Tricksters impersonate Malawi presidential aide exposed

The Malawi Police Service has identified a couple, Yotam Mhango and his girlfriend Glory Mkwezalamba, saying they are hunting for them for allegedly defrauding senior officials in government and private sector by impersonating President Peter Muntharika’s aides and faking an audience with the president for a fee.

Wanted: The swindling  couple

Wanted: The swindling couple

According to National Police spokesperson Rhoda Manjolo , the two have since swindled Reverend Howard Matiya Nkhoma, Chief Secretary to Government George Mkondiwa and Malawi Comunications Regulatory Authority (Macra) Director General Andrew Kumbatira.

Police wants the public to assist with information leading to the whereabouts of the couple.

The development comes after another suspect impersonated Mutharika by creating an e-mail account through which he duped people of about K200 million.

Meanwhile, another case is in court for Lilongwe based businessperson Trevor Kandoje who together with, Steven Otieno and Imran Mlanga who are allegedely to have defraude companies claiming their were working for Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Atupele Muluzi.

Mlanga, who is at large , reportedly was using his close relartionship to the Muluzi family to defraud companies.

He approached Kandoje to help running an SMS campaign through Kempcall,a company for which he is the director.

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60 thoughts on “Tricksters impersonate Malawi presidential aide exposed”

  1. Mangochi says:

    A malawi lets keep quiet and look forward to the government. I don’t have anything to comment otherwise you will find yourself behind bars.

  2. Chitatata says:

    Either Fablication or coruption. pay mony for audience to the president. ACB wat evidenc do u want. tulo basi. Shupiti

  3. salanje 1 says:

    Aka sikoyamba kuti ulembedwe mnyuzi nkhani yake ya zomwezi

  4. salanje 1 says:

    Yotamu koma umbava suzakutgera siuja unapanga forge degree ya engineering chonsecho unapanga environmental healthy pa poly.lako la 40 lakwana wabela ambiri

  5. Afrobarometre says:

    kugona amalawi howcan officials of government be fooled by these trickstars

  6. xenophobia says:


  7. Bingu Mnthalika says:

    This is rubbish are you trying to convince kids to believe the nonsense

  8. James Kambalame says:

    Officials paid the money not only to meet the President but to give them the priority to see the President first than those people on the waiting list before them. Officials knows that meeting the President is for free by looking at their qualifications and positions in Malawi but they made their meeting to be so urgent than anyone else on the waiting list, thus how they met their fate. This tendency is common in hospitals, banks etc though the bribe is done in kind due to friendship and social interactions among them.

  9. Mwanna says:

    mmmmmmmhhh… this is a cooked story, Ntata style.

  10. ninkuuzeni says:

    my fellow malawians,,, are u buying this shit?? u mean u dont know that these are the acts of BEN PHIRI? akufuna atipusitse. i cant take it..dikilirani muone

  11. SALANJE says:

    Malawi’s very own Bonnie and Clyde, azichenjera Asssaa!!

  12. kanchenga says:

    Before you arrest this couple you should arrest the corrupt official too. They paid the bribe so they are also guilty. Don’t use the youth as ponies. Chief Secretary paying to see his boss. So their is no direct communication between them. If he came across a plot by the VP to kill the president he would have no way to warn his boss. This case is revealing dangerous incompetencies in our present administration. So it is true that Ben Phiri has blanketed the president. Yaa koma dziko tinapatsa agaludi. Welcome to Lomweland

  13. Milambo says:

    It just shows that all these guys are corrupt. Why paying or giving something to see the “Chief”?

  14. Smoko boy says:

    Zautsilu! Kuonana ndi presdent amalipilitsa? Achita bwino kukudyelani chifukwa anaona kufooka, kupusa komanso kugona kwanu. Nane ndiyesetsa kupanga njila kuti boma limeneli ndilidyele basi, chifukwa anthu ake ndiophweka kuwapusitsa ndaona.

  15. Greencardless Malawian says:

    It just tells us that there is no protocal observation in gvt offices hence ppl can easily use same ways as other aides are to defraud high ranking ppl. An exposed savage is worse compared to savagery without choice

  16. Patricia wa Patauni says:

    We are led by thieves who can bail out their cronies of their loans from the bank by using tax payers money.Pitala can make billions just by twisting his poor handwriting.So what do you expect from the youth who have no hope in their country?They look for shortcuts for quick riches.Nanga azingolemera yekha Ben Phiri ndi Pitala?Look at his girlfriend,it is all smiles enjoying the spoil from the loot mmene akunjoyela azimayi enawa from the loot of their husbands who are swindling govt of billions.Ndiye Malawi yotsapano.Hardworking is no longer important.Zinapita ndi malemu Kamuzu.Who doesn’t want to drive the latest Merc with a girlfriend Dorrobuchi akusinja pambali?Even Atcheya anatiuza kuti town chimafunika changu.

  17. Ujeni says:

    How much was each robbed? Why did it need them to pay money to see their own leader, boss n president? Even the Chief Secretary paid money to meet his own boss in his own Ministry? It sounds a joke of the centuary and whoever started this madness must be ashamed for misleading this nation. I suppose it must be Muluzi’s regime.
    If corruption is started by Chief Secretary how about the rest?

  18. tuvitwana says:


  19. Timba says:

    Koma zowona mpaka Chief Secretary kupangidwa chipongwe? Izi ndi za manyazi kwambiri. Anthu amenewa alongosole bwino. I don’t believe the story though. The Chief Secretary can not pay to meet his boss, the President.

  20. angoni says:

    Kukumana ndi President zimachita kufunika kulipira? Umbuli zedi my maofesimu.

  21. angoni says:

    Kukumana ndi President zimachita kufunika kulipira? Umbuli wachuluka my maofesimu.

  22. thinktankmalawi says:

    This doesn’t add up..this couple has been been Palm oiled actually like culprits…real presidential aide continues To collect money from amwenye,business people etc for favors of government contracts.This is just a movie,and Malawians are buying it…kwacha Malawi!wake up

  23. John says:

    Arrest the officials too. Why giving money to see their own leader.

  24. Out of my bznes!

  25. Gada says:

    This goes to show the prevarent level of corruption we have in our country. You see these two copied what Ben Phiri was doing . All I can say is good for them for making themselves a little bit of money by copying the myopic and inept corrupt administration of Peter Munthalika. This administration is full of greedy and corrupt people. Why are people paying to see the president. This must have been common practice in government. The fish rots from the head. No wonder Ben is taking a fall for his corrupt master APM.

  26. NGONGOLIWA says:


  27. ujeni says:

    How did they swindle Mkhondiwa and Khumbatira? We need clarification on this.

  28. king kunta says:

    banja la chitsanzo ili..i thnk muzabereka ana anzeru ngat zanuzo…wherevr u r multiply ths stupid country needs mo ppo lyk u

  29. tombolombo says:

    Ana apa town.

  30. mapwiya says:

    Zitsiru ndi ma govt officials wo. ACB ntchitotu iyi.

  31. mapwiya says:

    Zitsulo ndi ma govt officials wo. ACB ntchitotu iyi.

  32. Kennedy says:

    Yiooooh yotamu my classmate is being hunted by the police damn aweeeee ise mzimba secondary school produced fucki ducks neh,Tyson baloyi and sandfo nkhoma can you hear that

  33. peter says:

    Hahahahaha! Mpakana a chief secretary to govt being tricked??? dziko liri m’manja mwa ma crook ndithu!!!!

  34. bob mzunga says:

    Hahaha this is a joke. Be serious guys! These people cannot defraud people on behalf of HE. Maybe stealing thru chitaka but soliciting money to get an audience with the president. Something is taking Malawians for a ride ndithu!

  35. Bubu says:

    Firstly, It can not ever be true that the Chief Secretary would pay money to see his own president. Put it this way, a secretary paying to see a boss!!!!!!!! Nyasatimes, this IS A STUPID LIE. Please BE PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

    However if any government official, other than the Chief Secretary did this. Then there has never been a stupid police service ever in this world, than the police service herein referred to. The first move is to arrest those not in hidding, like the referred to “man of God” and others.

    This couple needs an AWARD, surely. Perhaps they deserve a top post at DPP.

  36. Aferazao says:

    I do not blame these very clever guys. They knew who the fools in were and made a killing. Leave them alone because they taught the stupid buffoons some good lessons, I hope they have learned something although with a bitter pill. How can the whole Chief Secretary be that sleepy?

  37. Mike says:

    This is a sign of how corrupt this govt is, otherwise how do people give money to such individuals? they know how this govt operates and thats why they are swindled, they are just the unlucky ones

  38. Daniel Phiri says:

    anyone who knows where they are should not reveal. The Government must first arrest those corrupt officials who agreed to pay bribes in order to meet the state president. what a failed state!

  39. Corruption Malawi says:

    These top officials are stupid and very corrupt, they need to be investigated for bribery cases why should the pay money in order for them to meet the president?? Was the meeting official or for discussing there personal interest?? They are very wicked people they need to be fired and do not bother looking for the couple. Who appointed them to such positions???

  40. Chigandu says:

    Mumaitha mamemba,ndinudi anyamata apatauni.

  41. Julie says:

    Uwu ndiye ubulutu weni weni! You mean even the whole chief secretary could pay someone in order to meet his own president? Arrest those who gave these people money! How could you? This is a high level of foolishnes, even the paster! Who is supposed to give money here? I cant understand! If the chief Secretary is afraid of the President then who could feel comfortable asking to meet the first citizen? Lets respect people but not fear them, that way we can work properly

  42. Zakwathu says:

    Banja limeneli ndi Masapota a Be Forward Wanderers

  43. Phodogoma says:

    I new these people who are the tricksters that impersonate the presidential aide is a team of guys with names like the Mhangos. They must be from ….. region. They are crooks.

  44. Kholophete says:

    Mpaka Georga Mkondiwa, Chief Secretary? Koma abale umbuliwu!!!! Kukula konsekuja ndi maphunziro onse aja a Mkondiwa zoona?? Sukulu siichotsa uchitsiru mwa munthu ndawonera GM!!! Being a chief secretary, why bribe? I thought you guys talk with arthur’yo mathanyula on phone? shaa

  45. Mulatho wa namajirinji says:

    i think agwidwa posachedwapa agaluwa kma mukawagwira……eeeiiisshhhhh

  46. ruth warren says:

    Mwana wa mtumbuka tsopano, koma yeah inu a mbwenumbwenu ur monkeys kkkkkkk

  47. nganga says:

    Really a govt official bribing for cash to meet the president?its awkward and bizzare don’t they know the procedure? Bodzatu.these are lame excuses for sure leave the couple alone.why would they not pass through Ben Phiri?I think they are the ones who want Ben to be chopped

  48. Nkalapwaga says:

    Kleptocratic Republic of Malawi.

  49. ndadabwa says:

    inuyo a boma stop demanding money from, parastals. Ben Phiri is one of the people who threaten parastatal chief executives to get money. anthu akutengera inuyo. maka a ku statutory corporation ndi ku treasury ndi Ben Phiri

  50. Chemjambe says:

    Lets be serious for once guys, how can someone as big as the mentioned people above pay bribes just to meet there own president……i think there is something fishy these guys at these higher offices do. Poor Malawi

  51. i love prostitutes says:

    zitsiru ndi opeleka ndalamawo. we survive in town by kudyera mbuzi. well done guys

  52. Mwana Mulanje says:

    The swindling couple must be DPP. They are donning party colours!

  53. Lanjeni says:

    My school mate Yotamu!!

  54. khaoreyah says:

    Atupele ufela zaweni popeza sukumatimvela zoti utuluke m,boma la DPP popeza azakuonongela mbiri ndikuzakutayanso kapena kukuonongela CV yako ybwino ija.

  55. john says:

    Trevor Kandoje is another crook and a womaniser in town.The wife works ku Road Traffic and survives on bribes as well.Its sad that as a country we are letting people of this calibre to survive through bribes.

  56. dreamteam says:

    These officials were giving bribes, instead of arresting the couple arrest the officials. Why would one pay alot of money to meet their own president?

  57. Tilipo says:

    What is actually on the ground that these people could take advantage of?
    Why should someone of authority accept to pay money for meeting the president. What was the consideration? Is this part of the tradition in our country?
    Some stories create wrong impression for our management systems?

  58. Philosophy says:

    tawuni sisunga kape

  59. ADE says:


  60. YOLANDA says:

    nkhope za mbava ndi mahule sizisowa.kikikikikikiki

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