Two men who torched ‘witches’ houses in Chitipa jailed for 32 years

The Chitipa Magistrate Court has  sentenced two men Moses Msukwa, 20, and Flackson Masebo, 19, to 32 years imprisonment with hard labour each for torching four houses whose owners they suspected are witches.

According to prosecutor Blackson Sichali the two torched the houses of Esther Mushani and Mayinala Mwenechanya and two others – both in the age bracket of between 65 and 70 – in December last year.

Sichali added that property worth over half a million kwacha was lost in the inferno.

In his judgment, senior resident magistrate Julius Kalambo fervently condemned the behavior of the two before sentencing them to 32 year jail terms each on all the four counts for which they were found guilty.

“The punishment has been given to act as a lesson to would be offenders,” said Kalambo.

Both Msukwa and Masebo hail from Mwandima Village, Traditional Authority Mwenemisuku in Chitipa district.

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20 thoughts on “Two men who torched ‘witches’ houses in Chitipa jailed for 32 years”

  1. tell me says:

    How do you prove that someone is a witch ? How does the accused person deny or accept these allegations ? Through which evidence can witchcraft be proven ? So you see Malawians it is stupid.

  2. John M says:

    Why they burnt witches houses? That means they killed someone, oh I see, mfiti ndi inu akumipando! Coz Jb said ufiti kulibe, akazapha wanga ndizamupha pompo!!!!!!!!

  3. Magolizoo says:

    Hehedeeeee kma pa malawi inu……..basi muli duuu kupanga promote ufiti,I wish ndidakakhala mmodzi mwa afit kut ndiloze amupandomu.

  4. Tunthumbwana tambewa says:

    Anawotchera kumodzi ndimwini wake adangowotcha nyumba? Kapena nyanga zidapsazo nzodula zedi hence 32yrs. Thu phwe!

  5. vyamuvisulo nthengwa says:

    these men young men are betteroff to be called freedom fighters than nyapapi, having torched those houses i believe pple can afford a sleep now in the village, mudzatuluka mafana dont worry!

  6. Chikadzakuwani says:

    This magistrate his permit should be taken a way he doen’t know know his work he got money from Mr. Thindwa from his project financed by Norwagin embassy in Lilongwe. I saw Mr. Thindwa many times to going to the embassy. ACB should investigate this magistrate in Chitipa he got much money from Mr. Thindwa to panish those young men. This case is a minor. I will support those young men to make an appeal I will visit them soon. This is shupit.

    1. Muloshi No. One says:

      Let them face the chop. Stupid!

  7. atheist says:

    ufiti kulibe and zilibe umboni…munjatidwa simunati…fokofu

  8. Magistrate Kalambo, Zikomo kwa mbiri. Kuotcha nyumba ya munthu ku mudzi nchimodzimodzi ndi kupha. Wabomba ngani bafimyande. abana bakomakite bamu bamanyilepo. CONGRATULATIONS. Some of you bull heads are comparing MK500000 ndi ma billion Kwacha a Cashgate, ndikukutsimikirani kut the former is more valuable than than the latter, if uc what ic

  9. Winford kayange says:

    How comes 32 yrs in hail for property worthy half m yet for witches but cashgates stolen billions of kwacha just 3yrs, 7yrs or less than 14 yrs. Ufiti ulipo or kalero nthawi ya Moses anthu ataona kuti moses wasandusa ndodo kukhala njoka there were also magician who created their own snakes but were weak compared to moses’s snake as it was from GOD’S power Malawian judges r too corrupt hence leads to injustice.

  10. Ufiti ulipo even mbuku loyera anakambaposo. Nde muyeso umene muyesa anzanu nanuso mudzayesedwa

  11. peter says:

    32years! That sound ridiculous! When people who have sacrificed the destiny of their generation and some generations to come through theft of public money are being given 3-8years jail terms and you tell me it is justice to give 32yrs jail term to people who have caused pain to only a few individuals (I am not underestimating the pain suffered but rather looking at comparative justice here!!!!!!!!)

  12. del horno says:

    ena atengerepo phunziro. ..why the accused are always elders?…I hate this barbaric acts big time…

  13. Kanyimbi says:

    We hope the cashgaters will also be handed same number of years.

  14. Muzga Wacharo says:

    Wavimyantha, nadi kuotcha nyumba zawachekulu, imwe mukupanga compare cashgate na nkhani iyi muli wakupuluka muku ndipo vishuli vinu

  15. muhamad emwazi says:

    Koma ma raw kaya law pa malawi? 500000 kunjatidwa 32 years, 63 million plus only 3 years!!!!

  16. ujeni says:

    This is purely fraud justice, how much worth were the torched houses, by the way if there is a word called withcraft that means it exist, if there is a word called corruption, that means it exist, if there is a word called theift that means it exist, someone stole over K200m through cashgate, he sentence him to 8 years, another tourches a house worthy less than K2m you sentence him to 32 years? no justice at all

  17. MABELU says:


  18. Amuna says:

    This is a very bad behaviour these young men did and they deserve that 32 yr jail sentence. WELL DONE THE MAGISRATE! D3J

  19. Bertha says:

    One ufiti kulibe ku Malawi two onena wina kuti ndi ufiti ndi mlandu three arson is another case four kuononga katundu ndi mlanduso akalowe basi yachuluka milandu l trust Mr Thindwa must be happy

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