Thyolo, Mulanje should be ‘nation-state’, says group

People of tea growing district of Thyolo and mountainous district of Mulanje have said they will press for declaration of the two districts as a sovereign State if their protracted wrangle with tea estate owners is not resolved, it has been reported.

Kalindo: Agitating for land occupation

Kalindo: Agitating for land occupation

According to published report, members of the People’s Land Organisation (PLO) have set December 17 2015 as the deadline to resolve the matter or else the two districts will form their own country .

Malawi’s tea industry, started by colonial masters in the 1800s, occupies thousands of hectares believed to have been grabbed from natives. The industry is also one of the most productive in the world.

PLO demands local people’s occupation of all idle land on top of demanding estates owners to pay £65 (about K53 000) per acre per year for all used colonial estate land from 1914.

The organisation has also been demanding from the estates owners a wage rate of £6.13 per hour (about K5000) per individual for those who were involved in Thangata (bonded labour) between 1914 and 1963.

President Peter Mutharika intervened in the matter in October when he summoned the leadership of PLO for a closed-door meeting at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre to discuss the matter.

Citizens for the Protection of Mulanje (CPM) led by member of parliament Bon Kalindo, who also support the cause, also met President Mutharika on the matter.

Kalindo has been mobilizing the people of tea growing district of Thyolo to stand up against commercial land owners and occupy the land which he argues “rightfully belongs to them.”

“People of Thyolo and Mulanje were robbed of their land and have been suffering in their own country to accommodate exploiters,” said Kalindo.

PLO leader Vincent Wandale has said Malawi Government as well as President Mutharika have failed to resolve the matter and will now seek declaration of the two districts to be a stand alone state-nation.

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60 thoughts on “Thyolo, Mulanje should be ‘nation-state’, says group”


    MALOTO A MBULI YA CHILOMWE, a poem by “Woguluka Mano N’kamwa Pitala.”

  2. Ujeni Phiri says:

    So the current president who comes from Thyolo will cease to be the president of Malawi which will be a foreign land for him?

  3. Oh,xsts new drama oncestrsted bh nondother than sinoko,am nd the thestre and ldiance mlankhowalomwe,,,guddo we will watch for free, when will luvhenza intdrnational airpott opn?its going to be nearer to jozi town and far to mzunguland,london,,woyee wimiko,woyee plo

  4. Angoni a ku Ntcheu says:

    Easily said than done. Chonde will be a commercial city for the new state maybe

  5. Ghadhaffi says:

    Bwino lake citukuko ku Lomwe belt cinayambika,ndata university ndiyomwe mukuionayo,kaya kapitolo site azagwirizana kt ikhale Nkando zili nd iwo,kkkkkkkkkk zosekesa kwabasi. Kod iwe mlomwe ukumutenger mtumbuka wopengayu? Ulowa nazo kuphompho izi,tangocita klemu za munda wa agogo akozo bas ngawa yangali mate mukuweceta apayi. Wakutumani mkulu wanuyo eti?

  6. Mgwanya says:

    Kaya zanu izo pa chilomwe panupo ife zakumtundu wanuzo zisatikhuze kaya mudyana ndikutafunana ife pheee zidzukulu za Ngwazi Kamuzu Banda koma pano tuleredwa ndi msuweni wathu Lazaro Chakwera…Komano Vuto a Lomwe mumangokwatana osamalera lero siizo malo akusowa kkkk.

  7. Mlomwe original says:

    Ahlomwe mukuona ngati msafikapo eti????

  8. Patricia Kaliati says:



  9. ngonoliwa says:

    Please the useless Chewas stop it, castigating the Lomwe over this issue. If you want to discourage others from secceeding from this poor Malawi then do that with Tumbukas. Mlomwe is a serious person. When he wants to achieve something he achieves it. If Mlomwe wants to lead poor Malawians as president he makes it by all means even if it takes rigging the votes, he does it. he never fail. If the government is not going to take action, just know that by 18 December Thyolo and Mulanje will be a newest sovereign state in the world not south sudan or the failed northern region of poor Malawi.At least we are going to have the best university in this new Malawi, MUST.We are not Tumbukas. We are Lomwes, very serious people.Mwana Mulanje will be the first president. We will implement the following in order to develop our state:
    1. Mwanamulanje will be sending to UNGA only two representatives not 115 like poor main Malawi.
    2. No annual independent celebrations, Magufulism or magufulistic theory.
    3.We will promote intensive irrigation systems for growing Tea, bananas, Pineapples, sugarcage which will be exported to mainland Malawi for the poor people after adding value processes not in raw form.
    4. Mining industry will commence with mining bauxite for alluminium on Mount Mulanje.
    5.Mulanje Canning Factory will be rejuvinated for production of best jam in Malawi if not the whole world which was operational in 1980s in Mulanje under late Kamuzu.
    6. Real electricity company will be setup at Rujeri Tea Estate for production of real electricity from live and normal engineers not the weaklings we have at current ESCOM house in Blantyre.
    7. Education will be compussory and all lectures from MUST will be expertriates for the first ten years.All lessons will be practical oriented not theoretical oriented as what happens in mainland malawi’s colleges.
    8. Land mechanizations will be on very high tech beating even the one at PUNJAB in India.
    9. In 5 years every citizen will have a decent house not mboshomboshos being constructed by mainland malawi.
    10.People will be put in groups according to their skills in the villages and be encouraged to go into full INNOVATIONs for discoveries, starting with basic skills they have.
    11. Making people happy will be the order of the day by Mwanamulanje.
    12. No cashgate and no corruption.
    13. From day one no donor dependence.
    14. Two million jobs will be created for only 1.5 million work force as many people in these two districts are children, this will see Tumbukas from mainland malawi migrating to modern newest state.However all tumbukas will face a strange xenophobia in this new land.
    15. No heavy taxes, no vagabond cases, information bill will be the first bill to pass.
    SO no body should make nonsense comments for the new state after the Tumbukas failed to set up Nyika state. Is Shaba , Mzomera and company still alive? Come and lean to people can be organized here at PLO. Imagine first we have formed an association to fight for us not the toothless committes of these Tumbukas. Agaru inu mwatidyera alomwe masuku pamutu nthawi yaitali. Now Moses is taking the Israelites from the cruel Pharaos of Egypt where crying is the order of the day. We are going to manna now. Praise Jah.

  10. Walks-By-Night says:

    Dreams last when you are sleeping-Hence these Mulhakhos
    are hyponotically asleep.

  11. Juma Mike says:

    Capitol city ikhala Goliyati kapena Ndata

  12. maganizo wa maganizo says:

    chimenecho ndiye chamba,osamaganiza zopusa ngati mtumbuka.Akumanga nyumba za bwino kwa eni ake koma kwawo kuli chile lokha lokha

  13. Mbuya says:

    Chimenecho ndiye chambatu

  14. Alombere cheDokotala. says:

    Machemba zomba usaiphatikize ndizafidyazo. Zomba ndi ya ife achiyawofe osati za anguluzo

  15. Dwambazi says:

    Take Mathanyula with you,

  16. Apa mlomwe wakwiya,akufuna kuyambisa dziko lakelake, nayeso ntumbuka akufuna atayambisa dziko lake. Kodi mmene wachepera malawi tikhala ndi maiko 11 popeza tili ndi zinkhulo 11 ? Ingomubwerzerani mwana mlomwe munda wa agogo ake.

  17. kamfwiyo trig.point says:


  18. Mwene Wa Mwene says:

    kodi mwati Mulanje/Thyolo ikhala state kapena Estate? ndiye ikakhla state ndiye capital city ikhala chitakale? A kalindo kapena kuti winiko mukupanga drama chani? usayi chichi!!!!!!!!

  19. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    This is simply a non-starter!
    But, eh! we can’t stop people from dreaming; and believing in their dreams. Even a waste of time. Better still push for redistribution of usable land, in these two districts where “Thangata” was imposed by the colonialists.
    To declare Thyolo and Mulanje a “nation”, based on culture, is to leave out their cousins in Phalombe, Chirazulo, Zomba and elsewhere. There is no way citizens of any of these districts would support Kalindo et al.: A simple opinion survey would prove this, without doubt. No need here for a referendum. Asa.

  20. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Kkkkkk! This will be the African newest state. Komatu zina kambu zina leku having people like Winiko as one of our parliamentarian tells volumes of what we are made of as a nation . Does he have any guess of what state apparatuses have to be in place to declare a sovereign state? Apatu mphemvu ingaganizeko bwino.

  21. KenyanMalawi says:

    Go back to Mozamique! Mukuchulutsa chiwerengelo cha amphawi ku Malawi

  22. James kotoki says:

    This is what we call bullshit

  23. Mindsolo G.P. says:

    Zitsiru za anthu. Mchifukwa chake Malawi ali osauka!

  24. Rabalamani says:

    The land issue is genuine BUT the two districts cant stand as a nation. Tiziona popeza zigwe pano nzatonse

  25. Tomtom says:

    Who is this Vincent Wandale? Where is he from? What is he doing currently? Can somebody assist me please to know this PLO leader

  26. CommonMan says:

    What is this Malawi
    Ziko lake liti mozingoti pang’onong’ono tigawana ziko mmm kaya will be poor and poor until poorest people and country as well

  27. Useless thinking, I’m from Thyolo but I’m not that stupid instead of thinking like human beings they’re thinking like wild animals.

  28. dada says:

    apa tikuonerera Limodzi kuti boma ili ndi lorephera, basi akumpoto anali kale.

  29. mp says:

    Mmmh Bon Kalindo, go bak to drama. I think ur problem z that u dont know which issues to be serious on. I am sure u think uli pa stage or pa radio acting ka sewero ka ku tea estates.kkkk. How can reasonable pipo b led by kalindo as legislator? Hey! Mavuto ndithu. Julius malema wa ku Mulanje ameneyo? Kkk

  30. nyamayasauka says:

    alhomwe mwavomera za fedalisim? Mapuya amange basi. hq of dis country is Ndata.

  31. Mphepo Zinai says:

    There is a lot of land ku Mangulu in Mozambuque were your fore fathers came from. Bwanji osangobwelera konko? After all most of Lomwes came in from from there around 1900.

  32. zenkohman says:

    Anyapapi amenewo!kkkkkkkk. Titeni nazoni!!

  33. Mangwenthu says:

    Go for it. Remove all those Italians. Then after you are done with them,please come over here in Zombaa, around Thondwe and deal with these so called Greeks!!! But before that let us call Mugabe to give the proper advice as he knows to face them!!!!

  34. Assah says:

    Ndizowona zimenezo anthu amene akumaba malo akulu zeedi pomwe eni nthaka akusowa kolima. Ku Zomba kuli madera angapo ndithu. Osati azungu okha koma ngakhale akulu akulu ama udindowa nawoso ali ndi mafamu akulu kwambiri

  35. Murray says:

    Mukathana muzatiuza…………..

  36. Tcholo Boyi says:

    iwe Winiko ofunika Mulli akutukwane koma. Asah! Chinena iwe apa ndi chani eh? Mwayetsa dilama ambwiye? Ndiye mwati akhale maboma awiri a Mulanje ndi Thyolo, dziko palokha? “Mach**de anu a Winiko”. Bwanji mukufuna kutitukwanitsa ife alomwe, mwatotumidwa eti? Ngati chili chamba, mwina yetsani gondolosi

  37. Katong'ongo says:

    If it were the northerners who had said something like federal system or cessation, you would have heard endless insults from these cursed maggots who only use the north and northerners as their point of reference. Now, you are busy playing it down while treating the matter with kid gloves because Bon Kalindo is one of you dunderheads. You think even when you take everything or deprive the northerners of their right to exist, you will have your Malawian Kwacha appreciating. You think if you dare chase the northerners then you will have a permanent gain in one form or another. You constitute 90% of the population. Statistically, for every evil committed in Malawi, 9 out of 10 are not from the north but from the other regions were men are married to women and live in women’s homes. Kupepera!! Uncle wachani. Abolish your abominable culture.

  38. redeemed says:

    Indeed we are all entitled to stupidity, but others abuse the privilege. I look forward to the 17th.

  39. Rich CJ says:

    Nkhani yovuta kwambiri ndiye mlomwe wamkulu ali kukamuzu palace timpanga deport. For by no way wobwera angalamulire Malawi. Komanso angakhale atakupatsa mindayo simungachite nayo kalikonse, ife timadziwa alimi enieni ndi apakati basi. Tsono pitirizani ife kuno kumpoto ndi pakati ndamene tisunge Malawi. Ndiyeno muyitcha Republic of Lomwe? Kkkkkkkkk. Kwali mwanyane ku Nthalire, Wenya, kapopo, Chikwina,Solola ku Mzimba,Ll msozi, mpenu, ku Malembo, kosimphase kuMchinji, Likoma, mukutipo wuli?

  40. Keep the fire burning. You the mzungu you grabed the land from local people yet most of the land is not used and people are lacking land to cultivate. Please give them back their land

  41. nyasa boss says:


  42. mbina says:

    paja ubongo wanu uli ku matako, no wonder kuganiza kwa manyi like this. mxiiiiii

  43. kambwali says:

    tengani peter wanuyu sitikumufunaso mukhale konko

  44. mp says:

    Kkkk. Makape. Am from South, kma awa nde ndi makape sizinaone

  45. Wapamtima says:

    plan yakalekale idayamba ndi Bingu. Chifukwa chake stedium adafuna kumangila ku capital ya thyolo ndi Mulanje panja ili ku Mpumulo ku ndata

  46. Henga says:

    Dziwani kuti mukangosanduka an independent Nation, ndekuti Peter wanuyo sakhalanso President wakuno ku Malawi, How can he ruleMalawi while he is from that so called Thyolo/Mulanje state?

  47. Nasimba Novirhikana says:

    Anakupatsani Pitala zija mwanyambita mwazitha. Pano mufuna akupatseni zina. Bwmpini ali pa chintchto.????????!!!!!!!

  48. Hastings says:

    Nde mwati dzikoli tingoligawana choncho eti, the North want it that way inunso ndeti Malawi ikhala the Central basi

  49. General says:

    17 December that’s Next week let’s wait and see!

  50. Mlomwe says:

    Mitu youma ya Alomweyi mbali mwa misewu tea eni dziko kuseri kwa mapiri

  51. G says:

    Mr Kalindo, what exactly are your intentions. I am from Mulanje but believe that there’s a better way of doing things. You really are living up to being the clown you truly are

  52. kwalewera Zinyemba says:

    The reason for the two districts to become a state is not clear to me. Can you shade more light on it. Is it because the president is from that belt?

  53. JJ King says:

    Chamba eti?

  54. Ombimbila says:

    The Nation of Mulupale! that will be the name of the Country.kkkkkkkk

  55. CONGO MAFIA says:

    I do support the move. By declaring the two districts as an independent nation, 75% of Malawi rampant corruption will be resolved. DPP party will be non-existant and billions stolen by DPP government should be paid prior to the declaration on Ndata Republic.

  56. Edoms says:

    It is only federal system that can help poti ndinuyo zitheka

  57. Think-tank says:

    A Kalindo ndi anzanu munguwonetsapo umbuli apa

  58. Oliver Twist says:

    Kikikikikikiki!!!!!! Koma Mbwiyache!!!mwachisutangaje eti??? State Nation??? Mumangomvanga anthu nanena kuti tiziimiranga patokha eti??? Kodi kuyendesa dziko mwayesanga ndimasewera eti??? Ajenda yanu poti tikuyiziwa kale. Musabisale ku Land grabbing. Enanu mwapeza ma degree kamba ka ndalama za mu tea zomwezo!!! Koma Peter Mutharika ndiye mwamutolatu. mpaka ultimatum. Akuyambani inu nomwe kukumangani posowesa mtendere mu dziko! Mwati poti President ndi mu Lomwe basi mwati muyambe kutumbwa! Tapangani zanuzo muona ndege za ku Israel zopanda mapiko zikuuluka pa Phiri la Mulanje. Mukumuziwa Solombera inu?? Enanu ndi ana obadwa zulo. Munya muona!!

  59. SUPPORTER says:




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