UDF, DPP coalition confirmed – Malawi paper

Leader of government in parliament and spokesman of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Francis Kasaila has confirmed  that the DPP  has a  working relationship with United Democratic Front (UDF) whose  president Atupele Muluzi is serving in the President Peter Mutharika cabinet.

Atupele Muluzi and President  Peter Mutharika: Together as one in transformation leadership

Atupele Muluzi and President Peter Mutharika: Together as one in transformation leadership

Muluzi persuaded his party into a parliamentary working coalition with DPP with a silent pact.

“It’s true we have been holding caucuses together with the UDF as you know the UDF president is a Cabinet minister in the DPP government,” Kasaila is quoted confirming in the Weekend Nation of October 11.

The paper reports that when the Budget Session of Parliament was winding up last week and National Assembly Speaker Richard Msowoya announced in the House that the government side was to meet later, Muluzi and UDF parliamentarians made the meeting jointly

Relying on unnamed sources that attended the meeting, the paper reported that Muluzi, who is Minister of Energy, Mining, Environment and Natural Resources, directed all UDF party members to support government both materially and financially, especially during Tuesday’s by-elections in Blantyre and Thyolo which the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won.

UDF leader in the House Lucius Banda, who also attended the caucus and party spokesman Ken Ndanga, could not comment to the paper.

But a senior UDF official who spoke to Nyasa Times said DPP and UDF “can be traced from the same political family tree and its imperative to advance their common progressive and transformative leadership by burying the hatchets that had separated them. We are one people.”

DPP uses blue as its political colour while UDF uses yellow and blue.

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104 thoughts on “UDF, DPP coalition confirmed – Malawi paper”

  1. Alexius magunners says:

    Vats a great idea,lets focus on bulding a strong malawi.this is our country n if we part wayz nothing wl b done.as saying goes UNITED WE STAND DEVIDED WE FALL.

  2. Jabesi says:

    Kodi ndale ndi udani??????????????
    Atumbuka inu munakhala bwanji?????????
    Thats why you never ever have a [resident from your region
    Vindere imwe viwanthu va mpoto
    Congratulation Atupele and Peter, remember we are one family

  3. These are thieves let them fall together. This is God’s plan aonekele poyera young Muluzi is being driven by his father into that coalition Bakili Muluzi has cases to answer to malawian Peter and his DPP has billion on table plus Houses scam ziliko tiziona limodzi

  4. Mswazi says:

    Vindere vakufikapo Minyero yinu anthu akufa akuvutika mzipatala in mukukonzekera 2019!? Agalu in stupid ZANU ndithu.

  5. Political Analyst says:

    There are several scenarios out of the coalition:

    1. APM has trick Muluzi and UDF so that he can have a stronger force in resisting federalism after which he will shamelessly dump them

    2. Muluzi realizing his chances of begin president are weak as of now has sort to attach himself to the ruling party in hopes of being appointed running mate and potentially vp being politically at an advantage than chilima he seems like the rightful heir to presidency after APM is done if Dpp continue putting up strong campaigns

    3. They want to introduce tyranny of majority where by they do things that are in their regions favour by hiding behind the idea that the majority chose this, because this coalition will ensure a majority in the south.

    4. Malawians should watch out for kleptocracy, which is a government runs affairs In a manner that increases personal political power and personal wealth of its officials at the expense of the masses out there in this case Malawians will become poorer while they become richer.

  6. Andrew says:

    ,Please improve our country. No good roads, dont u see some countries roads when u visit those countries? Shame! !

  7. ibrahim makwati says:

    ATUPELE: please dont put UDF for sale

  8. Austin Matutu says:

    Like this things will not change in this country. Leaving many issues aside, what purpose will the merger serve? Indeed like son like father, can extend like brother like brother. This merger is like the same mistake PP made when they were in power, bringing on board individuals from DPP. Same ppl, spent forces & the lot, covering country. We r therefore likely to see more ministers from UDF. Your guess is as good as mine, the sort of govt we shall have.

  9. Fathi Shehab says:

    so convient Dpp &Udf forming aliance…Federalism yatentha zedi…nzotheka gudthing all regions share the lakeshore,educstdd pple,mineraks etc rail yokha kulibe ku mpota but canbe compansates with lake sefvice ulimi ndiye paja mhkb anakafikifsako kale.. tiyeni odsopa ayi!

  10. makito says:

    This was foreseen.

  11. waliya khale says:

    Saulosi usakhumate. Unasochera wekha. Sianthu owathandiza awa. Why behind Atupele? Walakwa chiyani? Kwanu ndi ku Lizulu, Ntcheu, MNgoni weniweni. chenjera. Apa wakulu sauzidwa. Go back to your roots. Pali chiyani pakati pa Austin and Arthur pofika kuyika MG2 pa MG ? Take care Saulsi. You are still youthful.

    1. Maso adyera says:

      This photo was taken at a national event before May elections, and at this point both Atupele and APM were in opposition, that is why they were bundled in the same tent, and there was a VIP tent for JB. At this event, despite Atupele and APM sitting next to each other, they never exchanged a word. It was during campaign season

  12. Fathi Shehab says:

    Natipnal issues we sll debate &vote not ze Nodth only…luk half the working class in cities are frm thd North….so they will not partivipate? mumvera mjamwa nkganiyi osati makutu ndi mumtima!¡ beelersni nwspita ku thengo !

  13. VYOTO says:



  14. Gogo Pitala says:

    A Chilima chanu palibe with this. These people are bent on tribalism and nothing else. Apa UDF yamala and chawo palibe. Bakili waona chipani chake chikutha dzuwa likuswa mtengo. Next kick Atupele out. Akasowa poyambira.

  15. zoona says:

    Nonsense …. one day things shall change in this country..leaders from the south you tend to chose one onther koma wait the day is comming when cenral and north will come together .. beilive me or not.. and MCP shall lead this country with integrity..

    icant see good leader on these people all what i see is power hungry….Atupere will make UDF kuti ithe because will never ever vote for udf again

  16. allanyakhuwa says:

    mwana uyo chikuvulutsa chipani,ndiwakubaso ngati atate wake

  17. Isaac Lyton AKA Drogba is back. says:

    Like father like sons.Threatened by federalism calls

  18. Nkhwanjee! says:

    End of UDF — opportunity seekers

  19. this is nonsense but anyway asiyeni adye nawo
    poti enafe will never vote again

  20. micheal says:

    north will still stand let the young

    boy join peter

  21. Anonymous says:

    we are not talking about MCP here why mixing stories

  22. Issa Kabudu says:

    This coalition will have a better results of development of Malawians in particular and Malawi at large. Uku ndiye kubwela, where there is mgwilizano pali chitukuko, why should politicians fight instead of working together in production and development? Our eyes r on those who r looking for federal government and division, their success wil meet hardships in their future political agenda.

  23. KIM GAMA says:

    Atupele dyera

  24. McCaiphus says:

    atupele uja watha basi, athu ndi maso jus watchin’ dem!



  26. Nyangwani says:

    Bakili Muluzi went to see Mutharika last wk at Sanjika Palace under the pretext of commowealth envoy. A few days later there’s a coalition between UDF and DPP. Are u surprised? It’s him who has negotiated the coalition. Malawians wake up. Muluzi is still running UDF thru his son.

  27. A Chilima anafoyira game ili yawo.

  28. A Chilima game mukuluzatu iyi, mukuziwona komwe zikupita? Iyi ndi DPP yakugwiritsani nthito basi.Maso mphenya anga MULUZI ndi PETER akudzasiyilana udindo.My opinion.


  30. Ndixman says:

    Week ago i write a comment about .Chiwinja cha Ayao and Muhlakho wa Alomhwe ,and i ask Sena to form an organization,here we go president will be coming from south ,whether you like it on not ,we going to rule until………………You can study day and night ,have your titles Dr,Pro ,Acc etc Chipewa chimenechi ndi chanthu chimatikhala.Dont even think of running away ,we never come here to play even our cousin from Moz knows about

  31. AMBOLOZIO says:

    Kungowasiila a MCP simwagwanayo baxi, mwana kupha chipani.

  32. AMBOLOZIO says:


  33. Alekhalibdul says:

    Pliz pliz northerners y hav u done dat mwaishoshelanji u c dis dpp/udf dats it..u hav jst made south 2 b the strongest region..kaya zanu izo fightin a loosin battle jst makin southerners 2 b stronger..woyeeeeeeeeeeeee south&east

  34. Naganza says:

    This is the end of the party which brought democracy to Malawi. So sad. This young man has lost all respect. Even his own people don’t trust him. He wanted to protect his father. What a mistake. One can see how greediness of Muluzi family or Malawians. Can not say NO for money. they even sell their souls. these people are like Juda who sold his friend. MEC boss sold Malawi to a man who could not win the votes and he cried. Now come to the bible. Juda cried when they came to take Jesus. He realized what he did was wrong when he saw what they were doing to Jesus too late. It is the same for Mbendera. The man now he realized that what he did was wrong. He will never live happy in all his life. He knows he is the most hated man. I don’t know how he can sleep. Educated people in Malawi have felt Malawi.

  35. Hehede says:

    Only north will vote. Why should other regions vote?

  36. Jumbo says:

    There it is the country is divided in half, Eastern and Southern Regions on one hand then Central and Northern Regions on the other hand. It will be a question of populations, North and Central have a slight edge.

  37. Alungwana says:

    MCP remains the strongest party. Wait and see

  38. mulhima says:

    Ndikuti ndi Professor, very good at building than breaking

  39. Mwana wa Mackmillan says:

    Ayawo ndi alhomwe ndiye eni ake dziko enanu kaya

  40. Taelos says:

    We have problems of understanding & translation,we have been fighting that,we have many parties in the suitecases,why are we getting disapointed? More fire Atu pamalawi pano ndi dziwa wekha mkhuto wa fulu.

  41. popi says:

    afera limodzi!

  42. Amidu Salim says:

    Owky! lets watch

  43. Thoko says:

    Saulosi Chilima read between the lines, you are done

  44. ZAMFUFU says:

    Lets wasit and see somebody amwa tamec apa!

  45. vin mongu says:

    who is fooling who here? at least atupele and his dad are strategising, if you can’t beat them join them. as the picture tells saulosi should be sad. another battle coming once mutharika ‘dies’. it is good to have a powerful constitution in as far as succession is concerned. mcp and pp wake up and see, udf and dpp can get outright 51% in an election now so WAKE WAKE

  46. Phiri phiri says:

    Angoni kusupa gule asanavine mwawona2 izi wathuyu amusasa apa.

  47. swazini says:

    mayo ine…! malawi wanga . mbamva zija zonse muboma ndalama zathu mayo

  48. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Pepani a Chilima, yanu yagona basi. Tinanena ife, Petera simunthu, uyo! mutha kuona kuti zinthu ziwiri zizachitika pastogolo apa (two scenarios) 1. Peter may choose Atupele as a presidential running mate. 2. Peter may choose not to stand and let Atupele stand as president for the coalition. By the way Atupele is nothing but bootricker, someone who seems not to have gone to school, practicing cheap politics. to hell with DPP and UDF!

  49. If muluz wasnt elected d minister sibwezi tikuona coalition yo koma y 2dayt shld dat b d case,,,,,,,,,,,,?i smell a rat bout diz coalitionz

  50. emmanuel tukula says:

    Tonse ndife amalawi ino ndinthawi yokonza Malawi osati yolimbana ndindale ayi. Dpp udf tiyeni tikonze Malawi akhale Malawi wankaka ndi uchi.

  51. M'BAYA says:

    mutharika ndi mutu akudziwa zimene akupanga wll done atupele can help u,its not about north/south/or central bt leaders who can move malawi at a certain stage

  52. Mbano says:

    Very good move by UDF. We should have a maximum of three parties competing at every general election, not having a long list on ballot paper. Ballot paper kutalika ngati toilet paper?

  53. A Chilima Apa Ndiye Zakuvutani.Tsogolo Mulibetu Inu,pezani Tsogolo Nthawi Ikadalipo,muzafa Ndi Bp Mukapanga Masewera,muthadi Ngati Makatani.Blood Is Thicker Than Water.Becarefull,akupha,ana Anu Ndi Mkazi Azalilira Kuutsi

  54. United we stand, divided we fall
    Tiyeni tigwire ntchito limodzi
    Atupele Woyeeeeee
    Professor Woyeeee —wakwiya ndinfiti

  55. Quota system says:

    As the adage goes,”If you cannot win him, join him. Indeed Chilima relegated to the back. They want to join forces against the upcoming calls of federalism. We are going to see

  56. Vembe says:

    Folks, u have to understand the political language and twists in our country. APM knows for sure that chilima is not a politician and can not full convince the majority if he is to stand as a president.

    Atupele has been in politics for more than a decade and he is well matured to play the cards. With the growing calls for federalism and seccesion APM is clever enough to chip in Muluzi and UDF coz in that way the whole south and east will have one say

    Note that Chilima is from the center and in any way he can only have a popular vote from his home district NTCHEU.

    Strategists within the DPP and UDF are well getting prepared for federalism in case people vote for it i mean if center is to go for that

    U have to know that these parties will do whatever it takes to keep the preidency in the south.

    1. Political Analyst says:

      i agree, Malawian politics rests in numbers the more people who know you even if they are not fully conviced by you the better That’s how APM came to power he made himself known all over Malawi even in places where he wasn’t popular he still made himself present there and the small number of votes in those places complimented his majority win in the south. So I am not surprised that he will use the same strategy here to suppress federation calls and with udf on his side he can easily have a 51% and shut out opposition

  57. macd says:

    koma a VP mpaka second row ..wat is really happening

    1. ndangodusamo says:

      This photo was taken when they attended a Catholic church function before May 20 elections i.e. when Chilima was only a running mate and Atupele was UDF presidential candidate. The sitting plan was arranged by the church.

  58. kwangu says:

    Peter and Saulos have a cordial working relationship, its abiti and Bingu who had problems with their deputies

  59. bullshit says:

    A Chilima ayamba kukhala kumbuyo Atupele next to the President? Mmmmhhhh

  60. Brashy says:

    Mulungu Ndiye Adziwa Zonse

  61. wamdara madala says:

    am afraid for my vp and my party (udf) thats the end of my party if it wount bring death to my vp a soljier mwaganiza bwanji ndi ma frenya anuwo?

  62. Horeb says:

    The problems here is the Chew people who tend to vote for southern parties denying their brother votes pliz understand as Ntata wrote that the south will rule for ever if the centre does not want federalism as the north will be independent soon. Shame Malawian politics of greed. Mwaona a Chewa take a firm stance now this is a divided country indeed!


    How disappointing!!!
    For DPP & UDF, with their following in the South, life in Malawi will carry on as normal; I wouldn’t be so sure.
    How then is this silly self-serving coalition going to “tame” the rebellious North which has not minced words about its desire to SECEDE??
    People of the Central Region, through their mighty MCP, have also formally submitted their proposal for a Federal System.
    So, NO!!! We cannot continue with the status quo. In 2019 we will vote for state administrations: North Central & South. Your mediocre coalition will have little bearing for Central & Northern States, Sorry.

  64. zumbwanga says:

    Bola ukhale mgwirizano weni weni kuti athandizane kumanga malawi.Ndikofunika kwambiri mwina kabwila atengerepo chisanzo kugwira ntchito limodzi ndi Boma. Asamakhalire yake ija yonyoza a ABIG MAN .. (president)

  65. jbimusa says:

    southern united = presidency in Malawi from the south forever like it or not that’s the truth, anganya forget it . kkkkkkkkk

  66. zaganjazo ife ayi kufuna kuti muzingoba basi

  67. Tengupenya says:

    Talking about unions, from time immemorial, the union between Alhomwe and Ayao works best when a Lhomwe suitor marries a Yao bride. Do not ask me how this works and which inheritance customs are preferred of the union. In the coalition of DPP and UDF, who was the suitor? What are the inheritance prospects? The more ideologically generic UDF will permeate the progressive DPP and a new genre of hegemonic party will be born out of this wedding.

  68. Emmanuel Chikopa says:

    Standing for people in neno i guess that this issue is useless to us coz what we need is development not how leaders are positioning themselves or how they are reunite. When neno will be considered as a district that will have all necesary services eg roads?

    1. Neno says:

      Good point!!!! As Neno person two, I get pissed too that we are being neglected but we are hardly vocal about this. Next time APM comes to Neno without the road being tarred he should be chased off like a thief.Mxx

  69. Chikadzakuwani says:

    That is how people can sale themselves

  70. FCK says:

    I repeat what i have been saying UDF LATER ON DPP have an internal secret policy which they declared and they will try all possible ways that the policy remains .they have agreed that the president and candiddates of the parties shalll come from the southern region and their running mates or vice shall come from the central region and that there shall be change in religion 10 yrs a muslim next 10 yrs christian these were laid down by Muluzi no wander you see him playing all tricks to make sure this happens so Kalebe ,CHIRIMA and all af you who are from other regions don’t think you will lead this party or dream to be presidential candidate for these party

  71. It is a well known that these Southern region parties, Dpp, UDF, and PP are in coliation in oppressing other regions. They want to concentrate the power in Southern region. The Center is just used to fulfill the goals of the Southern region to keep the presidency in Southern region. I admire Nyika people to have realized that they are taken for a ride. Southern region tribes are united and will never allow other regions to have the presidency. I call mupon Nyika people to fight for secession. There is no use to be in union with this Mulhako Southern dominated government. It is time for the Center to work up and fight for the destiney of their people in the Center. I don’t know whether you’re satisfied being second class citizens of Malawi. Nyika people will fight for secession to the last man until our Nyika is free from slavery.

    1. Giling'ande says:

      I thought you people from Mzimba have just voted for a DPP councillor now what are you ranting about…shupiti

    2. Inu says:

      The destiny of the central is with the south because we are more or less the same. The Maseko Ngonis are in Ntcheu, Mwanza, Neno. The Chewas are also all over. Yaos are also in Dedza, Salima and Nkhotakota. How can we separate from each other?

    3. DPP Cadet says:

      What is preventing Nyika parties to form a coalition? Which nyika person is ever chained and dragged to vote for DPP? Does the recent by elections in KARONGA ring a bell? People are free to vote according their free will in Malawi and they are voting for unity not your imaginary federation, loser! Work up and smell the coffee, Mighty DPP is the only national party with clear developmental agenda and capacity for development and will rule for years.

  72. Gogo Pitala says:

    End of UDF as Bakili predicted “kutha ngati makatani”. It’s good that UDF that brought suffering amongst Malawians has finished like that. Saulos you better watch out as these people will now get rid of you. Bakili has noted that Peter is too old and will be dead in less than 10 years and has seen this as a strategic move for his son to go through the window. These people want power to remain in the south. They have done away with Ntaba and Kalilani. Next will be Saulos Chilima.

  73. pierra says:

    trouble with our country is that parties tie the note without due respect to the constitution of the nation. what is the point of holding elections when parties can choose when to come to bed with one another without recourse to constitutional play. surely, the constitution should spell out that such marriages of convenience be announced first and foremost before undertaking by-partisan unity in parliamentary business; this then makes any dealing without such recourse illegal with any agreed terms null and void.

    surely, the speaker of the house should have noted this and put a stop to it or call for the house to sit and debate the fact! Even UDF should know better that to enter into illegal agreement deciding on national fiscal policy and strategy puts their party into disrepute and makes them guilty for any bad cheques and transactions thereby entered into.

    ppo deserve to know facts!

    1. Inu says:

      Actually in Europe, coalitions are the order of the day, so there is nothing unconstitutional about that. Our constitution forbids MPs from crossing the floor but parties are welcome from forming coalitions. Just a fact of life and there is nothing that the speaker can do. This is the result of federation calls. I told you, every change has its losses so do not expect to be all gains with the call for federation.

    2. Malawians should learn to differeciate between a Party President and President. If Mluzi wants to join DPP let him go but he should not drag UDF as a Party to be in working Relation with DPP. We have never heard that Mluzi went on a countrywide tour to consult the grassroot about this relationship. Aford messed the chance the sameway too C ca Pfuko. Udf must not be a second example to vanish. Convince us that Mluzi is really worthy to follow.

      1. Maseko Ngoni says:

        Unfortunately the way things are UDF is on its way to the grave. The party is winning less seats with each election. Since it is a personal instition of the Muluzi family it shall only exist to protect the interests of the family and right now is to prevent Muluzi senior from prosecution

  74. MIKE NDAU says:


  75. cashgate1 says:

    I can now understand why atcheya amangozunguliralira ku Sanjika. I am also convinced now that Atupele will stand as presidential candidate for DPP/UDF in 2019.

  76. MIKE NDAU says:


    1. Chitaganya says:

      Thought I was the only one who noticed the miserable position of Saulosi, when shall the VPs get honoured in Malawi, sorry Angoni. Next we shall hear that Saulosi …..treason. i don’t kno if our coffers are safe in this DPP/UDF combination Central and Northern Regions should fight for independence and leave these crooks alone.

      1. ndangodusamo says:

        Nanu inu. You mean you can’t see that the photo was taken before the May elections. Loook carefully at the picture. It is at a Catholic church function before the May elections. The sitting plan was arranged by the church. Wamva!!!!!!!

  77. Nakamaghitt says:

    If this were true why has DPP included UDF members in its recent appointments?

    The young Muluzu could have done his followers justice by telling them the truth instead of just abandoning the party!

    Very sad and pathetic!

  78. opportunist says:

    UDF is gone for good what a mistake .Power hungry .

  79. Yobe boo says:

    Ndale zonunkha zimenezi. Tingokhalira ndale, chitukuko tizachiona liti?

    1. Inu says:

      It is because of the regionalistic calls for federation, that is why we are just focussing on politics. I mean, would it not have made sense for you northerners to strategize on the ways in which you can call for more development in the north without really being regionalistic about it? So which do you think the central is going on this one. I know MCP will remain neutral but there is no way it can go north. It happened once under Gwanda but that was the end of him.

  80. eye eye says:

    the genesis of ‘UNITED DEMOCRATIC’ ‘PROGRESSIVE PARTY’ (UDPP)……not surprising under the current circumstances…politics is about politicking strategically

  81. mayani says:

    PP izakhala itatha by 2019.Abiti akuyendetsa chipani ngati NGO

  82. Mwenecho says:

    what about Chipani cha fuko thats not fair

  83. Whayo says:

    Mwalowanso ya a Chair ija. Go ahead your party will be finished just like your dad did to Afford

  84. James says:

    Atupele mwagulitsa chipani

  85. ujeni says:

    The end of UDF, greedy family party. This just confirms the status quo, Southerm Region on one side and North and Central Regions together on the other side. How can a rug party 5 months after winning elections start preparing for 2019 elections, are we on government to govern a.d implement our manifestos or to win elections and start stealing tax payers money?

    1. Inu says:

      I dont think the central is partnership with the north. Right now we are neutral but if worse comes to the worst then we go south. That is where our brothers and sisters are

  86. mkanda says:

    The tell tales were already all over. It was just a matter of time for this to come out in the open. It further cements the theory that state UDF/DPP shall go to 2019 polls a one front with Atupele as a candidate. This then calls for MCP and PP also to start some serious soul searching. Or PP as a offshoot of DPP will sign a pact with UDF/DPP. These will start be visible by the time we will be having a Referendum over federalism and its other options.

    1. Inu says:

      If MCP goes into coalition with PP, it will lose a lot of support from many of us in the central region. The best for MCP is to strategize how to grow the party in the South. i cannot say much for the noh since I am not sure whether in 2019 north will still be part of Malawi. But assuming it is by then, then the norh will have to support MCP.


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