Two drown to death on Lake Malawi during Mothers Day Holiday

A man and a woman have been found dead and their bodies floating on Lake Malawi in Salima district during Mothers Day holiday celebrations.



Police in the district says, the man was found on Mother’s day Thursday 15th of October while the dead body of a woman was found floating on the next day 16th of October in Senga-bay

Sub Inspector Gift Chitowe, Salima District Police Public Relations Officer said the two from Lilongwe had separately gone to the Lake for Mothers Day holiday and has identified the two as Frazer Mwangala man aged 27 of Chamadenga village T/A Kaphuka in Dedza district but based at Chilinde in Lilongwe and Chimwemwe Chinyamula female aged 31of Mtandire village in Lilongwe.

“They both went into the deep waters but they failed to swim back to the shore,” explained Chitowe

The police officer then indicated that body of Frazer was was found on the same day at Baobab Cottage while the deceased woman, went missing at Kambiri Lodge and her body resurfaced on 16th October and was found floating along Kambiri lodge.

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31 thoughts on “Two drown to death on Lake Malawi during Mothers Day Holiday”

  1. kkkk pliz pliz mother’s day doesnt mean that you should go to the lake yet u dont know how to swim.imeneyo nde nyanja simudzayambilaso for good.Nanuso akuntandile mumayesa ngati nyanjayo ndi lingadzi river?am very sory .U wil rest in peace if you had good deads in this world.

  2. Kawonga says:

    Joy has turned into sorrow, so sad

  3. Carlos says:

    Where was jesus? Lazy bustard, he should have saved these guys instead of listen to stupid prayers

  4. Nganga says:

    It wasnt mothers day but drunkards,sex and prostitution youth day. We pple 4rom de lake we dont swim while drunk.

  5. KARU UNITED says:

    Ife tinayamba kupita ku nyanja 1973 mpaka pano, sitinamireko. Sitiyerekeza kulowa m’madzi timangowaonera patali. Otsalanu, kupita ku nyanja sikuti mpaka udumphire m’madzi basi!

  6. gan says:

    mphuno salota ikanati izilota sakanapita , tiyeni amalawi tikapita kunyanja ngati sitimatha kusambira tisapite malo akuya komansa tisamwe mowa coz mphanvu ya mowa ikhonza kupangitsa kuti tipite malo akuya , RIP

  7. chamberdoski says:

    as the old saying goes,do not drink and drive,so is do not drink and swim

  8. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Don’t place too much responsibility on the resort owners. It’s about self control. Swimming when drunk or when you know you don’t know how to swim is at owners risk.

  9. Phinifolo says:

    Man is not an aquatic animal. Man leaves on land. certainly not in water. Leave water for water bodied animals lie crocodies, people who grew up in waters as these are more less aquatic animal. Besides I wonder if someone from Dedza or from my area can swim.

  10. Akwao says:

    thats very sad

  11. keno says:

    The truth is mapwando was over that day dri king sothing strong

  12. Bolero says:

    People should be aware that in the lake there are currents (lake rivers) that constantly flow from one end to the other. As you walk through the waters you are likely to come across these currents and if not a good swim you can easily be taken away. So be ware not to go into deep waters beyond your waist if you are not a good swimmer.

  13. Zoonazake says:

    Koma ndi banja kapena aliyense anathawa brnja lake ukanjoya ndi chibwezi? Tandiuzaniko ndisanapepese

  14. becks says:

    This cost you life, money and leaving behind children destitute. Is going to the lake the only way celebrating mothers day

  15. fisi wagwa says:

    Please let’s be responsible enough with our life,why should celebration lead us to death?? i know some of you once your are drunk you lose everything. You become senseless so you can not have enough energy to swim.sad mothers day.

  16. Freston Dambuleni says:

    RIP we can not blame you coz you wanted to enjoy and you were not knowing that such could cost your life

  17. Professor Linton Pamberiii says:


  18. CHINJOKA says:


  19. Wayithayima bangalala says:


  20. kambwali says:

    The owners of these places must have control teams as the hotels do to manage people. This is avoidable death

  21. Sapitwa says:

    Swimming with life guards is the solution even if you know how to swim; fatigue can catch up with you.

  22. Jimuni says:

    We need life guards at all public places along the lake!

  23. Zakeyo says:

    They committed suicide!! Nanga munthu kuledzera, sudziwa kusambira yet kumadumphira mmadzi?? Ife tiziti chani??

  24. mtubzitubzu kumputa mkunkhudza says:

    R I P

  25. bandaee says:


  26. Wopita ku Nyanja says:

    I was there in Salima during Mother’s Day right way at Baobab lodge.One thing I have noted that most of these people who go to the lake gets drunk and do not know how to swim.They are so excited with the lake,but not knowing that a slight mistake with water can cost you life.I thought probably the lodges around the lake should employ some Life guards around the lake during any event because these lodges make alot of money during such events at the lake.Such unnecessary death would be avoided.Youngsters also drink themselves to death during such events.You could see young teenage boys and girls heavily drunk to the point of failing to walk.Parents should take responsibility of their kids.

  27. macbeth mkango says:

    mizimu yawo iuse mumtendere .ndizoopsa kuti chisangalalo chathera muchisoni kwambiri.tithokoze kuti mitembo yawo yaziwika ndipo yapezeka.chenjedzo ndiloti tisamire kutali ngati sitidziwa kutsambila.

  28. ambusye says:

    Sad mothers day. RIP

    1. mashupo says:

      so sorry

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