Thyolo, Mulanje should be ‘nation-state’, says group

People of tea growing district of Thyolo and mountainous district of Mulanje have said they will press for declaration of the two districts as a sovereign State if their protracted wrangle with tea estate owners is not resolved, it has been reported.

Kalindo: Agitating for land occupation

Kalindo: Agitating for land occupation

According to published report, members of the People’s Land Organisation (PLO) have set December 17 2015 as the deadline to resolve the matter or else the two districts will form their own country .

Malawi’s tea industry, started by colonial masters in the 1800s, occupies thousands of hectares believed to have been grabbed from natives. The industry is also one of the most productive in the world.

PLO demands local people’s occupation of all idle land on top of demanding estates owners to pay £65 (about K53 000) per acre per year for all used colonial estate land from 1914.

The organisation has also been demanding from the estates owners a wage rate of £6.13 per hour (about K5000) per individual for those who were involved in Thangata (bonded labour) between 1914 and 1963.

President Peter Mutharika intervened in the matter in October when he summoned the leadership of PLO for a closed-door meeting at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre to discuss the matter.

Citizens for the Protection of Mulanje (CPM) led by member of parliament Bon Kalindo, who also support the cause, also met President Mutharika on the matter.

Kalindo has been mobilizing the people of tea growing district of Thyolo to stand up against commercial land owners and occupy the land which he argues “rightfully belongs to them.”

“People of Thyolo and Mulanje were robbed of their land and have been suffering in their own country to accommodate exploiters,” said Kalindo.

PLO leader Vincent Wandale has said Malawi Government as well as President Mutharika have failed to resolve the matter and will now seek declaration of the two districts to be a stand alone state-nation.

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MALOTO A MBULI YA CHILOMWE, a poem by “Woguluka Mano N’kamwa Pitala.”

Ujeni Phiri

So the current president who comes from Thyolo will cease to be the president of Malawi which will be a foreign land for him?

Fathi Shehaab

Oh,xsts new drama oncestrsted bh nondother than sinoko,am nd the thestre and ldiance mlankhowalomwe,,,guddo we will watch for free, when will luvhenza intdrnational airpott opn?its going to be nearer to jozi town and far to mzunguland,london,,woyee wimiko,woyee plo

Angoni a ku Ntcheu

Easily said than done. Chonde will be a commercial city for the new state maybe


Bwino lake citukuko ku Lomwe belt cinayambika,ndata university ndiyomwe mukuionayo,kaya kapitolo site azagwirizana kt ikhale Nkando zili nd iwo,kkkkkkkkkk zosekesa kwabasi. Kod iwe mlomwe ukumutenger mtumbuka wopengayu? Ulowa nazo kuphompho izi,tangocita klemu za munda wa agogo akozo bas ngawa yangali mate mukuweceta apayi. Wakutumani mkulu wanuyo eti?


Kaya zanu izo pa chilomwe panupo ife zakumtundu wanuzo zisatikhuze kaya mudyana ndikutafunana ife pheee zidzukulu za Ngwazi Kamuzu Banda koma pano tuleredwa ndi msuweni wathu Lazaro Chakwera…Komano Vuto a Lomwe mumangokwatana osamalera lero siizo malo akusowa kkkk.

Mlomwe original

Ahlomwe mukuona ngati msafikapo eti????

Patricia Kaliati



Please the useless Chewas stop it, castigating the Lomwe over this issue. If you want to discourage others from secceeding from this poor Malawi then do that with Tumbukas. Mlomwe is a serious person. When he wants to achieve something he achieves it. If Mlomwe wants to lead poor Malawians as president he makes it by all means even if it takes rigging the votes, he does it. he never fail. If the government is not going to take action, just know that by 18 December Thyolo and Mulanje will be a newest sovereign state in the world not south… Read more »

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are hyponotically asleep.

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