Tribute to brutally murdered ACB officer: Issa Njauju –the gentle giant who wouldn’t hurt a fly

To the nation, he will be remembered as “the ACB Officer who was brutally murdered on his way from work”. But to close family and friends, Issa Njauju, will always remain “the gentle giant who wouldn’t hurt a fly”, because at almost 2m tall, he was exactly that; very soft spoken, calm and collected. He was a human fountain of peace, tranquillity and most importantly, witty and funny. He liked to crack a joke, often breaking into a hearty laugh that would send everyone around him rolling on the floor with laughter. That was Issa Njauju brutally murdered last week and his body buried by the thugs near presidential villas.

Issa Njauju

Issa Njauju

Issa’s parents hailed from the remote area of Mbalame Kwiputi Namwera area of Mangochi. His father settled at Mbavi in Lilongwe, where Issa grew up and started schooling. He was born around 1966. He joined the Nathenje Islamic Centre in 1982, concurrently doing his primary school education at Mwatibu Primary School.

In 1984, he joined the Blantyre Islamic Mission, continuing both his Islamic and secular education. In 1987, he was offered a scholarship to go to Sudan to pursue his secondary school education. He finished around 1991 and was selected to Aljazeera University in Sudan where he only studied for one year. The following year he was offered a scholarship to go to the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIU), one of the most prestigious Universities in the Islamic world.

At IIU, he pursued a Bachelors in Economics, graduating in 1999. While at IIU, he became one of the most prolific and effective student leaders, rising to the position of President of the International Students Union.

I met Issa in 1998 when I went to study at Multimedia University in Malaysia. I had just arrived on campus and as fate would have it, Issa was at our University with students from his University as they had come to play football. He had heard from Ali Chioko, my brother since our Kamuzu Academy days, that I was arriving that very day. Ali introduced me to Issa, and from that moment on, I became his little brother. He invited me during my first term holiday to his University where I stayed with him for at least one week. As I was new to the country and was still home sick, Issa made sure that I was comfortable, assuring me at every opportunity that I will be fine and that he also was once like me. He said soon I would assimilate in the Malaysian society and would be enjoying the diverse and rich Malaysian food and culture.

Most importantly, Issa told me to work hard and concentrate on my education. While I was with him, he would cook nsima for me and teach me how to cook. He had a special recipe which I had never seen before, mixing both masamba and nyama in the same pot and cooking them together. He said I would need those skills especially when academic pressure had set in.

He had a Kancil, a small Malaysian made car. In this car, he would take me around Kuala Lumpur, showing me places. We were around 5 Malawian students at the time, and naturally, Issa was the leader and binding force among us.

Upon graduating in 1999, unlike other African students who stayed behind to search for jobs, Issa returned to Malawi at the first opportunity. I need not say that he left a vacuum among the remaining Malawian students. In Malawi, he joined the Munazzamat Dawat Islamia as an Accountant. He did not stay long as he joined Petroda and then Malawi College of Accountancy in Lilongwe as a lecturer, on the course becoming a Chartered Accountant under the ACCA.

From there, he joined the Local Government Finance Committee where he rose to the position of Assistant Director. Due to his conviction for good over evil, he left this position and joined the ACB, where he worked as the Director of Corporate Affairs and Administration until he met his cruel and sad death.

My last meeting with Issa was around August 2013 when he came to London for a few days. He was attending a seminar as an officer from the ACB. It was during the holy month of Ramadhan and in my capacity as Secretary General of the Malawi Muslim Community UK, together with our Chairman Mr Sherrif Kaunde, we invited him to our Eid-ul-Fitr celebration. Despite his very tight schedule, Issa obliged and he graced the function as our Guest of Honour, where he spoke on the purpose of Unity as a community. Before this, I would usually meet him in Malawi almost every holiday I spent there. Our meeting point was usually the mosque at Area 9 and to say that he was a devout muslim is an understatement.

Apart from this, we communicated frequently on social media, where he was an avid supporter of Manchester United, perhaps the only time I saw him arguing with someone, though be it in a subtle way.

When on Friday 3rd July I received a text from Sherrif Kaunde informing me that Issa had been missing, I prayed I would wake up on Saturday to hear that he had been found alive in his village in Mangochi, that the “missing” was some technical problem on telecommunication. But alas, Saturday 4th turned out to be a nightmare, and the rest is history.

It would be correct to say that Issa died in the line of duty. He leaves behind an elderly mother, a wife and an 11 year old daughter. Strangely, a common friend of ours this year asked him why he does such a dangerous job at the ACB, and his answer was that this was his last year as he was venturing into farming. He had acquired a farm in Salima and was cultivating groundnuts. He had also booked for Hajj, the muslim pilgrimage to Makkah for him and his family. That was Issa Njauju, a fallen compassionate Malawian who had his life abruptly taken away from him by some dark cruel forces amidst our society.

I hope and pray that the perpetrators will be caught and brought to justice. But knowing Issa, he would have advised us not to mourn him excessively, but make prayers for him and ourselves. Indeed in these trying times, we turn to the holy Quran, Surat Albaqarah verses 155-157:

“And we will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to the patient, who when disaster strikes them, say, “Indeed we belong to Allah and to him we will return”, Those are the ones upon whom are blessings from their Lord and mercy. And it is those who are the rightly guided”.

May Allah grant you Jannat firdaus brother Issa Njauju.

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104 thoughts on “Tribute to brutally murdered ACB officer: Issa Njauju –the gentle giant who wouldn’t hurt a fly”

  1. Naaaah says:

    No words can express how sorry I feel for him and his family;may God / Allah be with his soul .

  2. B Angoni says:


  3. Kwangwagwa says:

    Pajatu ananena kuti Multiparty ndi nkhondo.

  4. Andilendile says:

    Death is always painful, especially to the bereaved family members and friends. The death of Issa Njauju cannot be described in any better way to sooth those of us who have lost Issa. The soft-spoken Issa was a darling to many, he was indeed a fountain of peace and love. He certainly could not harm a fly.

    But his death could not have come at a better time than this, Issa has been killed in the month of Ramadhan, and he was fasting, always praying to Allah for his mercy. I want to believe that Allah wanted it that way: Dying in the month of Ramadhan and this is a Mercy from Allah and Issa’s place is straight Jannat firdaus. Allah answers our prayers differently. Let us accept that Issa will rest in eternal peace.

    As for his assasins, they should know that they carry in their hands innocent blood, and to them only Allah has in store their rewards, including rewards for their masters.

  5. gogoda says:

    Is Ralph Kasambala in custody? If not he might be the one related to Njauju’s death. I swear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh! ALLAH,May you pliz do miraculous on the findings of the grusome murder of our dear almuslim brother so that the perpetrators May face justice. Inshallah. Innalillah wainnalillah rajiuna .

  7. Changaputwa says:

    Boma likuziwa bwino pa imfa ya ISSAH NJAUJU. Amumpha ndicholinga chofuna kusowesa maumboni andalama zankhani khani zomwe boma la Late Bingu anaba, pafupi fipi Mk92 billion. Yemwe wankhala akuchita kafuku fuku ndi malemuwa. We wll not remain in silent bt we wll help also ACB to findout de killer.

  8. Makhuwira says:

    Rest in peace , l pray the culprits should be arrested and reveal the motives behind the murder of our brother Issa .

  9. Shaibu omart says:

    The soft spoken brother of mine Issa Njauju being brutally murdered in that way,May your soul rest in eternal peace and we will make duas so that the truth will one day prevail.You were a source of inspiration to most of us brother.

  10. RIP. How long are people going to continue being murdered? God have messy on us

  11. john says:


  12. Totolitotoli says:

    How it trembles me! But WHY? You cruel,sons of Lucifer,descendants of the devil,offsprings of Shytaan the condemned can you do this to a humble man like Issa a man of peace,Swaleehina like him and you killed while he was fasting. May the Almigty in heaven expose you and punish you and your last days on earth should be terrible. Chikumbumtima chikuvutitseni.How can you kill a Mujaheedeen! I SWEAR before the Creator,His spirit will haunt you.

  13. Gulugufe says:

    The killers will surely be found and punished pansi pompano!


    I could not help shedding a tear for this gentle man I used to see at the City Centre Mosque during Dhuhr prayers almost daily, may ALLAH grant him Janna firhdaus ameen.

  15. Chenda says:

    This is sad indeed and we do not beleive it to happen that way. May the soul of Issa rest in peace.

  16. shushushu says:

    Ya Allah, Jannah firdous is what I am asking you to grant him

  17. Ishmael says:

    Inallilah wa Inna arjuna. May Allah illuminate your grave. Brother Issa Taib Mjauju you have died in Fisabillah.

  18. Maximum Prison says:

    You can kill the body but you can not kill the spirit! Surely his ghost will be walking in the killer’s corridors day and night! And who ever kills never find peace in the world!

  19. Honest says:

    With security around the area the body was found. Who would have guts and time to go there, kill, dig and burry someone??

    People and police patrol 24hrs. Wouldnt they notice the whole vehicle burning into ashes??

    Vehicle burnt a day or two days ago and some metal parts remeved already? By who?

    My veiws.

    RIP SIR.

  20. Bornface c Mwale says:

    Rip Mr Issa Njaunju

  21. wokwiya says:

    The murderers will never escape without seeing justice. I assure them that there is no way they can leave in this world without justice catching on them. One day you will agree with me.

  22. mbani says:

    I will miss u Issah a very good man

  23. Akatswiri says:

    Sure killing your fellow Malawian during this period of fasting in the Muslims, sure God is going to vindicate all who are behind this death. I pray to God that he should forgive them, but they must be exposed to the community.Rest in Peace Issa.

  24. Bwampini says:

    inna li lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon. May ALLAH the almighty accept his good deeds and grant him Jannat fir daus and forgive his sins.

  25. Jannat firdaus indeed,Allah promised it to the good people like Mar-hem Issa Daudi Njauju.

  26. FRANK says:


  27. Wokhuzidwa says:

    Sad indeed.Malawi should comb every corner of this country until these bloodthirsty thugs are caught who likes partying and dining in blood money.Some people,somewhere have the information should go forward with the information to the police.They have killed somebody’s husband,father,uncle,son.Really sad.Amalawi chuma chamagazi sichizakutengelani kwinakulikonse.Mukafuna chuma learn to work very hard.You are just bringing unnecessary curse to your families chifukwa chokonda ma short cut opanga ndalama ngati mahule.Sad indeed.Rip.

  28. changaputwa says:

    Today u kill him, tomorow it wll be for you. Whn you are doing sumthng, fear de day whn u wll turn back to ur Lord. You wll be questioned about de death of Issah. For hw many pple u wll kll thm due of zat Mk92 billion ??????

  29. Kenkkk says:

    So sad, so touching and so hurtful. How can you thugs brutally kill a fellow human being like that? To kill just for protecting the filthy money you have stolen, fear of being exposed, fear of losing your positions as if you will take that money with yourselves to your own graves.

    This man you have killed was so humble, so religious and family loving, just look yourselves in the mirror at what you have done to his family. God forbid you thugs if you think you will live forever. This is the type of death that haunts the killers to their own graves.

    May his soul rest in peace.

  30. Gift kaipa says:

    He was really a good person,had a chance to meet him early this year.he never under-rate anyone to be on point me and my partner .he listened to our little ideas and gave us advice.may his soul rest in peace

  31. SHAKA says:



  32. Bololo says:

    They have done to him what they couldn’t do to Mphwiyo.

  33. NGONGOLIWA says:


  34. chindaxi says:

    He was a good lecture… May His Soul Rest in Peace…

  35. Issah says:

    BlackBerry boy this death has nothing to do with religion if you have nothing else to do go f***K your mam. Yet your Christian government has killed this man covering the cashget. This guy was working the government and yet the govement is not saying anything about his death.

  36. A true son of Malawi who dedicated his life to save mother Malawi but evil doers who believe money is the answer to all things have ended his life in a brutal way. May God save our country from evil doers

  37. Saiton Phiri says:

    May his soul rest in peace.

  38. chinsinsi says:

    Radios are quite except zodiac because the one who has died is a Muslim
    . No matter what Islam is the way to go .may Allah grant him jannat firdaus.

  39. CHILUNGAMO says:

    May the forgiving & merciful Allah commit him to JANNAT FIRDOUS and console the deceaced family and muslim ummah in these most trying moments. Indeed we shall miss you greatly but we hope we shall have better moments in JANNAH. AMEEN

  40. charlie hebdo says:

    Some comments are evil indeed… what has Islam or Christianity to do in the passing of Issa? Lets behave and make comments that are sensible. This forum should not be for the evil, the insensible, the uneducated, the savage, and the idiot

  41. big chimbly says:

    I don’t know him, but from the article one could conclude that the man was a gentleman, may the perpetrators of this evil act perish in hell, while his soul rest in eternal peace..


    I even felt so pain to read more of a comment from the man who has been mentioned in the article above Ali Chioko!Jazakallahu brother Junaid,definately you have given a tribute for your article!A man killed in Ramadhan and for sure the man was fasting!I know this man through dawah been doing together with him once in my life!He never underrate those below him!O ALLAH,YOU ARE THE FORGIVER OF SINS AND MAY YOU SHOW HIM THE DOORS OF JANNAH FOR YOUR MERCY AS YOU DID WITH HABIB IBN NNAJAR IN Surat Yaseen 36;26!!YA ALLAH,FORGIVE US ALL OUR SINS AND ALWAYS GUIDE US IN A RIGHT WAY THAT EVEN IF THEY KILL US IN THIS BARBARIC MANNER,but our last destination should be JANNAH-Aameen!!!

  43. blackberry says:

    There is no Allah anywhere in the universe..turn to Christianity the true religion. Islam is a false and evil religion.

  44. H.Halidie says:

    May his soul rest in Allahs peace and the perpetrators be broght to book,Amee,

  45. Joseph nkhata says:

    I believe we have lost a noble gentleman. Let God be with the family in this trying time. RIP Njauju

  46. Jile says:

    May his soul rest in peace

  47. ChildofGod says:

    They may run and hide but God had seen it all. We just surrender it all to God. Let Gods will be done. May our tears go straight to God. Malawians let us fix our eyes on God. The creator of the universe. God is faithful and will see us all through. Its painful but God knows better. May our brothers soul continue to rest in peace. May God in His own way comfort the family.

  48. Tione says:

    Anatumidwa ndi Pitala, Nakhumwa,, Chaponda ndi Kaliyati wolemba aganyu kuti aphe mwamuna wake.

  49. chiko says:

    Dziko lanunkha ili. No personal condolence statement from APM on the death of his high profile employee just as he did with BB fans who died in a car accdnt last wk? Kaya, lets wt n c.

  50. Zgambo says:

    Uwe kwetu nikulira pangali yampaka tutende soni. Mlungu chiwapochele che Issa kwapiteko tukulupilira kuti apite ku malo kwambone. Inna lillah wainna ilaihi rajiun

  51. gabriel says:

    i thought these people are meant to have body guards? May his soul rest in peace.

  52. jendake says:

    That was planned move. Kodi inu anzathu inu mukatero ndiye kuti mwafufuta chilungamo, agalu inu mbava za chabechabe.

  53. Ndaninso says:

    ACB is invesitigating MDF and it is just a few days ago that more revelations came out and Issa is murdered. Look at the way the murdered was conducted, it clearly shows you that it was a well organised group of people. creating a half grave, burning the car all shows you that it was not a gang of thieves but professionals who are disgruntled.

  54. Very Touched and Shocked says:

    I have interacted with this guy many times at area 13 mosque, he was indeed gentle and quiet, may Allah grant him Jannat fildausi, and to the perpetrators, I assure you in the name of Allah, you will have no peace and very soon you will caught. May Allah punish you perpetrators, all your family relations, all you properties, all your plans and until the day you will die.

  55. hoza john. says:

    Ask the DPP party. Ma cardet kugwira ntchito yoliza a Malawi.

  56. Progressing Thinker says:

    It is already been foretold that, it will come the time in which people of truth will be treated in these brutal methodologies, may Allah grant him with Jannat. Today’s power is in the hands of tyrants, people who have sold their lives to devil owing to short worldly enjoyments, but they should not forget that this world its in the ownership of God the knower, they will soon face an incredible judgement in the day to come, may Allah fire all tyrants Insha-Allah……………. look up into this respected verse of Qur’an, 14:13 discussing about the tyrants: “Tell them: “Enjoy for a while. You are doomed to end up in the fire!”

  57. Jumah says:

    May Allah punish the one who has done this accordingly. Oh! Allah forgive Issah Njauju, Oh Allah make his grave the best place ever, fill it with light and blissings. Allah you are just and you love people who do justice, indeed Issah Njauju has died becuse he wanted justice to prevail as you commanded him to do.

    Issah Njauju you are shaheed ( A martyr)

  58. Denito says:

    No one could describe Issa better that you have. A gentle giant who would not even harm a fly indeed. May his soul rest in peace

  59. MIKEKE says:

    eiiiiiish.what a great loss to our nation Malawi.w av really lost a productive citizen who could transform Malawi.May God punish them all.Rest in peace Njauju

  60. Nkalapwaga says:

    I urge all muslims to Make Qunoot druing Fajir Salat throughout the remaining days of Ramdhan, for Allahs guidance to track down the perptrators of this heineous and organised crime.Inna lillah Wainna illahi Rajoona.

  61. Daud says:

    Inna li LLAh wainna ilayh rajuuna.

  62. chivunde says:

    the works of a drug cartel in Malawi …..most crime is committed while the perpetrators are high on drugs….we are yet to see more in this country…unless we adopt china execution style. otherwise ma drugs ndi crime xili ngati thako ndi panti kaya.

  63. chatonda says:


  64. jcholomandenga says:

    I cannot understand how ACB people directly involved in Cashgate cases are not protected by security agents around the clock. How can they be protected if they are left to fend for themselves?.

  65. Zondi says:

    Allah will revenge this mark my word

  66. Chidyatu says:

    ‘the Gentle Giant’, the phrase so iconic and true to the nature and character of the man I loved to call friend and mentor. he will be greatly missed

  67. Zanga Phee! says:

    Inaa lillahi wa inna ilayhi Furjaumi,somebody may wonder such a brilliant entity come from Mangochi,certainly being a muslim as well, this is a sign to all Malawians not to under estimate Muslims we are all equal if chances arise to you, you can make it we must be non judgemental to anything that we don’t know about it rather take time just to learn not join.This is pathetic to the family and the nation at large but to him he has gone in a peaceful manner,He sacrifices his life to ACB now the rest officers should emulate from him other wise i can for see resigns by coward officers from their positions because we never know the next move of these killers now.This perhaps involves officers within ACB who sold information to those killers so please guys at ACB don’t trust one onather there, trust yourselves.So early to loose Njauju.Please ACB provide your services in a professional way some body handling senstive cases of billions driving without board guard please you need fresh review security measures to all high ranking.See my name.

  68. mikisoni says:

    May his soul rest in peace. ONLY GOD KNOWS

  69. fight says:

    Malawi is NO LONGER THE WARM HEART OF AFRICA as it used to be .It is now the BOILING Heart of Africa.A country where nobody is SAFE.

  70. LCM says:

    Well written.We have a very just God. Surely the criminals will be answerable before His very thron. May HSRIP

  71. omex says:

    We came from Allah and to him we will return.

  72. Sabil says:

    Inna lillah wa inna illahi rajiuna.(To him we come from and to him shall we return.) I met this gentleman and exchanged greetings but I didn’t even bother to know his name late alone his job.He was too humble. It’s my sincere prayer and hope that ALLAH grant Issa jannat firidausi (The best place in the hereafter) and may the perpetrators be brought to justice .

  73. Ine says:

    Chodabwitsa n’chakuti manthu wa ma wailesi ali zii on Isa’ death. Why?

  74. Latif Ndeketa says:

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi turjauni.. To God we belong and to him we shall return.. May his soul rest in peace and the perpetrators be caught and face Justice.

  75. White Rabbit says:

    Sad and terrible news.
    May his soul rest in peace.

  76. Vyanje says:

    A week earlier was the demise of Jeff Mkala.Any connection? Strange.

  77. tchadiwiki says:

    I never knew Isa Njauju but on hearing about his unfortunate murder, I somehow made out what sort of a character he was. And the character I made of Isa is as described in this article, I was spot on!

    May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace

  78. NyasaBoss says:


  79. bwanakaka says:

    A very touching & befitting eulogy. What a loss to the Muslim community & country at large! Hope the wheels of security/justice moves in quickly & arrests these ruthless murderers.
    May God the Almighty forgive & rest his humble soul.
    Gone too soon!

  80. Issa says:

    from Allah we came and to him we return

  81. BigMan says:

    I would however suggest that all such officers in these positions should carry personal firearm just like their colleagues in other countries.

  82. BigMan says:

    May his soul rest in eternal peace. The corrupt who have done this will be judged accordingly, always remember that there is something out there called Karma. The ACB is not a one man show, killing one officer doesn’t end the investigations.

  83. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    The murder very surprising kumuppha bury him and had his car burnt smells a rat its a planned murder and not a normal crime may his soul rip

  84. Mhesha says:

    I as a tax collector I remember Issa when he came into my office. He just wanted to make inquiries on tax issues. He appeared so civilised in the way he dressed up and the way he talked to me. Before he left he left his business card to me. That’s when I realised that his Yao and Muslim related names. But he was a full gentleman. He was in a company of a kid and a woman who I discovered that they were his family.
    Rest in Peace Issa.

  85. Jawad says:

    After 51 years of independence Malawi chooses to in the dark. We don’t even knw how to express dismay. This is bad. The man is killed for doing his job effectively. Its the high tym Malawians start being patriotic. Just a peaceful protest against such a brutal act. Dzuka malawi dzuka. This 21st Century. When will democracy cum to Malawi. We r still in a despotic society,where one shud be afraid of a free execution of his or her job, fearing death. Wake up Malawi…MHSRP

  86. ndaona says:

    The killers will never find peace!!!!!!

  87. agnes wanzeru says:


  88. Masoambeta says:

    I live in Mbavi for 40 years but have never heard of the late brother.

  89. Blue Ice says:

    KUngithetsa bungwe limeneli la ACB basi chifukwa anthu sangagwile ntchito mwa ufulu. It is controlled by government so what do u expect to come out of it.

  90. mulopwana khanileliwa says:

    So touching! The killers cant run away from God, He has seen everything and they will be caught! soonest i PRAY .

  91. Hon Dr Clement Chiwaya says:

    A tribute that wets ones eyes. He loved his life on earth and I am sure though he met a very painful death he rests under God’s protection where a barrel of a cruel person can’t reach any more. He is smiling upon us probably telling those cruel people “you have been forgotten”. Go ye well our compatriot. RIP

  92. Sis zee says:

    I never knew this Man but he surely looks like a gentleman, sad he was murdered like that, condolences to the family, noone should die such a painful death

  93. MorryG says:

    Inali llah wa inna ilyh rajjiun

  94. David Kapyola says:

    Malawi now is becoming adangerous country to live in.Munthu akuopsa kuposa mkango ngakhale njovu.Government and those concerned should tighten security and bring to book perpetrators.MAY THE SOUL OF ISSA NJAUJU rest in eternal peace.

  95. Matthews Mpofu says:

    Our flow of tears can not fill the our cup and indeed the valley he has left behind! MHSRIP!

  96. The Brother Leader jamahirya [email protected] central. says:

    Innalillah wainna lillah rajiuuna

  97. Thomson Phenduka mwandira says:

    May his soul rest in peace!

  98. Sufyan says:

    Bro. Junaid, you have correctly described bro. Issa. For those of us who had an opportunity to interact with him, he was indeed a fountain of peace, a natural leader, softhearted and wished everyone what he wished for himself. I am at a loss as how I can describe brother Issa. I thank you bro. Junaid for bringing this information for members of the public to know who really Issa was. May Allah grant him Jannat Fidaus. We will miss him but we have to leave everything in Allah’s hands.

  99. Voltaire says:

    Very well-written obituary.

    Rest in peace.

  100. kunta says:

    Rest in peace brother, you fought a good fight hope we meet again at Lord’s feet

  101. Andy says:

    My his soul rest in peace.

  102. Ali Chioko says:

    Junaid, i can help but cry when reading thie eulogy about Brother Issa. I really wish it was not true but alas Issa is gone. Issa was indeed a pillar of peace and unity. He could not indeed hurt a fly. I just hope that whosoever did this to him will face justice. May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace. Well done Junaid.

  103. ambusye says:

    To him we belong and to him we will return. (Rest in eternal piece brother, njauju)

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