UDF, DPP coalition confirmed – Malawi paper

Leader of government in parliament and spokesman of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Francis Kasaila has confirmed  that the DPP  has a  working relationship with United Democratic Front (UDF) whose  president Atupele Muluzi is serving in the President Peter Mutharika cabinet.

Atupele Muluzi and President  Peter Mutharika: Together as one in transformation leadership

Atupele Muluzi and President Peter Mutharika: Together as one in transformation leadership

Muluzi persuaded his party into a parliamentary working coalition with DPP with a silent pact.

“It’s true we have been holding caucuses together with the UDF as you know the UDF president is a Cabinet minister in the DPP government,” Kasaila is quoted confirming in the Weekend Nation of October 11.

The paper reports that when the Budget Session of Parliament was winding up last week and National Assembly Speaker Richard Msowoya announced in the House that the government side was to meet later, Muluzi and UDF parliamentarians made the meeting jointly

Relying on unnamed sources that attended the meeting, the paper reported that Muluzi, who is Minister of Energy, Mining, Environment and Natural Resources, directed all UDF party members to support government both materially and financially, especially during Tuesday’s by-elections in Blantyre and Thyolo which the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won.

UDF leader in the House Lucius Banda, who also attended the caucus and party spokesman Ken Ndanga, could not comment to the paper.

But a senior UDF official who spoke to Nyasa Times said DPP and UDF “can be traced from the same political family tree and its imperative to advance their common progressive and transformative leadership by burying the hatchets that had separated them. We are one people.”

DPP uses blue as its political colour while UDF uses yellow and blue.

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Alexius magunners

Vats a great idea,lets focus on bulding a strong malawi.this is our country n if we part wayz nothing wl b done.as saying goes UNITED WE STAND DEVIDED WE FALL.


Kodi ndale ndi udani??????????????
Atumbuka inu munakhala bwanji?????????
Thats why you never ever have a [resident from your region
Vindere imwe viwanthu va mpoto
Congratulation Atupele and Peter, remember we are one family

Mbowe Mulambia

These are thieves let them fall together. This is God’s plan aonekele poyera young Muluzi is being driven by his father into that coalition Bakili Muluzi has cases to answer to malawian Peter and his DPP has billion on table plus Houses scam ziliko tiziona limodzi


Vindere vakufikapo Minyero yinu anthu akufa akuvutika mzipatala in mukukonzekera 2019!? Agalu in stupid ZANU ndithu.

Political Analyst
There are several scenarios out of the coalition: 1. APM has trick Muluzi and UDF so that he can have a stronger force in resisting federalism after which he will shamelessly dump them 2. Muluzi realizing his chances of begin president are weak as of now has sort to attach himself to the ruling party in hopes of being appointed running mate and potentially vp being politically at an advantage than chilima he seems like the rightful heir to presidency after APM is done if Dpp continue putting up strong campaigns 3. They want to introduce tyranny of majority where… Read more »

,Please improve our country. No good roads, dont u see some countries roads when u visit those countries? Shame! !

ibrahim makwati

ATUPELE: please dont put UDF for sale

Austin Matutu

Like this things will not change in this country. Leaving many issues aside, what purpose will the merger serve? Indeed like son like father, can extend like brother like brother. This merger is like the same mistake PP made when they were in power, bringing on board individuals from DPP. Same ppl, spent forces & the lot, covering country. We r therefore likely to see more ministers from UDF. Your guess is as good as mine, the sort of govt we shall have.

Fathi Shehab

so convient Dpp &Udf forming aliance…Federalism yatentha zedi…nzotheka gudthing all regions share the lakeshore,educstdd pple,mineraks etc rail yokha kulibe ku mpota but canbe compansates with lake sefvice ulimi ndiye paja mhkb anakafikifsako kale.. tiyeni odsopa ayi!


This was foreseen.

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