The sin nature

The sin nature is that principal in man that makes him rebellious against God because of a natural inclination to his ways, and the desire to naturally choose to do our own thing. Sin entered into the world by the fact of Adam’s fall and all are born in sin, because of Adam’s transgression. A good example of the existence of sin nature is that no one has to teach a child to lie or be selfish; rather we go to great lengths to teach children to tell the truth and also love other people.prayer

Christians have two natures at work in their being; one is the old sin nature, and the other is the Divine Nature controlled by the Spirit. When Rabecca had conceived, it was said unto her; “The elder shall serve the younger” (Romans 9:12). In the spiritual analysis, this means that the sin nature, which is the oldest in the believer because one has a sin nature at birth, will serve the divine nature, which is younger and comes into the believer at conversion.

In his psalm David said that “Behold, I was shaped in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceived me” (Psalm 51:5). This indicates that all are born in sin, as a result of Adam’s fall in the Garden of Eden. This did not exclude anyone irrespective that all did not in essence commit transgression as did Adam, they were still sinners.

Thank God because Adam was the fountainhead of all sin and death, while Jesus Christ is the Fountainhead of all redemption and life. Therefore as by the offence of one, judgment came upon all men to condemnation; even so by the Righteousness of one (Jesus Christ) the free gift came upon all men unto the justification of life” (Romans 5:18). This is received by simply believing in what Jesus Christ has already accomplished freely for all of us at the cross, which is the only answer for sin. While there is medicine for different types of diseases, there is no medicine in the hospitals or pharmacies that can deal with the sin nature apart from having faith in Jesus Christ and the cross.

The good news is that while the two natures are constantly in conflict, it is not the sin nature that will ultimately control the Christian. It is part of the sanctification process to die to the sin nature. The bible tells us that we are no longer controlled by the sin nature if we believe in Jesus Christ, and the spirit of God lives in us.

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19 thoughts on “The sin nature”

  1. yamikani Banda says:

    all wat 2 do is repent our sins

  2. Nabengo says:

    Ose akutsitsawa ndi ana adyabulosi. Kufuna kusokoneza anthu kuti asawelenge mawu a Mulungu. Ine sondisokonezeka nawo. JESUS woyeeeeee.

  3. emwazi says:

    You are supposed to provide us with real news not teach us some ancient middle east literature and mythology in which most of us are familiar with.

  4. kagolo chikaphonya says:

    Amen brother.

  5. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Amen and come again

  6. Black Market says:

    Even Jesus had no woman disciple coz he knew their mission could be impossible with a woman on their circle. A woman symbolises sin always.

  7. chilombo says:

    Glory be God

  8. There is nothing like being born with sin. Everyone is born without sin. Sin is something we create ourselves.

  9. EYE WITNESSES says:

    Za ziiiiiiiiii. Zachikunjatu izi. Za Ku middle east Ku Israel. Ine nsena wanga ndi M’bona. Name Mchewa kwanga nkuweza Gule. Name wakumpoto Vimbuza is the way to go. Izi za Bible anabweletsa ndi Mzungu kudana ndizioembezo zathu.

  10. vitumbiko mwakipuyi says:

    The ‘Trinity’ is not a ‘gender’ issue, it’s God the Son, Father, and Holy Spirit, three residing in ‘one’ God. God is not a human being mind you, stop judging women you #Truth, this was already designed by God himself, the Creator of living and non living things. By the way the heaven’s door is open to both male and female,only if they repent their sins and walk in the righteousness of God, by grace of God they will inherit the kingdom of God.

  11. Ezekiel says:

    A comment I have just read there are some senses but you can’t go against Gods creation.

  12. fkr says:

    what a,load of total crap.

  13. zingati zanu says:

    God’s original Plan must have been so Perfect. But the moment he saw some weakness in Man, he went for another oPtion. Akuti womuthandizira. Today we are too weak. Made bY women.nzingatizanu

  14. Salvador says:

    I thought nyasatimes was for news

  15. mzwandile says:

    Thank you Jesus for being our redeemer for were deserve only death for our sin but by your grace we are saved trough you powerful name above all

  16. Truth says:

    Bro do you know why the trinity has no woman it is all because she a symbol of sin. If you want strife put a woman in front.sin will never end as long as this after thought of the creator is put back to the ribside. unfortunately God did it when man was asleep otherwise Adam would have protested. now they are fighting to be equal with men just like Lucifer faught to be equal with God. Get my drift.

    1. Greencardless Malawian says:

      Mr Truth, you sound like a bitter man who has had bad relations with women for a long time. You sound like a man born out of a prostitute and has no respect hut hatred for women because you have never known love but a disfanctional home. Get over your bitterness dude. Some of us are greatful to God for the mothers we have and the wife…they are a blessing and a symbol of love, kindness and gentleness…to God be the glory for creating woman!

    2. special advisor says:

      Sorry, this comment is a result of wanton thinking. Adam was like a clay pot in the hands of its maker. The maker did bit need to consult on where to get material for a second pot. And once he has two pots made, they are both his pots and both are of value to the maker. But their collective value is greater than the value of the sum total of the individual pot. That is why God loves all humanity in totality, but still values me as his child, a unique being with unique abilities and destiny, fearfully and wonderfully made. Until you start looking at others and yourself from such an understanding, you are doomed to be unhappy, frulustrated, and restless for man’s heart is restless until he finds his rest in him, through repentance of sin and full submission to his created. Jesus Christ will show you how.

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