Times feel vindicated after Admarc injunction is discharged on Malawi-Zambia maizegate

Malawi’s leading news organisation, Times Group feel “vindicated” after the  High Court in Blantyre Monday discharged an injunction which Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation(Admarc) obtained to stop news compnay from publishing stories about  the controversial maize deal between State grain trader Admarc and Zambian private company, Kaloswe Commuter and Courier Ltd.

George Kasakula – Editor-In-Chief of Times Group: We feel vindicated

ADMARC  CEO  Foster Mulumbe obtained a court injunction restraining The Daily Times,  the flagship newspaper which published the leaked document, from further reporting on the maize saga.

In reacting to the discharge of the injunction,  an editorial comment in the Daily Times on Tuesday  said the paper said they were shocked with the ggaing orders in the first place  “at the realisation that some people can twist the system in a desperate attempt to veil their suspicious acts.”

But Times said it remained “confident and calm” knowing that they were and still are standing on the solid ground of truth.

“Perhaps a reminder is needed here. Being the oldest media house on the land and having existed for 122 years—and that is outliving governments, systems and so many things—we cannot be so careless as to one day just wake up and start churning out lies about some  suspicious maize deal.

“ As a media house, before publishing our materials they go through a strict and rigorous scrutiny. You can trust on us because we are built on the firm foundation of truth,” reads the editorial comment.

The paper said it is not seeking self glory or fame but is ona mission aimed at bringing to light all clandestine dealings that have proven costly to the poor Malawian.

“ What was and has always been on our mind is the poor Malawians out there who are failing to buy maize
which has been pegged way beyond them. And what is more stomach-churning is the fact that this same maize which poor Malawians was obtained with a loan part of which ended up in some greedy people’s pockets—and if that is not enough, poor Malawians are being forced to service that loan.

“So, we find it very welcome that sanity has prevailed and the injunction has been withdrawn. As a media house, we will not relent to pursue this matter for the sake of Malawians until the last grain of truth falls to the ground. We are prepared to go to the end of the world and back in order to bring light to the darkness that those involved thought would forever prevail over this maize scam,” the paper said.

The editorial comment echoed what the paper’s editor-in-chief George Kasakula has been saying on ‘Hot current’ program on Times TV to pledge unwavering allegiance to the truth and protection of the suffering masses out there.

“Malawi has suffered a lot by some systemic corruption that has only succeeded in creating a rich clique while leaving the majority in abject poverty. We will not stand aside and see this continue,” pledged Times.

The maize deal that has raised fears that government officials, including a Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Minister Gorge Chaponda and Admarc chief executive officer Foster Mulumbe , may have indulged in corruption.

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10 thoughts on “Times feel vindicated after Admarc injunction is discharged on Malawi-Zambia maizegate”

  1. Jack Dolo says:

    Make a commission of inquiry, Mr President, for sale of DWS textile company in 2003 to Mapeto at K70 mil only This is a rotten country.

  2. Samuel Lwara. says:

    Dpp is just a rotten potato. Why fighting its critics on the maizegate if they transacted with clean hands?? Show your hands to us rather than contradicting yourself? Media only gives you an oversight and its up to you to reposition yourzelf. Grow Up!!

  3. Chambe says:

    There is no need for you to be vindicated. Everyone has the right to approach the courts if they feel an uninformed media house is about to publish an issue which they have no facts about. Infact this media house that you boast about for having been there over 122 years spent 31 years publishing all inaccurate stories pleasing MCP and Kamuzu. It had no competition and lacked and still lacks investigative journalism. It had no Journalists with such skills except for Mike Kamwendo. He had unquestionable excellent skills and through his investigative skills, he reported very accurately about Orton Chirwa and his wife’s capture including their court proceedings. Next was his dismissal for being such a brilliant editor. Even Ken Lipenga was also good but as I say, you can’t mix oil and water. Even today, Times has never been a starter. They publish what others have done so a week or two earlier and just copy and paste. There is nothing new we will hear from you pro MCP guys.

  4. Bibo says:

    This Santana guy is a devil in the backyard.Each time issues are raised concerning the suffering majority and corrupt practices of those in governance, he tries to provide a firewall of defence for the masterminders of corruption.He fights for those who are greedy and have no regard for poor Malawians.He must be one of them,but reality will catch up with him.

    Santana,you ought to know that there is a limit to everything including going to space.DPP won’t be callous for ever and natural forces will one day lead your party to extinction. Ask yourself how your party started and under what circumstances. Don’t you think your party started from the origin of Cashgate? Don’t you think recent revelations about corruption are exposing your leadership and trust in them by the people is eroding? Don’t you think Malawi has reached the crossroads of inclining toward sanity or choosing to remain enveloped by chronic corruption perpetrated by your leaders? You have to know that the wind is gradually blowing toward sanity and that at the end of it,it will be DPP in the archives.

    We had UDF the inventor of 1990s corruption,where is it? As Malawians,we can not entertain a certain section of individuals including yourself who cherish about destroying our country through greed, tribalism,and corruption. The democracy we fought for is that of prosperity for everyone and not of hatred against other people. The current president is not a good man because he doesn’t love his people but enjoys protecting thieves in his government and you Santana you are one of them,so stop the bullshit of sounding like you are smart with your mercenary attitude.Malawi is not only you but all citizens and it deserves to have patriotic people who envisage a better place to live and not vagabonds disguising as benevolent politicians.

    1. mmc says:

      Bibo! Santana waku kandana povutatu. It’s his opinion and clearly u have urs. So calm down let ur fellow citizen claim his space just like u have claimed urs

  5. Zinyengo says:

    Why panicking you government,the truth shall set you free.Why are you afraid?

  6. rodriguez says:

    Atleast a ray of hope is emanating from our courts. The system is rotten but the high court hasproven to be a ray of light in the dark. Malawians deserve the truth and justice in matters that concern them otherwise these crooks have gone too far with this looting. They behave as though there is no tomorrow for this country.

  7. santana says:

    Can Kasakula show us the receipts which ADMARC used to buy this maize?

    1. manda says:

      What a question? How can you ask George Kasakula to produce receipts as if he was involved in the procurement of maize? Ask Mulumbe and your brother minister. The truth will out.

    2. ndondwa says:

      Ndiwe wa DPP eti?

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