Transport minister changes tune on graft after visits to Road Traffic, Movesa offices

Transport and Public Works minister Malison Ndau on Wednesday visited the Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services (DRTSS) and Motor Vehicle Spares and Accessories (Movesa) just days after he said he suspected corruption at how the government outsourced some services of the directorate to Movesa.

Ndau: Changes tune

Ndau: Changes tune

Malison changed tune after the visit, declaring the government had followed all procedures in outsourcing some of the activities of DRTSS to Movesa.

“There was no corruption. Everyone bid for the tenders and Autotech won. Autotech is working well and according to procedures,” said Ndau.

Autotech is part of Movesa.

However this sharply contradicts what he told the Sunday Times.

He told the newspaper that he has written a memo to President Peter Mutharika seeking an audience over the matter, saying he does not agree with his principal secretary and DRTSS director who have tried to convince him that the government is making enough revenue from the deal with the service provider, Movesa.

“This is a very worrisome issue which we have been discussing for a long time. I took it to the Public Service Commission last week…We are receiving a lot of queries on Movesa so I want to discuss with the president, I want to get advice from him,” he said.

Ndau also said DRTSS director Jacques Manong’a does not want to accept that the government is losing with its arrangement with Movesa.

Movesa started with importing number plates and selling to motorists then got Maltis contract in which he provided a system to process road traffic documents. Movesa has been awarded yet another contract to process motor vehicle certificates of fitness (COF) on behalf of DRTSS.

A document from DRTSS says the funny thing is that there is no NBS Bank at its premises to collect government money as is the case at DRTSS offices.

The document says there is already conflict of interest as the same person who is providing Maltis to DRTSS is also doing COF.

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Kodi autotec yabwera ndi cholinga chanji chinavuta ndi chani boma kumanga malo awo ngati amenewo? Look at the structure that they are using, it is a sub-standard building. There is no tarmark road going to that primises. It is just like an ordinary building in one of our townships. Is it a long term building or the opposite????? And palibe bank

True Patriot

It only happens in Malawi where a minister can publicly make such serious allegations about corruption and make a u-turn three days later, and not be made to account for it. This brute should be fired, regardless! He either erred when he gave the interview to the newspaper or he has been forced by someone to retract a correct allegation.

Now, do we need a minister that makes such serious allegations without evidence, or do we need ministers who will easily be cowed into submission when threatened a little?

APM please, fire this idiot.


How can apm who is not a transport expert help this dull minister? Please don’t fool us. Your original explanation of smelling corruption was the correct one but now you have changed it after being forewarned that big fishes in dpp are heavily involved. Hence apm must be consulted on this.


The minister has been corrupted. Every dog has his price and why did he write APM<? Zopusa basi? Nobody can believe there was no corruption

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