Traditional leaders without salary for five months

Minister of Local Government Kondwani Nankhumwa has confirmed that traditional leaders in the country have gone five months without their monthly allowance attributing this to unprecedented 20 000 promotions that former president Joyce Banda made in the run up to the 2014 polls, among other factors.

Chiefs not getting  honararium

Chiefs not getting honararium

Nankhumwa said the 20 000 promotion of chiefs could not cope up with the software of the ministry’s computers.

“This has caused problems in our computer systems. But we are upgrading our ICT systems;” he said.

He said in addition, there was communication breakdown between his ministry and offices of district commissioners, saying some money meant for the traditional leaders was used for other activities by councils.

Nankhumwa said the government is now arranging with other service providers like Airtel, TNM and post offices to be the sources of allowance pay points for the chiefs.

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32 thoughts on “Traditional leaders without salary for five months”

  1. sikono says:

    mafumu mumawalipira chifukwa chiyani? ndipo ali ndi maphunziro anji? nanga amagwira ntchito yanji? ndipo anawalemba ntchito ndani? Zamanyi zimenezi zitheretu. Ine mtsonkho wanga azidya ndi a mfumu ngati kuti pali chimene amapanga kwa ine.Tanena kuti za kunyerero kapena kuti kumtumbo zither. We don’t want politics of appeasement here in Malawi. Agalu inu.

  2. Issa Kabudula says:

    The local government to work better we need to the chiefs, induna and the traditional authorities. The problem we will face is the lack of training on basic leadership. Having their own yearly parliamentary discussion either at local level or regional level, through these discussions which can he headed by the minister of the local government and the media, the citizens will learn/advise the chiefs of their priorities at village level. The District commissioners and the councillors must work hand in hand, by having their own parliamentary discussions which will address the problems at district level. Through this decentralisation of leadership – the police, member of parliament will have less troubles so will be the ministers.

    They deserve payment, they are working hard in land distribution, civil cases administration and the marriage in fighting is dealt by these chiefs at every day basis, including thieves – some areas there is no stealing from each other due to these people’s work – they must be paid and I like their uniform – Bingu worked hard in turning the tables towards recognising our elders.

  3. zon says:

    We all know that the government has no money. I don’t know why we should always fail to be open. Malawi sazathekadi.

  4. Kavuluvulu says:

    I totally agree with the Analyst.

  5. Sindi says:

    Can someone explain in black and white why these chiefs are paid. Are they government employees? As someone said, the problem with us is that we are so obsessed with politics that we lose focus of the right direction . It is the same spirit of paying chiefs that is making us cling to fertilizer subsidy. Politics politics politics. Use less politics.

  6. Alohmwe Maphiah says:

    Ndalama zinathela ku United Nations agalu awa. Nanu mafumu simumkati votelani chimanga votelani chimanga ndechimenecho chimanga chija zanu munadyakale mafumu.

  7. Njolinjo says:

    All your failures are because of Joyce Banda, really? Give us a break at least for now.

  8. Mzekezeke says:

    Why should they be paid anyway? How do they contribute to GDP?

  9. ankhoma says:

    even here in Thyolo these political leaders are confusing us imagine the area of T/A Chimaliro just very small but has now been splitted into two if not three areas that is 3 T/A s to share the area and the most popular name: Chimaliro is dying, killinng the whole history of our nation all because of politics. May God assist us please.

  10. Mafulufute says:

    They are not supposed to be paid in the first place. Period

  11. Sapitwa says:

    Governing starts at this level. There are many cases and disputes which are dealt with and resolved at this level. Imagine if all these cases were brought to the Magistrate Courts. In my opinion, these people deserve to be given more powers and reasonable salaries like those of Ward Councilors. Through them, cases could have been concluded with prison sentences imposed on offenders. Likewise through them, villages could have been much developed.
    The issue should go beyond salaries and MUST not be politicized.

  12. mukamakambilana muziziwa kut nd msonkho wanga umenewo.!!

  13. Bright Mkosi says:

    Zolipila mafumu zitheletu amagwila ntchito yanji mtundu wawo uziwalipila zogofuna kusaukitsa dziko lovutikakale

  14. Eye Witness says:

    Hahahaha 20,000 could not be handled by a computer system? My foot…even an individual on an excel sheet would take less than an hour to process the same. Mr. Nankhumwa you are true shit!

  15. Black Market says:

    Abandon this detrimental and unpatriotic practice of paying Chiefs for doing nothing. Where is the reform here? Whoever introduced this political policy didn’t think at all, it is becoz of such policies why we can not develop. I understand it must be Muluzi who introduced this stupid policy.

    Please stop now now.

  16. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    Political sins of Joisi Banda will haunt us for generations. It is apparent that she had no idea of the consequences of her actions.
    Can you imagine how much more damage she would have caused if she had won the last Presidential election? Good riddance, that was.

  17. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk DPP gafument at it again!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. anadimba says:

    amagwira ntchito kuti?anaphunzira sukulu ya kuti?no salary kumene ndiponso yathaa. Shupit!!!

  19. well wisher says:

    Tell the people the truth, a Nankhumwa… when did those promotion take place mupaka kukanika kupanga update mu computer kufika lero… a Nankhumwa that is total maladmistration… when did JB promote them… is the promotions a burden to ur daily jobs? i have read this article with concern especially the reasons you put forward… it leaves us to see you as a bunch of crooks… Just say there is noney

  20. Tona says:

    Inu mwatenga liti boma kwa Joyce. Mesa the president ali ndi ufulu kuchosa mafumuwo.? I dont understand 5 months ena angokhala a ICT.? COME 2019 Joyce Bsnda will also have a scape goat. Osakonza zinthuzo pano,, l the gvnmt is block

  21. who we be says:

    anduna kunama basi. Five months? communication breakdown? ICT? mmmmm. I doubt.

  22. Sir Bentby says:

    Nenani ntchito yomwe mafumu amagwira to deserve salary?

  23. Awo nde ayi, alekeni azingotamba kumudzi. Why pay them money? Its a waste of money. Whoever came up with this idea of paying chiefs is a fool. These pple are there to serve their tribesmen, not government

  24. zibwente says:

    Anthu amenwa achulusa ziphuphu m’mudzimu. Ku Ndirande alipo a Matope mbava yeniyeni. Panopa ali ndimagalimoto 4 chifukwa choba ma plot a yeniwake.

  25. Malawian!!! says:

    Honorable Mr. Nankhumwa, please give your life to Christ make Him Lord and Savior of your life and all shall be well with you. Confess all your sins He is faithful and just to forgive you.

  26. maganizo says:

    osanamizira computer tsikulina nayo yidzayankhula kuti tangonenani kuti sumukufuna kuwapatsa kapenandalama palibe bwanji inuyo mukulandila? mukuganiza kuti 5 months akudya chiyani? Choncho ziphuphu zingathe? Tiyeni tiziganizirana wosamangonenepetsa mimba zathu. Mulungu akukuwonana tamayeseranu kukambako zowona ICT system chikhale chowopsezera mmayesa wina amapita ku ntchito tsiku ndi tsiku amakatani mpaka 5 months pezani chifukwa china mukuwuza ana?

  27. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    I completely disagree with politicising chieftaincy. Chiefs are not civil servants; they are traditional leaders based on the customs and history of a particular community. How can a political appointee who has no tradtional right “promote” a traditional authority from one level to a higher level of responsibility over his/her community?

    I am not against tradional authorities being paid honoraria regularly by Government. But it is a complete abuse of traditional chiefs to make them favour a particular government in power by “promoting” them.
    The “promotion” of 20 000 traditional chiefs demonstrates a complete corruption of the tradional chieftaincy system.

    We should not abandon our tradional structures, laws and duties that are under the custody of traditional authorities . The installation of traditional chiefs by politicians including the President should be stopped. There is already a ranking of seniority within the traditional rule system.

    1. The Analyst says:

      Are you sure you find no problem with the chiefs being given the monthly pay? For what? Are you sure this is healthy for our economy? Is this sustainable with the many promotions that just come from nowhere? I honestly once began to believe that you really are a Dr. but am beginning to believe otherwise.

  28. The Analyst says:

    . . . What necessiated this idea of giving these chiefs a monthly pay, really? And for what? Whoever introduced this stupid idea is not only stupid but also selfish n unpatriotic, thus did not wish Malawi well.
    . . . For one thing, this was done selfishly to buy political support from the greedy traditional leaders hence people under him/her. For another, the country is losing alot of money for nothing, really.
    . . . Sadly no any sitting president would dare scrape it off for fear of losing support. This is as very difficult a puzzle as the fertiliser subsidy!
    . . . I shall live to see a normal, sane and mature president who shall stand his ground and scrape off some of these senseless pay outs for the good of the country, Malawi.

    Otherwise we are losing out alot, for nothing.

  29. Lin says:

    Why paying those allowances for what, ndi tchito kodi? Za kumtunduzo zikutikhuza chan kuti mpaka azilandira

  30. Lies,lies true lies always shall say lies

  31. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    “There was communication breakdown ……” Really? Much as this whole thing of honorarium is no priority, the communication breakdown thing smacks gross incompetence on the part of the line ministry.

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