Two arrested in Karonga for kidnapping young girls

Police in Malawi’s northern district of Karonga are keeping in custody two Malawian men for kidnapping two children aged seven and nine on their way to school with intention to sell them to a Tanzanian witch doctor based in Kaporo, northern part of the district.

Chilumba Police Officer-in-Charge, Billy Chimbonga says the two are Mzondi Sichali 36 years and Solodani Mbali 40 both from Dopa village Traditional Authority Mwilang’ombe in the district. Mbali is a councillor to village headman Dopa.

“It was last Friday around 12 noon when parents of the children claimed that the two girls are missing because they are not yet back from school while their friends were already back,” said Chimbonga.

Chibonga said a wife of Mzondi who was at the market doing her business and did not know the deal of her husband, find the kids in her bedroom around 4pm when she was back and she inform the police.

“During interrogation after we arrested Mzondi, he revealed that he and the village headman Dopa councilor Solodani Mbali were assigned by the witchdoctors to do the deal.  The witch doctor who is at large as of now,” lamented Chimbonga.

Chimbonga said the two will answer charges of Kidnapping with intent to cause harm.

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15 thoughts on “Two arrested in Karonga for kidnapping young girls”

  1. They deserve death penalty no mercy on them its a tit for tat. Shariah law must take its course. No racism on this issue

  2. tate says:

    Court timva kuti anthuwa alipire 10pin or akakhale ku ndende miyezi itatu pamenepa?muwapatse ukaidi moyo wawo onse.

  3. Inu a yolanda,anthu aku karonga si atumbuka mwanva,ndi umbuli umenewo,thats misconception,racesim & hate attitude towards other people, its a sin.

  4. ndadabwa says:

    kikikiki a vichi manyi kuyaluka

  5. CLEANZ says:

    Those gals were about to be killed, there is no need to keep them alive coz they are still in need of money they will tomorrow kidnap your own children, try keeping them and see their plan next………………………………………..stupid Malawian calling them selves money mongers

  6. Mzozodo says:

    Asing’anga opusa ngaku mozambique ndi tanzania. A malawi ambiri aphedwa kamba ka amenewa.

  7. mtumbuka mwenecho says:

    Stupid Yolanda.You have forgotten how Albinoes are running for their dear lives like chicken in Machinga and balaka?Your brothers in mchinji are even chopping the genetalias of their sisters to get rich.They don’t even want to see breasts of their sisters on the chests.Its money to them.Mbali is not even a tumbuka surname.Leave Tumbukas alone you illiterate people.

  8. YOLANDA says:

    ana ayudas,zidzukulu za lusifala kaisala na jezebel kumpoto alusa.matutu mtumbuka oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. me says:

    Some bitch called Yolanda commenting shit about tumbuka. Well, you are telling me you don’t know that people from karonga are nkhonde’s and tumbukas are from Rumphi?? Which schools do you chewa people go to and what do they teach you? You were born in Malawi and will die there but you don’t know your own country well. I’m a tumbuka from rumphi and I feel sorry for chewa people who think everyone from the north is a tumbuka. You stick to chinamwali schools (aldultery schools)where you are taught how to sleep with men twenty times your age while tumbukas go to universities to get degrees. You are so pathetic and you need deliverance you bitch.

  10. aunt kanene says:

    beware of last days!!

  11. eeeish says:

    Thanks to the wife. She is a God fearing woman.

  12. matutu says:

    KOMA a Yolanda, sorry to cite your name, it is public already anyway, what’s all this Atumbuka kukonda ndalama? Am a Tumbuka myself, are my likes or dislikes indicators what Atumbuka like or nr? Every one likes ndalama, what you said is totally irresponsible & stupid.

  13. YOLANDA says:

    koma mtumbuka pa ndalama.kkkkkkkkkkk

  14. CHILEKWA says:

    No Time To Hesitate Just Shoot Them

  15. KANDAWE says:


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