Though sinful lifestyle homosexuality should be decriminalised in Malawi: Gay rights are human rights

The subject of homosexuality is generating considerable attention not only in Malawi but almost in every other country that it merits critical discussions. The gayness and lesbianism phenomenon has become so hot that one does not need be following news on internet to be aware of the fact that homosexuality is the most discussed topic today.

Gay couples can no longer face arrest and prosecution in Malawi as the law awaits review

Gay couples can no longer face arrest and prosecution in Malawi as the law awaits review

We are living in the days when gay advocates have become so blatant in disseminating their pro-gay messages. Human rights activists are also pushing so hard for gay rights to be recognized, legitimized and upheld.

On the other hand, theologians, who feel the practice of homosexual is a violation of teachings and norms of biblical Christianity, are also tirelessly preaching the message against homosexuality.

The Malawi Government system stands in between the two groups, both of which force are pulling its homosexual laws in opposite directions. Ordinary Malawians have also decided not to remain in the terraces for this game, but have rather decided to take an active part in it. Most locals have, through different media, come all out, with guns blazing, castigating the pro-gay activists.

I must mention that the US Ambassador to Malawi, Virginia Palma, has been the most recent primary victim of most castigatory remarks by some locals who are against legitimization of homosexual relationships in this country. This came in the wake of Malawi’s suspension of anti-gay law upon the request by the US Government, through Virginia Palma, to drop charges against Cuthbert Kulemela and Kelvin Gonani, who were recently arrested on suspicion that they were having ‘’gay sex.’’

Having said all this, I, as a mere Malawi citizen, would like to unveil my stand on the issue of homosexuality.

To start with, I am a vibrant bible grounded Christian, who is also not gay in sexual orientation. If you critically analyze all verses in the bible which touches upon the homosexual issue, you will realize gayness and lesbianism is biblically not among the legitimate sexual life styles, or in other words, it is a sin to indulge in homosexual relationships.

You may refer to Genesis 19, Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, 1 Corinthians 7:2, 1 Corinthians 6, Mark 10:6-9, 1Timothy 1 among other verses and chapters. However, I should also mention that Leviticus 20:13 which says ‘’ If a man has sexual intercourse with a male as one has sexual intercourse with a woman, the two of them have committed an abomination.

They must be put to death; their blood guilt is on themselves’’ is about Theocracy (Government by God), which is different from our modern democracy (Government by people). Israel was a God chosen nation which was ruled by God himself, or if you want, it was a theocratic nation, where God was in control of executing immediate punishment to the transgressors of the civil law He set in place for Israelites.

In the modern times, we do no longer live in God’s civil law which Israelites upheld. Read Galatians 3: 24-25. Though I must point out that, the withdraw of the civil law, which pointed to Christ, does not decriminalize any sin and God’s moral law inscribed in The 10 Commandments, which include the Sabbath Commandment, still stands and abides on all of us.

Malawi is a democratic as well as a Christian nation, but should we be punishing the homosexuals for their gay practice? The answer is ‘’NO’’ for we are not under theocracy and punishing them is tantamount to us making an attempt to take God’s position.

God will punish the sinners himself, time will come. Earth is not our final destination, and the bible is clear on that. We are rather supposed to punish sinners whose sins or proclivities negatively affect us directly, for example thieves steal directly from someone, so in this case, their theft affects the person whom something has been stolen from.

But how does ‘’gay sex’’ affect us, the non gays? In no way does it affect us. No type of sex is done in public. Moreover ‘’gay sex’’ is done by people who have, willingly, agreed to do it? It does not affect us at all.

Someone may argue that allowing gays to practice their homosexual activities is degrading our country’s integrity, but the fact is the country is already degraded. We have adulterers, drunkards (I know most will not like this one to appear on this list, but it should, no two ways about it), gossipers and many other sinners already in this country and striving for salvation is a personal thing. You don’t have to beat gays up, medically examine them without their consent or incarcerate them to be saved.

But should we allow gay sexual activities be performed in open where all can see, like what happened at Lucius Banda’s music event? No, because even straight sexual activities are not allowed in public. And for churches to bless or not bless gay marriages, it should be up to them, depending on their particular doctrines. In our Malawi civil law, I would suggest that homosexuality should be decriminalized but its associated sexual activities should not be tolerated being done in public.

  • Note: I am neither gay nor am I a pro-gay activist, and no one has sent me to write this. They are my mere opinions on this hot issue.
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35 thoughts on “Though sinful lifestyle homosexuality should be decriminalised in Malawi: Gay rights are human rights”

  1. Innocent Phiri says:

    I think its so stupid to see wise directors of this nation of malawi supporting the practice of homosexual.. Its my prayer to GOD to start punishing you people, GOD can not be stupid to create man and a woman, if your father could marrie to his boy frnd and your mather to her girl frnd, would you be born?? I can comfilm now that its final days..

  2. more $ says:

    Eh!!! Sinful man!!!

  3. Davis magombo says:

    I think these guys need deliverance cause God created man and awoman to be together not people of the same sex

  4. Osman Lastnumber says:

    I will love all humans rergadless of their beliefs or lifestyle..

  5. Funzo says:

    Why cannot God control His creations? If we sin then we do so because God was not infallible. Is that not correct?

  6. Truth Pains But Sets Free, says:

    Let me sternly warn all those who are quoting the Bible to support homosexuality that: (1) We should not read into the Bible our own views. Neither should we interpret the Scripture to suit our likes or position. All am saying is that we should read and interpret the Scripture in their context. I will not go into details to talk about context here since it is a much wider subject. For instance, the context of the prohibition against homosexuality in both the testaments is that it (homosexuality) contradicts God’s design in nature or creation as regards the role of man and woman. The other sins do not touch on design but mere relation with either God or fellow human beings. So this sin is the same as trying to usurp God’s authority with the offender’s or of those who support the act. (2) The biblical teaching against homosexuality is an absolute or universal principle or truth applicable to both the OT people and us today. God has never relinguished his rulership over his people, and he is above human rights.

  7. Ronaldinho says:

    Nice article.Gays should just be left alone,as their sex does not affect us. As simple as that.

  8. juli mchape says:

    Efe zagay ayii ndindani anakhalapo ndimwana atapanga mathanyula?

  9. thinktankmalawi says:

    Nonsense….once we accept every nonsense as human rights where does it stop..,….already in some countries people are having sex with their animals…soon it will be on our door step…this so called human right is disgusting…immorral….and the sexual act itself is unnatural….dont push this down our throats all in the name of human right

  10. Nansani wa chingoni says:


  11. Lusayo Mwanganya says:

    Dear Author

    Thanks for the opinion shared through your article. But I have a question to you. Can you allow your child, male or female, to get married to another male or female just because you will not be affected by the marriage? Just because they will be two in their own house after marriage? How can you feel? And if your answer is no, do you want other people`s children to be marriage as such??? The Bible you are referring to also says that `GO YEE INTO ALL THE WORLD AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS….TEACHING THEM WHAT I HAVE TAUGHT YOU….. I WILL BE WITH YOU TO THE END`… And Mark says that Jesus will not come unless the whole world hears his message. The same bible says `LOVE ONE ANOTHER`. Can you wish someone bad when you love them. I guess your answer is NO. In this case then, if we love gays, and I should stress that we do, should we deliberately allow them to fall into the pit of death simply because we would like to respect human rights??? Whom should we fear and respect – God or human rights???? Our duty as Christians should be to DEPOPULATE HELL AND POPULATE HEAVEN and not the other way round… Jesus once said that, `If you LOVE me, you will do as I command you`. If we love Jesus as Christian, We will preach and teach the truth even if IT HURTS. FINALLY, NEVER SUPPORT HUMAN RIGHTS THAT ARE CONTRALY TO HEAVENLY RIGHTS.

  12. learnedmi says:


  13. Wokwiya says:

    Great article!

  14. Joseph Moyo says:

    Mulole ndilembechichewa za gay and lesbianism.
    Zizakhala zowawa inuyo mukuwaloza chala anthu mukupsera limoz!bwanji mukuwaweluza?
    INUYO udindo wanu nkuwauza zoona.auzeni ndipo kwinako sikwanu siudindo wanu.mwatokota kwambiri ngati inu ndi olungama.Baibulo p yohane 3 verse 3 akuti ngat munthu sangathe kulowa mu Ufumu wa Mulungu!ndangat mwatokota pa nkhani amene munabadwa mwatsopano?Sadanene kut tiligu ndi nansongole zikulire limoz?Chabwino inuyo sindinu wa gay/lesbian ndye mukalowa?A cash gate onse wa sapemphera,enamu mmabwana mumalemba ntchto abale anu,kapena akupaseni ziphuphu,mukupangisa makatapila mulipheee nde ndinu olondola?BAIBULO likuti ngat mutasunga Malamulo onse nkuphwanya limoz mwakwila onse!Mutani ndkakuuzani kut ndnunso ma gay/lesbian ngat mukupanga chigololo,kuba,ndimachimo ena onse.ndpo a gay akulakwira thupi lawo enanu mudalakwira fuko la Malawi panopa Dziko likuvutika kaamba ka kuba kwanu.
    Monga YESU adawafunsa aja adambweresera mai wa chigololo adawauza kut yemwe sadachimwe ayambe kumugenda ndi mwala.Leronso ndikukuuzani yemwe sadachimwepo apitilize kuyankhula zambiri za ma gay ndipo muzadabwa sikulina.Mulilimoz nawo azakufunsni olungama mukuzatani ku gehena?
    Ndikadakonda mutawafikira mwapadera ndkuwawerengera mawu.koma vuto ndi loti inunso mulindi zofooka zomwe iwowo akakulozelani.kumbukirani tikatitilibe tchimo tizinyenga tokha ndipo mwaife mulibe choona.ndipo tisakhale Afarisi,tiyambe tachosa chisoso chilimdiso lathu.Munthu obadwa mwasopano ndkukhala ndi Mzimu woyera alibe machitidwe ngat amenewa.
    Chonde amene akupanga machimo ndi anthu a mmipingo olalikanu mukulalikabwino mudalola zolela zija nza Mulungu?Ndikuziwa mulindizifukwa zomveka kukelera koma mukwanisa kususana ndi Mulungu ngat ndichoncho zolera zanuzo zili ndi impact pa chiwerengero ngat mukuposa Zambia yet Malawi angalowe mu Zambia pafupifupi ka 8.
    pomaliza Dzikoli likuyenera kukwanilisa zomwe baibulo lidalosera.opemphera oona zimawasonyeza pomwe pali Dzikoli .ngat likupita kumapeto kusale malo achani?isale nthaka azalime ndani?ABALE NKONZEKANI ,TALAPANI INU UWU NDIULENDO PANGANI UBALE NDI MULUNGU OSATI DZIKO.ASOGOLELI MUKUDZUDZULA MA GAY INU BWANJI MULI NDI ZIBWENZI PAMENE MULINDI BANJA?ok ndyeno ndi chigololo mukalowa ufumu wake ut?Mukasiyana kopita ndi amathanyula?Ndinu amoz ngat simulapa mukakomana.
    Ambuye kudaliseni nonse mwawelenganu.
    Kwa Lucius Banda.udawalakwira ma customer ako nditakhala ndidali ine sindikadazapitanso ku show yako.we must satisfy customer’s needs nanga iwowo akamapita pitabe siuzisyabe ndarama utawatengera.its like giving broken eggs to consumers they have their rights.atakhala mphunzisi ana awiri amasewera iye akuphunzisa ndye iye nkusya kuphunzika nkutulukamo is that correct?Pangani malulo ot ma gay asabwere ku show komanso apabanja asamabwere ndi zibwenzi mukwanisa?

  15. Masozi Mwenifumbo says:

    Brother Kaunda, whatever we do in whatever capacity on earth, we are judged already, and will finally be judged by God. It is so strange that you have left out a very important New Testament chapter which many have often quoted in most comments on this homosexuality / lesbianism issue, which is Romans 1:18-32. Verse 18 says God’s wrath IS REVEALED from Heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who hold the truth in unrighteousness. Verses 19-23 explain that His wrath is revealed against people who despite knowing God, they still stubbornly want to do Idolatory.Verse 24 then says as a result of this stubbornness, God GAVE them up to Uncleanness through lusts of their hearts, to do homosexuality/lesbianism. Verses 24-28 God stressingly singles out gayism as the prime sin showing man’s depravity, leading to doing other sins which, if we carefully read from verses 29-31, are equally punishable as being against our laws of nations. In verse 32, God says, “Such depraved people, whilst knowing clearly the judgement of God, that they who commit such things are WORTHY OF DEATH, not only do the SAME, BUT ALSO HAVE PLEASURE IN THEM THAT DO THEM!!!” Brother, this verse 32 should be a serious warning enough to repent and be converted in heart enough to stop doing or siding with the devil and his cohorts. Good Governments of the earth are ordained mandated by GOD Himself in ROMANS 13:1-7 to execute punishment upon all such, especially when even our Constitution clearly agrees with God’s word quoted above as Regards its anti-gayism stance. Therefore, anyone who abrogates this agrees with the Devil and his cohorts and will surely be punished by GOD, hence repentance and new birth through this gospel of Christ Jesus is the only way out for all nations and creation to whom God commanded us all to preach (Mark 26:15-20; Matthew 28:18-20).

  16. enidziko says:

    Leviticus 20:13

    So, thank you very much for the word of God which has summarised sinful acts in the issue above. No sin is and should be groomed and encouraged in the name of human rights. Nor do we encourage people sleeping with other men’s wife. It’s all equally abomination before the eyes of God. Chapter closed and be playful for your families; can you imagine somebody would be sleeping with your wife, or your young brova having mathanyula with your uncle then you’ll be rubbing off your hands all the way to ptc shop. Stop being canally minded. Jesus is the answer, accept him as your lord and saviour of your life, you’ll have peace indescribable. Relations 20:10-14 ( Lake of fire waiting; repent, repent, repent.

  17. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Good points there, Scotch Kaunda.
    But need you be reminded that Malawi is NOT a “Christian nation”, as you claim? We are a secular nation, even though Christians are a majority among the believers. Also, there is no need to declare your sexuality here, or anywhere else. One can be straight or gay, and ardently support gay rights because they are human rights. And also, because this is the twenty first century.
    We, Africans, are late comers to Christianity, and yet we hold the most conservative interpretation of the bible. What’s wrong with us? Gay rights now!

  18. komkobb says:

    It’s true Malawi is Christian nation. The same with Islamic countries Christian are there but it remains Islamic state

  19. I G says:

    Very stupid this jst shws how low ur mind is, you don’t knw what u r saying…..

  20. komkobb says:

    Please we ask u the management of Nyasa times to focus on other important issues. This is not an issue. Please . Everytime we open your net Gay issues.

  21. Achawa Business Consultancy says:

    To hell with gay decrimalisation it does not mean that every human right should be toralated

  22. Mfumu Tumbwe says:

    You are very stupid and silly!you don’t understand your own bible, how can you compare a man who has had slept with a woman to the one sleeps with another man? Does the bible not speak of Gomaorah? Plz don’t show us you igonarants here!rather be intelligent and be quit

  23. Sake Chilling says:

    Human rights is subjective. Western countries invade other countries, kill civilians etc. who asks them about human rights? Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, what Israel is doing to Palestinians (supported by USA) are just a few examples.
    Which humans are we talking about? Obviously it is all selective.

  24. Ingangasyungu Yunyeghela says:

    I have just wasted my time reading this “mass” of rubbish.

  25. JIHAYE says:

    Then why does the US and other Western countries not decriminalise bigamy for example? You tell me that if Muslim countries and other African countries that allow polygamy petitioned the West to decriminalise polygamy, that is gonna happen?

  26. Songo says:

    The hearts of many shall fade.

  27. Ralph says:

    I hate all people who yank their mouth open saying Malawi is aGod fearing country.what do u mean when u say it A Jahovah fearing country?stop saying this nosnc.Malawi deserves heavly whip now

  28. The Analyst says:

    And you find no way how gay sex will affect everybody?
    . . . The issue here is not just about gay sex but gay culture. We already have enough sick people raping innocent girls in our localities; but with this gay culture, even boys will be raped! If you still see nothing wrong with this, then you are a complete retard!
    . . . And I wonder what kind of christian you claim you are who fails to relate issues Biblically? Coz engaging your brain would make you remember that by sins of a few, the whole city of Sodom-Gomorrah was annihilated.

    And why do you refuse to think, Scotch Kaunda iwe; why do we punish thieves if we know that God will also punish them? How then do you say that the gays be tolerated and let God judge them? When will this be? Shall we not be failing God in our duties if we fail to act? Know that . . .

    “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in time of great moral crisis; choose to remain neutral.” – Dante Alighieri

    You sound young in your writing; choose God and live longer! Die young, otherwise!

  29. MHELIWA says:



    Bravo GADDAFFI !! H SR IP

  30. Chopwichopwi says:

    Its a paradox how others are campaigning vigorously for men to be having sex with men. The mere mention of it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. If animals are smarter to know that female and male should mate what is wrong with us humans ?

  31. cashgate1 says:

    Amazing! and you call yourself “a vibrant bible grounded Christian?” Being brothers keeper, what did the Bible say about conforming to the pattern of this world? Do you think God was stupid to create a man and woman? You exist because of a woman. Even these deviant fellas, they are a product of man and woman. Some idiot from the west are practising it, and that becomes normal to you. Do you have brains? May be because we are living in the last days. Like you said they will be punished, so do we just let them do their thing yet we know they will suffer someday?

  32. kenkkk says:

    I tend to agree with you but where I strongly object is donors blackmailing us that they will not give us aid money unless we accept homosexuality.Putting a gun on our heads accept gays or no aid,yet they don’t do the same to muslim countries or other countries that don’t tolerate gays.

  33. bk phiri says:

    Some of the acts that angered God in Sodom and Gomola were those done by individuals like marrying and remarrying, homos and lesbians,drinking etc but God did not only punish perpetrators but the entire towns and villages becoz of the sins of individuals. There are many examples in the bible where God punished the entire clan for the sins of a few. By accepting them we are inviting the wrath of God on us all besides just think of it really; can sex done between men thru an anus be a rightness worthy defending. Can you really attach aid to such horrible natural disorder and indecency?

    Africa is a very good example of a region that dies not meddle in the affairs of other blocks becoz Africa understands diversity, democratic principles and national sovereignty not becoz its poor but becoz its how things should be.We have never pushed America to change its poligamy laws because we believe polygamists in their countries don’t have rights. We have never pushed America to change their gun laws because its apparent in their laws that blacks don’t have right to life that’s why they are being killed willy nilly.Infact killing a person is not an international issue but killing a LION in Zimbabwe.

  34. chikhadzula says:

    No gayezim in malawi, we dnt want gays ,,stupid gays , freedom freedom what. Not in malawi. Big noooooooooooo. Mathanyula nooooooooooooo. Nyasi ife ayiiiiiiiiiiiii.

  35. Great article Scotch. I disagree with your point of view, but agree that we shouldn’t criminalise sexual orientation: heter- or hom- osexual as long as it isn’t rape or having sex in public – sex needs to remain private.

    I suggest that you change the statement that Malawi is a Christian nation, maybe you could say predominantly, but Muslims and other religions are a strong part of Malawi culture as well. Just a consideration.

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