Two Chibuku workers arrested for stealing diesel in Mzuzu

Malawi Police in Mzuzu have arrested two employees of Chibuku Products Limited on suspicion that they stole 17 386 litres of diesel valued at over K12 million (US$26 966).

In an interview on Tuesday, Mzuzu Police spokesperson, Martin Bwanali, said the two — 35-year-old Allum Magaga Msowoya of Lusulumphala Village in the area of T/A Mwahenga, Rumphi and 34-year-old Edwin Munthali of Ngosi Village, T/A Kyungu, Karonga — were employed by the company as workshop clerk and occupation financial analyst respectively.

“Between November 2014 and 23 May 2015 at Chibuku depot in Mzuzu, the two stole 17 386 litres of diesel of Chibuku Products Limited,” Bwanali said.

He said the issue came to light following an audit which the company carried out on 23 May 2015.

Bwanali said Msowoya, among whose duties was to supply fuel to company vehicles from the pump located within Chibuku premises, was the first to be arrested and, following interrogations by the police, he implicated Munthali.

He said the police have since charged the suspects with the offence of theft by servant contrary to Section 286 of the Penal Code.

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7 thoughts on “Two Chibuku workers arrested for stealing diesel in Mzuzu”

  1. dzomweudya says:

    I 100% agree with no. 2. There is micro management at CPL with the good for nothing directors portraying to know every thing, when in essence education has done them no favors.

    A Malenga school ya accounting yomwe munapitayo nde panja basi, bola Gerald amayendera zoloweza ndi mbuli ndi zonveka zomwe amachita.

    I do not even want to talk about the combination of useless people in the names of Gloria and Roger, they do not know anything and are just being used to victimize innocent Malawians and I do not even think that case ya Vincent ndi Hope muwina. Why cant you be proud of your ethics and professionalism and stop listening to your mad directors who force their way on minor issues.

    A Gloria zoona kumuchotsa ntchito Supply Chain Manager chifukwa cha expired import which she had no control of and you claim to know what you are doing? Kwalowa ndi kutuluka anthu angati ku logistics from Chikaonda and can you confirm that all those people are failures but you and your useless finance and operations directors who takes good advantage of your useless MD, and your boot licking tactics to keep your post.

    Simple advice to Gloria, you are putting a curse on your descendants, through the innocent lives you tear apart through your unreasonable and un fair dismissals aimed at saving your job and post. Their cry to their God is a curse on your life and blood line.

  2. Pasaulo says:

    Kumeneku timati kuyiphula !Zimakampani zambiri zikuzunza antchito. Ena ndi a chipiku, iwe amati Raju , Ratish ,mkandawire , ndi Kemp wanu samalani

  3. Kape says:

    Achita bwino

  4. angoni says:

    When I was an accountant for these guys they treated me badly. They should close shop.

  5. 17000 litres mmm.Gentlemen if this is true let us think twice.This is killing the company and end result will be mchokocho.Innocent people will be rendered jobless because of few individuals.

  6. arkmm says:

    this is the work of one devil auditor Obbie Gondwe under the demonic inspiration of his devilish god Gerald Bowler. there could be fuel shortages at this station but the figures are far much exaggerated, very. that is what chubuku is good at, exaggerating shortages just to implicate innocent hardworking individuals. This company exploits its workers like nobody’s business. it tries to create a rosy corporate image but deep inside u will find Israelites in Egypt, kuphula njerwa zamoto. apart from a few top management, the rest of Malawians here are extremely exploited. it is headed by foreigners who don’t care of the welfare of its employees. Demon Bowler (manufacturer of poisonous water in lilongwe) and his Zimbabwean MD have already made up their mind and these people will be fired from chibukhu. I’m not condoning stealing but what I’m saying is that these people should be given chance to prove their innocence and the courts should prove their guilt. working for Mulli is much much better than at chubuku, very. I don’t know what Ministry of labour does about the exploitation at this company. Please Min of Labour, don’t sleep, investigate this company and you will agree with me 1000%%. zikatere ndiye kuti puppet HR Gloria Zimba has already drafted dismissal letters even before hearing. that ugliest woman, ayayaya. I’m tired of handling cases of people fired from chibukhu, please Min of Labour, act on these people

  7. sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    Vuto la pamalawi lalowa everybody wants to live kuti aziti zikuyenda.They want to drive nice cars even if they are salaries do not match with what they get.They want to drink from 1 to 30,buy expensive clothes,Build some ugly mansions even if their salaries do not match their lifestyles.Akakhala azimayi ndiye amangolowelera uhule to match their life styles.If u look properly all this start with the leadership style of Malawi.We have seen paupers in Malawi who have become rich overnight just because they have joined politics.It has also been a tendency of some opportunists who masquerades as our politicians to jump from party to party claiming to be working with the govt of the day just because they are looking for money.Very few people got rich through hardworking in Malawi but the rest are mere thieves.To catch them you should simply ask them where they have been paying their tax,they will not even show you a single transaction yet they are multimillionaires.Malawi is a very funny country how its operates it things.Stop corruption from the leadership and the rest will follow suit.Why should the president and other politicians feel it is right to exaggerate their asset declaration without being taken to task?Are they above the law?Laws should not be meant only for poor people and exeptional to others just because they hold certain positions in society.We are all equal in the eyes of the law.

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