Thieves hit Bingu stadium again, stole water taps

Malawi’s yet-to-be opened 40,000-seater Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe’s crime prone area of Ntandire has been hit by thieves again.

Bingu National Stadium

Bingu National Stadium

According to chief sports officer in the Ministry of Sports and Culture Joseph Kayamba, last week thieves stole eight water taps at the  $70 million (K26.6 billion) Chinese government-funded stadium.

They were installed in one of the toilets of the stadium that requires K500 million for electricity and security facilities installation to become operational.

Two unnamed suspects who were arrested police officers who guard the facility were freed because there was no vehicle to take them to a police station for questioning.

The stadium has suffered vandalism  and theft many times.

The Chinese government handed over the stadium to the government on November, 2015.

Malawi government will repay the Chinese the concessional loan for over 20 years.

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29 thoughts on “Thieves hit Bingu stadium again, stole water taps”

  1. kodi mesa ankati aikako police .mugofuna kutinamiza basi

  2. Matondo says:

    Kuba ndiko kukubwera chitukuko mbuyo its better to allow soldiers to b the guards not police.

  3. Bongozozo says:

    Tsono viwanthu votelevi tikaviotcha ndi moto wamatayala muziti mob justice is bad. Once caught such type of thieves must be burned alive. As Malawians we surely need to be proud of the magnificent investment.

  4. Moses says:

    they let them go because there was no vehicle? LOL
    We take this massive loan to build something we dont need… The Chinese are laughing all the way to the bank

  5. Dobadoba says:

    I was meant to believe that security was tightened in February????

  6. Imphani says:

    A crazy investment, we need hospitals, secondary schools with adequate toilets, irrigation systems and we’re taking a loan to build a stadium built by the same people who are lending us the money. So they lend us money, we give the money back to them for construction costs and profit and then continue to pay a loan for 20 years for an asset that we can’t maintain and which will not help develop this nation. Take loans for assets that provide a return on investment, assets that will improve people’s livelihoods. You can’t take a loan to go and watch football that makes no sense. Take a loan to grow a crop that you can sell and make a profit and then repay the loan.

  7. ggggggggggggggggg says:

    vandalism sidzatha ku stadium kuja, akumaba ndi apolisi omwewo, pass by the stadium cha muma 11pm, mukazionera nokha zomwe zikumachitika.

  8. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    We are a joke of a nation. Why cant we safe guard this big investment. Very pathetic

  9. Galagaza says:

    Anaba ndi aploiciwo hw can they release akuba? akuba apolice wo basi! Itiuze chilungamo police apa!

  10. Zaki Online says:

    Malawi sajatheka yaye aaaaaa ati utumbwa wati.. Ndimwi vitchiru zedi

  11. kk says:

    Koma nanunso a ESCOM magesi mpaka bwanji K500 million, za security zodula mpaka K100 million ndiye ziti mutipondepo apa kkkkkk

  12. wobeba wanga says:

    1. we are a stupid nation. why dont we put strong security there?.

    2. Stupid police officers, how could they free those suspects? Those officers should be apprehended for negligence

  13. Ze Roberto says:

    If this story is true all what it means is that the problem is with the police guarding the facility. They must have connived with the thieves. The officers guarding the facility must be taken to task. By the way, Mr report, the nearest slum to the stadium is Ntandire and not Mgona. Mgona is near Lilongwe TTC in Area 25.

  14. Chimunthu says:

    Who needs water taps when there is no water? Malawians will steal anything that is not nailed down securely. Actually they would probably come with a crowbar and steal the nails as well! Can you see the stadium ever opening when there is an unreliable electricity and water supply? The Bingu Stadium is a white elephant and will be a financial burden for many years to come.

  15. mukhaula jombo says:

    their b no chage here in Malawi bcoz wia the one tikupha chitukuko..en inu apolice plix mangani akubawo!!

  16. munyane says:

    I think these thieves are from Blantyre and are doing this out of jealousy because I know anthu a ku Blantyre are not happy to see that the Stadium was built in Lilongwe,

  17. nomachelsea says:

    Kukhala mmalawi nkulimbadi mtima ndaonera vandalism ku bingu stadium.

  18. Nthenga says:

    You don’t construct such a structure in a bush infested by zilombo. This stadium should have been constructed in the green city where civilised people live.
    The least you can do is to construct good roads around the stadium and Gulliver and put street lights. Also create a theme park so that the place is not deserted at night. Thieves steal when the place is deserted and dark

  19. pioneer says:

    Therere u r right, the people of Lilongwe r anti social, remember after the MCP lost the elections in 1994 they sawed down all the street light poles from KIA to Kanengo, amati ndi za Kamuzu, Muluzi aika magetsi ake.

  20. Kanyimbi says:

    This is why Bingu ordered the stadium to be built in Blantyre.

  21. stevie phili says:

    Tangosegulilani zosezi zitha mufuna paka muzapangileposo kapeni kodi?

  22. Alick Katunga says:

    learn to read between lines. The stadium value is US$70m and not the stolen water taps

  23. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    A Eden Benson muzimvetsa Chizungu musanachite comment. 70 Million si ya ma tap ayi, ndi ya Stadium. Mpaka tikutumizeninso ku sukulu abale inu?

  24. T/A Ntandire says:




  25. nkhani yanuyi simunailembe bwinotu agalu inu

  26. ellias says:

    Kudana ndi chitukuko chifukwa sayenda mmayiko ena,.

  27. Eden Benson says:

    Mind u the stadium is guided by the police so should we trust our akapokola or else they r the ones stealing. taps valued at dollar 70 million this is stealing too.

  28. anganga wenu says:

    Kodi imene ija ndi Mgona kapena Ntandire?

  29. therere says:

    we said this that Lilongwe people are anti social, this is their asset and they have started vandalising, can we have a police unit there now?

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