Timpuza back at MBC, replaces Spiwe Banda

Former presidential Press Secretary Timpuza Mwansambo Mwale, who was fired for drawing two salaries from Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) and State House has been given a job to return at the state broadcaster.

Timpuza Mwansambo:  He was drawing two salaries

Timpuza Mwansambo: He was drawing two salaries

Timpuza, formerly of MBC, has been appointed Regional Manager for the centre, a position which was held by Spiwe Banda.

Banda was on holiday and has been told that she is being moved to Blantyre to be controller of news of MBC online.

Mwansambo who was viewed as a blue eyed boy for late President Bingu Mutharika was ‘abandoned’ in Mzuzu after Joyce Banda took the reigns of power in 2012 following the demise of Bingu.

He ‘resurrected’ last year following Peter Mutharika’s win in the 2014 tripartite elections when he was appointed Deputy Press Secretary for President Mutharika.

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79 thoughts on “Timpuza back at MBC, replaces Spiwe Banda”

  1. Proff. Centvinnie says:

    zopusa basi.

  2. tuvitwana says:


  3. Mwanamaye says:

    Why do we reward thieves and crooks? The guy is on record to have been pocketing two salaries and instead of being prosecuted is rewarded with a post of regional boss. #Malawi @50

  4. Charlyboy says:

    He deserve it,best of friends, mzanga waponda apa nane ndipondepo,Timpuza amatha big up

  5. tz says:

    Mbava Zokhazokha Zimaganizirana,wokuba Ndi Wakuba Basi.

  6. WaNakabaghe says:

    Mulambadolo, timpuza, sasamba mwale tsopano

  7. Kulibe kantu says:

    This is what we call media sterotyping

  8. Mbakaji says:

    Kodi a Timpunza ndi akuba eti

  9. Tilibemau says:

    Everything is rotten in this country.Is the president really rulling this country or somebody ruling behind the scenes?I now believe in Ntata’s writtings.How can the Same president who openly said he doesn’t want to see him after discovering that he was drawing two salaries and promotes him at MBC.God rescue us from these monsters.Surely this country doesnt deserve this.What a stupid management we have at MBC.This is theft and ACB could have started investigations and by now he could have been sentenced.Everything is stupid in this country.Sikuba kumeneku?

  10. MBACHI says:


    1. Inhumane Rights Activist says:

      Mpaka donars!kkkkkkk Kuzolowera Donna’s eggs!kkkk

  11. xxxxxxxx says:

    Living in Bt or LL when from Mzuzu by birth or by employment, it means you are normal and you have resurrected from dead north. Ask executives from Nyasatimes who are also Tumbukas. All wrongdoers in south or center are being punished by disposing them to north. Ask Timpuza during JB. Ask Mr. Splash on during BWM.Mr. Splashon sadaithawe ntchito. Yes north is dead and it is not resurrected.

  12. Jalu Nkhalambo says:

    Timpunza this time around please llead a civilized life and stop mixing politics with work. Train your brain to think first before you talk or act, otherwise you will be denting your CV.

    This time around go to MBC to work and not to practice politics at MBC, ndale kachitileni kwanu ku Nkhota kota. Mukayambilanso zoduka mutu zanu zija this time, adzakuthothole pa mpandopo ndi Namalenga osati munthu.

    Be careful!!!

  13. Jalu Nkhulambo says:

    Anthu ngati Timpunza ndamene mukuwononga ma bungwe a boma, kulowetsa ndale pa mbc, chifukwa cha dyera m’malo motumikira anthu ku mudzi.

    Pano pokha ukayambiranso zako za ndale pa mbc po, tidzakuonetsa kiyama ya xenophobia wamva.

  14. wanthu says:

    welcome mr Mwansambo, mupitilize paja musasiyila paja tikaonenso ma dinausors ku miseum. kkkkk
    mupitenso ku manda a dr david livingstone kija ku mozambique.

  15. clive jamali ndecha says:

    i think most of malawians are fools! its not all about jerous koma chilungamo.wakuba ndi wakuba basi,ndipo adzabanso koma kuti mabedwe ake asintha.hw can u allow that Mr president? this time adzabanso kuposa apa .nanga bwanji mukuvutitsa ena za cashgate!!! bastards admin

  16. phwiyonaire says:

    When you are transfered to mzuzu, you’ve been dumped. When you move to LL or BT, you’ve been resurrected. Isnt it interesting how the media and most people reffer to mzuzu like that and see nothing wrong? Then you wonder why northers feel like breaking away? Just saying.

  17. jecket yatha says:

    zabwinotu izi!

  18. austin says:

    boma lokondera mbava lingatukule a malawi chonncho. APM is pratising dangerous appeasement policy. wanyaphiri

  19. chigodobo chafikaso says:

    bina kabaza mulipo??????????????? vingoma vili omira?

  20. chigodobo chafikaso says:

    indeee ……..ukapitilize ka pologalamu komangoyenda yenda kaja ndi mdala ujayi! ukafikeso pa ntayamoyo brigde mwina anamaliza panopa. Kenako udzalowerenso cha ku Kazuni kuja unapeza abokho ambirimbiri aja! haa haa haa-heya mwe-a ine nilikeni!
    nkhukkhumba vakuyowoyayowa cha!

  21. wamahala palije says:

    How can someone draw two salaries whilst APM is awake? This is a tip on the ice, I hope there is more an big things happening at capitol hill. Nkupatsidwanso ntchito after being fired at State house?. Sheee kukondera at its best koma akanakhala a MCP ng’oma ikanalira

  22. I’m not a Lhomwe but a Malawi monga mmene National Anthem yathu imanenera kuti mmodzi mwa Adani athu ndi Nsanje. We are always happy when our fellow Malawians are drowning then we feel good. Why can’t we just give Timpuza a second chance & be happy for him????????

  23. muchenjere bwana kuba muchepese

  24. Miyoshi Takashima says:

    A Phodogoma defending APM with broken english.

  25. shakeel says:

    Alomwe okhapkha amenewo

  26. anita says:

    Is that not cashgate

  27. Jata says:

    Welcome Back

  28. ELTON KK says:

    Very glad to that Timpu is back on air,elton

  29. tombolombo says:

    Positioning him for the 2019 rigging team. Ana njoka inu.

  30. Jozza says:

    Timpuza welcome back take LL station to high levels as u did with Kaning’ing’a u r creative, keep up osafoka ayi, thank God u r back zinazi mukadaononga nazo career yanu hop 1 day will c Pilirani Phiri back to his career.

  31. CHMPHANJE says:

    phodogoma, i hope u are not pro MCP. NOTHING POSITIVE CAN COME FROM U ABOUT what cHAKWERA SAID. dDid u have time to listen to the speech delivered by APM? In fact a lot of people feel the speech was empty. We now begin to doubt your analysis and brain capacity. Check what commentators are saying about the address.

  32. Jozza says:

    Mr phodogoma; b4 I take u seriously let me know kuti xool mudalekera kalasi yanji, the guy was speaking english osati chichewa “like baby seater ….” Does not really mean akunena kuti muntharika ndi kamwana (baby) kumafusa b4 commenting otherwise u will b showing ur stupidity & ignorance to the world. Check with ur books/goggle if u can.

  33. Mwanna says:

    Nkhongo who told you that Timpunza is a Llomwe, shut your big mouth

  34. the devil incarnate says:

    Mr phodogoma, are you the one who works as a dobadoba in Bt dressed like an office man just to dupe the enthusiastic women of their private parts, particulary @ Limbe?

  35. Winnie phiri says:

    Thank you. We welcome the boy gladly.

  36. Wampwesa says:

    Congratulations Timpuza, koma usasiye kutiuza tinkhani tosangalatsa.

  37. Phodogoma says:

    Please I want a page for Chakwera. I want to empty my furry over his unaudited lips. He is a fool in the first place. Secondly he a son of Chief satan. Him as a product of spiritual profession he is suppose to let it loose at all.he must be a model particularly his eloquent behaviour. He should addres APM as God according to his belief. A soldier is a soldier until death. I believe a pastor is a pastor. He must address everybody as an image of God. By address APM as a baby it means God is a baby too.If Chakwera contiues with his unchecked mouth, he must forget being the president of Malawi one day. He will be the Leader of opposition for ever just like his predecessor. MCP_ is the party of the leader of opposition in the parliament.

  38. Phodogoma says:

    So my wife who has been posted to Mzuzu in a certain parastatal is being punished. Is She dead? . She will resurrect when she returns to Blantyre where I, her husband, is working. I didnt know. So Mzuzu has become a grave yard for punishing arrogant employees. Ho ho Mpotoooooooooo, resurrect. I have started believing that Mzuzu is a dead. Kamuzu said it. Now Nyasatimes is saying it. Its true.

  39. wake wa jj says:

    President wa boza uyu.

  40. wake wa jj says:

    i think he was on holiday.. shame Mr APM.

  41. Enidziko says:

    This government rewards cashgaters with more cash and repays MBS loans for some crooks using taxpayers money. After drawing two salaries for some time, Timpuza is elevated to MBC Regional Manager. Where else does that happen in the world?

  42. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Stupid Accountants and government. How on earth, you pay people are not working for you.

    This money being shared. And he sent back to MBC.
    Am 100% sure, State House will be paying him as well.

    Stupid million times.

  43. ade says:


  44. chanju chirwa says:

    Amalawi? when shall learn to be malawians and not regions or tribes? we politicize everything, munthu going and work in the northern region “wapita ku tchire” who will develop tchire to make it town? lets count malawi as malawi and not regions neither tribes. if we want to develop malawi we need to forget about our differences and focus on developing malawi

  45. OMEGA BEMA says:

    I hate this guy timpuza..he is a politician so we don’t politicians @ work

  46. makani says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkMunthu akafuna kuntaya kuti asadzaonekenso pantchito ina iriyonse amakamutaya kutchire ku Mpoto.

  47. edda mwalweni says:

    Koma kumeneko !!!!!!!

  48. Judah says:

    Kodi why was Peter Fote fired?

  49. Teacher says:

    I thought this guy was supposed to be arrested!!! Where is justice? We have all the evidence the guy was drawing two salaries and now you are re-deploying him. Were the assertions wrong? Stupid government and it’s MBC

  50. This Is Malawi. says:

    Dr Laz said it all cashgate is continuing

  51. surestream says:

    PP dumped Timpunza. You never sympathised with him. It is Sphiwe’s turn. kkkkkkkk dziko lozungulira ili.

  52. Phodogoma says:

    Malawians are salvages, Timpuza was not drawing two salaries from the government but rather it was the weakness of our accounting civil servants in Malawi. There was total black out in terms of two paying masters for Timpuza. Timpuza was getting his salaries from the bank. It was not signing by hand at all. You never know after all the man was abandoned in dead north where he was not making bank reconciliation statements.possibly he thought it was a reward from the government for the good job he did during the elections.

    As long as he did not take part in influencing the payment of wrong salary, I consider Timpuza an innocent flower.Thank the Lord that the man has resurrected to center or south from dead north( quot from the Nyasatimes executives-Mtumbukas too)

  53. njegame says:

    ……. This government? Condoning anthu akuba. Why did he not raise a panic bell to say I AM ALREADY PAID BY STATE HOUSE? Kuba basi. This is SALARY-GATE. Wina akapanga chimodzi modzi he is fired. Azungu sakhululukira munthu wakuba bola akanapezeka ndi mlandu wantundu winanot kuba. Demonic Progresive Party. Remember you will pay for your sins either here on earth or somewhere

  54. Kamuzu Banda says:

    this is exactly why we don’t develop. the few we catch dipping their in the state coffers are not given the due punishment to deter other from going the same route. here is someone who was drawing two salaries ( a clear case for theft) and is not prosecuted but ‘fired’ only to be redrafted back into the system. don’t get me wrong, i don’t wish him any bad but we i think we have a system that entertains and nurtures evil

  55. Luka says:

    Welcome back Mr Timpuza, I missed your jokes and skills in presenting news from police

  56. John says:

    I cry for my friend Siphiwe why dump her in Blantyre, Siphiwe mwana wakwithu chiuta ni nthanga na munthu cha koma aku lilongwe MBC nde mulimbetu nkhanza za Timpunza

  57. mtukwa Gwaza SC says:

    Well done Timpunza.pitilizani zintchito zanu zabwino zija.mafunso kathithi.

  58. MELINDA says:


  59. Zaya ku nkhongo says:

    These tribalism party makes me sick. Is it true that only Lhomwes are educated? The same Timpuza was fired coz of drawing 2 salaries,and now he is re- hired again. Was that not a good reason to fire him for good? Malawi is on FIRE!! I regret to be Malawian

  60. Dzimphonje says:

    Anamwa tea adzamwanso.

  61. Koma musiye usilu akulu inu

  62. Judah says:

    Why was Peter Fote fired if I may ask?
    ….soliciting a bribe

    So it’s alright if you are politically connected to actually fleece Father Christmas (Government ) and be rewarded for stealing K4million Kwacha? ?

    Where is Justice?

    Where is the ACB?

    Where is the MBC politically appointed management which has for the first time all of its Directors appointed and not in position on merit?

  63. TK says:

    This journalist is Karl. Do you mean Mzuzu is a place to abandon people? Kanibg’ina does the best broadcasts after all

  64. Obama says:

    Ndichifukwa malawi isakutukuka chifukwa mumathamangila kulowetsa zifukwa zandale,kusiya anthu oti angakuthandizeni,nkumatenga mbuzi kuziyika mmipando koma poti omwa tea adzamwanso,mungampondeledze bwanji koma ntchito za manja ake ndizomwe zidzamutumphula or mutamuponya pakuya bwanji.ndani sadziwa za timpuza kuti ndikadaulo pa ntchito yake,ndiye wina ukangochoka uko basi nkumuzimitsa pazifukwa zofuna wekha,mmmmm amalawi tisamatelo ayi,asiyeni anyamata odziwa ntchito,atukule dzikoli chifukwa akathawila kunja,mumakhalanso kalikiliki,kunyoza nchifukwa chiyani waganiza choncho,ndiye sibwino choncho.Bwana timpuza,ndikukufunilani zabwino zonse,tinakusowani ndithu pitilizani ukadawulo wanu uja.

  65. McSpiceKay says:

    welcom bak!

  66. Galu!!!! says:

    MBC is rotten!!!

  67. Dr Moo Tha Leeker says:

    Mxiiiiii. No work ethics ku Malawi. Anakakhala kuti Timpuzayo si wa blue koma ndi wa orange, yellow or watambala could have he returned? Malawians can we depoliticize everything? Maxon Mbendera wawona nyasi unabweretsa ku Malawi? Ambuye adzikukhululukila.

  68. mayeso says:

    Mtima wokhululukawo uli bwino well done tipuza samalani ntchito ife timakufunirani zabwino.god first brother

  69. chiidamtere says:

    he has taken a lesson

  70. Tatopa says:

    Musakalandirenso masalary awiri kapena kusainira ma allowance awiriawiri kumeneko. Mwamva akulu? Kususuka bwanji?

  71. Bless banda(social &econ) says:

    Dziko lambava ili ukakhala wachipani cholamula ndi choncho tsiku lina boma likadzasintha sudzakhalanso ndi mwai otero.can such behaviours stop brain drain in malawi?

  72. ahoy says:

    The punishment for getting 2 salaries from MBC n state house is Regional manager for MBC. Possible only in Malawi shaa!

  73. zingati zanu says:

    Koma usinthe khalidwe pa ntchito sikunyumba kwanu. Chibwana chimalanda. Waziwonatu. Anthu ndi mizimu ya Mulungu osamawalisha ngati ngombe. Ndikanakhala ine ndikanakhala cheteee osapupulumanso ndi pa TV. Komatu siiwe…posachedwa timva kuti mnyamata wonyadira d-na lake! By the kuyipa mtima kwakoko unakwatira pano? Zako ndi zingati? Paja umalandira kuwiri!

  74. yoyoko says:

    zabwino zose

  75. john says:

    Bola Timpuza has been redeployed but others like Chikumbutso Mtumodzi, Mr Makileni,Dr Oponyo,Dr Charles Thupi,Dr Kalindekafe, Mr Kelvin Mmangisa,Mr Bizwick, Mrs Stella Ndau ,Brigadier Marcel Chirwa and others have not been redeployed for 11 months yet we are being told that the civil service has been depoliticised.This is punishment of innocent souls

  76. Chalo ichi ? says:

    You go to work in north part of Mw you are abandoned. You work in central & southern part of Mw back from north you have resurrected

  77. well done.wish you all the best

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