Two Malawi traffic police officers bribe caught on camera

Times Television footage of two female police  traffic officers demanding a bribe and pocketing the money from a man in a car has emerged.

 Caught On Cam

Caught On Camera

Accoridng to Daily Times,  the two female cops were caught on  Times TV roving camera apparently taking bribes from a motorist near Phalombe Hardware in Limbe.

The officiers did not use the receipt book where money goes to government’s Account Number One and pocketed the money as the video  s showing he road user adding money twice before one of the cops reached her hand into the car to the the cash.

Deputy national spokesman for police, Thomeck Nyaude, blamed road users for the rise in corruption among traffic officers.

He said it is the Malawi society that is corrupt.

“Traffic officers jut go on the road to enforce traffic laws. Traffic officiers are part of Malawi Police Services and are told not to indulge in corruption,” the daily quoted Nyaude.

He said the people are the ones who lure cops to received bribes.

Police  will hold accountable the cops in the video if they can be .

Petty graft continues to plague Malawi ‘s economy.

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chomwe anakanila kuti mu mi seu muzikhsla aroadtraffic and safety services ndichani? anthuwa ali ndi cholinga chokhalira munseu. go to Zomba azimai apolice ziphuphu kwambiri, tizikujambulani muyaluka muona.

Mall Cop

Tell me which country has a corrupt-free Police service..

Nsena mkulumale
Inspector General, please do something on the corruption involving traffic police officers on the roads and those manning roadblocks on the Blantyre – Nsanje road. Passengers in the minibuses are infringed of their rights (kumakhala 4 – 4)and the minibuses over speeds, Imagine some minibuses have rude stickers in their minibuses e.g. Muno mukhala 4 – 4 kukakhala kuphunzira ndi kwanu, When they meet a traffic police officer most of the offenses are paid into the pockets of the officers. If you want to have evidence of how much corruption is on this road, just deploy some undercover officers say… Read more »
True Patriot
There is a research that was recently done and it concluded that traffic police officers are the most corrupt people in Malawi. This is hardly surprising. These days you can hardly cover three kilometres in the City of Lilongwe without finding a whole battalion of cops! You wonder whether there are any general duties officers left at police stations. I would have no qualms if these officers were curbing traffic offences but alas! They all want to partake in the sharing of the spoils! Around Kanengo area you come across light goods vehicles dangerously loaded with goods, and the owners… Read more »
Charlie Hebdo

It takes two to tango. Prosecute both without fail to set example


The response from the spokesperson, as reported, does not give much hope in curbing the situation at all.


Nyaude cannot blame the public. It is the police who demand bribes. If the motorist entice them with bribes, why don’t police officer refuse. The law says it an offence to bribe a police officer. The police is corrupt from top to bottom. Agalu inu, nchewe za nchewe. You thrive on bribes. You do not work. One way to reduce bribes is for the police to remove these road blocks.!


Thomeck Nyaude pay the police reasonable salaries and then they will enforce the law. you cant expect them to resit when you give them 40 pin. Ana akufuna school, rent pomwepo, kudya ndizina pomwepo. Are you series a Thomeck


a polisi ndi anthu akuba kuposa wina aliyense mukapitiliza tidzikutchulani maina pompano

The system of paying to the police men whether by bribing or through the GRN is encouraging corruption. Of course the policemen these days have gone a step further by procuring their own receipt books therefore even if you pay and given the receipts, the money do not go to account number 1. The government should introduce ticketing system like what other countries do. I one is found having committed a road traffic offence, they should be given a ticket and let them pay at the chosen bank to account No.1 that way corruption might be reduced but at the… Read more »

True….savomeranso bribe. Just know kuti ndi Receipt book lawo. They want to make money…Go and ask pa area 3 market you can find the books there selling…

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