This is totally unacceptable – Catholic Bishop speaks out on Malawi suffering

Catholic Church bishop Dr Martin Mtumbuka faced a real story of the suffering Malawians in the villages are facing in the economic turmoil. He explains the story in his own words through this statement after posting photos on Facebook. The bishops says of the photos: “The man standing on my left is carrying a dead body of his niece who died at Wenya Health Centre around 3am today.

Bishop Mtumbuka stunned how Malawians are suffering as the leadership enjoy Mapwevupwevu

Bishop Mtumbuka stunned how Malawians are suffering as the leadership enjoy Mapwevupwevu

Bishop Mtumbuka meets the suffering in Malawi

Bishop Mtumbuka meets the suffering in Malawi

“ He is walking back home with the dead body on his back because there is no other way of getting back home in this part of the warm heat of Africa. The unfortunate girl was brought to the clinic in the early hours of yesterday morning, 11 May 2016, but the uncle says she was attended to only late last night and she died few hours after. According to him the girl had insufficient blood. Shortage of food?

“The small boy in red is not just an onlooker. He is a brother to the deceased girl. Since the mother had to walk 25kilometres to the clinic she asked him to carry his young brother who is too young to walk while the mother carried his sick sister. The reason why only the boy and uncle are seen in these pictures is that I gave them a lift when they stopped me. They told me the mother was following far way behind them. The crew interviewing them is of our diocesan radio station that has accompanied me on my pastoral visit to this part of the Diocese.

“When we say we have failed some people in this country some people think we are only ungrateful people who have nothing to say. But what should these very poor and troubled souls thank the people of this country for? Is there anybody who really cares about them? I suppose they are important in so far as they can vote and clap hands.

This is  totally is unacceptable in a functioning state.”

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31 thoughts on “This is totally unacceptable – Catholic Bishop speaks out on Malawi suffering”

  1. mustafa says:

    some people post useless comments ,they just show how brainless they are.
    whats wrong with bishops story??mind you this is not politics but he is just a concern citizen wina ali busy talking nonsense. mubwerenso ku school.

  2. chikutumbwe says:

    I see some people can be heartless & brainless. For God’s sake what wrong has this Bishop done by posting this sad story. Its painfull that some of the people think that because something is happening, or has been happening somewhere then its normal. NOOO! Fellow Malawians lets wake up. Lets change our thinking. This issue is not about Tumbukas or Lhomwes. Carrying a dead body on somebody’s back is very abnormal. What I know is that the Government through the Ministry of Health is responsible to offer such services. I would be surprised if this Bishop saw this and kept his mouth shut.

  3. Joseph says:


  4. Joseph says:

    Pepani chomene

  5. Manuel says:

    Join politics, may be u can become president and solve all 50yr-old problems in only 2yrs!

  6. Hoitty Totty says:

    This is unacceptable in this day and age. Those of you commenting that this is ok because it happens in towns and other parts of the country are just the reason why this country is pathetic. Why do you accept suffering? it is not an easy decision kunyamula maliro mmanja. Amakhala kuti anthuwo anafunsa za galimoto koma siyinapezeke. Chonde instead of buying new cars for minister buy ambulances for health centres please. The money used to sell the jet, cashgate money stolen by DPP and PP would have bought more than enough ambulances to help poor people. We will remain a poor pathetic people if we keep accepting such situations and make them normal. If it happens to you that’s when you will understand. Some comments are bringing in issues of politics and tribe. NOOO it’s unacceptable whether it happens in Thyolo or Salima or Chitipa. Please government do something

  7. chikopa says:

    There goes Bishop Mtumbuka. You like blaming other people yet it would have been rewarding for you to just help them and God would have blessed you abundantly. I was born in the City and I have seen so many people carrying dead children on their backs. it is sad but a reality. What has catholic done in recent years? Nothing because all developments were from whites. Ulije madakha! As some have rightly put, sell off all your vehicles and ride a bicycle in that way we will appreciate your humility. Koma ayi chimimba chako chachikulu chifukwa chokudya ma sasuage.

  8. Mzakwacha, says:

    Bishop,thax for what u have shown/told us.chitima chanikola.Sit down with chiefs,fellow church leader from other churches and talk how to assist/reduce such problems.We can develop north and provide termanent transports around hard reach areas like nthalire,misuku etc.Boma la dpp ndakutondeka.Bishop mtumbuka,i wish monies from nyika,kayelekela,vwaza,kaziwiziwi etc must develop north,tikhale patekha,otherwise,tears will ever flow.Mzakwacha Nixon-Pretoria.+27724922299/+27731440799.

  9. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    If I was a leader of a country where this is happening, I can admit that I have completely failed the people. This is not supposed to happen in a country which has enjoyed peace for 52 years. This is totally shamefull.

  10. Novida says:

    Is this the same Mtumbuka who advised his flock not to tithe because of economic hardships? Listen to my story then: In 2013 I boarded a taxi from KU to Chamama. In that taxi was a man with a baby on his back. On reaching Yamwala, the guy alarmed us when he started calling people to get ready coz he was bringing the dead boy back home. He came out of a congested taxi at Yamwala. A true story. All this happened and we passed by a contingent of traffic police from Kasungu. Police did not even suspect anything wrong as they are used to seeing overloaded taxis and give them chance to pass by. This is not the first time for me to hear that people transported a dead body on their backs. Even at home in Mulanje and Thyolo this has been there for ages. Maximum care is taken to do this at night or so earaly in the morning to avoid disturbing people. This is done on distances that are walkable but where transport is scarce coz of bad terrain or poor road network. So if this Mtumbuka Bishop is alarmed, I think he has been growing up away from most bushes in the North. If he makes his own research, he will learn that this has been happening in the North, more espacially that the terrain is too mountainous as too many zigompholeras are there. I agree with those that equate this Mtumbuka to one Rev. Nyondo. I think they can best be placed in politics than church. I hope Bishop Mtumbuka will not stoop so low to behave as the Livingstonia Synod does because Catholic doctrines are not like those of CCAP, and gthe only similarity between these men of God is only their tumbuka blood. I hope he will not be treading where one Bishop Zuza treaded as chindere chakufikapo. My point is that the scenario is not knew though it is a sign of poverty. May I request some one-sided critics to start opening up their eyes and start seeing Malawi beyond its boarders? With the recent technology, it’s not difficult to see that it’s not only Malawi which is poor despite the poorest rating buy somebody. I applaud one Alfonso Chikuni when he talks about looming water scarcity in Lilongwe. Last night I saw in one Southern Africa country there is a ban for people to be using water for non-essential uses, like, cleaning cars, watering vegetables, etc because of the hard hit water scarcity due to drought. If similar actions will be implemented here in full, someone will say this is unacceptable! Kodi atumbuka amaganiza bwanji? Ndayamba kudabwa nawo tsono.

  11. khanyapuwa says:

    “you will always have the poor with you”

  12. Gay Envoy says:

    The best the so called Man of God could have done was to donate his vehicle and supply drugs and fuel from his weekly fat mtulo and limana collections to the hospital. that is what a good samaritan could have done not posting pictures on fb. are these not biblical stories of scribes and tax collectors?

  13. Mccarthy says:

    This Country is ruled by thieves, Devils and fools, Ndikumam’va Chisoni anthu ena akumawombera M’Manja Zili Zonse, What I found- out is that” other People they don’t even love this Country by clapping Hands for these fools!!!

  14. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Vuto ndi atumbuka! Your MPs have always sided with government kuyambila makedzana but for selfish reasons.

  15. LUHA says:

    Kaliati will refute the death of the child as sign of a disfunctional govt. Beware Father Mtumbuka, u shall be castigated

  16. rex says:

    Iwe wa comment no.5 ukukhala ngati ndiwe wamisala,ngakhale dzina limene wazipatsa zikuchita kuoneka kuti iwe ayi ndithu….Tamavomeraniko zinthu zikakhala sizikuyenda,united we stand!

  17. Presidential Advisor says:

    This is appalling and unacceptable to say that least. How will that man live for the remainder of his life? And how will that boy grow up with this experience? And we expect to have a sane society? Mulungu atiyendele mwapadela atsogoleri feel.

  18. IWE JOSHUA says:

    It’s indeed very sad considering how the government is arrogant and still refusing to accepting responsibilities. Just imagine mchinji district hospital without x- ray’s machine shame on you government u have totally failed and you are failures, how much does any x- ray machine cost. Are u telling me that u don’t have money. You are waiting for the chineses government to buy it for you. Shame on you leaders.

  19. Bwande says:


  20. Uncover Malawi says:

    A tragic story – made more tragic by the hundreds of trained nurses sitting at home whose skills are not being made available to Malawians.

    Keep speaking out Bishop Mtumbuka!

  21. bouncy says:


  22. bouncy says:

    my heart is even broken

  23. aristotle says:

    Osamangokamba nkhani kopanda nzeru. Compare what Karonga Diocese has done in Chitipa, Karonga and Rumphi vs the government in the past year. Cholozeka

  24. BOKHO says:

    No 1 and 2 I think you are stupid. Think it is relatives carrying a dead body like that. What is wrong with Malawi. I ask GOD to intervene otharwise we will perish. Dr Chakwera informed and observe a minute of silence in honor of those who died of hunger in the country but sonmeone so called …………rebuked and undermine Chakwera’s sentments, too bad for this country. Mavotavota awa.

    1. Nyambamba says:

      What is wrong with the two, I think i see no difference between you and the two, you are all saying the same thing.

  25. Zapadziko says:

    It’s so sad that people are dying of curable diseases pamene wina akuti alibe pulobolemu.

  26. Phwisa says:

    Mtumbuka and Nyondo are politicians other than men of God. Again what has their Catholic church offered to the communities which is free.

  27. Kandaya says:

    A Mtumbuka, ndi zoona zomwe mukunenazo 200%.
    Anth akuvutikadi mmidzimu.
    Koma ndimaona ngati inu ndi ine titayamba kukhala moyo ozichepetsa then we can make a difference. Yes tikuyang’ana ma policy makers, omwe atikhumudwitsa all along.

    Ine nditakufunsani ngati mtumiki wa Mulungu, “tigulitse zomwe inu muli nazo ndi kutenga ndalamazo kukapasa a umphawi” Ziyambe ndi ife omwe tikutumikira. inunso ndinu mdindo amene mwakhumudwitsa anthu omwe anali ndi chiyang’aniro pa inu.

    Tigulitse galimotoyo, zomwe a khristu amasonkha zija tizitenge ndi kukawapasa ovutika.

    Matthew 19:16-24

    Inu ndi ine tiri ngati this young rich man.

    Ndi nthawi yoti tichite zomwe Mulungu akutipempha kuti tichite osang’ana “awo”

  28. laston says:

    You are very very correct and this govnt is just wasting malawi time for development. we are suffering we ask God to look at us and deriver the majority of malawians.

  29. sekulu says:

    May be we request the Government that we civil servants from Nthalire-Wenya-Chisenga, stop paying taxes. For sure that is an insult to the citizenry of these areas.

    Does it really make sense to the people here to say taxes are for development purposes?

  30. phyela says:

    my heart is broken

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