Tay Grin proud of magazine nomination: Amongst 100 global influential personalities

Malawi’s hip hop star Limbani Kalilani, well known in the music circles as Tay Grin has spoken his pride to been named among the top 100 Most Influential Personalities in the World by a UK community C.Hub Magazine.

Tay Grin nominated

Tay Grin nominated

Tay Grin, who won the prestigious Beffta Award as Best International African Act in 2014, has been placed on position 82.

“I have been chosen as one of 100 influential people in the world. It’s a UK publication and I have been placed at  82. A great way to start off the year indeed, all glory be to God,” the singer wrote on his Facebook Timeline.

The ‘2 by 2,’ star who is also popularly known as Nyau King, says the development has come at a right time as he still celebrates the success of the year 2014 which he described as incredible.

Grin says his naming should be celebrated not only by himself but also Malawi as a whole.

Other high profile personalities on the list are Simon Cowell, Formula One champion Lewi s Hamilton, US First Lady Michelle Obama, Lord Alan Sugar, Hillary Clinton, Sir Trevor Mc Donald and South Africa’s singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka. The first position went to Errol Douglas.

Hub magazine shortlists individuals who are making great and positive changes in their career, profession, community and world at large.

Meanwhile, Nyasa Times understands that, Tay Grin is in the middle of launching a new foundation to empower the people of Malawi to rise above poverty.

“With this great honour comes great responsibilities. I would like to use this opportunity to influence change for my people,” said Tay Grin.

The foundation which is due to be launched shortly will be named Tay Grin Community Empowerment Foundation.

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40 thoughts on “Tay Grin proud of magazine nomination: Amongst 100 global influential personalities”

  1. bwande says:

    Without being subjective or whatsoever I think this is a fake magazine. There are far much influential people in Malawi that this guy cannot appear on the list if we were to compile an objective list. Think of the little chap who generate electricity for his village. Musically his songs does not bare any scintilla of inspiring apart frm some elements of preserving Nyau culture and you cannot call that influential and inspiring. Influential people are those who command some level of following such that people are moved by there opinion through their music or works. If I were Tygrin instead of celebrating I would humbly ask these guys to remove my name on the list bcoz it does not truly represent who and what I am. Unless it is my own propaganda to achieve some hidden motive. I do not hate u Tygrin and this is just my rational opinion

  2. Chowonadi says:

    Wakwiya ndi Mfiti, TY GRIN keep it up the truth is wayika ka Malawi pa map. Bravo bravo bravo

  3. Nyani says:

    Tay who? my foot Fuckya

  4. Livulezi river says:

    @ Peter mathanyula wakuba, I agree with that Moses Dossi was once nominated but ended at Phekani’s Chitawira superrete as a store boy. Joyce Banda also got the nomination prior to the elections with the aim of boosting her chances of winning but it never worked. So those people giving him that award are mad people. Anthu openga amenewa apanga bwanji????

  5. Khelozie says:

    Even in Malawi Tay Grin can not be among 100 of influential people, this is stupid baseless story fuck you nyasatimes

  6. gerald says:

    congratulations Grin.ur putting our little Malawi on the world map.bravo bravo bravo

  7. Here’s a self written wiki article by Tay Grin. I’ve edited it with some truth. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tay_Grin#References

  8. mlomwe says:

    tay grin amatani? Adatani? nyasatimes osamabweretsa nkhani zanu za bonza.. Get off with your foundation program you just want to get rich in the name of empowering other just like mayi aja. Foetsek man yes yes yes!!!!

  9. mlomwe says:

    tay grin amatani? Adatani? nyasatimes osamabweretsa nkhani zanu za bonza.. Get off with your foundation program you just want to get rich in the name of powering other just like mayi aja.

  10. like says:

    Koma abale, zinazi ukamva mkumati Kodi ndilire kapena ndiseke. is the world so starved of zochita that even Tay grin makes the a list of influential people

  11. Francis Nyasulu says:

    God bless u T.G u hav put warm heart of Africa pa mwamba.we’re proud of u!

  12. Chimbano says:

    Awanso inu,ine ndie nsaname samandiwaza matama thooo,koma chonsecho amachondelela Madonna kuti awatenge akale mwana wachitatu,David,Mercy ndi Tay kikikkkkkkkkkk

  13. Livulezi river says:

    My influential personality is Dr Mathews Mtumbuka, and not this dude! There is absolutely nothing young ones can learn from this guy. Kungoti anzungu amalimbikitsa munthu opanga zopusa kuti azipitirira kutero! Go to music vendors, no one stocks his thrash!!!

  14. Livulezi river says:

    Most of the time I don’t understand the thinking capacity of these foolish whites who come up with these nominations. If it were Lucius Banda, Lawi, Paul Banda or even Joseph Nkasa I would agree. To be honest, Thomas Chibade is far much better than this marijuana seller disguised as a hip hop star. Nonsense!!!!

  15. framix says:

    That’s good about the foundation

  16. Nyapapi says:

    What and who does he influence? Maybe in England just like Joyce Banda!

  17. fathi slshehaab says:

    Yes in magazine or opinions you can gwesk the results to get required imoact.
    Yes West africa guys good at this writing job offers that do not even exist….create visa cards etc real faked stuff…be careful??

  18. fathi slshehaab says:

    Yes in magazine or opinions you can gwesk the results to get required imoact.
    yes west africs guys goot at this writing jib iffrrs thst di not even ecist….create visa cards etc real fakd stuff…be careful??

  19. bons says:

    who is tay grin. i know only one song… awiri awiri… i doubt if he is influential… congrats anyway

  20. ellias munthali says:

    good development i like it

  21. Another useless nomination by an unknown entity. Wawa Tay Grin the king among pawns, Prince of rugs

  22. ujeni says:

    I can think of 100 influential Malawians based in Malawi without this attention seekers appearing on the list, what about global? Stop fooling us Malawians.

  23. ujeni says:

    Za fake izi, some Nigerians doing dodge business in London come up with a magazine to make some money fradulently and some sleepy people believe it. This is not authentic, they throw in people like Lewis Hamilton just to make it look authentic.

  24. Sammy says:

    Samatha kuimba uyu to say d truth,d quality,lyrik,and rythm of his musik is very poor.i respeck artists like Dare Devils and others…

  25. Wooooooow! Am so happy 4 u bra! Kip it up!!! & may God guide u o the way as u climb up the staircases to the very top

  26. mbina says:

    ngati awa ali influential, flames pali msete za anthu ndiyetu

  27. Gwamba says:

    Ulibho man makapewo asiyeni ,,,bwanji ana otokotawo sanawaike iwowo or ambuyawo hahahah amalawi nsanje lekani b open and frank mmmm wina.alira

  28. Woooooooow! Congrats bra!! Dats so marvelous…..Kip it up! May the good Lord guide u as u take the way 2 the higher staircases……..

  29. sikusinja says:

    Iwe Kyroc can you mention one person even here in Malawi who can say he has been inspired or influenced by Tay Grin. Or can you yourself even tell us the names of Tay Grins album. There are real influential Malawians am telling you. Lucius is a bigger star and more influential than Tay Grin. If Tay Grin was to hold his own show in UK and Lucius, I bet more people would go to show ya Lucius.
    And a real influential young Malawian is William Kamkwamba. In entertainment I would think Eugene Khumbanyiwa is more of an international star and more influential than Tay Grin.

  30. Chalaka Bakha nkhuku singatole says:

    kodi amapanga influence chani? kkkkkkkk! What has he ever influence in this country? Please this is a mockery to real influential people. Tay Grin, please, go and ask them to remove you

  31. Iyeyo says:

    Influential in what sense?

  32. Kelvin says:

    Bravo Tay Grin,if people can’t agree for you to be nominated let them be.You didn’t ask to be on that list.

    1. Oh I’m sure he did. I bet he even paid to be there

  33. Peter says:

    Kyroc, that’s being myopic, people are just expressing themselves here. I don’t think there are any emotions attached. The is good musically but he is not influential to that level yet. This indeed a very childish propaganda.

  34. kyroc says:

    T’ll not take us to another level if whatever we hear is received with emotional political sentiments. nsanje ndi ufiti. Tay Grin’s time is here and now. If one is not happy with this good news, s/he should go to hell. Tay Grin has done us another pride. Bravo bukka boy!

    1. Iwe Kyroc, how has he done us proud? Do you even know this useless magazine? If he had been chosen by The Times, Vibe, GQ… Anything chodziwika, even The Onion, tikanati big up. But what the hell is this? Even Moses Dossi was once given an honor by some unknown entity but so what!

  35. Peter says:

    Its a propaganda by DPP to undermine the awards JB is receiving. Kkkkkkkkk ndaiwerenga kale imeneyi mwachepa. Yes the guy doing fine in his musical career, but on being influential! I doubt

  36. Gule Wa Mkulu says:

    Please ✋ attaching politics to everything. Life is not about politics only in Malawi. Be sober minded people. Anger is growing day by day in Malawi to the extent that everything is attached to the government or the ruling party. People slow down and think logically to solve problems in Malawi.

  37. sikusinja says:

    This is a mockery to real influential Malawians. I don’t think even in Malawi he is one of the most influential people. If u ask anyone in the world or just Sadc they hv nvr heard of Tay Grin. Who is behind this magazine. Since ndi mwana wa DPP naye paying journalists.

  38. Bololo Wachitumbuka says:

    Mwanayu aliboo

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