Though sinful lifestyle homosexuality should be decriminalised in Malawi: Gay rights are human rights

The subject of homosexuality is generating considerable attention not only in Malawi but almost in every other country that it merits critical discussions. The gayness and lesbianism phenomenon has become so hot that one does not need be following news on internet to be aware of the fact that homosexuality is the most discussed topic today.

Gay couples can no longer face arrest and prosecution in Malawi as the law awaits review

Gay couples can no longer face arrest and prosecution in Malawi as the law awaits review

We are living in the days when gay advocates have become so blatant in disseminating their pro-gay messages. Human rights activists are also pushing so hard for gay rights to be recognized, legitimized and upheld.

On the other hand, theologians, who feel the practice of homosexual is a violation of teachings and norms of biblical Christianity, are also tirelessly preaching the message against homosexuality.

The Malawi Government system stands in between the two groups, both of which force are pulling its homosexual laws in opposite directions. Ordinary Malawians have also decided not to remain in the terraces for this game, but have rather decided to take an active part in it. Most locals have, through different media, come all out, with guns blazing, castigating the pro-gay activists.

I must mention that the US Ambassador to Malawi, Virginia Palma, has been the most recent primary victim of most castigatory remarks by some locals who are against legitimization of homosexual relationships in this country. This came in the wake of Malawi’s suspension of anti-gay law upon the request by the US Government, through Virginia Palma, to drop charges against Cuthbert Kulemela and Kelvin Gonani, who were recently arrested on suspicion that they were having ‘’gay sex.’’

Having said all this, I, as a mere Malawi citizen, would like to unveil my stand on the issue of homosexuality.

To start with, I am a vibrant bible grounded Christian, who is also not gay in sexual orientation. If you critically analyze all verses in the bible which touches upon the homosexual issue, you will realize gayness and lesbianism is biblically not among the legitimate sexual life styles, or in other words, it is a sin to indulge in homosexual relationships.

You may refer to Genesis 19, Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, 1 Corinthians 7:2, 1 Corinthians 6, Mark 10:6-9, 1Timothy 1 among other verses and chapters. However, I should also mention that Leviticus 20:13 which says ‘’ If a man has sexual intercourse with a male as one has sexual intercourse with a woman, the two of them have committed an abomination.

They must be put to death; their blood guilt is on themselves’’ is about Theocracy (Government by God), which is different from our modern democracy (Government by people). Israel was a God chosen nation which was ruled by God himself, or if you want, it was a theocratic nation, where God was in control of executing immediate punishment to the transgressors of the civil law He set in place for Israelites.

In the modern times, we do no longer live in God’s civil law which Israelites upheld. Read Galatians 3: 24-25. Though I must point out that, the withdraw of the civil law, which pointed to Christ, does not decriminalize any sin and God’s moral law inscribed in The 10 Commandments, which include the Sabbath Commandment, still stands and abides on all of us.

Malawi is a democratic as well as a Christian nation, but should we be punishing the homosexuals for their gay practice? The answer is ‘’NO’’ for we are not under theocracy and punishing them is tantamount to us making an attempt to take God’s position.

God will punish the sinners himself, time will come. Earth is not our final destination, and the bible is clear on that. We are rather supposed to punish sinners whose sins or proclivities negatively affect us directly, for example thieves steal directly from someone, so in this case, their theft affects the person whom something has been stolen from.

But how does ‘’gay sex’’ affect us, the non gays? In no way does it affect us. No type of sex is done in public. Moreover ‘’gay sex’’ is done by people who have, willingly, agreed to do it? It does not affect us at all.

Someone may argue that allowing gays to practice their homosexual activities is degrading our country’s integrity, but the fact is the country is already degraded. We have adulterers, drunkards (I know most will not like this one to appear on this list, but it should, no two ways about it), gossipers and many other sinners already in this country and striving for salvation is a personal thing. You don’t have to beat gays up, medically examine them without their consent or incarcerate them to be saved.

But should we allow gay sexual activities be performed in open where all can see, like what happened at Lucius Banda’s music event? No, because even straight sexual activities are not allowed in public. And for churches to bless or not bless gay marriages, it should be up to them, depending on their particular doctrines. In our Malawi civil law, I would suggest that homosexuality should be decriminalized but its associated sexual activities should not be tolerated being done in public.

  • Note: I am neither gay nor am I a pro-gay activist, and no one has sent me to write this. They are my mere opinions on this hot issue.
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Innocent Phiri

I think its so stupid to see wise directors of this nation of malawi supporting the practice of homosexual.. Its my prayer to GOD to start punishing you people, GOD can not be stupid to create man and a woman, if your father could marrie to his boy frnd and your mather to her girl frnd, would you be born?? I can comfilm now that its final days..

more $

Eh!!! Sinful man!!!

Davis magombo

I think these guys need deliverance cause God created man and awoman to be together not people of the same sex

Osman Lastnumber

I will love all humans rergadless of their beliefs or lifestyle..


Why cannot God control His creations? If we sin then we do so because God was not infallible. Is that not correct?

Truth Pains But Sets Free,
Truth Pains But Sets Free,
Let me sternly warn all those who are quoting the Bible to support homosexuality that: (1) We should not read into the Bible our own views. Neither should we interpret the Scripture to suit our likes or position. All am saying is that we should read and interpret the Scripture in their context. I will not go into details to talk about context here since it is a much wider subject. For instance, the context of the prohibition against homosexuality in both the testaments is that it (homosexuality) contradicts God’s design in nature or creation as regards the role of… Read more »

Nice article.Gays should just be left alone,as their sex does not affect us. As simple as that.

juli mchape

Efe zagay ayii ndindani anakhalapo ndimwana atapanga mathanyula?


Nonsense….once we accept every nonsense as human rights where does it stop..,….already in some countries people are having sex with their animals…soon it will be on our door step…this so called human right is disgusting…immorral….and the sexual act itself is unnatural….dont push this down our throats all in the name of human right

Nansani wa chingoni


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