UDF cautions against calls for Malawi President to resign

United Democratic Front (UDF) has cautioned against civil society for agitating for the forced resignation of President Peter Mutharika, saying this is not a solution to the economic woes in Malawi.

Ndanga: Calls for Prtesident to resign are unfortunate

Ndanga: Calls for Prtesident to resign are unfortunate

Ken Ndanga, UDF pubicist says the resignation of the President would simply create unnecessary anxiety.

“The civil society must avoid giving ultimatum which may give pressure to themselves in the end,” says Ndanga.

Civil society groups are up in arms against the President, asking him to step down because of what they claim poor governance and poor economic performance among others.

Ndanga says governments should engage the civil society when there is need and not to fight, saying they must been seen to be partners in development and not adversaries.

The UDF spokesman says as much as it is appreciated that a vibrant civil society is a backbone of any democracy, CSO leaders have no monopoly of wisdom and must not think all what they say is the right thing to do.

“It an open secret that Malawi is sailing through troubled waters. Public service delivery is in disarray and we all know the reasons. The IMF program is off track and it is not good news to our economy because it erodes the confidence of development partners as well as that of potential investors,” says Ndanga.

He says this is a time every Malawian must play a role in rescuing the economy.

“To suggest that the State President must resign is surely an emotional statement which is far from being a solution to our problems,” he says.

The CSOs have planned a peaceful demonstration to put pressure on Mutharika to quit his job.

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71 thoughts on “UDF cautions against calls for Malawi President to resign”

  1. Flywell says:

    There is nothing to worry anything coming from Ndanga. His is a DPP puppet. where is atupele muluzi? They have joined hands in plundering resources meant for poor Malawians. Time is ticking. Thats why whatever the CSOs are suggestings are always wrong coz Ndanga wants to protect his interest in expence of ordinary malawians

  2. felix ma boy says:

    Following with interest

  3. losco says:

    Chakwera if u r really geared for presidency come 2019,u must be on the for front to condemn the dirty acts as planned by the so called SSO to avoid u falling the same.Free advice.

  4. koma kumaneko says:

    Kodi UDF ilipobe? We have three parties in Malawi, MCP, PP, and DPP.
    Register general should deregister all other parties please we dont need them. Atupele akumusokoneza bambo ake and sadzakhalapo president mdziko muno mwana wachita tsoka uyu.

  5. Mwako says:

    CSO, using cashgate money to pressure the President. Ntchito za JB

  6. chichitike says:

    null and void for cso’s

  7. Geoffrey says:

    I just hope the stance by UDF is driven patriotism. Resigning of the the current President is tantamount to his demise and we know what happened the President’s brother died.

    I may stand to be corrected if the CSO’s have a candidate to take over from him in case he “Resigns”. for me, I think these calls are a last resort and if they use it and it fails to achieve then the next call for such will be regarded just as childish as this one.

    Guys from the UDF, it’s not bad for you to express your thoughts in this because its of national interest “BUT” watch your mouth, its not every thing that you can defend for!

    Mulomo uwu umatsatadi…

  8. Kanyimbi says:

    Iwe Gonthi (Number 56) machende amako, mutu waukuluwo unavutitsa amayi ako pobadwa, pa mtumbo pako pochucha ndelepo.Nyani, galu, gologolo, mphaka, mbuzi,namzikambe, Bwanji ukunyoza mtundu wa mzako? A real educated person can not be a tribalist. Pa mkongo pa mako.Pomaliza mbolo ya bambo ako.

  9. Kanyimbi says:

    If Malawi is facing problems now its because of politicians and these CSOs leaders.

  10. Balamanthu says:


  11. Aubrey Zambika says:

    Resignation and impeachment two different things anybody has a right to tell anyone to resign but the person being told can do so honourably or may refuse while impeachment he can refuse if there are gud reasons for him to be impeached. So csos’ are just trying to speak what they fill it should be done

  12. peeping lizard says:

    siyani zonena zaatcheya.musiyeni munthu azipumabwino,milandu milandu yakuti ,JB,sanabe? peterlahyo ndinkuluwake sanabe?anthu amenewa analowa nkhothi ?iwe ngati wakhuta nyemba pitakuchimbuzi,oosamangoti atcheya. AM PEEPING LIZARD.AM PEEPING YOU!!!

  13. Katakwe says:

    UDF as usual, serving the interest of Atcheya kuti milandu yawo izizire basi….. Chipani cha ma atidye nawo ichi – bootlickers!

  14. Happy Eduardo says:

    Komanso which CSOs inu abale. The same guys who were with amayi now the tides have changed nde they say APM should resign. They are disgruntled full of greed and they also still donor funds. Just look at their audit results-so pathetic.

  15. Lomwe says:

    Chipani cha alhomwe ine chimandiseketsa. Change of nationality in progress ndithu.

  16. Gonthi says:

    Ndikuonapo Alhomwe okhaokha apa kubakira gondwani wankulu mzawo.Mapazi anu ofiirawo mbuzi inu…muli ndi nzeru inu?This country is sailing through its toughest times of all, and you are applauding that?Enanunso mukukanika kudya katatu patsiku amene mwalemba zopusa apanu…pamthako pa Mlomwe aliyense mdziko muno.Kukankhirana pansi basi ndizimene mumadziwa inu?These people are fighting for a better country for even yourselves,but poti babibulo linakutemberani,ndinu mbuzi mpaka moyo wanu onse agalu inu.

  17. Chipwailacommentetor says:

    We will meet them KUNSEWU KONKO mbuzizi we will give them good lessons that thy won’t never forget.WE ELECT THIS PRESIDENT. tatopa nanu maCSOs Magondwani

  18. Chipwailacommentetor says:


  19. mpimpa says:

    I don’t think ndanga can say sometjing apart from that.

  20. Are Covil Society Organisation a parallel government? From where do they get the mandate to tell the elected president to resign? In that case if there is a need for the president to be removed isn’t it the duty of the MPs in parliament to impeach the president as it is stipulated in our consititution?

  21. KALUMADAZI says:

    csos full of mbuli, when have these csos ever advanced national agenda other than fulfilling personal ambitions, they have no patriotism ataaa pang’ono Asakhwi amenewa..President apange resign? nde akapanga resign we shld spend more on the next president? instead of advancing National agenda??Mukawuze akwanu zimenezo…Lame duck or not the president will finish his prelogative…then we will elect another one of us to lead us thats the constitution, there has never been a perfect economy anywhere in the world…what we malawians lack is patriotism as everyone wants to advanced individual agendas.After mwadya za chakwela and kuba international fundings mwati protests?? for what, we are all suffering no need to go break and vandalise the liltle shops and boutiques we have in our towns…izi ndizobwelera m’buyo

  22. chefourpence says:

    let them do the demos! We will smoke them out!

  23. lottie says:

    Let come together all Malawian and build our National because we are one anothers strength. We need GOD more this yrs than last yrs.GOD is love, [ no love ,no peace]. This country need JESUS CHRIST

  24. Real Patriot says:

    Ken Ndanga should be working hard for Atupele to get back to his tattered UDF that schooling us about the incompetent professor to step down.Is Udf still there by the way?Ken Ndanga stop talking cheap and tell your master Atupele to stop bootlicking Pitala.The young man has totally lost direction with his unprincipled way of money loving.Your cheap talk do not add any value to Malawians.So simply shut up.Pitala has blown his chances.He can’t be doing mapwevupwevu with our taxes picking his cohorts for some joy rides to UNGA in New York and answering us arrogantly with the 36 percent winning.

  25. Frank Mafaiti says:

    its true what ndanga has said 100% am agree,,,,

  26. Ruthless analyzer says:

    “Hello, hello? Is that Mr Ndanga? Yes? Good , listen thus is Atupele. What d you mean Atuoele who? I’m Hus Excellency the president of your party, idiot! I’m instructing you, nay, ordering you, nay, commanding you, to issue a statement condemning this business about the toothless old man resigning. We must condemn thus call immediately. Do you not realize what will happen if we stay silent? They’ll think I and the UDF are behind it, for sure. And you know the implications of that: His Excellency Bwampini Mathanyula would immediately dig up the matter of the Taiwanese money which caused dad no end of misery, and his dislocated spine would once again be dislocated and then all those trips to Cape Town….what!!?? Ndanga, are your snoring ??? You’re fired! With immediate effect. Unless of course you issue this statement opposing the call for the indeed necessary resignation of the toothless old man.. You’re clever with words so you’ll know how to couch the statement so that people will read between the lines.

  27. Dididid says:

    Chonde UDF nkhani izi asiireni eni ake izi ndi nkhani za amuna. Inu basonkhezerani nkhaliyo kuti Bambo pitala ndi baby tupere adye asadagone

  28. JB never failed it is you who goofed and you are surfering because of your stupidity by being fooled by these crooks lero muyiona bang we Agalu inu

  29. What else do you expect from Danga he know if APM goes they will be nothing good for him these are useless politicians

  30. John says:

    UDF is really dead!!!!!!!¡!

  31. mhango says:

    Ndanga kumeneko nde kunena kopanda jelous, amabungwe enawa tumaona mms meeting ndi atsogoleli a mcp,, now udf is strong party now we hv a voice,, Peter must NT resign ,,we nid to solve the problems together,,Resign wachani,,,Chamba etiii,,,mxiiiiiiiiiiii.

  32. Sanderson francis says:

    it’s better for him to resign than stuped things he’s doing,if he knew that he would not afford to rule our country,he would have left for our Mother Theressa that’s Mother Joyce Banda (JB)

  33. Mzee says:

    Even after stealing votes APM could only garner 36% of the votes. 64% dont want this buffon. JB lost because she was naive. Everybody knew that Mbendera wasnt going to let her win. African Politics needs strongmen. Muluzi could not have lost. The last encounter between JB and Mbendera at LL statehouse a week before elections should have told JB that Mbendera was a DPP agent. In addition how on earth could JB appoint Rev Chimkwita Phiri as PP rep? In the end Chimkwita joined Mbendera on account of both being Ngonis. JB must learn from DPP whose principle is trust only Lomwes. Foreign Affairs has had no substantive PS for one year only to bring a Lomwe. DPP is now looking for a Lomwe to be appointed PS Civil Service Commission. I respect APM and Lomwes for kupanda manyazi thats the way to go.

  34. kennedy says:

    There we go again, this gives people hope that nor- leader from south has wisdom and intellegennt. But the truth is, there are people who are more than capable to rescue us. The thing they blindforded with is by suporting nonsense.
    Lets stand up together and say no to evil and yes to good things.
    If peter fails us why other coackroaches deffending with words while people are duffering???
    Are they fearing for the truth will be reveaked??
    Lets the truth set us free.
    Udf is the last party that can say something.

  35. nyobi says:

    Listen to one patriot Prof. John Chisi. He wishes this country well. He knows the causes of our economic woes. He’s asked the donor community for assistance. A chakwera cha uzimu chili kuti? Civil society why do You like to bring chaos? Chitani manyazi

  36. mtochi says:


  37. jk says:

    Wisdomm wisdom from men with wisdom.

  38. colman says:

    You can’t say anything important when you are out of government UDF was there 15 years ago and you want to change like cameleone who can understand you guys you are one who mes malawi

  39. UDF ceased appealing to the people of Malawi the time they defected to DPP. So ken Ndanga keep your breath because no one can take UDF seriously.

  40. NKALAPWAGA says:

    Signs of kutha ngati makatani

  41. Kodi a udf 2019 a Malawi mudzawauza kuti avotere Dpp Kapena UDF? Aaaaa! Mwatha basi inu palibe chanu mu ndale. Patsogolo adzakhala phungu mmodzi basi ku nyumba ya malamulo.

  42. Chinthiti says:

    Udf kupepera chotele bwanji?Chipani chimenechi chinathadi sure

  43. tereka says:

    resign?….is this 2019? koma anthu ena kupusa zotheka ku azungu izo not here

  44. kagawi says:

    Thumbs up Ndanga for schooling these so called CSO’s whose aim is to make noise so as to suck donors funds.
    The sore cause on situation we are sailing through now is the cashgate by the notorious Amayi JB. Surprisingly, the same CSOs are just sitting phwiiiiiii without saying anything.
    Malawians, learn to be responsible citizens. If you want to crash, come up with a solution which should prove better than the one the current government is using.
    Just as it is with Kabwira, pakamwa wawawawa!! ngati …………. iiiiiiiiiii mpaka liti mzimayi iweee?
    Usaiwale kuti ng’oma yolira kwambiri siichedwa kung’ambika. Pokafika 2019, sindikudziwa kuti mlomo wakowo udzakhale ngati mmene ulilimo. Udzakhala ngati wachule

  45. Tim Masamba says:

    Impeachment Boys talking rubbish!!! UDF being the prostitute it is has no choice but to pretend all is good!!!! Why is it that when your name starts with Ken you act sill when it comes to politics?

  46. Noxy says:

    Brilliant advice Ndanga,okumva amve wosamva asamve!

  47. Rodgers Banda says:

    UDF says let’s continue suffering since it’s giving a hand in looting and pressing Malawi down. UDF diehards need mental hospital.

  48. Kodi UDF ilipo? Kapena tikhale ndi mwambo wa chiliza?

  49. Sangala. Tinkanena ife says:

    Andanga kkkkkkk! mukuti chani kodi? mesa mulilimodzi kumeneko ? kkkkkkk shutup.

  50. chomoncho says:

    Attention seeker, don’t be stupid. Ndanga spoke true sense. U and the civil society have emotional actions and zero solutions. Whether u like it or not APM is there till the end. NO RESIGNING. If ur not happy change ur country. Fool. Regardless of who the person is, if he speaks fact then respect him. Osamangoti resign resign. Za zii basi.

  51. komko says:

    UDF umphawi wakuvutani mufera za weni ndithu. Koma kuti Mulungu alola kuti a Malawi avutike ndi man made problems mpaka mpaka kaya zioneka zokha.

  52. MaKopa says:

    UDF speaking in the belly of a beast udf is dead basi. APM must resign now he has failed many times for the good of the country he must resign

  53. Clement says:

    DPP and the president prof Peter mutharika can’t resign just because of few idiots, crocodiles never ever happen and this DPP will be rulling beyond 2050 whether you like it or not. Big up Mr Ndanga.

  54. Kavuluvulu says:

    Ndanga is a stupid fellow.is it because you dine and wine with this stupid boy called Atupele ?

  55. YAKI says:

    Stupid CSOs brainless

  56. walero says:

    it is quite clear that every CSO is an enemy of whatever DPP rule to come because all CSOs are sons and daughters of Joyce Banda.they helped her sink the mighty Bingu and they think they can do the same to Peter so that JB’s friend Chakwera can come into power via the back door.we were all here in Malawi when the country’s jet was sold and monies pocketed by one person but no i mean NO CSO organised any demonstration to demand the truth.we were here in Malawi when we witnessed JB orchestrate and sit over cashgate that has put us into much trouble now.during cashagate NO CSO went onto the street to demand the truth.my message to the CSOs is that they do not have very valid and sensible reasons to ask the president to resign for other than that they are just advancing the wishes of JB and Chakwera who they think can become president of malawi.the president can not resign because you have already shown that you are not doing it for malawi but for one lady who is afraid of coming back into the country.my other message is that IF YOU ARE REALLY CSOs FIGHTING FOR MALAWIANS’RIGHTS PLEASE FIRST ASK JB TO COME HERE IN MALAWI AND EXPLAIN TO MALAWIANS WHY SHE ADVISED MPHWIYO TO ORGANISE A NETWORK TO START SIPHONING OUR PUBLIC MONIES AND STEAL THEM FOR HER OWN SELFISH GREED.ASK JB TO COME TO MALAWI AND CLEAR US ON WHERE SHE PUT OUR JET MONIES AND WHY SHE WAS SO UNTRUTHFUL TO MALAWIANS ON THIS.ASK JB AND PRESSURE HER TO RETURN TO MALAWI AND GIVE BACK ALL CASHGATE MONIES SHE STOLE FROM MALAWIANS AND ALL MONIES SHE STOLE FROM MALAWIANS AFTER SELLING OUR BELOVED JET.please if you are real CSOs fight for us on this.IF YOU ARE REAL CSOs FIGHTING FOR MALAWIANS RIGHTS PLEASE ASK AND PRESSURE THE MALAWI CONGRESS PARTY TO APOLOGISE TO MALAWIANS ON BEHALF OF KAMUZU WHO KEPT SINGING THAT HIS PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE LIVING IN LICKING HOUSES WHEN HE WAS DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT (EVEN HAVING AN IDEA TO START THE MALATA SUBSIDY PROGRAMME LIKE PETER HAS DONE).ASK MCP TO APOLOGISE TO MALAWIANS ON BEHALF OF KAMUZU WHO USED TO SQUANDER OUR PUBLIC MONIES BY TAKING HUNDREDS OF WOMEN TO UK FOR SHOPPING SPREES ONLY.ASK AND PRESSURE MCP FOR FAILING TO DEVELOP MALAWI TO SUPER STANDARDS LIKE MMENE AKUCHITIRA PETER AND LATE BINGU DESPITE HAVING ENOUGH RESOURCES AND GOOD ECONOMY FOR 31 YEARS.please if you are real CSOs ask and pressure these entities to explain and apologise to malawians now not what you are wasting our times for.

  57. Telling the Truth says:

    A spent force. A party led by a dull incompetent person riding on the back of his father.

  58. MBACHI says:


  59. dodolido says:

    I n Malawi it is impossible for sitting president to steal votes when the president has failed completely. JB is a good example. She failed to rule this country successfully. Then she failed miserably in the presidential elections and she was unable to rig the elections because nobody wanted her including those from broadcasting houses. So leave Mathanyula elone. If he under performs like his sister Namaloko, she will face a chope come 2019.

  60. Attention Seeker says:

    Hahahaha sinanga wanu akudya nawo so this is not surprising. However on a more serious note no serious minded person takes the UDF seriously these days so statements such as these by the party are a waste of time.

  61. blessing lipengs says:

    there movies called dead man walking ,this one is called dead UDF talking

  62. mbuje says:

    Kodi which civil society are calling the president to resign? You mean the Kwataines, the Semberekas, the Mtambos, the Trapences, etc all beneficiaries of Joyce Banda’s cashgate. Leave our APM alone! He is leading Malawi in a very difficult time after the self exiled Abit Mtila ate all government money!

  63. Maundala says:

    You seem to have that wisdom but for the mere fact that you are under DPP armpits,your advice is more less of no value.
    It is a common notion that you don’t solve a problem by applying another problem, but what do you do to a leader who is slowly becoming a tyrany?There is that need to drag him to the right channels of democratic leadership, and the CSO’s are the watchdogs.In any case I see no foulplay here.
    The situation we are passing through requires a unitory collaborative approach by all fellow citizens but for us to achieve this, we need to have the executive that is not too tyrannical.

  64. Kabononkhola says:

    What do you expect from the party that dips its hands in the government coffers

  65. mtumbuka1 says:

    The udf knows if peter steps down atupele will be jobless and this will finish off the already dead party since the founder(bakili) is already sitting on the unemployment line, secondly, if peter goes the new president (most preferably chakwera who happens to be the only hope) will pursue bakili muluzi’s corruption cases. I think we Malawians must change our mindset and put Malawi first and get rid of peter and his dpp. This does not surprise me since udf,pp&dpp are one bunch of crooks& thieves and they deserve to go to hell.

  66. mtate mike rsa says:

    Ndanga plz shatup be quite udf is apowerless party at the moment u think ur voice is nothing forget about ruling again bcoz udf is underpitcoat government.

  67. Thanduxolo says:

    Inu a UDF mukudya nyenyeswa (crumbs, maluvuvu). Ndiye zomwe mukulankhula apazi nzosadabwitsa.

  68. No hope for Malawi,message from the leader says:

    kkkkkkk , what can we expect from UDF,
    ANDANGAAAAAA mau anu sangaveke sopano, munathaa inu

  69. musova says:

    Chipani ichi chikuoneka kuti muli anthu anzeru tsopano

  70. wokwiya says:

    African presidents do not resign. They just get overthrown or simply die to escape that pressure. Leave the president alone to do what he knows best . If we are nor satisfied we shall exit him in 2019. It is impossible to steal votes where you have completely failed to perform.

  71. becks says:

    Kodi UDF ilipobe?

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