Thank God, Kamlepo Kalua is back: Tshwee! Mwana Tshwee!

The man who, together with Unandi Banda and Shyley Kondowe, took advantage of South African Broadcasting Corporation’s Chinyanja broadcasts into Malawi and other parts of Southern Africa to change Malawi, is back. Yes Kamlepo Kalua is back. And it would appear that he is back stinging and uncompromisingly so.

Kamlepo Kalua

Kamlepo Kalua

Who is Kamlepo Kalua since Malawi’s multiparty generation may not be familiar with him? Nobody knew who Kamlepo was until around 1992 and 1994 when we, genuine citizens of the federal republic of Malawi, fighters for freedom of expression, fighters against table-banging totalitarianism, catalysts of the return of genuine political exiles to their motherland and changers of the constitution of Malawi, decided enough was enough. Kamuzu—a more benevolent and development-conscious dictator than the efulefu and raw-stuff that we had after him—and his bunch of hand clapping terrorists, had to go.

While some of us stayed put in this our fatherland, and agitated for change without fear of repercussion right here, Kamlepo Kalua and his comrades in arms were on Channel Africa, as the Chinyanja Service of the SABC was then called, taunting the once mighty Kamuzu Banda, the once-feared MYP and other notorious institutions almost every evening.

When the referendum was won, the Malawi Democratic Party (MDP), which Kalua headed, participated in the multiparty election of 1994 as presidential candidate. He came fourth after Elson Bakili Muluzi, Hastings Kamuzu Banda and Thom Chakufwa Chihana. In 1999, Kalua ran again and came third after Muluzi, Gwanda Chakuwamba. He defeated, as it were, Daniel Nkhumbwe and Bingu wa Mutharika. He did not stand in subsequent elections.

However, during the 1994-2004 period when Malawi’s democracy was maturing, Kalua played a critical role of holding the president accountable to Malawians. He would march, sometimes alone and dressed in military fatigues, to the gates of Sanjika Palace to present a petition. A new gate had to constructed, some 50 metres before the main gate, to ensure that each time Kalua wanted to march he should be stopped quickly there. Blantyreans call this the Kamlepo gate.

“Why did he go quiet after 2004 if he really spoke for many?” Abiti Joyce Befu, MG 66 and leader of our expedition wondered.

“I guess he realised that one cannot continue fighting for others while one is suffering,” Mzee Native Authority Mandela said.

“Some say he was bribed into silence,” Abiti went on.

“It is possible but the question is why is he back now? Does it mean the masters of bribery are gone?” I asked.

“Is there a government in Africa that does not bribe or kill its opponents to achieve a semblance of total support?” Sheikh Jean-Philippe LePoisson, SC (RTD) asked.

“My guess is that he was strategising on how to become a member of Parliament from where he would resume his fight against national lies!” I said.

“By the way, what did he say that makes you think he is back to his crusading credentials?” Abiti asked.

“Only this week, he stood up in Parliament and told the government to stop lambasting the parliamentary leadership for procuring for itself expensive motor vehicles in this time of economic hardships. He told Parliament he had chassis and engine numbers for all the motor vehicles, of similar quality to what the speaker and others are using, that government bought for itself, principal secretaries, and others and that he was ready to parade them before Parliament,” Mzee Mandela said.

“Nice. He should have also presented chassis and engine numbers for the KIA Sorentos MBC and other parastatal organisations bought for its managers. He should have also questioned where the Hummer motor vehicles Malawi’s most extravagant president, Bingu wa Mutharika, bought for himself went. He should have also asked where the vehicles Joyce Banda was using went,” Abiti said.

“Next time he should also ask where the 177 farm tractors and144 maize shellersBinguwaMutharika bought for Malawians in 2011 went,” I said.

“Thank God, your KamlepoKalua is back. Send him all the details about missing motor vehicles,” Sheikh Jean-Philippe said.

  • The article appeared in the Weekend Nation newspaper
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27 thoughts on “Thank God, Kamlepo Kalua is back: Tshwee! Mwana Tshwee!”

  1. Analephela chihana. Azikagulitsa chamba ku Alexander ku Jrbrg, ndiwafodya uyu? Ngwazii! Zichedwani, ife tikupanga land slide 2019, amufunse JB

  2. george says:


  3. Kenkkk says:

    Concentrate on kamlepo Of today not the past. What he is saying is true, it has nothing to do with his past as some comments being made here try to dwell on. Just as some of you dpp thugs dwell on kamuzu mcp nkhanza and try to heap it on new Laz mcp, is there any connection here? None.

    Concentrate on how many cars has the govt bought for the president and his cabinet plus senior civil servants since they took over?

    Please run away from the truth.

  4. nyekwete says:

    munazolowera kupha anthu, ameneyo mumupheso.ndichifukwa munachoka chothawa ku maliro,

  5. Sapitwa says:

    Manyi akale sanunkha baba! Awa pawo panapita, palibe chimene angachite!

  6. Sunga says:

    He will one time become president of the republic of Malawi, for sure!

  7. Bwampini says:

    kamlepo ndi ngwazi.kodi aka ngwazi kanaliko?


    zotchula atumbukazo zichepe uzitchula alomwe. wamva?


    They one called kamlepo an idiot plz becareful kamlepo ,he is freedom fighter. so jst shutdown,noses.

  10. Kaligondo says:

    Amalawi timadikila inu tiuzeni zoona, tell malawians the truth baba kalua we r proud of you.

  11. Lenadi bonke says:

    Walembe ndi mtumbuka mzache za ziiii. Malawi isn’t a federal republic. Chala mmwamba

  12. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    There is our local expression that says ‘ wamisala anaona khondo’. Even a mad man can alert you of the impending danger ! Kamlepo Kalua is a rare breed of Malawians who are not only brave but rather patriotic and call a spade by its real name( frank to the bone). He has no time for,the usual, political propaganda practiced by many politians in Malawi today. I pray that he continues to expose the acts petrated by some of these selfish politians who love power and comfort without due regard to the suffering of the majority.

  13. Omega says:

    Bring people to light IF it it is not for your own greed or personal interest or to gain favours

  14. mtumbuka selfish dog says:

    Kamulepo kalua is a mad idiot

  15. levelheaded says:

    Those who fought Kamuzu in the late 80s can not celebrate to have fought the Kamuzu that we know.You mean fighting Kamuzu not in Malawi but on the radio in south Africa? In the late 80, the atmosphere for change had already engulfed Malawi that the likes of Muluzi, Mpasu,Aleke Banda and others were fighting him right here in Malawi and not on the radio in south Africa. So praising that coward Kamlepo can’t be underestimated as to insulting our intelligence.

    Mind you the writer and your hero kamlepo that it was much safier to fight dictators since you could prepare a hiding in advance than thinking that you are free in a democracy only to be dealt with silently after attempting to fight the leadership.

    Masiku a democracy ano ndi omwe Ali owopsya kwambiri chifukwa poganiza kuti uli pa ufulu umadzuka mmamawa ndi galimoto yako pansewu wina wa lorry mkungokuponda anthu mkumati ndingozi koma pali pakamwa pakopo pakuphetsa.

    Chenjerani a Kamlepo simunganene kuti you can put down DPP leadership.

    Ndiwani kuti amend mumamupezelera ndi Muluzi, these Mutharikas are that exceptional.

  16. Sake Chilling says:

    Do you remember the old saying, “WAMISALA ANAWONA
    May be Kalua should be linked to that saying.

  17. Asaid says:

    Mr Kamlepo Sir, we need u to give us our own freedom or our own goverment in the North, we will fight with u to the end I wish Aleke Banda was still alive. Stop fighting these lwomwe ppl u will never win we need u to be a reader in the Grate Noirth and know u can read us to a better fure and good hop in life.

  18. timothy says:

    Ndale ine sindimadwa,koma zanga ndalama

  19. Zuze says:

    This nyasi is written to hide the rot that is following the speaker of parliament Richard Msowoya. Yes, others have bought big expensive cars. But when Msowoya and Chakwera begin to criticize the president and DPP, they pretend to be holier than thought while they are guilty of the same extravagance. Please don’t confuse Malawians with this piece of check wakwithu propaganda.

  20. Issa says:

    Kamlepo is a survivor, strategist. I personally love this guy. He has his name and identity.
    A mad person who can differentiate left from right is better than a sane person who doesn’t know that Monday doesn’t come on Tuesday.

  21. MLOMWE says:

    Sheikh anakhalapo wophunzira?

  22. MaKopa says:

    Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kamulepo

  23. The Analyst says:

    To assume that Kamlepo has resurrected to resume a fight against national lies is to refuse to let go of a string of comedy of errors. Is causing havoc, chaos, confusion, tumult, pandemonium . . . the same as fighting against national lies? Coz this is what Kamlepo is good at n known for.

    Truth is simple and truth be told, Kamlepo is a mad man! And the only thing you could have praised him for is being consistently friends with his unsound mind! Basitu! The guy does not hesitate to celebrate his unsoundness of mind, not even in public.

    Besides being mad, Kamlepo is an opportunist! And opportunists will do whatever including causing chaos, spreading lies just to gain favour from wherever/whoever. And spreading lies to gain favour is not the same as fighting against national lies!

    When Kamlepo failed in the elections and poverty had consistently bitten his butt so hard that he couldn’t even afford a pair of shoes, did he not throw himself at Bakili Muluzi and became his shoe shiner just for ya matemba? Let us not cheat one another though we are from different generations.

    Therefore, it does not matter whether its one, two or ten mad men that re-appear coz to cause confusion is their agenda. And nobody in their right mind can celebrate the return of such a mad man, unless they themselves are mad also!

  24. YAKUMBUYO says:


  25. mukharapwio says:

    ok but he shd remember where his bread is baked lest he become another w nawena,b kutsaira,n dausi,jj sonke,h midiani,m ngaunje and others.enawo mwina zikuyenda koma ma mp opuma are a bunch of clueless,poverty stricken,irritating goons

  26. Mashamase says:

    Angoni yambanipo

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