Thugs abduct 2 year old Malawi albino girl : Police launch manhunt

Malawi Police are on intensive manhunt for unknown people who have abducted a two year girl with albinism in the tobacco growing district of Kasungu.

Police spokesperson Mazingwitsa: Manhunt launched

Police spokesperson Mzingwitsa: Manhunt launched

Police spokesman in Kasungu Edna Mzingwitsa said Witney Chilumpha was taken away from a sleeping place she shared with her mother in Chidziyaa Village, Chief Kapeleru’s area in the district.

“The thugs entered the house by opening a glass shatter and took her away as the mother was sleeping. She discovered that her daughter was missing around 4 in the morning, that is when she shouted for help,” said Mzingwitsa.

She said the father was away when the incident happened.

This comes barely days after President Peter Mutharika issued fresh warning that his government would deal with those who abduct or kill people with albinism.

Mutharika then called on others like churches to assist in civic education to sensitise people stop abductions and killings of people with albinism.


In Mangochi, the police seemed to have promptly heed Mutharika’s call as they have netted two people in connection with the murder of a one year boy in the district whose head was severed.

Machinga police publicist Davie Sulumba identified the two as Innocent Kennedy and Justin Masitala.

Sulumba said Masitala is a convict on similar case as he was earlier fined and released by Machinga Magistrates Court K20000 for being found with bones of a person with albinism.

The nine year old Harry Makishoni hailed from Kapoloma village and was abducted and killed in February.

Boniface Massa, President of the Association of People with Albinism welcomed Mutharika’s warning but said there was need for police to ensure police protection of the people even at grass root level.

“The president’s announcement is timely as abductions and killings are still happening now. These people neef police protection wherever they are,” he said.

He said there was also need for stiffer punishment of culprits to deter others.

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23 thoughts on “Thugs abduct 2 year old Malawi albino girl : Police launch manhunt”

  1. hoitty says:

    If you interrogate the mother you will find out both parents were involved in the disappearance of the child. If it is proven to be true fry the parents and everyone involved.. in hot petrol

  2. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Malawi’s judiciary is the most pathetic, stupid, incoherent, immaterial, ignorant, rotten, corrupt, foolish, dirtiest, stinking, irritating, poisonous, dumbest etc. Their so called learned men are just ziphwisi crooks. They hand down 10 years imprisonment with hard labour to a cattle rustler. And they only fine MK20,000 albino abductors and killers. All these people, court judges, ruling and opposition politicians, senior police officers are members of the occult secret societies that are consumers of human private parts, and albino human parts. They know each other, they can’t be hard on their own kind.

  3. mbumba says:

    so the father was not de???????? 4am analikuti.???????

    second thing look @ the type of fine the court is ordering

    thirdly do u think ndingawope kupeza 50 million kuwopa kupeleka 20 pin??????

    yet our President iz a law profeser .

    guys if dis will be da case things will not change.

    ikani chilango chomveka bwino munthu akamapanga azilingalira zotsatira osati azipanga a

  4. mnungisi says:

    bamboyo anapita kuti? Makolo onsewo are at fault

  5. Nchanga wa Nchenga, Zambiya says:

    Where was the father by those days? In Kapoloma it was the same, the 9 year boy was abducted and killed when the father was away. To me the father of both Kapoloma and Kasungu are prime suspects of these abductions and killings. To Nyasatimes, please stop advertising albino abductions by mentioning the value of an albino person. Big people are involvd in these killings just as the Chiradzulo mabele saga, or the Ndirande- BT Sec xool Nachipanti saga, hence we here of funny fine from our judicially, even funny stories from the police, such as the abductor intended to jump frm the police vehicle, then he died, whch is making impossible for the men in uniform to apprehend the main culprits. My heart is grieved by these hyneas acts! Why the govt burned the ivory and allowing the people with albinoism to be killed in such a way

  6. That means people with albinism are an endangered species in Malawi . Why can’t we do it the Tanzanian way . Create a haven safe place for them where they can feel safe and secure especially the young ones who are not capable of defending themselves. And if possible train them defence skills like martial art skills so that when they are grown up to go into the society they are able to defend themselves.

  7. Piper says:

    Shockingly pathetic. Why killing innocent people?? Where are the police? I don’t like mob justice but in this case if they are found guilty (beyond reasonable doubt) chitani nawoni basi….

  8. BigMan says:

    the father was not there…….. the mother only noticed the baby had gone missing at 4 am……….

  9. ineyo says:

    Just imagine what this thug Masitala got as a punishment for being found with human bones ….K20,000… this is totally no sense and laughable.

    When communities decide to deal with these killers police and civil societies make a lot of noise.

    Nysatimes once reported that body parts or whole body of Albino may cost about $75 000 (about 50 million Malawi kwacha). And yet these thugs get a mere K20000 as a penalty. How do u expect such acts to stop when punishment given is not worth it.

    Police and civil societies shut up and move out of our way we will deal with these thugs on our own.

    1. mama says:

      Mau mau

  10. Tintini says:

    My fellow Malawians this is a war, tomorrow is your child let’s unit and kill these devils where ever they are this is evil.

  11. Man of God says:

    Man found with human bones, fined K20000? What a joke! Can that deter would be offenders? A big no! Be serious.


    REALLY ???



  13. kwangu says:

    you heartless people who abduct and kill these innocent children. Why do you do this kodi mumatiswa mitima chonde kubeleke nkowawa pilizi

  14. Charles Maselle says:

    Kindly (Police)increase efforts to hunt for the culprits and bring them to book in the very shortest time. I wish you success.

  15. nyamayasauka says:

    Aaaaa a police mangani mayi ndi bambo wa mwanayo. Ali kudziwapo kanthu amenewa. Bamboyu anapita kuti?

  16. ellias mponda says:

    The father shud be investigated. Similar case like the machinga one.

  17. Achiwechetaga says:

    Mukampeza mumuphe basi. Mob justice is an indicator of failed justice system. Law enforcers should simply do their work to protect the innocent; but there is no sense in protecting the guilty by dispising mob justice. If the court and the police killed one of the albino hunters, the suffering of people with albinism would be history. People have to be regulated, not persuaded. Amuchotse mathulisa ameneyo akapezeka. Boma likalephera ntchito, basi anthu athane naye okha. We need action, not liberal words. Kodi mumatuma ndi nomwenu eti?

  18. Ze Roberto says:

    The only effective punishment to the perpetrators of the heinous acts is mob justice on the spot if/when caught. There is nothing like churches or mosques giving civic education. The only language for the people involved in the killings of people with albinism is catch and kill. Period! Just look in the article at how the court mishandled the case in Mangochi where the criminal was released.

  19. Za Zii says:

    You mean somebody was convicted, fined MK20,000.00. and released on this case ya mafupa a alubino. This is shame. You mean somebody’s life @20pin?. Can I get it clearly iwe author wa nkhani imeneyi

  20. Phwado says:

    First suspect must be the further.Where did he go leaving the wife and child without protection yet he is aware of what is happening to the albinos! Fuck him

  21. Concerned says:

    The abductors if proven guilty must be sentenced to life imprisonment for the is the same as murder case. why should such a person be fined k20,000? is human life wealth this little? please please protect these people.

  22. Chithumwa says:

    The courts and the Police are the ones encouraging this, makosana taganizani winayo akuti anagwidwanso ndi nkhani ngati yomweyo, ndikutulutsidwa atapereka ka 20 pin.Akuluakulu tichite bwanji chonde zanyanya izi?aaaaaa

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