UDF introduces party membership cards

United Democratic Front (UDF) has resolved to introduce party membership cards as way of generating funds and establish membership, a senior official has confirmed.

Ndanga: UDF membership cards will be voluntary

Ndanga: UDF membership cards will be voluntary

Party publicist Ken Ndanga also said the party is reviewing the way it conducts primary elections in a bid to improve it.

“We want to find out how many members we have, we want to have sustainable ways of raising money for the party instead of relying on a few individuals,” said Ndanga.

It is believed that the Muluzi family bankrolls activities of the party.

UDF campaigned against forced party membership in the run up to the 1994 general election, the first multiparty election since 1965 but Ndanga said the forced party cards during the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) one party system is different from the one the UDF want to embark on as it will be voluntary.

Chancellor College political analyst Joseph Chunga described the move as a welcome development, saying party members will feel ownership of the party.

“Ordinary members should have means of contributing to their party,” he said.

The UDF was the ruling party in Malawi from 1994 to 2004 under President Bakili Muluzi. In 2005, former president Bingu wa Mutharika dumped the UDF, a party that sponsored him into power accusing the party of high level corruption. Later, Mutharika formed the Democratic Progressive Party and arrested his handpicked predecessor Bakili Muluzi.

UDF is now in a political working relationship with DPP with the party president Atupele Muluzi serving in the cabinet of President Peter Mutharika.

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32 thoughts on “UDF introduces party membership cards”

  1. FAVOUR says:

    I can not sale my rights just like that mukazawina muzandibelenso za tax through cashgate za ziiii go to hell with your fucken cards

  2. bamusi says:


  3. QueenB says:

    Hypocrites! Muluzi was bwabwabwa against MCP’s membership cards and now he is doing the same.

  4. John says:



    A KEN NDANGA AKUNGOTUWA UKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. John says:

    inu a kunyumba zoulusira mawu, tabweretsani zimene munatepa Tcheya akulalatira Kongeresi pa nkhani yamakadi. Zodiaki, where are you. Ife timakunyadiranitu ife!

  6. John says:

    Actually Founder of MCP and first leader was Orton Chirwa from Nkhata-Bay, then Kamuzu Banda from Kasungu, Gwanda from Nsanje, Tembo from Dedza and now Chakwera from Lilongwe. Nanga enanu, chipani kukakamira in one family ngati ufumu. Shame!

  7. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Kachipani konunkha chifwiri. Kukonda njuga onani kachipani mudapinyolitsa. Anthu wopanda mwambo.

  8. Goliati says:

    Inu mumayesa MCP ndiyoipa koma lero ndi zumenezi

  9. HEHE YAAA says:


  10. Chatty Man says:

    Za ziiii

  11. ANTI-GAY says:

    akufuna pension awa, chipani chinatha kaleou dont . Buying this card will mean becoming diphiphi.

  12. Wapamtima says:

    Che Muluzi was on top against nation party(MCP) cards. To day is introducing a membership card to afamily party(UDF) mwina enanu simudziwa we have only one nation party in Malawi, that is MCP. zinazi ndi zipani zamabanja. Ta onani utsongoleli mmene umayendela mzipani zinazi. Simple picture in M C P, first headed by Kamuzu from Kasungu second Chakwamba from Msanje third Tembo from Dedza current leader Chakwela from Lilongwe. Lets look to PP, AFFORD, DPP and UDF now you can judge.

  13. King Jaffe Joffer says:

    This is stagnating politics. Am surprised a political scientist from Chanco applauds such a lame initiative. The people you see at political rallies are voters not members. Party’s membership is elective and that shouldn’t be mistaken with voters . Voters vote for a particular party depending on how that party has carried itself out throughout the five years up to the voting day and make that choice towards the end of the voting term. So to say we want to register members to know how many a party has in the first term is monotonous. Why should people fund you now when you will have to campaign to get their vote and they may not even vote for you anyway? This young democrat called Ken Ndanga need to desist from misapplying the principles he acquired during the dark days as a youth leaguer.

  14. zopusa says:


  15. chikhadzula says:

    Thats a welcome idea, udf kumeneko nde kuzitolela ,mwayamba bwino,, isalute udf for iqs omer dismisal amaononga chipani.

  16. Chief critic says:

    Brilliant idea though the current economic meltdown does not favour it. mbuyanga panotu anthu akusowa ya nirma yeniyeni

  17. Me says:

    ……..ngati makatani kkkkk

  18. jp says:

    To hell udf, I lost my love for this yellow party for the first time and will never regret it, I am proud to belong to a strong party now which carry on Malawians hopes. Theives…………

  19. Ma says:

    Once mcp always mcp Bakili hardly can he die to mcp ideologies. ..hehehe

  20. Mirella K says:

    I will nid to but one as well. Aaaah ife ndi a yellow-tu

  21. Chechawunichile says:

    National Governing Council for UDF,When are you starting Introduce Membership Cards?

  22. Gadabwali says:

    The more things change, the more they remain the same!

  23. Anyoni says:

    Not in Malawi this will never work. The money will end up in party-gate

  24. youna says:


  25. Rift Valley says:

    There is no way any party can force anyone to buy a Membership Card in this multiparty demecracy. I suggest all parties introduce membership cards as a way of verifying who are true mebers. I am glad the membership drive is being introduced by UDF, an INFANT party, otherwise people would have been up in arms had the suggestion been championed by the Mighty MCP. Admitted MCP went over board during the one party era. However, it was the system at the time. They cannot, never, repeat the the same mistake now.

  26. zaya ku nkhongo says:

    This is a very welcome move by my dearest party. It’s just unfortunate that i am not residing in Malawi lately, but i am optimistic that by the time i will be back home all necessary preparations regarding the same will be finalised. I will certainly register. Long live UDF! ????

  27. anadimba says:

    kodi chipani chimenechi chilipobe etiii? Simunachigulitsa ku DPP?he he simudzalowanso mboma. Chipani cha boko haram.


    Zinayamba choncho ndi MCP kenako kufika pa nyakula

  29. Ankhwani says:

    I feel for Ken Ndanga and other UDF well wishers because all efforts they make are fruitless. Every one step forward the greedy son of the former president moves the party three steps backwards. I am doubting very much if this party will be forminable again come 2019. I did no think that when Atcheya likened other parties as makani he was also prophesying for his own UDF. We do not seem to learn from past mistakes. Where is AFORD if I may ask? Do you wonder why MCP is still very strong after 21 years in opposition?

    The more things change the more they remain the same. Who thought UDF would introduce party membership cards as a way of generating party financial resources given the way they demonised it? Perhaps the difference is that it will not be forced on people. However UDF is in this case is like a dog that is eating its own vomit. Shame on you Atupele with your fake Agenda for Change. Voti yanga sudzaionanso.

  30. Sinapondamtota Mbirithire Masiyafumbi says:

    Dyera ya Atupele yawononga chipani

  31. Zikatha says:

    If it were MCP mukanamva phokoso lake. Koma popeza ndi UDF kuli ziii zikuwoneka kuti ndizabwinobwino. But am not surprised. UDF is just a briefcase party. No one cares anymore

  32. Kanyimbi says:

    This is welcome news.

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