UDF says Lucius Banda won’t face retribution

United Democratic Front (UDF) says it appreciates and respects the decision by its leader in Parliament, Lucius Banda, not to move to government benches and that it will not take any disciplinary action against him.

Ndanga:  No action against Lucius

Ndanga: No action against Lucius

Lucius Banda:  My constituents cannot go to bed with UDF and wake up with DPP

Lucius Banda:
My constituents cannot go to bed with UDF and wake up with DPP

UDF publicity secretary Ken Ndanga told local press that Banda is simply exercising his rights in that regard.

He stressed that there will be no victimisation or retribution against Banda because UDF is a democratic party and it encourages people to be free and open.

“As a party, we respect his decision because there could be other party members that share his views. We feel this matter can only be resolved if we sit down as a party and discuss it,” said Ndanga.

He said Banda has been a loyal member of UDF and such being the case they do not see the reason why they should take a disciplinary action against the true member.

“We know that there have been fears amongst UDF followers that we may end up joining the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) but let me assure Malawians that the party cannot be disbanded.

“We have a large following and what has happened in Parliament is just a sitting arrangement and it does not make us less UDF,” he explained.

Earlier, Banda, who has defied the party’s decision to relocate from opposition to government benches said he will continue speaking on behalf of UDF while sitting on opposition benches.

He also insisted that he will still continue supporting government.

UDF MPs started sitting on government benches when President Peter Mutharika opened the nine-week Budget Meeting of Parliament on Tuesday with a State of the Nation Address.

All UDF members of Parliament (MPs) moved to government side in line with the request the party made to Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya.

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34 thoughts on “UDF says Lucius Banda won’t face retribution”

  1. Democracy at work, there is no issue here cos as much as one respects his party one must also remember his/her constituents

  2. Fred Chibuaner says:

    Well done both Lucius and UDF for Malawi needs maturity in political platforms. Lucius wisely knows that he cannot be a sensible leader of opposition on govt benches. UDF maturely realises that sitting arrangements do not make one traitorous. Thanks for understanding that Lucius and his constituents have rights as well. For once my country has given me the utmost smile as far as politics. Keep it growing, guys. Fred Chibuaner, RSA

  3. paulgeorge says:

    Lucia did right because United democratic frond doesn’t have a future according to the situation it is now

  4. yankho says:

    Osadanda uiphula president wa udf posachedwa

  5. Wawa! says:

    If we had many of Lucius’s calibre in Malawi, Malawi would have been a better place to live and very advanced in development. Bravo Lucius Banda. I am MCP but I have saluted you. You are a true soldier of the poor masses. Mwana wanzeru. Zangolakwikwa ndiwe mkuda umayenera kukhala mzungu. Lucius mzungu wanzeru sha!!!

  6. Chengolopiyo says:

    Midyomba yakwatiwa ndi alomwe kkkkkk. I knew midyomba ndiyopepera but not to this extent. Nkhongo yako Atupele!!! Shupiti zako iweyo plus mkazi wako Angela you are imbeciles with your entire generation. Nkhongo yaitaliyo wandikwiyitsa kwambiri.

  7. Biyisikolo says:

    Lucius is right. Remember one persone died because he was fighting for UDF cause. Alas! Atupele sacrified one mujomba from Mangochi for his ministrial post. Shame Ayao opusa inu. Lucius, maintain your level headedness and leave all those foolish greedy MPs who will be judged by Allah. Good people are very scarce and you are one in billions. Life is not all about money but sticking to principles. Atupele is a father’s sellout. Useless human being equal to Boko Haraam

  8. powder says:

    wayambanso ungosauka nazo izi mapeto ake. just be cool, eat money as billy k did. pano siwakuposa ndalama. chonsecho was some kilometers away moneywise. mphuma bambo no pinduling!! andione amakuonadi anthu either for bad or good

  9. Lupanga says:

    In Malawi there iz only ONE party yomwe siimatekeseka muli discipline ya nyooo! This party has seen tima party tinati tikubadwa mpakanso tikungova ndimatenda ONE party ili nga nga nga! Sindiitchula mukuiziwa nokha!

  10. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    I can’t believe UDF will not punish or somehow sanction this MP. Why then have a party whip in parliament if he/she does not use the “whip” to straighten out sheep that has gone a stray? Party politics is about team play, and a team player is not always going to get his/her way, in the game.
    Fire him. And see where he will end up.

  11. Jimmy juga says:

    A malawi anasankha mboma la dpp kuti ilamulile dziko lathu mcp ,udf, pp inalipo koma simunatisankhe. Ife a u d f tikulemekeza chisankho chanu powathandiza a dpp kuyendetsa mboma. Dziko ndi lathu tonse si la a dpp okha ayi,tikaliononga mavuto ndi atonse. Tiyeni tikonze malawi wabwino kuti tisamuthawe kupita kunja kukaotchedwa.

  12. samy jones says:

    you are very right Mr Banda…..Udf and Dpp cant be one at the same time. Chipanichi si cha munthu ayi sakufuna asiye. Koma ine ndili nganganga mpaka dziko litha ndili wa yellow……..

  13. isaac nkhata says:

    Trust ur guns lucius

  14. Politcal analyst says:

    Well said Mr. Ndanga. Politically Malawians expected UDF to treat Lucius Banda’s decision that way. If he expected to be expelled so he can avoid section 65, then he should go back to the drawing board. There is no PP or MCP in Balaka. The voters will discipline him in 2019. He will join the Nawenas and the Kalindes of this world.

  15. Andy Ndaonazino says:

    Ken Ndanga was the brain behind National Democratic Alliance’s parallel party NEW DAWN FOR AFRICA. Koma dziko ili!!!!

  16. Akulisinga says:

    there can not be retribution indeed why? he is fighting a lone battle but with full of sense.

  17. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

    UDF now is in our armpits. Akazi athu awa tsono azingoti yes bambo. Chilungamo ndi choti UDF itha ngati AFORD. Remember they did the same. UDF does not learn this is why anagulisa boma ku Dpp and now they want to kill the party.

  18. swadick says:

    Ndimwemo obanda osamangovomera zili zonse simungakhale nokha big

  19. Tili Chenene says:

    Time will teach Ndanga and UDF

  20. maurrice says:

    Lucius lucius usaukaso iwe siwa ndale chonde fatsa learn it from B/K close ur mouth and eat the money

  21. koma banda wausilu ndithu

  22. Well said Mr Ndanga

  23. Mwandira wa chisena says:

    I turn to wonder what kind of a grouping is this UDF dyakumuzi bus service. I have been a supporter of UDF and I can openly declare that ndachisiya. Chikutha ngati ma curtain

  24. chejali says:

    Kkkkkkkk midyomba kupusa

  25. Melcious chisesele says:

    Wise decision mr lucius banda tili pambuyopo

  26. Melcious chisesele says:

    Wise decision mr lucious banda tili pambuyopo

  27. obwande says:

    Odala O Lusiyasi mwachitapo zanzerutu spa.You really have the right to safeguard your party.

  28. Owen says:


  29. Black Market says:

    Muluzi is a big crook but one thing he forgets is killing his party by doing this way. UDF has ended here.

  30. Max Nsani says:

    As other commentators have already said, deciding to sit on the government benches is just symbolic. However, i respect the stance taken by Hon. Lucius Banda and it takes guts. The fact really is that it is completely possible to support government from the opposition benches, be it voting with the DPP or speaking in support of its programs. The UDF has to be very careful though, coalitions not only in Malawi, but the world over have the tendency to eat up the smaller party. The liberal democrats in the UK propped up the conservative party in 2010 and today they are a heavily pruned downed lot, overtaken by smaller emerging parties like the UKIP and the scottish SNPs

    Back in Malawi, Chihana`s AFORD had won all the seats in the North in 1994( i think it was 36 seats). they eventually paired up with the UDF, and when they had disagreements and wanted to pull out, the political engineer started going to them as individuals instead of a group from one party, as a result some left the coalition while others either declared themselves independent or joined the UDF.
    We all know that AFORD`s take of the national electoral cake got smaller and smaller to the point that they won one seat in the whole north, which was supposedly their stronghold.
    The republican party of Gwanda chakuamba had 17 MPs when they joined up with DPP, and when Gwanda decided to pull out of the agreement, some stayed behind and what happened to Republican party? Its dead now!
    Which Brings us to the once massive Udiefu (UDF). The thing about Atupele Muluzi as the leader of the UDF is that he has trouble parting with that silver spoon which he has grown up with in his mouth. He always wants to be in government. He did it with Joyce Banda`s Government and dumped it as we approached the 2014 elections and he will do the same with the DPP as we approach 2019. What they have with the DPP is not a coalition, but rather an arrangement that takes care of Muluzi and a few noise makers. Bakili muluzi, like JZU Tembo, the old school MCP politicians have one similar trait. When it comes down to it, when things don`t work out, they take care of family first and go back to look like they are caring for the people when the elections are nearing when they need the masses.
    When Joyce Banda took over tembo negotiated a deputy high commissioner position for John Jr, Electoral commisionership for nancy Tembo, Escom chairmanship for Morgan Tembo, MRA commissioner General position for Biswick, while he enjoyed the perks of leader of opposition and in return JB would have the MCP support in parliament.

    As for Bakili, Atupele got his cabinet position, Bakili got his TV and radio licence troubles with MACRA taken care of, and an easing off of the pressure on the K1.7bn case. And when Peter took over and UDF had failed badly in the elections in may 2014, the first sign was Atupele being the first oppostion leader with a statement of pledging to work with the government when everyone else was on about the vote which seemed stolen. Of course the real power behind the boy stepped in and was prominent at the swearing in ceremony at kamuzu stadium with the little Muluzi in tow. In return, Atupele gets a cabinet position of course, and they took care of the loudest loose canon in the party, clement chiwaya by getting him one of the deputy speakerships which ensured him perks of a deputy minister for the entire 5 years ( that should shut him up), Bakili`s case eases up and eventually gets dropped, and in return the 12 UDF MPs support the DPP. Yes I said 12 MPs! The UDF which used to take close to a hundred seats in elections now musters 12 seats. Thats what happens to coalitions.

    I hope the UDF know that by the end of the 5 years, 2019, that number will be reduced to Atupele and a couple of other guys basi.

  31. Emmatuwa says:

    Timafuna anthu ngati inu wolimba mtima Lucius DPP yatha basi

  32. Charombanthu says:

    That is democracy at play. Lucius is merely exercising his constitutional right and no one should force him. But the question still arises – do you people consult before you make such decisions like relocating your seats in parliament or is is just a decision that is taken by Atupele? This question is also directed to other parties as well..

  33. Achimidzimidzi says:

    All MPz from UDF should be given duel citizenship in parliament.
    So that they can move freely. As of now are in Diaspora, the can not constructively contribute in proceedings of the chamber.

    Uuuuu? Df!!! Uuuuu? Df!!! Too! Too! Yooooo!!!

  34. nzanani phumisah says:

    Simwana ndi munthu wamkulu mwina chilipo sakukhutila nacho. Let’s not judge him

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