Time to enjoy fruits of ruling, DPP demands CEOs support

Malawi statutory corporation chief executive officers (CEOs) serving under the current leadership should render support to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), the party’s secretary general Ecklen Kudontoni said on Saturday.

Kudontoni: CEOs have to support DPP

Kudontoni: CEOs have to support DPP

Kudontoni speaking at the party’s regional indaba held in Mzuzu said “those that fought for the party should enjoy the fruits. And every chief executive officer (of statutory corporation) was chosen by this government and should use the position to benefit this party and not funding his own party”.

He said the CEOs have to support the DPP because they are serving the current government and warned that those who will not support will face the political consequences . He did not elaborate.

However, Kudontoni said DPP is investigating other CEOs “who are now participating fully in party politics.”

Kudontoni also warned some civil servants whom he said were sabotaging the DPP government by among others frustrating the Farm Input Subsidy Programme (Fisp) and denying the party’s members and supporter’s access
to the inputs.

“In many government departments, there are so many officers who do not wish us well. They sabotage government. For example, we need better strategies on Fisp so that our people who love the party enjoy. We are monitoring the situation. We do not want civil servants who are political. They had better resign,” said Kudontoni.

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95 thoughts on “Time to enjoy fruits of ruling, DPP demands CEOs support”

  1. Black Market says:

    Reform ija imeneyo? Kodi pamene azake amapita ku sukulu iye adali kuti galu ameneyu. So Kudontoni is going to sabotage the Reform Agenda championed by the President and his Vice? What a party.

  2. Phwado says:

    My!my!my!mama!mia!Kudontoni’s cockroache brain with stinking mouth like an unwiped asshole!

  3. Omex70 says:

    Kudontoni is a fool. An idiot and empty headed.

  4. Muhiye Mwana says:

    ine padakali pano ndikudyelera ndipo Peter yemweyo kuti wawawawawa! Aliponso wina?

  5. malawi citizen says:

    The president should fire this useless secretary general. His brain is no closer to current advocated reforms. By the way which school did he attended? give this position to deserving educated gurus in DPP.

  6. chatonda says:

    Is this Kudonto educated at all? And why is Kasaila telling lies that Kudonto was misquoted yet evidence is there .
    The nosense will take them to hell come 2015.

  7. Kasenye says:

    Civil Service Reforms Vs Pleasing The Ruling Party!! Chipani Chimodzi Kukamba Zosiyana: Kudontoni Against APM, SCC, Kkkkk, Tiyeni Nazoni!

  8. wodandaula says:

    CEO wa ku malawi posts corporation wayamba kale kusatira, anatulusa vacancy ndikulemba ana a mabwana okhookha, komanso ana adpp, ACB pitani ku post office mukafufuze zimenezi, ifeso tilinawo azibale athu oti akufuna ntchito, zikutiwawa, mulungu akukantheni nonse opanga izi

  9. BCC CEO and his croocked top management,are jumping against documented resolutions defaulting increaments implimentation amidst a spree of spending millions in uncalled for bankable seminars.This is done delibalately inorder to incite agitated council workers strike and consequently brand the govt a failure.Look at the way illigal vending and settlements are handled by the council.Another scenario is the Chilobwe saga which has branded the MP for BT city south and minister of labour and manpower as failures and irresponsible.The issue about Chilobwe Community College which was all over the print media a week or two ago.Thorough analysis and investigative journalism proved that primary school teachers are fedup with lies to incite a poorly informed school management committee to frustrate and derail the revertion the institution to its intended purpose as a college.This is done delibarately to hoodwink embezzled donor funds used in the construction of the institution. So,I beg to differ that Kudontoni is wrong but that he said the truth publicly.DPP led govt should watchout these unpatriotic and sabotaging public servants otherwise the damage has arleady been inflicte.

  10. Isaac says:

    if it were 4 kamuzu to come he would have regret and allow

  11. zalerani dada says:

    an idiot like the kaliatis Malawi si wanu mwamva . Chauta akhoza kukusasulaniso kachiwiri. anthu obadwa opanda makolo a mwambo kapena pa chigololo. osakanenera nkhani zanu zopusa ku mpoto tiwona munya chanu kulibe uko

  12. Lobodo says:

    Raphael Tenthani, here is your entry for muckraking on Sunday. Usawasiye anthuwa akuyambira dala. Chomcho aziti you are not patriotic when you muckrake?

  13. del horno says:

    zomwe amauzana kuchipani kwao ndizimenezi…they even dont knw the meaning of the word D

  14. edda mwalweni says:

    DPP z not the first party in Malawi. Parties come & go shortly your party will also go to hell ili dziko achimwene !!!

  15. ABUDUO ONANI says:

    Koma anapita kusukulu Ameneyu

  16. Gimbogo says:


  17. brutsha says:

    Then one questions why parastatals don’t deliver in Malawi. Iwe Kudontoni mdyerekezi! Mwana wa njoka osafunira dziko la Malawi zabwino!

  18. MEKE says:

    PEOPLE NEED DEvELOPMENTS which you promised them



  19. tonse says:

    DPP should censure this Kudontoni. SG wanji ochititsa manayazi conchi? DPP mwasowa munthu?

    Poti umakanenera ku mpoto ndipo amakuombera mmanja. Atumbuka amangokuyang’ana kuti udzimaliza wekha. Si akanalangiza mchewa iwe. Wakumba wekha dzenje. Enawo angokukankhiramo.

  20. choyamba says:

    Totally agree with wakwithu the case study for what kadontoni is talking about is Central Medical Stores Trust Kaupa kupnga promote relation wa Gertrude in exchange for contact renewal korma zoopsya.

  21. Bob says:

    Kkkkkkkk Dontoni, Hahahaha Donto. Ati Secretary General wa chipani cholamula. Kkkkkkkk

  22. Kenkkk says:

    Some of us have always said DPP will never change for any good. Now comes this open threats to CEOs. This man is absolutely insane. So you DPP guys want CEOs to be political and supporting DPP. You want CEOs to be donating money to DPP, more likely stealing from their companies and donating to DPP. Now the DPP pieces of the jigsaw are falling into places, they appointed their own guys to be CEOs in exchange for them to bankroll DPP.

    More astonishingly the president is supporting this mad guy!!!

  23. Cashgate1 says:

    Idiot and corrupt Kudontoni. Why does DPP have this idiot? Is DPP an idiot party?

  24. nyabake says:

    This kudontoni thimg is just like the scene in Blantyre that a pastor swindles Church money and go away with it in the name of relationship with the church president. Where this country is going Jesus knows. How can one eat 700’000mk and go with it unchecked thinking that others will never know this. The first elder of this partcullar church tried to cover up the Pastor komatu ili ndi dziko. You Mr Presidents whether Field/Union becareful with the treatment you give or you gave other Pastors on the same that in three weeks, people know your decission on that pastor,why not this pastor mulutenga azibale anu kuti aziba ndalama zoperekedwa ndi anthu osauka tiiperekatu nkhaniyi ku Division kuti adzafufuze za nkhaniyi.

  25. Wanganyewanganye mtumbuka says:

    A Kudonto musaipitse chathu chabwinochi apo ayi mutule pansi udindo. Alowepo oganiza bwino asanalankhule.

  26. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    Malawi has indeed gone to the dogs. I wish if people could stop attending DPP stupid meetings tione ngati akauze mitengo zopusazi. Malawi is for us all, ruling party or opposition. You display your stupidity Kudontoni. These are the first people to defect when the party loses. Kumangoyankhula ngati woduka mutu basi? Shupit zako! Kaseteke nsapato za Petulo wakoyo because you are a true boot licker.

  27. Saile says:

    This person so called Kudontoni is a big full.

  28. Kuchitekete says:

    Am not amised.

  29. Wakwithu says:

    This is why CMST CEO feston kaupa appointed Sam Zuze, Getrude relation as Acting Procurement Manager. Supporting DPP at its best. In fact kaupa was acquuitted over his corruption case at nrc by the court after he corrupted the judge we know all these things typical of dpp boys like feston kaupa! But day of reckoning is coming

  30. zoshola says:

    alibe nzeru galu wamunthu

  31. Zosautsa says:

    MCP laid development foundation in Malawi amid its nkhaza. Nobody can dispute that fact. Now the subsequent Parties have failed or are failing to build on the foundation, they are destroying even the foundation. Tipita patsogolo apa?

    After MCP in 1994 no Party has so far proved better than MCP despite its short comings. Love it or hate it, I am more than convinced that MCP is the only Party that can do better than these vampires. 20 years post MCP without tangible development but raced to the bottom to be No. 1 poorest country.

    Cry my beloved country. I rest my case.

  32. Kangankude says:

    This guy iz stupid,,,zimenezi nzoyankhula pa gulu,ulibe nzeru..Anzanu zimenezo amalankhulila kumbali,,apa ndiye bongololo wazorera mafuta pa gulu

  33. UDF + DPP ngozi kuphompho says:

    ntcha nkhu chenichi ? chibudi cha munthu . chibenge ndalama ichi kulyera vichi uko wayowoya ?

  34. jesus is lord says:

    Umbuli suposaso apa mwene. Does this guy even know what democracy means or is he creating his own dictatorship. People are free to participate in what ever party they choose whether you appointed them or not they are not your prisoners they owe You nothing bwana.

  35. The Patriot says:

    The only way to know a fool is when he opens his mouth! Its ok to be foolish but its stupid to open ones mouth and confirm it!! Ukayenda siya phazi ukasiya mulomo udzakutsata!!

  36. Ambuje apali says:

    Ife kwathu ndikupenya, no wonder we are the poorest country on earth

  37. Kasinja Mfula says:

    It is people like Kudontoni who tarnish reputations of parties that might be in the process of reformation and restructuring their direction. Only DPP itself should discipline this man if they do not want to loose reputation.

  38. Nkhombokombo says:

    This Parastatals are not there to give out the handouts to the Parties in power but to assist Gvt to create jobs for the masses and give a national developmenand not this trash we are hearing from this SG. Shame on you!

  39. Diplomat Mshosho says:

    This Kudontoni thing should be stupid. That’s the problem with Malawian political parties – most of those who hold senior positions are just influential but ignorant and fully of mediocrity. This man or thing whatever sounds empty-headee from what has been written herein. Until this country gets rid of people with such mentalities, we can never move forward. To hell with these Kudontoni mentalities….

  40. yohane says:

    In achibempete mukuti chani? These positions your friends analowela mkalasitu. Sanachite kulembedwa ndi chipani but they qualified

  41. mwenecho says:

    APM becareful. Wakunanga chipani munthu uyu. Expel him from the party. Iyi ni mbutuma

  42. banda says:

    UDF kuti ithe mkulu wake anali ameneyu, ndiye inu a DPP u better watch out and act quickly. muvi oyang’anira udalowa maso.

  43. Kokotowa says:

    This guy such an ashore!

  44. MCP GVT says:

    Don’t and never frustrate CEOs again. They are in their offices becoz of their papers not dpp. Go and speak such nosense to Thyolo. Do u want us to reveal that God has punished the Southern region by floods because of electing dpp? Dd u expect floods in BT? Think!!

  45. aurora says:

    i love you DPP….DPP FEVER.mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,for beta for worse till death do us part.kkkkk asafuna ata azikhweze

  46. musekanji palibe kanu says:


  47. Party no sense,we need development at a national. Level,that is why the northners want federal,we want kwacha getting stronger since we have some uranium mines in the country,where are the colleges u was promising?who eats uranium money? Museweratu a aDPP,mukufuna Demo ins ngati ijayi,ya pa 20 ija passop,beware take caution.

  48. Balamanthu says:

    Kundotoni should be arrested.These are the people that are at the center of lack of progress for making the remarks they made.

  49. Kalikokha says:

    Mediocre thinking, arrogance and ignorance displayed by the ruling class……shame, one step forward two steps backwards….

  50. wiseze says:

    DPP, chonde muchoseni Kudonton pa udindo was SG, awononga chipani. udindo umenewu ufunika munthu wa school, osati kudonton munthu oti adalephela jce. musaopseze ma civil servants.

    dpp woyee!!!!

  51. MBACHI says:


    1. Mzuzuian says:

      He probably is targetting some of our high performers in MZ. The likes ofTitus Mtegha of NRWB, Harrison Kalua of Mzuzu Coffee, Mzuni VC. Well otherwise why come spit his insults in Mzuzu.

  52. Wamisa osagenda says:

    Iwe kudonto linakakhala kale ndikanakutukwana kuti machende ako, koma zotukwana ndinasiya.


  54. sabiti says:

    Politics of poverty

  55. NAC says:

    Mabulutu ngati Nankhumwaa akuchuluka eti?

  56. Biti Foloko says:

    Ichi ndiye chamba ichi iwe Kudontoni ndiwe Mbuzi Eti?

  57. Nkhalamba yopanda mano says:

    Kudontoni SG for DPP is a brainless buffoon that wants to introduce bush politics in this country. Stop intimidating CEOs and civil servants! Or are these the much-talked about reforms?

  58. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    This idiot in a rigged party , what is he talking about ?
    Few weeks ago the same group of idiots was busy talking about Civil Service Reform , from nowhere they want to start intimidating civil servants .

    Please , DPP don’t start all this nuisance otherwise you will not finish your term of five years in the office. We don’t want civil servants to be intimidated , we are running civil service and keep us away from politics . The late Bingu came with the same style of intimidation which did not go well with all Malawians that’s why many Malawians died fighting for their freedom and democracy during Bingu’s luring. Ovoid to be stubborn Kundontoni , don’t think that because you are in that position it means all those people who are below you are all stupid.

    Please , we should not be victimised by uneducated people like this idiot you call Kudontoni.

  59. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    One wonders if this reflects the party stand. If it does,then the country is moving many steps backwards, worse than the one party dictatorial thinking. Such conservative way of thinking must not be allowed to flourish in any party and more so in a ruling party.

  60. Bob says:

    If the DPP politiburo will be silent on this one then the party is doomed. You cant keep such people at the helm of the party. Shameful indeed.

  61. KUDONTONI says:


  62. Uchindami says:

    Mwaziona tsopano izi? Zayambapo tsopano!

  63. ujeni says:

    Why in this poorest country do we like giving attention to fools like kondotoni, surely even Somalians laugh when they think they are better than Malawi.

  64. ujeni says:

    Who is this savage called kodontoni

  65. Palikanthu says:

    He should be stopped before he creates an atmosphere where Parastatal CEOs are forced to direct funds to DPP (misuse of funds). The old ways of running Malawi should be stopped we want change so that the economy can tick and that all Malawians enjoy with dignity the proceeds of their tax, parting with PAYE ndi chinthu chowawa for those of us who rely on one income!

  66. Tiyanjane says:

    Mr. President, whisppers from the vineyard are that you are cleaning up cabinet. Please start servicing your party machinery where worn out joints need replacement.

  67. mboma says:

    u said civil service reforms????? my foot this county is not going anywhere as far as rest button is concerned men, u have just wasted our time and resources with your stupid civil service reforms what a country, will this country ever make a mark in this poorest ranking charts??? i doubt

  68. Chibanja tv says:

    In simple terms Kudontoni was just calling the CEOs to support government of the day full stop osakhala zimene mukubwebweluka nazozo, mumamva bwanji Chizungu? What he said was true some are taking parastatals as personal estate without regarding staff welfare. In some parastatals staff is failing to get emmergency loans , leave grants on the pretext that they have no money and making solely stupid decisions that costs their organisations. Ask us we are going to supply the names and chop them completely or else be restrict on retirement age 60 is 60 basi he/she has to go.

    1. Bob says:

      I think its you who hasn’t understood the article. Re-read it.

    2. njolomachipilingu says:

      Chibanja you do not understand English.If one says those who fought for the DPP Should start enjoying the fruits; what does that mean?and what fruits is he talking about? Wise up brother.You might be a staunch DPP supporter but do not do it blindly because the guy is turnishing the image of your party

  69. Bwanoni says:

    The government shold strategies on important issues. Why choosing people depending on party politics rather than merit.

  70. Masoambeta says:

    This is a blatant example of how inconsiderate, hellbent and uneducated our politicians are.
    Kudontoni is a tin pot persona, deaf and blind because of an affinity to accumulate personal wealth by any means.

    This is what the population voted for. It beggars belief that such stupidity is happening in a political party whose leader is supposedly a “seasoned” law professor?? If there is sanity in DPP, Kudontoni must be adjusted accordingly.

  71. Mphwache says:


  72. Here we go again says:

    can someone giv me the difinition of multiparty democracy? Anyone supporting opposition is doomed thats what you want to tell us? What a shame this DPP government full of ………

  73. Young Master Bandaranaike says:

    You don’t and NEVER Fuck with a civil servant.

    Got and rot in hell.

  74. dafuq??? says:

    dziko lino lidzatheka???

  75. Greencardless Malawian says:

    What a foolish thought by kudontoni. If a CEO in a government of the people, by the people for the people is partisan how will he serve people of other parties fairly? If this be the case can Dpp please remove the ‘democracy’ part in their party name and replace it with dictatorship! It wont change much anyway, it will still carry the same inititials ‘DPP’ in any case only a fool hasnt come to realise that this is a party of blood sucking vampires! What a load of fools!

  76. peter macjessie says:

    Mr Kudontoni must be sick, this type of politics is way gone and l believe the party will distant itself from that rubbish.

  77. max nsani says:

    Shaaaa! Not business as usual huh?

  78. Kadakwiza says:

    Are you serious Hon. Kudontoni? Malawi government is broke. No money. Malawi is the poorest of the poor in world because of DPP administration don’t you get it Hon. Kudontoni?

  79. nanzikambe says:


  80. Jeke says:

    Stupid DPP

  81. joni says:

    Uwu ndiye umbamva wa DPP tikuyidziwa ija

  82. Patriot says:

    Malawi to remain number 1 poorest country in the World.
    Malawi needs an INDEPENDENT PRESIDENT. 2019 tizavotere wotereyu. Izi sizitithandiza

  83. Kasenye says:

    Mwapupuluma A Kudontoni. Mind You, DPP Is Not Your Heaven And Eternity. Its Only Vanity Filling Your Protruding Tummy, It Will Soon Evaporate. You Should Not Be Blinded By Virtue Of Being In Power, To The Extent Of Victimising And Controlling Other Peoples Lives. Davis Kapito Was A Great Worshipper Of Atcheya, Symon Vuwa Kaunda A Staunch Worshipper Of Bingu, You Now Join The Line, Satan!

  84. Ngungudya says:

    Akudontoni munalephera kutukula kwanu kusalima mungalithe dziko inu kazingodyani chabe ndalama kkkkkk

  85. Tiko says:

    Here we come again. The same old mistakes. Malawi will never change.

  86. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Ndatha nzeru, munthuyu akuti consequences?

  87. joseph banda says:

    Bwana Kudontoni should read the DPP manifesto again. This is not time to enjoy but to work hard. People voted for the party to help them get the basic necessities. This may mean sacrifice and work hard by those entrusted with power. Bwana take examples of APM & SCC. Kodi udindo muutha?

  88. wadala says:

    Owo? They shd not be political but must support DPP?

  89. Doctor says:

    You are stupid Kudontoni or whoever you call yourself. Think before you talk. ZIMENEZO SIZINGATHEKE ATAAAA!!! PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE THEIR PARTY THEY WANT. WAMVA GALU IWEEE???

  90. Alungwana says:

    If Kudontoni thinks that the Fisp is generated from the dpp finances and not our taxes then he has been misguided. Every Malawian MUST ENJOY the fruits of the sweat that pays taxes. If Kudontoni thinks that the CEO’S should support the dpp then he is stupid ideally.

  91. Mwama Du says:

    Hearing that from the dPP is not strange for me. The party always practises politics of nepotism. We better take some from ur president and these CEOs will be free.

  92. Danny says:

    A Kudontoni mwayambazo zipanga backfire sikale just wait .muwona mbonawona ng’oma yolilitsa sichedwa kumbaluka bambo .watch your tongue madala za zii zeni zeni.sitidya ndale ife timadya nsima.do not intimidate CEOs asiyeni agwire ntchito momasuka chifukwa Malawi sidimba lanu madala.God is watching !

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