Thieves steal baby after power blackout at hospital in Kasungu

Thieves have stolen a less than week old baby placed in premature babies nursery at Kasungu District Hospital following a power blackout that left the hospital in total darkness.

District healh officer Aubrey Banda confirmed the theft of the baby , saying the hospital generator could not start immediately after Escom power blackout because of lack of diesel.

“We did not have the diesel so the hospital was in darkness. Nurses were busy doing other duties,” said Banda.

Police spokesman for Kasungu Edwin Kaunda said the law enforcers have initiated a massive manhunt to recover the baby.

The mother of the baby, according to Banda, comes from a village about 70 kilometres away from the hospital.

Health experts say the public health services in Malawi are collapsing because of huge budget cuts in hospitals as district health officers fail to buy fuel for generators, ambulances are grounded due to lack of fuel and breakdowns, patients get one meal a day in most public hospitals

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24 thoughts on “Thieves steal baby after power blackout at hospital in Kasungu”

  1. California King says:

    Tilipa Diwa

  2. macd says:

    chi ESCOM cha manyiiii

  3. bizy says:

    shame on you malawi leaders

  4. ngonoliwa says:

    This is very common in central region DHs. Gulewamkulu’s actions.

  5. Thyolo Thava says:

    Ntchito za Peter zimenezo. Ayisovatu a DDP. Nanga mmene tifikire 2019 kukhala zotani koma Mbendera iwe umkaliradi zowona kuti Dziko wagulitsa mmanja mwa AGALU.

  6. ngonoliwa says:

    Please Dr Nkha…le at Kasungu DH use your head fully. Think outside the box.Come on. Use solar systems or use your bigger battery or use big lamps with rechargeable batteries. It works perfectly well.Train the patients to take cover during such sad moment by useless ESCOM employees.Trai your nurse to cope up with modern trends of challenges. Be aware that if was my child. I could have dragged you guys to court and demand over 10 million malawi kwacha for the loss of my blood. Agaru inu.

  7. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    I suggested the culplit might have medical background and might have been in that business for long.But how many nurses were on duty? I understand women carry candles.Who supposed to on it.Did she come alone at the hospital or the place is only for medical practitioners.This issue doesnt concern govt directly for now but need urgent search until that soul is recovered.

  8. Ghadhaffi says:

    Inu tangowonani ngt chayina yalowa ndi kumwamba komwe mvula ikukanika,yalowanso mpaka mmadzi nsomba sizikufa,sinalekere pomwepo,yalowanso mpaka mnthaka kuthira feteleza olo cha mmbale osapedzeka,nanga kulibwanji mu govt ilowa kangati? Vto ndilakt sakwanitsa kuvomereza kt ndiwo olepher ndpo ukadaulo woyendetsa mbumba alibe. Anactra dala kudzimitsa magetsiwo zmenezo nd zomwe amafuna kt zictke.I thnk ku ESCOMko kuli wina wake wosabereka nd amene waba kamwanako

  9. Everson R Phiri says:

    Our leaders they just know to promise,and filling for themselves. Very shamefull.

  10. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

    Apa a Malawi zativuta


    On the other article on gays, you were busy criticising the gays and WHY you are not criticising these thieves who stole the baby???

  12. Green Grass says:

    Government must put the economy back on track otherwise this survival of the fittest will make Malawians engage in more bizarre things. I think this baby was stolen to be used for ritual purposes and my sympathies goes to the poor woman.

  13. Che Ngana says:

    Zautsiru Basi.Ngati Kunali Mdima Ma Nurse Amagwira Ntchito Zache Ziti.Amakokana Kapena??Ngati Amalephera Kugwira Ntchito Kuli Koyera Kulibwanji Kuli Mdima.Zopusa Eti Ngati Mtembo Umatha Four Hours Uli Osavinikira Asanabwere Olo Kuzangoona Pa Bed Koma Kumadusa Pompo Ndithu Akanyere Aduse Ulendo Pa Station Kumaseka Kumakamba Nkhani Zao Zimenezonso Ndizofuna Magesi.Zakumatako Basi Tizingomva Za Ma Nurse Ife Kuti Chani.Anthu Oyipa Inu.Mmafuna Anthu Azikutamandani Yet Mmagwira Ntchito Ndi Mitima Yopanda Chikondi.Mwaba Mwanayo Ndinu Nomwe.Wadera Angangochokera Uko Kukalowa Ku Nursary?Kumuchotsa Mwana Bwino Bwino Kumapita Munthu Osazidziwa Kuti Zimakhala Bwanji?Mukuuswatu Mwano Mu Zipatalamu Ati Kutengera Mkwiyo Oti Boma Silikuthandiza.Anthu Mukuphawo Magazi Awo Azapita Pamitu Yanuyo.Mankhwala Kulibe Mukugulitsa.

  14. ankhoma says:

    suspend malata subsidy and transfer the funds to our hospitals food.fuel medicine in public hospitals but enough money for malata subsidy thats bad governance.

  15. Mlomwe says:

    DPP woyeee mudakali kulira a Malawi

  16. Titakhuta Tinatero says:

    Izo muzikadandaura kwa Mbendera coz ndiye adapanga izi

  17. man says:

    A Nachisale, mukhale ngati muli ndi ubongo mwamva! Anthu akunena za little funding kuchipatala, inu mukuti “Osapeza ma big batteries or solar” mukuona ngati DHO zinthu zimenezo akagula ndi miyala, manyi kapena mabvuzi anuwo? mxiiiiiii!

  18. Stevie january says:

    Zonse akudziwa ndi ambuye adzaweruza iye mwini.

  19. Bob says:

    Whatever is happening in this country only God knows. Govt is completely broke people dont have money. Stealing from Govt coffers continue, people in towns and cities have no access to water and electricity, rains are erratic, bussinesses are at a stand still. Malawians will die enmasse soon. Finally DPP govt will cease to exist.

  20. Government must be seriou on health isues, economy of the country can not run with sic people.

  21. Nachisale says:

    Wish that baby wud hav belonged to someone from Escom, cabinet ministers, ndi inu nonse munaba, mukuba ndalama za misonkho yathu…however, inunso akuchipatala u r supposed to think outside the box…instead of generators which require diesel…try big batteries and evator systems or solar power…

  22. Poor Malawi says:

    Too bad for my poor woman, travelling about 70 kilometres from her home wishing her baby could be delivered with the help of experts at DH, only to have her baby stolen.

    Pray that the baby is found the soonest and in good health.

  23. nkhangazawona says:


  24. haward says:

    Fruits of the new Dpp

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