Tension in Mangochi: Malawi police take back Muslim occupied govt premises

Malawi Police have erected numerous road blocks in Mangochi after a night long operation on Monday that led to arrest of six people and the law enforcers forcibly taking back government premises illegally occupied by a Muslim organisation.

The entrance formally Works offices, now painted Muslim Jamat

The entrance formally Works offices, now painted Muslim Jamat

Reports from Mangochi said the atmosphere is still tense after the Muslim Jamaat was kicked out of the premises in a bloodless operation by the police aided by Malawi Defence Force soldiers.

Mangochi police spokesman Rodrick Maida confirmed the arrest of the six whom he said are guards for the muslim organisation.

“We are looking for those who employed them,” said Maida implying leaders of Muslim Jamaat face arrest.

Some people in Mangochi said the government got the land where ministry of works camp and PVHO offices were located for free.

“Our grand fathers donated the land to the government for free in the 1970s and we want it back,” said one Mangochi resident who asked not to be named in fear of police reprisals.

Reports indicate some residents shared the land in the last 10 years until two to three weeks when they handed over the place to Muslim Jamaat.

Officials from the Muslim religious body were not available for comment.

Meanwhile, the six have now been released on bail after presidential advisor on religious issues Timothy Khoviwa engaged the Muslim community and all stakeholders involved in a discussion.

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18 thoughts on “Tension in Mangochi: Malawi police take back Muslim occupied govt premises”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    Since when Muslims want schools for their children instead of MADRASA where the kids are phisically taught to hate Chritians whom they call sarcastically,INFIDELS.Whom are now trying to hoodwink? Tragically,all this global or Middle East States bloodbath,is attributed to Islamic misleading religious doctrine of if a Muslim kills a Christian he straight away goes to HEAVEN and Marry a virgin.

  2. Why do people always talk negative about Islam. Every issue is brought out of proportion. Islam teaches about piece even the word Islam means peace. Go back to your Arabs were the first people to believe in One God which you are also believing

  3. Chiphiko says:

    Asilamu ku Mangochi alibe sukulu iliyonse ya pulayimary yoperekedwa ku boma kuti anthu onse aphunzire.
    Iwo amaphunzira ku masukulu a Katolika komanso Angrican
    Masukulu a Roma 85%
    Masukulu a Agrican 10%
    Masukulu a Boma 5%
    Masukulu a silamu 0%

    ASilamu akaphunzira chomcho amayamba kutukwana yemwe wawaphunzitsa uja
    Zomvetsa chisoni.
    Zoonadi chisilamu ndi matenda a cancer mdziko woyenera kuthana nayo isanakhwime.
    Cancer ikamkhwima basi sungaichotsenso phakana ikupha.
    MOVI WOYANG’ANIRA umalowa mmaso
    chotsani cancer iri yaingono, isakule ngati ku Somalia

  4. Rubbish Muslims have the rights to protest,
    give land to rightful owners

  5. ufulu says:

    Ati amafunanso kulanda tchalichi ndi malo onse a Mangochi CCAP ndiye mmodzi wa iwo anakaulula chiwembuchi ku CCAP.
    Komatu midyomba imeneyi iribe sukuku olo imodzi yophunsila anthu a magulu onse ayi Mboma lonse la Mangochi. Ali ndi timasukulu ta iwo eni ta mandax ndi ziwembu tosakwana tinayi.

    Ana onse mboma la Mangochi amaphunzira mmasukulu omwe adamanga BISHOP ALESANDRO ASSOLARI masukulu okwana 397 kuphatikizapo universite

    kumapiri a kwa Idurusi kumapezeka ana onse achisilamu akuphunsila mu sukulu yomanga BISHOPU WA KATOLIKA koma si mwano wake asilamu ngati kuti amazitukula okha.

  6. Chigo Diba says:

    Mjomba Adams, freedom of expression is guaranteed under the Constitution and this does not look at religion. But lawlessness cannot be condoned under the guise of religion. Mob justice everywhere is an injustice and likely begets violence which people like you are agitating for.
    If Islam is not war you should be the first one to condemn the same . There are many muslims that are peace loving. It is only a small section of misguided extremists that have overtaken the true meaning of Islam. It is this cancer that we want to deal wit.
    In case you did not know mdulidwe has nothing to do with religion.
    If you did not know Islam is a recent religion. Jewish which is a much earlier religion is the one that first started practicing circumcision. Therefore Islam cannot claim proprietory rights. Nanu munachita kubera sizanu izi.
    And circumcision has its roots in Africa way before your religion was born.
    Ngati muli ndi mfundo lets argue on facts rather than kutukwana. You just exhibit what type of a person you are

  7. Yoweri Magufuli says:

    Ive always wondered why most Gender ministers in Africa especially in Malawi where the min is female are always coy to tackle the descrimination and degradation of muslim women. Lets be honest, muslim wowen ard regarded as a non entity thats theyre told to cover every part of their body as if its a wedding day, check how many of them are in leadership. Uplift these women and the agressiveness this minor section in societies like Malawi will go. Theres this Yakunonga welewo thing that can stop these semi illiterates dudes from being violent about everything, better know that Islam is not only about Saudi Arabian Culture.

  8. adams says:

    Malawian Muslims have the rights to demostrate in the way they feel .. kodi mbuzi zimene zina wotcheda ku Nsanje ndi a slamu. kapena ma mob justice amene anachita zimene zija ndi aslamu. let me remind u .anthu inu mumakana mmdulidwe lero mukudulidwa. chisilamu sikhondo. .ngati simunadulidwe pitani mukadulidwe mukachose bibi.

  9. msilamu says:

    Every one knows, Islam is a cancer that need to be delt with before it grows and get to unstoppable point

  10. bonzo says:

    walahu uhakubaluuuuuuuuuu

  11. sABITI says:

    Muslim Jamat,
    Your land issue of occupying government premises is very small.
    1. What you should know today is that all land in Malawi is under one umbrella or belonging to the Government of Malawi.
    2. What you were supposed to do is to negotiating with the Government through the District Commissioner on the vacated offices at PVHO and tell them the purpose you want to occupy the offices that just go to take the offices and use them
    3. The negotiation was supposed to be done through the Malawi Muslim Association not like you have done.
    4. Your message is calling people to the word of God now what you doing always is not the way of good waship or preaching.
    Please may you surrender the issue through you big association to District Commissioner who take the matter to the appropriate offices.
    I believe you may change.

  12. Jappie Msuku says:

    Mbuzi za anthu zoona malo anapereka azigogo anu ndiye mukufuna kulanda lero. Chopatsa amalanda kodi ? Paja Asilamu kukonda zipolowe mupite kwa anzanu a Boko Haram kapena Al Shabaab muzikapanga bwino zipwilikiti zanuzo , mbuzi inu.

  13. Mbuya says:

    If they continue just remove anything which belongs to govt including ve Police azikhala okha no Schools paja kuzolowera madzi

  14. 2016 welcome says:

    That’s how Muslims become an eyesore in any community/ society there have dominant numbers. Muslims demand rights where they are in minority but where they are in majority the language of the same rights they crave never exists. And that’s the trend world over. What an oxymoron! You see, Muslims place their religion a head of everything else. A Malawian muslim can hate a non Muslim Malawian but love a thug from the middle east so long s/he is a Muslim. No wonder Mangochi is fast becoming a district with the most restive communities.

  15. zomwezi? says:

    Amagweetu, Asia much kodi bvuto lawo ndi chiani? Kusaphunzira kapena?

  16. makape says:

    Looking for an excuse to start Suicide Bombs… These people r complete savages, contributing nothing to the country but flocking to RSA… Sorry people.

  17. Dan says:

    But why muslims think they have the right to misbehave the way the like. Why don’t they accept that they are not in Saudi Arabia here?

  18. Chigo Diba says:

    I believe Muslim leaders in Malawi must come out strongly against a few misguided faithfuls who think they can use religion to cause lawlessness. These extremists have no place in our peaceful Malawi.
    We know that most terrorism is perpetrated by extrmisists like these. Keeping quite means tolerating this and will only deepen the suspicion that we have on Mangochi muslims.
    Government should not handle this incident with kid gloves. We are tired of this small section acting like they own Mangochi and Malawi. This is a wound that is festering and if not treated it will burst. Unfortunately examples are plenty where Islamic extremism has not been checked in its tracks. We will soon have another Somalia in our doorsteps.
    Khoviwa this has nothing to do with you and your duties. Let the law operate freely without political interfere. Government should also widely condemn this if it wants to be taken seriously. Otherwise……

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