Time for politicking, over- College members of DPP

Executive committee members for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) youth wings from Bunda and Natural Resources Colleges say time for “politicking and misusing” the youths is over and as “future leaders” they want to practice result-oriented politics that aim to develop the country.

Luanar DPP wing executive members

Luanar DPP wing executive members

Malimba: Aishoshe Aione

Malimba: Aishoshe Aione

Speaking during the joint meeting at Bunda campus, chairperson for the Bunda DPP wing Redson Gwiriza said the groups are geared to contribute positively to the development of this nation.

“LUANAR is the backbone of this country’s economy since Malawi is an agro based nation. For this reason, we want to continue helping the government just as we did in the run up to the election through these same wings by applying the academic skills which we acquire from these institutions to improve the livelihood of Malawians through food security, the greenbelt initiative, and conservation agriculture and irrigation projects among other things,” he said.

Chairman of NRC–DPP wing who is also president of the students union Jimmy Chisenga said “as agriculturalists and future leaders, we want to urge the government to make sure that the welfare of the students is looked into to provide a conducive learning environment.”

He said it is evident that youths dominate the country’s population and it’s a group of people which influences a lot of things in the societies.

“For this reason, the youths in Malawi deserve the best and it is from this DPP wing that we want to see future parliamentarians, ministers and influential people in our society”.

The two groups raised concerns that  lack of party materials and other resources are the  major challenges  which gives them limitations for their planned activities but they thanked those in authority for the support which they accord them when need arises since their wings were formed.

The event was graced by the central region’s DPP’s Youth Organizing Secretary, Mr. Malimba nicknamed  “Aishoshe Aione”.

In his remarks, “Aishoshe Aione” thanked the youths for their support they have always given to the DPP ever since it was formed.

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13 thoughts on “Time for politicking, over- College members of DPP”

  1. MF Jones says:

    Go study. Weeds are bitches discuss (20 points).

  2. chindele says:

    Mbuli za anthu will this country have a good breed of agriculturalists again.

  3. Yahudah says:

    IsaiYAH 3:12
    My people! Youth are their oppressor and women rule over them. O my people! Your leaders lead you astray and destroy the ways of your path.

  4. Nchembere Zandondo says:

    Are you sure these are university students? They all look stupid anyway.

  5. Kadakwiza says:

    Politics will not be over in Malawi as far as there is no jobs for these students. What Malawians are waiting from this lomwe government is decent jobs and also investors. We want to leave in a country where there are so many opportunities. So you DPP useless students just concentrate with your studies.

  6. ine says:

    musade nkhawa; Nkhope zomwezi zimapezeka ku magulu a UDF, MCP and PP; akapsala awa akufuna kukawa andale.

  7. neymar says:

    Dpp is full of savages n idiots

  8. clement says:

    Pangani zasukulu kumeneko. Makolo anu sanakutumizeni kukapanga ndale. Mwaiwala kale za Chasowa. Political money chokes. Mutsamwa nazo izi

  9. Sapitwa says:

    Youth are Leaders of tomorrow indeed! First time to see them becoming so objective than mmaboma a kumbuyoku.
    Keep it up guys; help your government. You are the sort of guys Malawi needs!

  10. dwambazi says:

    I f these are the future leaders then Malawi has no hope

  11. Mccarthy says:

    This is really useless…what a hell is this”.

  12. ujeni says:

    Za usavage basi dressing like that as if we are still in 1964 fighting for freedom. This is modern times where round table yalks by intellectuals should yield positive tangible results osati fwakala fwakala dressed in kaunjika attire.

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