Teenage sex for sell at Mama’s Shabin: Minister Kaliati says Malawi govt to probe

Malawi young girls are selling their bodies in shebeens to earn money and Minister of Gender Patricia Kaliati has since said her ministry would investigate the matter and ensure that the perpetrator faces the law.

Mama's Shabin

Mama’s Shabin

Some teens as young as 16 openly admit to prostituting themselves to “sugar daddies” for cash.

The shocking revelation follows a Weekend Nation investigation into Mama’s Shabin at Ntcheu Boma.

Mama’s Shabin has female workforce of eight in their teenage and the oldest is 22, according to the report.

The owner pays the girls a monthly wage of K6 000 for cleaning the place and having sex with the clients.

According to the Weekend Nation reporter Rabecca Chimjeka, she witnessed groups of skimpily-dressed 14-year old girls openly drinking and seducing a client- ready for pay sex.

Mama’s Shabin operated by Rebecca Bakuwa, at the heart of Ntcheu Township, behind the district’s post office building, is popularly known as “Ku Nursery” among Ntcheu residents for its functional role of nurturing young prostitutes who act as magnets for male customers, the newspaper reported

Nyasa Times also understands that there are many shabeens in the cities of Lilongwe and Blantyre and that some young girls confess that they turn to dirty old men who buy them alcohol in exchange for sex – because they cannot get money from their cash-strapped parents.

Shabeen owners are said to be recruiting young girls and use them to have sex with men for money.

Kaliati has since said government will roll out a nation-wide crackdown on sexual trafficking of young girls and sexual exploitation.

“How could a woman who is supposed to be a mother indulge into such a business of exploiting teens? This is unacceptable,” said Kaliati as quoted by the paper.

Shabeen owner Bakuwa was arrested one time on charges of operating a brothel but was only fined.

She said the girls selling sex are “orphans.”

“I never went to school, but God blessed me with wisdom to run this business. I have only put that wisdom to good use; I am not a criminal. What wrong have I done?” she asked.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokesperson Dr Jessie Kabwila said the root cause of human trafficking is poverty, which needs to be addressed.

“Recent studies indicate a shock high rate of child trafficking, where most victims come from the rural areas and are brought to the cities where they are promised jobs as domestic helpers only ending up being forced to work in brothels and bars,” Kabwila told parliament when the House passed the Trafficking in Persons Bill.

Programme co-coordinator for prevention of trafficking in women and children at Norwegian Church Aid Habiba Osman said she would ensure that the matter is brought to the attention of relevant authorities, saying with the passing of Human Trafficking Bill, sex exploitation offenders should be prosecuted.

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53 thoughts on “Teenage sex for sell at Mama’s Shabin: Minister Kaliati says Malawi govt to probe”

  1. MELINDA says:


  2. Mngoni says:

    This issue is sensitive guys! Firstly malawi is a poor country, everyone knows that, at the same time the global village is flashed with numerous freedoms most certainly we are aware of that, but also remember that chigolololo ndi mwinithako enawo ndimahule basi inside out. Let’s be careful how we. Manage these issues. I feel its not simple gentlemen! Guys its a mixed bag some call it a pandulus box. We need to change people’s mindset and attitude, then poverty levels be taken care of, then check on freedoms how is it affecting lives nd families, what impact has women empowerment left in our families? Otherwise kusokanaku sikutha, nanji ana amasiku ano obadwa ndi nyere kalewa. Lord Have Mercy!

  3. Labwika says:

    Kabwila is right. Paja ukwati wake unatha chifukwa cha umphawi. Just becoz Kabwila is poor she decided to be bonked and that resulted into ukwati wake kutha.

  4. Kanyimbi says:

    The problem is that the educated married women are failing to deliver in bed. (Amangogona ngati njanji) There is a difference between sex and love making. Men want love making.

  5. GaBa Pa joloza says:

    Shaaa pa nyasaland. The Ngoni kingdom

  6. opportunist says:

    Sometimes i blame married women busy with their carriers or education failing to deliver in beds no wonder these girls have grabbed the opportunity.These married women what they know is starving men sex and busy putting up make ups.

  7. opportunist says:

    Sometimes i blame married women busy with their carriers or education failing to deliver in beds no wonder these girls have grabbed the opportunity.

  8. Chemtukanika says:

    Si umphawi koma kusowa uzimu mmiyoyo mwawo.Too much freedoms and rights pa Malawi.Kaliati’s work at its peak.

  9. aziwayi mmanyumbamu akukanika kusamala azimuna awo ku chipinda. makolo akukanikaso udindo wawo osamala ana.dziko likukanika kuthetsa umbuli ndí ulova. etc

  10. Hoitty says:

    I feel sorry for these children. Kupeza ndalama movutika. Amanamizidwa kuti akagwira ku restaurant potengedwa kwawo. Azibambo amma bar onyasa, onunkha thukuta, amatenda kumazipepesera kwa ana.

  11. Kodi Padazi Pamayabwa - Kaya Kafunseni a Ntaba says:

    Tiana timeneti tayanja ku ntchewu chifukwa chiyani,

  12. Kuchitekete says:

    Are we in 19th century amangwetu.In European countries this is not news.Ndi bread winner kwa ma hule.Too late for Malawi.It is a world fashion.Zisiyeni zikulire limodzi.

  13. NYAOPE says:

    Easier said than done. Bra bra bra! pa pa pa! bum bum bum! Until five year term will come to an end.No work will be done, Kaliati’s lip service delivery at its best.

  14. Truth says:

    Dont close the Shebins or Brothels. These girls are providing supplentary sex to us sex starved men with our carrier women busy with work or education. with the recent marriage bill they will come in handy to avoid men being caught up in the crime of marital rape. Just play it safe not meat kwa meat but condomize

  15. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Ms. Kabwila-Kapasula can point out problems, and can analyse them to death – Like in academics. But she has no track record of solving problems like this. On the other hand, Akweni Kaliati’s record is there for everyone to see. She’s the action lady, in this administration, no doubt. And if Kaliati says she will do something about a problem, you can count on her.
    Even in political matters, she’s the “go to” person.
    Sure, poverty is probably the main cause of this problem, but do we wait until we solve poverty before we do anything? Take that kabwila-kapasula!

  16. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    Prostitution has been arround for along time in our soiciety. It is equally true that poverty has been arround since independence and beyond. What must be worrying now is the new dimention the practice is taking. It might therefore be missing the point if we single out one factor( poverty) as the root cause of the practice. There is a host of other equally important causative factors which call for a simuleteneous approach in tackling them. There are issues regarding the present parent child relationships, the high levels of unemployment, influence of foreign cultures etc. It is an issue that calls for consultation and a whollistic solution.

  17. Chimbirazowa says:

    End of the times, they’re all over these days,just drive during nyt time close the bars.

  18. pierra says:

    the owner should be arrested for exploitation. No one can work for 8.60 GBP per month. It is insane.

  19. Cashgate1 says:

    Mangani makolo awanawo for lack of care and support, neglect.

  20. Malapwalapwa says:

    Visit Khavira and Chitseko bar in Machinjiri area 7 market in the city of Blantyre you gonna also see alot of girl teenagers supposed to be in std 8 or form 1,busy drinking as well as doing sex

  21. charlie hebdo says:

    Come on Habiba… this you can easily sort out. You are the best lawyer in southern africa in this matter. Not even kaliati can match you. Habiba, clean this mess caused by these sugar daddys please….you are so intelligent young lady, you can easily be the leader of malawi!!..

  22. Its very useless,what happen to teenager girls?shame malawi

  23. Denga says:

    ndipo ititha kamba KA nchitidwe umenewu best cloz all de shabinz

  24. Koma ndinasiya says:

    Chancellor college students, Bunda college students, Natural resources college- imeneyi nde number 2 to chanco, even college of Medicine students akupanga uhule. When you go to the private college in town nde mulilatu. Its not poverty, they don’t have sex with old people so they can buy food, they have sex so they can buy Ipads and have internet airtime to be on facebook 24/7. This tendency reflects the greed of black people and propensity to demand and want to consume latest merchandize at all cost. If you are not clever these kids can wipe out your savings withing months, ndipangeni inbox ndikufotokozereni. Ndiagalu ana amenewa, achindidwe basi.

  25. the dooms says:

    May I know you kamchacha from.

  26. Sarah Nevin says:

    Tiana tapamenepa timakoma kwambiri kuti tseketseke….just boil it! Dont condom it and you will enjoy tseketseke!

  27. Evidence says:

    Kamba at night. you see girls as young as 10 In skimpy dresses waving down cars offering sex. There is a building being constructed nearby where guards are hiring out and the police do nothing because they are also clients . they say their lawyer is Victor Mhango who allows them to trade in sex and never to be bothered.

  28. MBACHI says:

    The goverment should do something. The owners of these places are also mahule.

  29. bamuzi says:

    This is also happening at easy by night in Chirimba township

  30. Youth League Chairman: Kawale 1 market says:

    Stupid. Is this surprising? We all know there are under aged girls prostituting all over the country. What are the root causes? They need to be tackled. Even if you arrest the owners of the places these kids ply their trade, clients will still pick them up from their homes or streets. Sadly, Malawi does not have people in high places who cannot think strategically. The minister mentioned here is one such individual

  31. there is too much unemployment,poverty the govt is not assisting de youth to b self reliant instead officials r busy enriching themselves

  32. gaba says:

    Malawi government does not protect its citizens


  34. Jemusi says:

    Kabwila is right The main driving force of prostitution and human trafficking is poverty. People want good life and tend to think of alternatives to make money.

    JB, you do not know what you are talking about.

  35. Kamchacha says:

    Prostitution is in the mind not because of poverty.

  36. wanted says:

    Wolakwa ndani boma,anawo or wolemba ntchito

  37. Thyolo says:

    Uhule simtima,ambilinu simunafikepo m’mashabnmu, ife timawafusa why here? akafotokoza mavuto awo mungalile mukuoneka ngati child carer inu,malawi poorest country,mupite mukaone ku LC,BVMBWE,NKNDO u can’t believe!

  38. dadaboma says:

    Desperation leads people to do what they would normally not accept. Prostitution has its roots in poverty. Tackle poverty, and prostitution will abate or disappear. If Kaliati thinks she should be on national tour to civic educate people about the ills of this practice, she just wants to use the occasion to raise money for herself. Use govt money to reduce people’s poverty.

  39. chandiona says:

    Kabwilayo naye ndihule amayenda nditiwana ndiye angayakhule zanzeru?

  40. Bwampini says:

    If it was a problem facing ministers’ and MPs’ children, the matter would have been investigated this weekend and the perpetrators would face hash conditions. So you think these leaders care about poor children/pple? Forget about Nation-Wide -Crackdown. Zingokwatan tafresh utu. Aaaaaa!

  41. Malawi is not only poor economically but also mentally.We cant address teenage prostitution meaningfully unless we reduce poverty.Kaliati promised to remove street children but we see even a lot of them in town.

  42. Make mbuuu mwana mbuu.you can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make it drink.relax let them go

  43. NANSANI says:

    Mwana wa mzako, ndi wako yemwe!

  44. jame says:

    Uhule ndi mtima mutsanamizire umphawi.

  45. Nansani says:

    Mwana wa mzako, ndi wako yemwe.

  46. JB says:

    What Kabwila has said is rubbish!!

    How many of us that are poor, have ever thought that human trafficking is one way of getting money?

    The cause of human trafficking is human evil nothing to do with poverty.

    Prostitution is in the mind. Some rich married women still prostitute, except they do not do it for money but for the thrill.

    Lets not blame poverty for everything bad that people do.

    1. Dowa Boy says:

      You just hate Kabwira for no apparent reason. You cannot rule out poverty as root cause of human trafficking.

      1. JB says:

        .Have you ever thought of human trafficking? If not are you rich?

        Human trafficking is a big thing, you can not say it happens because of poverty. Are traffickers poor?

        People are kidnapped to be trafficked, they do not say”I am poor can someone traffic me”

        You are showing your kind of poverty “of thinking”

  47. Angozo says:

    This is barbaric, it must be stopped at once.

  48. Tengupenya says:

    A Kweni mukudza boo! Koma mwayiyambayi ndi khondo ya mavu nkhomora. Tiyeni tonse ndipo tirimbe nazo zigogodo. Anawa saleka. ODya makandawo nanji, Amayi pepani.

  49. u the one calling urself minister of gender bra-bra-bra, give these girls another best alternative e.g scholarships,otherwise osamangolongolola.

  50. Boyoyo Boys says:

    There’s no way u could stop this in these last days we are living in- 2 Timothy 3.
    The only government to stop this in the near future is this one- Daniel 2:44

  51. Grey says:

    Kabwila is right this time.

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