UDF, DPP in ‘governing pact’ not a coalition –expert

University of Malawi political analyst Dr Henry Chingaipe has said Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and w United Democratic Front (UDF are in a ‘governing pact’ not a coalition and has called the affair ‘cosy’.

Atupele greets  DPP supporters

Atupele greets DPP supporters

Leader of the House Francis Kasaila confirmed the working relationship of DPP and UDF calling it a coalition.

But Chingaipe called the affair as an arrangement between the elected political elites of the parties.

“As such, I find it difficult to call it a coalition as not all members are involved nor were all concerned consulted; hence making it a secret ‘coalition’,” said Chingaipe in an interview published in The Nation newspaper.

Chingaipe said it was expected that UDF would be in a closer relationship with DPP after UDF President Atupele Muluzi was appointed into Cabinet.

The political analysts pointed out that DPP did not need UDF to govern after they won the election.

“If the current arrangement fell apart, the government would still function as if nothing ever happened. With coalitions, the scenarios would be very different. The UDF/DPP arrangement is simply some kind of a ‘a political pact’ that began with agreements at personal level and over time, following the drift of patrimonial politics that characterise our political leaders, extended to their political parties,” said Chingaipe.

There has been widespread speculation on President Peter Mutharika and Atupele Muluzi’s working political relationship of late.

Chingaipe also noted that Muluzi and Mutharika are “repositioning themselves for the future.”

He pointed out that “this may affect or shape the incentive structures of their parties differently, for good or worse. Only time will tell. For now, all I can say is the world is watching; and watching closely.”

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23 thoughts on “UDF, DPP in ‘governing pact’ not a coalition –expert”

  1. kadya kapita says:

    Simple people discuss people, middle people discuss events & big people discuss issues

  2. Aferazao says:

    UDF inatha kalekale ngati makatani a ka resthouse ka ku Ntaja. Atupele knows the party cannot survive on its own so he decided to seek refuge in Peter’s pants. I hope he will not resurrect in 2019 and start asking people to vote ukitiukiti. Only the stupid minded will listen to this baby. Once a baby always a baby, seeking refuge from agogo Peter.

  3. Penu says says:


    1. Kanyimbi says:

      Amwene inu nokha ndiye machende anu basi.

  4. We hv to wait nd see what ll’ happen in future.

  5. Abiti Mtila says:

    The advantage of federalism is that you get funds from your own resources. Now if The South becomes decentralized, it will benefit from taxes from its numbers. Atumbuka inu khaya ndi ku tchire kwanuko ndalama mukazitenga kuti. DPP and UDF are one only that Bingu and Bakili were not in good books. That can not continue because Peter is a different Person and has his own leadership style. United we will all stand divided we will fall! Tinaonera AFFORD!

  6. exodus chenembu says:

    lets wait and see .only time will tell

  7. The Truthful One from the West says:

    UDF is a spent force. It is good it has been swallowed by DPP. Atupele is as greedy as his father and his head is empty. He cannot contribute anything to Malawi. Even in government he is not a force to reckon with. As for DPP Malawians with some knowledge by now know that Peter Mutharika with his DPP will not transform Malawi. The building of the so called Community Colleges and ill-defined cement and iron sheets subsidy program will not create long lasting jobs. What creates long lasting jobs is the economy. What do you do for an economy to create long lasting jobs? Does DPP have an answer to this question? Judging from what Peter Mutharika’s DPP has done so far the answer is no. The way DPP, a party that brought Malawi to its knees by April 2012, has started does not give hope. Malawi will continue to lag behind neighbouring countries.

    1. osita osadebe says:

      Mukhalira yomweyo yongonyoza anzanu amakobili inu mmalo moti mukhale pansi mulingalire zothesa umphawi wanu ayi. Koma muli buzy kutukwana anthu osalakwa. Mbudzi zanthu chonsecho mulibe kalikonse. Alada lada de go wamnya wanyahu miyari ogurubwado ogurubwadaha. Iprikwa prikwa. Mind ur own bzns. Nw u thnk ur fucken mutharika cn make u ritch 4 get it. Find smethng to 2 help ur fucken family. Izinja lezi. Fuck u asow!!!!

  8. MADALA says:


  9. Quota system says:

    One party will swallow the other . Tcheya used to say “Kupinyolitsa chipani” Zonsenzi kuli kuwopa federalism

  10. opportunist says:

    Birds of the same feathers flock together

  11. Hope Banda says:

    Dr Chingaipe left the University of Malawi long ago.

  12. CONGO MAFIA says:

    Coalition or governing pact; which one comes first? There cannot be governing pact without a coalition according to my understanding. Whichever it is the means justify the end. Muzi patsana upresidenti ma banja awiriwo basi. Zabwino zonse.

  13. Nobel says:

    Those who are saying the pact will survive are joking coz very soon the DPP camp will feel sidelined. Imagine th scenario where Chilima is being overshadowed by Atuperes presence in DPP and govt. On the same, let those jeering for the pact should also get prepared to see Saulosi Chilima walking the same M1 JB walked prior to her becoming Malawi’s first female president. So Chingaipe is really true ‘for good or worse’

  14. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

    Pangani tiona. Remember these are politicians

  15. Wh@ a shameful decision?if u r of the view tthat is against federalism,then mwalemba mmadzi,coz central + northern r in multitudes,kkkkkk

  16. Hamu says:


  17. You can watch even closer but UDF and DPP coalition is here to stay and for sure it will achieve its objective
    Atupele Woyeeeee!
    Professor Woyeeee!

  18. As I said previously that UDF and DPP are the same evil, parties from the Southern region positioning themselves to keep the presidency in the South. These two parties will continue to pass many “isms” laws to oppress Nyika people. Quota system will stay until Nyika people embark on armed struggle to free Nyikaland from this union. Secession is the only solution for Nyika people rather than Federalism. The MCP need to face the reality whether they want to be in coalition with terrorists DPP and UDF. They just need to be brave to demand equality but if they want to succumb then they must be prepared that the Center will be slaves until thy kingdom come. If Federalism is to be adopted one of the demand should be rotational presidency and strong provincial governments. They need to fight for this otherwise they are doomed. They need to drum this idea to their people in the Center maybe Nyika people will join them in Federalism. Nyika people had it enough and that is the reason they demand secession.

    1. Babanibanamphoyozauka says:

      Are you talking about Nykaland or Tumbukastan?

    2. Clement says:


  19. ZEZE says:

    Tadziwa kale kuti akuopa federal govt kuti apange alliance pa referendum komabe aluza chifukwa
    Centre + North= Federalism.
    Tikudziwa kuti mwamuchotsa Jean Kalirani pa u SG because of federalism.

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