UDF kicked out of Parliament Business Committee

The United Democratic Front (UDF), which relocated from opposition to government benches, continues to lose its identity in Parliament with Speaker Richard Msowoya announcing the party has lost membership in the Business Committee.

Lilian Patel: UDF chief whip out of Business Committee

Lilian Patel: UDF chief whip out of Business Committee

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) MPs questioned the decision by Speaker to include Lilian Patel as UDF chief whip in the business committee when the party will no longer have a leader or representation in the House.

Dedza South West MP Clement Mlombwa (MCP) cited Standing Order 155, which states that the business committee shall comprise the Speaker, leader of the House, leader of opposition, leaders of parties not in government and opposition party whips.

The Speaker who promised to consult with the business committee on the way forward on Monday reported back to the House the committee discussed the issue of UDF membership in the Business Committee

“I wish to inform the House that, after a careful consideration of Standing Order 155, the Business Committee resolved that UDF cannot have representation in the Business Committee,” the Speaker told the House.

UDF described its partnership with DPP as a ‘parliamentary coalition’.

There have been calls to have UDF MPs who have relocated to government benches have their seats declared vacant for floor crossing.

But associate professor of law Edge Kanyongolo of Chancellor College argues that by just physically moving to the government side, UDF MPs had not contravened the spirit of Section 65, which describes the process of “crossing the floor”.

UDF has 11 MPs seated on the government side, which has increased DPP’s numerical strength in the 193-member National Assembly to 63, excluding Banda and Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament Clement Chiwaya who are UDF, but not affected by the move.

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53 thoughts on “UDF kicked out of Parliament Business Committee”

  1. moni says:

    Palibe chopeteka ngati kusaona comment yako yomwe siunanyoze wina aliyense pomwe macomment onyoza ali mbwe mbwe. Kudana mkuwuzidwa chilungamo.

  2. Chinyengo says:

    Atupele and UDF are slowly but surely losing their identity because of greed. You are like quick sand you can’t stand your ground???

  3. Nkhamenya says:

    Atupele you need to get your act together. You’re coming across as a very disoriented, clueless leader with no sense of direction/purpose. Mathanyula has you wrapped around his little fingure……….. What a shame!!!!

  4. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    Zikuchitika ku Malawi! There are only two courses of action that the honourable MPs for UDF can take. Either continue to stay on the Government benches or go back where they came from – the opposition side. The only problem is that both choices will bring shame to the party for the rest of the term. Talk of finding oneself between a rock and a hard surface, and I will tell you this is where Atcheya’s party finds itself in today’s politics. End of an era – UDF is dying in instalments!!!

  5. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Clap hands for Atupele for his wise and dynamic leadership, leading UDF.

  6. Phodogoma says:

    Richard Msowoya. You are the speaker for the government of Malawi under parliament. You are not for MCP. If you dare to do that then you are likely to mercy up the country. Look at Chimunthu Banda, he was not for PP, but he served the PP government on several occasions. We had Mr Munyenyembe who was not for the then ruling party but he supported the then government to the extent of suffocating in parliament during the session. Remember all the speakers do not become an MP after the expiry period of speakerhood. They make money money. With such kind of the feeling as speaker you will die poor and you will be the first speaker who makes silly decision to the extent of confusing the country. Watch out. Be neutral and make sure that you don’t injure the government.

  7. ibrahim makwati says:

    you guys if u dont aware go back to your UDF side otherwis it will be shem to u

  8. Cathy says:

    Am very ashamed of your comments i think before commented you need to read the constitution. The Constitutuion is very clear on this UDF has not crossed the floor. UDF MP have not voluntarily ceased to be members of UDF. kodi ma lawyers enatu who are commeting on Radios, TV did not spent 5 years at College. I doubt. i am not a lawyers by professional but i have read the constitution.

  9. MASO A GULU says:





  10. GooNgayikosya says:

    Abale tawerenganinso malamulo athu kachiwiri musanaike ndemanga zanu apa. pali wa udf analengeza kuti ndalowa dpp? umbuli bwanji anzathu tiyeni titengetsanatu apa.You think mu udf mulibe odziwa malamulo.crossing the floor ndi reallocating ndi zofanana? inu zolinga zanu ndi zoti tizingokokana kokana ndi wolamula zili zonse osati kuthandizana kutukula dzikoli kagweleni uko we will fight tooth and nail to teach you how politics works in our country. we know where it is coming from and why. DUMBO MPAKA LITI lets meet in the court of laws mwasowa chonena eti crossing the floor ndani kanundu eti

  11. tuvitwana says:


  12. PILATO says:


  13. mulhomwe wakwa Goliyati says:

    Stupid UDF, stupid leader by da name Atupele Muluzi kupepera anatangera bambo ake zisiru za anthu!!!!!bambo chitsiru mwana chizete, chindere, chitosi cha mwana

  14. mulhomwe waku Luchenza says:

    Baby ndi baby basi!!! stupid UDF leader by da name Atupere Buluzi Muluzi!!!!! Chitsitu cha mtsogoleri go to Hell with ur party wthout future!!!!!!!!

  15. Moses Makoko says:

    Thats agenda for change in motion!

  16. johns dumakuve says:

    Like father,Like son.Nothing sensible can come out from the son of the six pounds thief.He is just an opportunist like his father.He puts money before the people who voted for him.He will die as a president of Udf,the party he inherited from his crooked father.We support the path Lucious Banda took by being himself,a sign of great maturity of not taking the electorate for granted.Viva Lucious Banda.Tinasiya kuyendera maina masiku ano Ku Malawi.Names have just proved to be useless.No wonder Malawi sikutukuka.This family business is just manipulating and exploiting Malawians.

  17. Makaladi Opepera says:

    A Patel bwanji, ife anaziwa kuti inu anatha makobili! Dzana linakati lizibwerera bwezi tikufuula kuti uuuu! Koma pano kutha ngati makatani.

  18. Apa ndiye sizikuyenda ayi

  19. Phiri Lazarus says:

    Kumalemekeza malamulo a malawi osati dyera iyayi. A udf angowathamangitsako kumeneko basi. Tisamachedwe ndikumatsengera kuseri kwamaufulu opanda pake.

  20. Patrick Muthema says:

    Crossing the floor has nothing to do with the sitting plan in the chamber. No UDF parliamentarian has denounces UDF and declared to the Speaker his or her change of party affiliation. If that the case then all MPs sitting on opposition side are one block and therefore liable to Section 65 too.

  21. Batman says:

    Achina Kanyongolo awa anatha kalekale, hes a spent off lawyeru

  22. phwado says:

    In parliament chamber there are only 2 sides;government side and opposition side.UDF MPs initially were sitting in the opposition side.Now they are sitting in the government side.Therefore they did cross the floor.Simple logic.

  23. Kennedy says:

    Udf, udf in the beggining i thought we might have a future leader who is a fresh blooded. Atupele is dumb rubbish just like his father was by being blindforded. Frankly he and his party must be decrared vacant failure to do so is violetion of the law, so here is the question should the speaker abandon the law or UDF?

  24. vilimmwera says:

    zayambika kenako mumva the floor has been cross, then injunction over injunction until all cash is drained, kenako mayo mayo out of parliament penless. msowoya plays it cool, what a game, adyera aonekera ng’amba koma kumenekoooooooooooooooooooo

  25. George phiri says:

    UDF my party. Even if you guys sat on the opposition side you were still going to support good bills. I thought Bingu was heartless when he dumped UDF but I can see that its UDF that has a problem. Why do u have to shift physically as if you are babies? I pray to God that u all be declared vacant so people can vote again and lets see if you can win again

  26. Benson Chirwa says:

    Point of correction Kanyongolo is from Nsanje not lomwe belt. His parents are settled in Lunzu since kale kale.

  27. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    UDF is slowly, but surely, being politically amputated because of nothing but greed. In Economics there is this terminology called opportunity cost. UDF is caught in this senario and will soon be reduced to an observer !

  28. Chidongo says:

    The fact remains that UDF MPs on the government side have crossed accepted, denied or defended. It the election result that commits a Member of Parliament which side in parliament to sit. Any change beyond the dictate of the election result is crossing the floor and any attempt to defend and justify the same is constitutional fraudulence.

  29. Youn says:

    Kutha kwa chipani uku! Mukanamumvera Lucious uja….

  30. wafundi says:

    kkkkk tiyenazo

  31. Davie Chitenje says:

    So Lucius having the last laugh?

  32. nYAU SITHOBWA says:

    Apatel dziwani izi 1 Kanyongolo ndi Mulomwe ndiye akufuna kupha UDF AKUKUPUSITSANI TULO MAKALADI MWAYESA MUKUBA MA ENGINE

  33. Peter Mathanyula says:

    Amai ndi abambo zipani zina zidzatha ngati makatani, amangwetu munaona katani akuika zigamba???? Uuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

  34. Kapoloma says:

    Koma a UDF dyela ndi zimenezotu kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk samva nkunkhu anamva nkhwangwa ili mmutu. Za ziiiiiiiiii a Chair is greedy analowetsa mwana kuphompho lero nacho chipani chatha. It will be very tough for Atupele to come out from there and contest for a Presidential seat once more. Ndi Ambuye muzonse tiyamika Mulungu wathu wadongosolo anadziwa.

  35. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians are suffering today because of UDF under the leadership of Bakili Muluzi. Until today I don’t understand why Malawians still vote for this useless political company called UDF.

  36. Mbewe ku mphani says:

    Ken Ndanga tiuzeni zoona. Kodi malamulo akutsatidwa powakaniza mai wanthu Lilian Patel?

    Kodi MCP ndi PP achita nsanje eti?

  37. Mbewa ndi nchira says:

    Constitution ndi Parliament si miyambi kapena mikuluwiko ai.(Symbolic?)

    UDF ndi DPP mukawauze ma lawyer anu ndi AG wanu kuti zikutheka bwanji kukuchotsani ku ma meeting yet you “DID NOT CROSS THE FLOOR!!”.

    1 + 1 uyisova.wakula watha

  38. Black and white says:

    Imran Sharrif the UDF and Muluzi family chief apologist your comment please

  39. ujeni says:

    People like Kanyongolo and Mbendera are some of the corrupt lawyers misleading Malawians and Malawi. UDF did not win the general election but now they sit in the house on the winning side with DPP and you call that not crossing the floor? Silly interpretation of the law. UDF co-habitation with DPP theoretically, physically is crossing the floor.

  40. Charombanthu says:

    Kutha kwa chipani kumayamba chonchi. Bravo Lucius for standing your ground that you will not move. You saw this coming afterall, you have been there. DPP’s aim is to kill opposition and they have just succeeded in doing so in this round one. The inexperienced Atupele has misled all the UDF MPs. We are watching…

  41. OMEGA BEMA says:

    Lucius ananena kuti udf si ikhala ndi mlomo mu parliament

  42. KENYATTA says:

    A UDF kufuna zambiri mapeto ake mwataya zambiri. Taonani uku ndiye timati kuthatu uku. Now wat will be the next step ’cause the CSO’s are on your door again? MUSOVA!!!!

  43. ndadabwa says:

    kikikiki achimjangu wa UDF tukusatiga kunyela (greediness) kusinonyela mbiya m’nope. pachilungamo chakwe atesire chenene kwatopola mu business committee. nombe chemwali a Lilian malamusi akugamanyilira nikwaulaga ku business committee. natesile sonitu. pepani gelego ni malipiro ga wandu wakunyera

  44. Tsikulokufanyani says:

    Without the vision, people perish. This is not surprising because the UDF Party was kicked out of Government due to lack of vision. This is an indication that the UDF Party did not research properly. I understand Lilian Patel cried when the news was broken to her for the first time. Lucius Banda lost his leadership in the House. Now it is Lilian Patel loosing her whipship in the Business Committee. Next UDF will no longer hold caucus, if they hold one, what for?There are more worse consequences of this move. Let us wait. Chipani chimenechi chitha ngati makatani!!!!!!! A Tcheya oyeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. mwahana says:

    Kanyongolo, What do you really mean by “just physically crossing”???? Elections condemned UDF into opposition in parliament. Parliament seating is divided into government side and opposition side. UDF members that have abandoned their seats on the opposite side and joined the government side have crossed the floor in contempt of election results, Period!!!!!
    They have decided to associate themselves with government “DPP”. This association is political in nature and SECTION 65 should be applied!!!!!

  46. kanyika dk says:

    udf woyee agenda for change yomweyo.ine nganga pambuyo pa udf ,ndikumva kukoma

  47. Tameni says:

    Asova. Politics of greed

  48. Munthu - The Citizen says:

    Kumenyana m’mimba mashasha andale. Next timva kuti all UDF seats declared vacant. As if that is not enought timvanso kuti DPP yawina ma seat onse during bye-elections signaling the end of UDF chipani cha mavenda, kkkkkk!

  49. Hamu says:

    Hehehehehe ukuouko wina wabesa chipani! dyela liphesa kaya MCP VIVA

  50. Totolitotoli says:

    Politicians never learn from history,you remember what happened to Aford with these so called coalitions.Where is it? Dead and buried with its leader and UDF if do not reverse its decision before it is to late shall face the same fate.

  51. shaaaa! says:

    busness ya wachiona ndani.chako changa.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk makaladi anjala

  52. nobel says:

    The common denominator is that UDF is being represented by DPP. It’s gradually losing its identity, strength….. u name it

  53. visit says:

    Zayamba. Next, they will be kicked out of parliament. This is politics. UDF were cheated by the Attorney General that they have not crossed the floor. Now if they are not represented in the opposition, who is representing them in parliament- DPP?

    If there are by elections, DPP are more likely to win in the UDF area and they know it.

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