such important positions are handed to people as politcal reward. Taulo has never held any noticable leadership experience in the corporate world. Unfit for office. Another cashgate enabler.

  9. Yemwe uja says:

    Malawi…politics is killing this country. Self aggrandisement policies. Sharing the spoils.

  10. naps kaude says:

    Awa nde masanje enieni

  11. Chikopa says:

    Taulo is not a boy. He is of course short and has a baby face more or less. He must be in his mid or late forties. He was just a boy used to count stacks of maize and beans in warehouses while at SOCOTEC. Being at AHL is due to political move. Did anyone really certify that he passed the UNISA Bachelors Degree? It could be possible after studying more than seven years and all assignments kulembetsa kwa anthu.

    Nevertheless we should learn to say never say never. Uyutu anali chola boy koma Chauta wamukonda kwabasi. Moral of the story: Do not limit somebody’s potential! Never shall you do that otherwise udzafa ndi BP. To Taulo, I say congratulations and good luck as you meet MPs who might not understand that you have been in procurement for too long. My advice is that after being successful, please do not waste money you will earn as the said posts are temporary. Good luck.

  12. kachindamoto mtunda wachilengedwe says:

    What can this baby do to the economy of Malawi? Or did you just hear me saying that we need new blood. This is just too new blood.

  13. Dr Kaliati Bumbu says:

    another Lhomwe from Chiradzulu mxiiiiiii. Tikufuna a Masters iwe pitaraaaaaa mxxxiiiiiii tsankho basi

  14. gulugunya says:

    -This guy is very young for such a post. Get ready for another Mphwiyo. Running mad with government cash. Even looking at his credentials, just first degree obtained in RSA then one week studying for another degree in India. Look at his youthful face. Mwana wosakhwima pamchombo uyu.

  15. who? says:

    He got his degree in 2012 ?
    Now he wants to head a top job like that?
    Seriously people ?

  16. M'Malawi We Niweni says:

    This is madness at it’s best, this guys looks more of unprofessional but rather a politician

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