UDF calls Mutharika resignation demands ‘senseless’: Economic revival requires common responsibility

United Democratic Front (UDF) has dismissed calls by opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and People’s Party (PP) for President Peter Mutharika to resign, saying they are senseless and merely political statements.

Ndanga:UDF will use established structures

Ndanga:  Resignation of the President is misplaced solution

MCP and PP have called for Mutharika’s resignation through parliamentary speeches, accusing him of failing to manage the country’s economy.

But UDF spokesman Ken Ndanga, whose party is in a loose governing alliance with Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) , said political parties “need to be very careful” when demanding a Head of State to step down.

“When President Mutharika resigns, what happened next? In order for us as a country to be able to solve our problems, peace and stability are crucial,” said Ndanga in an interview with Nyasa Times.

“Have we considered what will happen in case the President resigns?”

He said the UDF “agree with those that are saying Malawi has huge economic problems and that is not a secret.”

Ndanga added: “We are equally concerned with the plight of Malawians and we wish things were better than they are now. However, resignation of the President is a misplaced solution to a wrong problem.”

He went on to say: “Huge sums of money have been stolen through cashgate in this country not by the President but public officers. This is what has pushed us as a country into the situation we are in today.

“We need to deal with problems which seem to be entrenched in the public sector.”

Ndanga said as far as UDF is concerned, Mutharika’s government need to immediately concentrate in restoring confidence in the public finance management system because that is key that the public funds are safe.

He said government should also decisively deal with all the challenges dogging the public services wage bill.

“Austerity measures ought to be pronounced and implemented in totality by all public officers including the cabinet and the presidency,” he said.

And speaking in parliament, UDF Member of Parliament for Machinga-Likwenu constituency, David Lali said President Mutharika has demonstrated qualities of leadership by acknowledging the tough economic challenges and stating the foundation for the recovery, growth and transformation.

“All of us here are painfully aware that with the background of Cash-gate and withdrawal of direct donor budget support, Malawi as a nation proved to the world that we could not manage our own resources transparently. We proved to the world that we cannot be trusted with our own resources,” he said.

Lali noted that Mutharika state of the nation address at the opening of 46th session of “made a powerful reminder to all Malawians that we can no longer, as a nation, measure success using the yardstick of resumption of direct budgetary support. He reminded us that our traditional partners have had a rethink about the future of direct budget support globally.”

He said Malawi has to accept and recognise that the era of direct budgetary support is indeed over.

Lali said what Mutharika did in his speech was to “set the tone on what Malawi needs to do next,” saying to seize this opportunity, an opportunity for reform and transformation, where Malawians begin to stand on their own feet.

“Mr Speaker, Sir, from the speech of the President, I picked a number of things. Firstly, that the road to recovery requires ownership and common responsibility by all Malawians. We have to move together because we have no choice and we cannot do otherwise.

“His Excellency the President has set the wheels in motion by presenting key policy priority reforms that government is implementing in order to stabilise the economy and restore confidence, provide growth and to cushion vulnerable Malawians from the economic challenges that we are facing,” said Lali.

He said Mutharika spoke about the importance of public finance management reforms and also public sector reforms, saying these are the tools that are extremely important in restoring much needed credibility to government systems.

“We need to restore confidence to our financial systems and civil service to ensure that Cash-gate never happens again and to ensure that money is only being used for its intended and prudently, and not buying flashy expensive cars when the people of Malawi expect us to be responsible leaders at a time of financial crisis,” he said.

Recently, the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) national secretary Chris Chisoni also discouraged calls for President to resign, saying there are no plausible grounds compelling a Head of State to step down.

Chisoni, who heads CCJP – a social justice and advocacy arm of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi – in a published interview, said calling for an incumbent President to resign has become “an empty threat trend from some CSOs and opposition parties since 1994.”

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40 thoughts on “UDF calls Mutharika resignation demands ‘senseless’: Economic revival requires common responsibility”

  1. Nangozo says:

    ndale zakumalawi ndie zimenezo! Its all abt criticism and full f greedy pple. Oh God bless our land of Malawi. Kip it a land of peace…,,

  2. lipstick says:

    UDF is dead ! Burried and forgotten! Greedy party

  3. Patrick says:

    I agree with UDF,this Mr so called .Chakwera he’s just out his senses and he needs to be reminded of the day he accepted the defeat from DPP and now he’s talking of APM resignation which to me shows a sense of madness and dis disrespect to the father of our nation.
    Once again Mr Head of opposition please stop miss guiding Malawians let the father of this nation to finish up the good work plus the term that he was elected to rule to finish then malawians can decide again whether it’s MCP,UDF, the so called PP if it’s still there or back to their mother nation party DPP.

  4. lackison says:

    The issue is after the president said all this, wat did he say as a solution, explaining the problems without explanation of the solutions is the same as you didn’t Say anything

  5. Jasitasi Chilungamo says:

    Udf we can do without the clueless wamutharika.How did Malawians survive without him when when he was in some sleepy st Louis?Just because Dpp are your bedfellows then you think all Malawians think alike.Ndanga we don’t of your marriage of convenience between Atupele and pitala.He is just there to serve his father’s arse on corruption cases of his father.

  6. zilipidu mpaka ndi a davte omwe zampweka

  7. Aubrey Norman says:

    DPP ndipatali muzimva mfundo zomwe munthu akukupatsani osamangolowetsa ndale paloponse,2019 DPP Boma.

  8. MLOMWE says:

    A UDF timakudziwani kale paja ndinu mudaphunzitsa Malawi katangale ndipo mwadya kale bans .Mudatha ngati makatani ndi nsalu yonyayo.2019 tikugwetsa DPP ndipo UDF tidaiwalako eni ake adafa kale

  9. jona pwele says:

    DPP woyee!wajelous azaonanso 2019 dpp ili mboma!asa masewera eti,simple formular,central 95% mcp,southern95% dpp mpoto 50:50..musovenge,musova,solve!!

  10. DOLCANO says:

    ~if urn’t part of solution, ur part of problem. ~?rev. wil tek zat sit in 2019 ~do’nt tink lyk chiks ~….runz in family~ every dog has his own de~ IF I RESIGN, HU WIL B ZE PREZIDENT ? CHAKWERA/JOICE MWATCHERA KUMWEZI NKHANGA ZAONA ! ! !

  11. mbuli67 says:

    Looking at UDF ligaria you will agree with me that it has a fusion of blue in it which tells us that they are one, but the other benefiting much. However calling for president’s resignation is a non-stater, how many pple have failed in their offices? Do we just rush and force them to resign? Wise pple give advice this is the best remedy for well wishers not power hungry pple.

  12. Kod amene angalowe leroyo, athana nawo mavutowa? U want just to enrich urselves basi, be patient tidzakuvoterani mwamva !!

  13. Harold J kadzipatike says:

    Live him finish his five years, Malawi is a peaceful country we dont want war, if he resigns who will be the president next without voting, definitely it is war fighting for the position, lets just wait 2019. If we vote for him again it will also be his time no one shall remove till five years again this is according to our constitution, have you changed it may be?

  14. A Bulu mwaiwala 21 people killed by DPP in 2011 pomwe malemu aja ankalamulira Malawi ngati ndata? Koma iwe ndi buludi without brains.

  15. komko says:

    LThe economic problems Malawi is facing has a solution. God is laughing at us for not using wisdom we have to solve it. WE HAVE TO SPEND WITHIN OUR LIMITS. That’s the solution. Look at the cars politians and government departments are using . Very expensive cars. If we really love ❤ our country we need a leadership Will say no longer cars. Lets go for simple cars .we are poor yet we want to leave luxurious life.

  16. The Analyst says:

    Of course the calls for APM to resign are senseless and can only come from a frustrated n hopeless headless chickens or bull with no balls; but by standing there defending APM, don’t you think you (UDF) have sacrificed n been used for long n enough for the benefit of one individual?

    We can all recall how Atcheya just woke up and sided the UDF with MCP in 2009; and all UDF supporters became chickens overnight and kokoliko they crowed. The alliance was short-lived after the defeat and all supporters stopped being chickens. Come 2014, the supporters made loud yellow noise until defeated. The same Bakili decides that you side with DPP and you all become blue now. But come 2019, you will field your own candidate and the supporters will become yellow again. Laughable!

    “Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing til it gets there.” – Josh Bilings

    All this is being done for the benefit of one man – Bakili Muluzi, not to be prosecuted on his k1.7bn tag. And what are the rest of you benefiting? Nothing! Just being used, right? Really? Inuyo tissue inuyo?

    If I were a UDF supporter I would realise am being taken advantage of a fool, which I am. I would therefore step back n rediscover myself.

  17. Bulu says:

    Fans ina ili very dull. Why should we sink so low to appease Donars. To hell with Donars. They are a source of the dependency syndrome Malawians want today. Ikakhala MCP ikumayiwala ma a trocties amene ina panga kwa Malawians. I dont trust MCP. Chipani choyipitsitsa pa Malawi. Many people lost their lives, property including wives because of evil hearted MCP. Ikakhala PP ndiye mbava zokuba dzuwa lili ngweee. Malawi is an independent country which needs to stand on its own. The mindset of relying on donars actually puts the who idea of 1964 independence a mockery as it could have been better if we were still a British Protectorate. I blame foolish MCP for its greed.

  18. Telling the Truth says:

    Dr Bakili Muluzi’s greed and love for power is what brought the Mutharikas who are causing untold misery to Malawians. DPP is hell bent on tribalism and nepotism. Malawi is now divided by tribe because of DPP.

  19. koma kumaneko says:

    If APM can rsign today and someone takes over our economy will change for the better immediately even donors will be back with their monetary support, whenever leadership changes our economy changes too either for the better or worse, leadership is the key to our economy and this party DPP is black listed in the books of donors look what happened when JB lookover presidential seat, things changed for the better ranging from electricity, water, kwacha value, governance was just ok except that she had no vision donor support was just too much she couldnt allocate to right development. UDF is another failed group of pple and not suprised to here them talking this nonsense, they are thieves they think APM will handover leadership to Atupele, dont worst time with them.

  20. Mlauzi says:

    The fact of the matter is that things were much better before the current regime took over. That much is not debatable.

    Look at the price of sugar. Compare this with the income of the average slum dweller, the primary school teacher, your average subsistence farmer and the average clerk!!! This is just a single item. Pali zambiri. Bread, soap, toiletries, ndiwo, water, electricity,etc

    Look at the interest rates!!! Just read the newspaper to see how many houses are being repossessed by the baks

    . Look at the number of youths who stay idle at Nandos. Companies which would have employed the masses were either given away to Asians at a song (under the guise of privatisation) or they collapsed on their own volition in the strain of economic malaise.

    Look at the many occasions when we have poor outages, no water. Look at the sick in our public hospitals who can not access drugs and even regular meals. How long do we have to suffer????

  21. Dokotala Mtabeni says:

    Why is this BRIEF CASE party getting involved in the battle for the giants? UDF is now in the archive of our memory.Go hang yourself a thousand times, UDF is no longer relevant to Malawi.Chipani cha matelera.

  22. max says:


  23. Charter says:

    Is this guy in the picture a disciple of Julius Malema? What a poor guy to choose to model oneself on!

  24. peter says:

    The calls for APM to resign is for his own good! The guy knows that what he is facing is not what he expected and he knows deep down his heart that as far as he is concerned he does not have an idea of how to truly sail Malawi from this tragedy. The more he clings the more pressure he will feel coz of lack of vision. Bingu was both intelligent and arrogant but this one is different.

  25. ben phiri says:

    mbuzi za anthu UDF mudzantha ngati makatani blue shit

  26. mphatso says:

    you catholic commission and the other csos,are you gonna give us a president if the president resigns.when bishops are caught in gay issues or found to have fathered kids what do you do?you just keep quite so go and rethink your position before you make noise

  27. Mandla says:

    Zindana, you are 150% correct. We are sitting on this problem because of Muluzi. We have all these problems because of him, mbuzi ya munthu.

  28. zidana says:

    zitsilu inu a UDF ndinu amene mukutizunzitsa mdziko muno kubweretsa alendo kudzaononga dziko lathu lino linali lokoma pano mbola zeni zeni uchitsilu basi Muluzi mbuzi ya munthu wationongera dziko ndiwe galu

  29. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    When MCP and their partners in crime, PP, say APM (Boma ilo) should resign, they are just wasting their time. And our time too. As their demands have no basis in the constitution. A head of state anywhere cannot be made to resign for nothing.
    The internet literati clearly dismiss these claims. Ditto for the bao players.
    Sensible people know this government has the citizens’ interests at heart. Unlike PP, that was intent on stealing “heavy”; unlike MCP, for whom kulanda zinthu (illegal repossession, confiscation) were the modus operandi.
    Fellow Malawians: this government is arguably the most open, transparent and democratic we’ve ever had. In the short time it has been in power anyway.

  30. Mzee says:

    Chisoni is lomwe what then do you good people expect from him. Chisoni is busy defending DPP instead of taking care of his ugly body. Chonde Chisoni chepesani mowa ndikudya kwambiri komanso nyere pumbwa iwe.

  31. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    UDF is a pinnacle of politics without ideology. It stinks!

  32. Optic Computer says:

    Changing mindset of the people would need philosophy, time, and resources. UDF brought the handouts mindset, and DPP pronounced it boldly. Should you just work up one day and expect Malawians need to be self-reliant to develop the economy? This is an approach that can’t work. If they have run out of ideas someone among the 16 million Malawians can,

  33. Patriot says:

    UDF ya Atupele INATHA.

  34. Mafikizolo says:

    “UDF”? What, or Who is UDF?

  35. Chabwera says:

    wawooooo!!!! how i missed this party called DF mmmm!!!! i forgoted the name. do u call this animal UDF. you people your sinking in blue come 2019 you will be nomal. i cry day and night for our visionary youth leader and his agenda for change.
    we forgiven you powonesa dyera lanu time of PP and you loosed more suporters. and you have repted the same mistake this time. and that have made this mighty party to die natural death.

  36. Moses Makoko says:

    stupid UDF!
    Agalu inu!

  37. WAKUDA KAMANGA says:

    Nanga UDF ndi anthu midyomba mutiuza chani inu wanu ndi mpunga ofutulila izi za ndale zisiyeni, apo biiiiiii katawaseni ukooooo

  38. Chiwaya JR says:

    Chipani ngati MAKATANI adatero Muluzi senior

  39. Fenali A L says:


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