Tough times! Bread, sugar and cooking oil prices up in Malawi

Prices of basic commodities including that of bread, sugar and cooking oil continue to go up in the country.

Cost of living in Malawi

A snap survey by Nyasa Times show that a packet of sugar has gone up to K900 from K800 whilst the prices of bread and cooking oil have gone up by an average of 30 per cent.

This comes against the backdrop of the reduction of inflation from 24 per cent to 16 per cent. Consumers Association executive director John Kapito has since warned people to budget and window shop before buying commodities in view of the rise in prices.

“It is very unfortunate that prices of basic commodities are going up when inflation is going down. This is an annoying situation,” he said.

The price rises in Malawi are affected by demand and supply.

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10 thoughts on “Tough times! Bread, sugar and cooking oil prices up in Malawi”

  1. winston msowoya says:

    The items mentioned: Bread,Sugar and Cooking Oil,are necessities to human life,every living creatures need to eat,but the Malawi Government led by Peter Muthalika maintains that only a handful of his tribesmen and henchmen deserve to live well and eat well,what a crime against humanity? Afterall,both the Muthalikas,have very little concern on overwhelming poor Malawians to them,they had come to Malawi to amass wealth and enjoy the highest standard of life,while the owners of the country are gnashing their teeth.Look at our hospitals,there are no drugs,power and water are scarcely reaching the low income citizens and a lot hell of human needs.To some extent,it is our own fault in the sense that we give the so-called leaders a green light to do whatever they want to do.Look at our brothers and sisters of South Africa the way they protest against Zuma’s corrupt leadership and it would be a miracle if the womaniser President would stick on his Presidency for long now.Malawians stand for your rights,you have nothing to loose but,degradations and sufferings in you own beloved motherland Malawi.ALUTA CONTINUA!!!!!!!

  2. benjones says:

    bad luck for Malawians

  3. 2019 Voter says:

    Very good. Look, we are soffering because of the 36% of the votes. A Kapito atiuza chani? Lets pray hard, God will remove the devil that is happy making us suffer.

  4. Peter paul says:

    It is painful to the common malawian like question is “does the government take serious measures to overcome this

  5. Titani says:

    Malawi kwacha will continue to drop go down, whether you like it or not. Their is no body who can get back kwacha to normal, untill a change shall take place of mature people with full wisdom from God. Watch and see, if 1 Dollar shall not come to K1,500. We are really in trouble and misery. ( Tough time ).

  6. Peter montfort says:

    Lucky inuogh malawians are like dead people they dont fill pain,had it been that it is another countries something big could nave happen.

  7. muuni says:

    yet govt is busy forcing us believe that they are doing us a service. we don’t need angels to show us our level of sufferings.

  8. kathyali says:

    nop 4 civil ones dear.

  9. i lik it put malwai on map

  10. Gorbachev says:

    Need for salary increments

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