TNM writes off Bullets K10.3 million CAF debt

Bullets FC can now breathe a sigh of relief as Super League sponsor, Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) has told the club not pay back the K10.3 million it was owing the country’s premier mobile service provider.

Makata , Chilunga (Middle) and Stone  Mwamadi suppotters committee chairperson

Makata , Chilunga (Middle) and Stone Mwamadi suppotters committee chairperson

Bullets FC, widely known as the People’s Team, obtained a K15 million advance payment from TNM to finance its Confederation of African Football (Caf) assignments early this year.

They got the money on understanding that the would pay back the debt from an SMS promotion the club launched to raise funds for CAF tournament.

However, the team only raised K4, 693,800 leaving a deficit of K10, 306,200 and it became apparent the team would find it a tall order to repay the debt because of lack of sponsorship

Announcing the news on Tuesday, TNM Chief Commercial Officer Dan Makata said they just thought of relieving team of the debt.

“As a proud and patriotic Malawian service provider, we are proud to write-off the debt that Big Bullets owe us as a company. This demonstrates our commitment in supporting the development of football in the country and it is our hope that the debt relief will help Big Bullets FC  focus on other critical operational issues for the team,” said Makata.

Makata said as a sponsor, TNM is still proud that Big Bullets presented the country well in the tournament.

“We were very moved by Big Bullets’s courage to participate in the competition albeit without stable sponsorship. As a company, we are happy that despite the bottlenecks the team faces due to lack of sponsorship they had the heart to compete at a bigger stage and they represented us well, reaching the second round of the tournament. That is no mean achievement,” he said.

Makata explained that whilst they had initially projected to raise K30 million from the promotion, leadership wrangles that eventually led to departure of the previous Big Bullets FC executive derailed the momentum.

In his remarks Big Bullets Executive Committee Chairperson Sam Chilunga thanked TNM for reliving the team saying this demonstrates that TNM is a real partner in football development.

“ This cancellation  demonstrate the total commitment that TNM has to the development of football in the country as such on behalf of Big Bullets fans I would like to thank the management of the company for this consideration” said Chilunga.

Chilunga said with this development the Peoples team will now going to concentrate on building the te*am instead of thinking on how to pay back the money to TNM.

“This has also come at right time because it has healed our wounds considering that we are coming from a loss in Carlsberg finals” he said.

Apart from the cash advance, TNM also made a separate donation of two sets of uniforms for away and home games worth K1, 160,000.

During BB SMS promotion customers were requested to send the word BB to the code 2015 and each SMS costs K50, of which K40 went to the club.

Blantyre based Big Bullets fan Jefter Kaponya emerged the grand winner of the SMS promotion and carted home K1 million.

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45 thoughts on “TNM writes off Bullets K10.3 million CAF debt”

  1. Newdawn says:

    Ife Ndife Amwai,enanu Mukakondwa Ndiye Mwachinya Bullets,ife Kukondwa Mkosatha Coz Ndalama Zimangochucha Ngati Mvula Mumlengalenga.

  2. Wa Maule weniweni says:

    I’m impressed with the gesture by TNM. However, comments 29 and 40 are bad to the taste, not good for football. It was not written that BB will never land a sponsorship. Both of you are not prophets (if any then you are false prophets) to prophesize BB’s future. As a matter of fact let me assure you that as long as we have the living God, BB will surely land one sponsorship, a hefty one for that matter.

  3. COLBY MAJON says:

    Inu ATNM inu simunapange bwino ngongole ndi ngongole palibe kuchotsela osamakhala ndi mtima okondela team coz apa zawonetsa kuti muli ndi side bwanji ngati ndikukhulukila ngongole/ngati ndalama zakuchulukilani mugawe kwa each team osati team imodzi mateam ambiri ali ndi mavuto akulu akulu kupambana komwe mwathandizako ganizani bwino ife timakonda masewero ampira koma Network yanu

  4. BB FOREVER says:


  5. Big papa says:

    TNM ayiwelengera patali kuti bullets cingakwanitse kubweza debts minyama yachuluka eee!

  6. WATSOPANO says:

    Bullets team ndi ya a NAMFUKO osati team ya fuko. Fokofo zanu mudzakhala olira komanso osauka mpaka muyaya. Matama musiye, mwano muleke. shupiti zanu nonse a mauleeeeeeee.

  7. ntex says:

    Koma ndiye saporter mapeto abebatu sindingayinve na zokha mwaangazi a TNM mwaitha ifenso tikupangani konzu!!!

  8. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Mukuwonatu! BB cows cerebrating, Kkkkkkkk bb team ya minyama!

  9. dayfri says:

    MORE THANKS TNM….ZIMENEZO NDIYE ZA MPIRA….Ndiye muwone mmene titawaphulitsire matimu enawa mu second round mu….BIG UP Once again TNM

  10. zanga phee says:

    A TNM apangira dala kukhululuka ngongole chifukwa choopa mnyozo, iwowa ndi amene analepheletsa AIRTEL kuti iwathandize nthawi imene amamenya CAF ija, mix kuluza kwa Carlsberg cup angoti pasavute a Bullets asafe kwambiri, chifukwa malingaliro awo anali oti Bullets will win so that they will be able to repay them .koma eeeeeeeeeeee Dzanja la yehova likalemba lalemba basi.


    Thanks alot Tnm


    Takudyadirani aTNM mwatithandiza mlungu alemekezeke

  13. Harry m says:

    First and formost i want to thank tnm for consideration of cancel the debts actually you have shown motherly love. i really appriciate that, thats the 08 that i kno bravo ma green, timakunyadirani zedi

  14. cholopi says:

    Basi kumangoikondera team yofoirayi

  15. chipie says:

    Team yafuko imeneyo. Fuko kudzalephera kubweza debt alinao nikudzatembenuka ngati nkhanu oooooo! Ooooo! Nikudzaluzaxo carsburge cup pompopompo-o-o-o-o

  16. john says:

    Mpaka Press Conference abale inu a Tnm?why not just writing them basi bwanji.Malawi at 51

  17. Chidakwa says:

    My mind is a bit distorted here;
    Would somebody enlighten me what the hell is happening with BB!. How on earth would such a big team fail to secure a reliable sponsorship? Are they aware that borrowing money when you don’t have means of paying back is an indirect theft? Hello!

  18. Bitilinyu says:

    Ok, now it is showing off. TNM is sponsoring BB. kkkkk

  19. Journalist says:

    Neba mpaka kupempha Debt Relief? Kulephela kubweza ngongole zoona. Ndiye nkumaluzanso chikho mmalo motolera makobidi. Sudzatheka neba!

  20. Jasia Hussein says:

    I’have nothing to say.

  21. kondwani says:

    Anthu akuba a TNM inu, munabweza kale ndalama koma simumafuna kunena, we know its not a debt cancellation.

  22. Joshua Mnale says:

    Thanks alot forthe sponsorship that will help the team in many aspects hence exposing it at high class.

  23. noma says:

    Mwachita boo kumukhululukira neba. nanga ifenso manima sitamupwteka pa chiwelu pomwepa.Ayi apa mwamuganizira. Nanga cup, aluze penate ndiye aluzenso katundu chifukwa changongole ya TNM.

  24. opportunist says:

    Yake Maule

  25. Denguzman says:

    Thanks to TNM management.


  27. ntiyamana says:

    what else can we say..Thanks to Tnm

  28. Wa BB says:

    That’s tnm with the their good slogan. “Always with you” Indeed. Zikomo very much

  29. Mungete says:

    We r proud of u tnm. U r really serving malawians well

  30. Miko says:

    Gud company,Gud job.well done TNM we r pround of U.

  31. nyerere says:

    Neba unadyeratu. Changu pa tawoni.

  32. Osman Fote says:

    Chilunga ndi anzako mwayamba ndikuluza Fotseki

  33. Big Calcio Fan says:

    While the cancellation of the remaining balance sighs Bullets with huge relief of debt burden, it remains unresolved that Bullets need to do a lot more in order to have a financial clout.
    This may lead to complacence among Bullets Commercial Team to put up a robust & strategic marketing initiatives to mobilize resources that should drive a team next years’ quest to compete in CAF. Otherwise it will be a same song year in and year out.

    TNM needs to consider upping the Super League Championship taken home , increase it relatively with K15m, not giving a team in advance and later cancel the debit.

    Secondly, thank you for setting a president and do it the same when Muyale, Red Lions or Njenjete have the similar challenges so that you are consistent.

  34. redeemed says:

    So it is actually polling on the BB side?. Anyway zimachitika let’s not despair. Anamwa tea adzamwanso. Adatero akulu akale. I just wish your supporters could improve behavior wise.

  35. zanga phee says:

    He he he he he he he he he he he he he he koma campaign yake ndiye yachabe.
    Ndikudziwa kuti ambiri ku TNM amasapota BB, sizodabwitsa , zonsezi zachitika chifukwa choti Manoma awina Carlsberg cup. Kodi akanakhala a Tigers munakawachitira chimodzi modzi?
    mpaka kukhululuka k10 million kwacha, sizinawonekenso. kwalowa SAPOTA GATE ku TNM.

  36. Dododo says:

    Chi Team Man…

  37. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    It’s kudo to TNM. Always with u! Big up! Ankhaza ndi manoma, ochinya anzawo mu cup final, anzawo alibe sponsorship. Muzaziona!

  38. Mbiyazodooka says:

    Good gesture but be careful not to be setting a precedence which will be difficult to sustain.

  39. Mzimba Solola says:

    This money has already been recovered through the Sapota Mapeto Promotion.

  40. Mpalestina wamkulu says:

    Kodi nanu a TNM osangoyamba kuipanga sponsor Bullets bwanji?

  41. wyson sumaili says:

    Koma apa a TNM Mwatipulumusa kwambili ndipo ife Masapota takondwa kwambili ndipo tipiliza kupele ka sapoti ku TNM kuzera ku mipikisano yomwe mukuchitisa mdziko muno kuti muthandize enanso.

  42. mwana mulopwana says:

    That’s the way to go TNM, I salute you

  43. Stevie says:

    What a great heart for the sport. BIG UP TNM. I owe ur allegiance!! kkkkkkkk. Am so happy for the gesture towards the People’s Team.

  44. George phiri says:

    I support wanderers but to be honest bullets try to put Malawi football on the map by their ambitious adventures.
    Well done tnm for the relief. Munthu kumaona kuti mzako akuvutika.

  45. Njuli says:

    Good development on our part as BB fan iam thankful, it seems the leadership of TNM knows what it means by Corporate Social Responsibility. May God bless TNM management for the timely decision.

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