Teen boy still unconscious month after Gule Wamkulu attack

Malawi Police in Lilongwe are still hunting for a Gule Wamkulu cult member, one month after it allegedly stabbed a 14-year-old boy on the head with a metal bar leaving him unconscious.



The boy identified as Lewis Patrick and a pupil at Mbayani Full Primary School in Blantyre is still unconscious at Kamuzu Central Hospital where he is receiving treatment, police said.

Kanengo Police spokesperson, Sub Inspector Esther Mkwanda told Malawi News Agency (MANA) Tuesday that Patrick met his fate while visiting his uncle at Ngomani village in Traditional Authority Chitukula during the festive season.

“The Gule Wamkulu approached a group of kids and threw a metal bar which pierced through the boy’s skull. The Gule Wamkulu then removed the metal bar from the boy’s head leaving him with a deep cut before disappearing,” said Mkwanda.

She said her office suspected that chiefs within T.A. Chitukula are deliberately shielding the Gule Wamkulu responsible for causing grievous harm to the boy, a crime contrary to section 238 of the penal code and attracts a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment with hard labour.

“As we speak the boy is still unconscious at Kamuzu Central Hospital. Meanwhile we suspect chiefs within the areas shielding the perpetrator but we will search until we find the suspect,” said Mkwanda.

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17 thoughts on “Teen boy still unconscious month after Gule Wamkulu attack”

  1. therere says:

    i fail to understand Mbayani primary school Blantyre and admitted at Kamuzu central hospital Lilongwe

  2. lovemoe says:

    Achewa taganizani za sukulu ndi chikhilisitu mukasemphana ndi ziwilizi nchito imakhala yopempha kapena kuba mwampweteka mwana koma mukukainika kutitchulana tipatseni mphanvu tidzipha mizimuyo

  3. Chimzy says:

    Nyau zose za m’dela limenelo zimangidwe pamodzi ndi mfumu yawo kuti aulule nsanga.

  4. golo says:

    Arrest the chiefs who are shielding the culprit .If these chiefs can be arrested they will reveal the culprit.Its high time these nyau dancers started behaving like human beings

  5. Fuck them(nyau) says:

    The fucken nyau thing of hurting innocent people must finish,not all of us must be part of gulewankulu coz we hv our own things bt we dnt hurt innocent people..fuck all gulewankulu who hurt people in the name of nyau things

  6. pido says:

    Gentlemen wait kaye. What activity was there that required Gulewamkulu? Who organised the activity? Who was responsible for the coming up with Gulewamkulu? Then Trace

  7. Jambo says:

    The police are incompetent. This nyau fool and criminal shud have been arrested a long time ago. The police shud hav arrested all nyau dancers that day. Akana ululana. Kuwapana.

  8. Piper says:

    Ban this stupid tradition… This is so upsetting…

  9. Zabwino says:

    I agree that the chief shd be answerable coz they know who was at kudambwe then. The police are also to blame here coz they are mandated to bring peace in our communities and they shd hav taken these people to task instead of kupempha panseu ndi kuuza okwera njinga kuti atsike pamene iwo ali pansewu and demand K500 from then yet no law has been passed to demand that from those people. Shame on u Malawi Police.

  10. dzunga suona says:

    iam not nangozo.jnm@ why appealing on my computer? nyasatimes correct it

  11. Young Man says:

    These outdated believes should not be accommodated in our land.why harming the innocent lad.What have you gained? Why are you hiding? Repent and accept Jesus you shall have peace of mind.

  12. Chito says:

    Remember god is watching.

  13. Dule says:

    Iwe Esther Mkwanda samala. How do you think you can arrest mizimu? You are mad and gregorious and foolish too. Nchifukwa chake ntchito zinazi munthu azigwira kwawo. Anthu opanda mwambo are trying to put their thinking into nyau issues. You can not say the village heads are shielding the perpetrator. How? The VH lives in the village and the nyau is with the ancestors. Samala Esther nkuLilongwe kuno osatengera zimene ena amakunamiza

  14. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    Poor, boy: the victim of this crime must sue. Even the Gule as a cultural group. They must be taught a lesson.
    Laws must be passed to outlaw the so-called Gule waMkulu, which acts like a cult.
    And whoever is shielding the perpetrators should be prosecuted as accessory after the fact. No less.
    There are many cultural groups, with “secret” activities, in this country; but only Gule waMkulu of the Chewa engages in practices that are unsavory to say the least, and criminal to say the truth. Even the Gule of the Ngoni left that practice of beating innocent people in the dust many years ago: they caught on with the times. To be respected is good; but to want to be feared is abominable, in civil society.
    When are the Chewa going to adopt modern principles of behavior?
    Apparently, when it comes to meting out extra-judicial justice, they and their party (MCP) are the champions in Malawi. This has to change.

  15. Tsambalikagwa says:

    A polisi opusa inu. Bwanji osamanga mafumuwo mpakana atchule chitsiru chinapanga zimenezi. Mesa iwo ndi amene amatsogolera gule wausatanayo. This boy would help to develop this country other than the useless nyau dancers. Nyau ingathandize chani pa chitukuko cha dziko. Nyau ndi imodzi mwa zikhalidwe sonyasa zimene zikufunika kuzithetsa mdziko muno. Chikhalidwe chovulaza anthu osalakwa? Can government take action on this, to protect innocent citizens. Peter act!!! Obama in US is banning use of guns to protect the innocent, so is the same. Mukudikira adzavulaze mwana wa Chaponda kaye.

  16. thinktankmalawi says:

    This is not tradition….this is pure crime….and you will find a chewa defending this criminal act

  17. chief Mpango says:

    mumange afumuwo akawulula

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