Teachers Union of Malawi faults govt for introducing fees in TTCs

The Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) has condemned government’s idea to introduce fees in Teachers Training Colleges (TTCs), and has since accused government of “commercializing the noble profession.”

Kalekeni:  24% is unacceptable

Kalekeni: Unacceptable

Government, through Ministry of Education and Science Technology spokesperson Manfred Ndovi, has confirmed its idea of introducing the fees but said the fees will be highly “subsidized.”

Adverts presently flying in local media are informing aspirants that they will be required to pay.

Ndovi said training teachers was becoming increasingly expensive, revealing government is spending not less than K500 000 to train one teacher.

But TUM secretary general Denis Kalekeni said government’s decision will frustrate quality of education in the country.

“This is unacceptable. We’re talking about a noble profession aimed at imparting knowledge to the next generation, why should that come at a price?” Kalekeni is quoted as saying by The Nation.

Currently, there are 5 359 public primary schools in the country enrolling a total of 4 688 992 pupils against 58  946 teachers.

In order to achieve a 1:60 ratio, the system needs 78 150 teachers which means currently the system is short of 19 204 teachers.

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maganizo anga

they can pay, no issue here, but the salary then must be increased by a large margin, seeing that they paid for their own education. I left after training myself because money is so little there.


koma gvt yawonjeza 45grand ndiyambir


they have done wel, amakana uphunzitsi aja ndikusowa kwa ntchitoku pano ndiye mulowano uphunzitsi wolipira,

Mwana wa ng'ono

Abale zaulele zinapita

Freyala Mferagala

I Support Govt Move 4 TTCs To Pay But Has To B Reseasonale,may B Strikes Will Lessen In Respect Of The Fee And Those Not Serious With Teaching Will Find Their Way Hard To The TTCs.

jones kawale

that better idea bt government should not teck teachers for granted thy should pay this teachers at a lyt tym akamawachedwese malipilo lyk the way they do amaona ngat azidya chan mabwana chepesan kudzikonda mulungu azakudalisan


Good move, palibe school yaulere ayi. Nanga a secondary, university amalipila bwanji? Adzilipila kuti adzipatsidwanso ulemu and to strike when the salaries delays.

I support that .


Zaulere sizipatsa ulemu. If students in secondary schools are paying, what is so special with these dunderheads? Dennis Kelekeni and your friend Chaulaka Muwake must work up. There is no free lunch. You want to be a teacher – pay for the training if not go and become a carpenter or bricklayer at community college. Ngati kuubusa kaya ku tsimba amalipria? Stop dreaming.

Independent Thinker

This is a good idea coz some teachers are quiting this proffession despite govt spending much on their trainnig this makes govt to be a loser


thants insane instead of paying teachers well, they want the other way round…

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