Teveta finance director cleared of wrong doing in K2.4bn scam: Chauluka forced leave extended

Teveta board has cleared its director of Finance Elwin Sichiola of any wrong doing following his suspension along with two other senior officials in a K2.4 billion scam.

Chauluka: Forced leave extended

The chairperson of Teveta board r Gilbert Chilinde confirmed Sichiola has been recalled from his forced leave and is back in office.

However, Chilinde said the executive director Ndione Chauluka and director of training Modesto Gomani had their forced leave extended.

The three were accused of opening a bogus Ndisogolo Langa project in Neno which was used as a vehicle to divert money from Teveta. Up to a staggering K2.4 billion has so far been abused.

The money came from a levy companies pay to Teveta for skills.

Chilinde could not say when the case of Chauluka and Gomani would be concluded.

This issue hit headlines as it added to a number of theft of public money infamously known as gates.

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4 thoughts on “Teveta finance director cleared of wrong doing in K2.4bn scam: Chauluka forced leave extended”

  1. maluzi maluzi says:

    Only time will tell…

  2. mtete says:

    Do you remember the controversy surrounding Chauluka’s appointment? He never attended any interview. He must have been so obsessed with self pride that he may have hastily planned cashgating of Teveta funds. That said, probing of the alleged plunder should be expedited to minimize the suffering of the suspects, including Chauluka.

  3. Malawian Duterte says:

    This is a big joke. Do you really think the other 3 guys whose forced leaves have been extended would do anything to an extent of creating a bogus project in Neno and make those huge payments without the financial director knowing what is happening? Please, TEVET board, be serious for once. Who is the dumbest to believe such a scenario? You don’t need to have worked as a controlling officer or managerial experience to know what happens to payment vouchers to be approved.

    This country is full of jokes, actually it’s a big joke. Is it only me who has observed that in all these scams, senior accounts officials are being exonerated. Take the MEC scandal for instance, accounts people were cleared. MERA scandal, accounts people were cleared, ADMARC maizegate accounts people are no where to be seen. What games are these accounts officials playing. With my little experience in public service as, i won’t be surprised one day to learn that in all these scandals, the board members are on the payroll of these corrupt (sick) accounts officials.

    Let tell you my fellow malawians, in all these corruption scandals this country has been experiencing, the number one culprits are the accounts officials. In most of these cases, the accounts people are the ones that plan and execute these #CASHGATES. They go to their non account management colleagues and CEOs with these crooked plans and convince them that they can share this amount without a trace or fall in the institution’s service deliver or performance. And over and over, as you know the way money is, the CEOs and board members become money hungry. They too learn how to create activities and services/projects that end up affecting the services and performance of the institution.

    I strongly believe that Joyce Banda never took that oath of office to steal. But some crooked accountants or senior officials at MoF/ Treasury lied to her. The Mpwiyos and Kampanjes knew very well that selling it as a plan to put PP in power again as if they cared, was the only way for them to get easy money to quench their everlasting thirst for money and smart properties. Sadly, JB with her poor judgement she fell for it. They told her this is the way your predecessor was making money for the party. Before she knew it was just for their (accountants’) good, it was too late. Today she can’t come home, even if her sister dies, she can’t come home, for fear of the known.

    So all you board members and corrupt accountants, i wiil do Duterte on you one day. No cash-gate court, no arrest, Just Duterte style of JUSTICE, thus what you deserve.

  4. Zoona says:

    You guys must for once be professional. Nditsogolo langa is not bogus. Secondly most paid out was less than MK400million. According an official working at NAO, Both Chauluka and Gomani are not guilty of any crime. Chilinde and Chauluka are just enemies. Gilbert Chilinde is APMs nephew while Chauluka is also very close to APM. If you throw into the mix Hon Henry Mussa that you get confusion. It’s power play and not corruption.

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