UK Parliament discusses Malawi gay ‘horrifying news’

The arrest of two men in Malawi last week on homosexuality charges was raised in UK parliament on Wednesday.

UK Speaker John Bercow: Horrifying news

UK Speaker John Bercow: Horrifying news

Cuthbert Kulemela, 19, and Kelvin Gonani, 39, were arrested Dec. 7 for allegedly having sexual intercourse inside Gonani’s home. They were charged and detained, despite the 2012 decision by Malawi officials to halt such arrests countrywide.

Raising the issue at UK parliament in London’s Westminster, Deidre Brock the SNP Member of Parliament for Edinburgh North, asked if the Secretary of State was aware of the arrest of the two men perceived to be gay.

He asked: “ Will the Government make urgent representations to the Malawian Government, echoing the calls of the US ambassador, calling on them to live up to their international human rights obligations and ensure that these charges are dropped?”

Justine Greening MP, who is the Secretary of State for DFID and the most senior minister responsible for all UK aid, confirmed to the House that London will be confronting Lilongwe over the issue.

“We will be making representations, and the honourable Lady is absolutely right to flag that up as a key area of human rights that needs to be addressed, wherever it takes place,” Greening said.

And later MP Patrick Grady standing on a point of order, made a follow up to the matter.

“Essentially, it appears that they have been arrested for being gay. This is probably as much of an issue for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as it is for DFID, so I am glad that there are FCO Ministers present. I hope the government will respond in the same way as the Secretary of State for International Development did by condemning the action,” said Grady.

Speaker of UK Parliament, John Bercow, said the arrest news of the two men is, “frankly, horrifying—it is absolutely horrifying news indeed.”

He said: “Of course, there is a direct locus for the Secretary of State and the Department for International Development in view of our continuing commitment to Malawi.”

UK High Commission in Lilongwe indicated that Britain remains committed to ensuring that all LGBT people around the world are free to live their lives in a safe and just environment.

Malawi government is being asked to defend human rights for all, without discrimination on any grounds.

Kulemela and Gonani were granted police bail on Dec. 8.

Their bail bond form indicates that they are being charged with sodomy in violation of Section 153 of the Penal Code (carnal knowledge against the order of nature), which is punishable by a prison sentence of 14 years.

National Police spokesperson, Nicholas Gondwa, however said police did not arrest the suspects, arguing that the police only acted to protect the lives of the two from the angry mob that was stoning the house of one of the suspects

People may perceive it as an arrest but what we did was to protect them. We took them to our police office just for their own safety because on that day, these two people’s lives were in danger.

“People, who surrounded the suspect’s house, could have done anything because they know [him] as one of the people who sodomise young boys. That’s why we released them two days after the arrest,” said Gondwa.

However, the bail document, a copy seen by Nyasa Times, indicates clearly that an arrest was made for alleged sodomy.

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109 thoughts on “UK Parliament discusses Malawi gay ‘horrifying news’”

  1. Solo Thyolamanja says:

    malawi,where r u going? Do u min u’l acept dis stupid behaviour jx bcoz u r poor? Y cnt u let azungu go & rely upon God alone? Y do u tink u r hungry? Tink wisely malawi,usataye chikhalidwe coz of azungu. Ndalama ukutidula zamsonkho monthly sizikukukwana malawi?

  2. pluto says:

    Owerengawe khala maso

  3. adam matchombe says:

    please leave our malawi alone i dont understand you some white skin think we blind or we no nathing or becouse we are poor.your donation is not for us is for politicians.we are hard workers.please let us fear GOD NOT U

  4. gibo says:

    Please leave Malawi alone.our culture doesn’t support this stupid behavior

  5. Truck says:


  6. Frank Kalikwembe says:

    God created a man and a woman.He thought about it many times and He didn’t make any mistake. You white people you are evil if you didn’t know about it therefore leave God fearing people alone and have your evil spirits alone.

  7. Mzika says:

    So called Uk parliament why dont you leave malawi alone? I could be happy if you were discussing of taking back malawi again to be one of your province so that pipo could atleast manage to get food.

  8. Malawi is not UK so They must totally avoid to control Malawi like that. Plz don’t bring ur fucken statanism we are no longer under ur colony. Malawi is a GOD fearing place. Other wise u must leave ur wives.

  9. DOBO says:

    My big question that that need big answer are:
    Why the gay issues mostly come out when DPP is power ?

  10. BMW says:

    Lol these whites are really serious about sodomy. They don’t speak up when real things are happening but arrest someone for taking it up the ass and they are all up in arms.

  11. Frank Nakhupe says:

    Less can be said as our constitution is not effective over the UK’s. Colonialism won’t leave us unless we get out of begging.

  12. Moni says:

    Our president should also call parliament and discuss UK’s vote for bombing Syria and then we see UK’s reaction. Their ambassador insulted our head of state before, when we sent him parking, what was the reaction? How can they sit in their chamber discussing about our laws? What has our laws got anything to do with their laws? This has to stop, we aren’t their puppets that they should continue torturing us since they came in our land as guests. We have laws, and those laws have to be respected by everyone, and none should tell us how to use our laws. This’s so rubbish, it makes me so angry. Are we such minions to them just because they did colonise us some time before?

    1. Limbanazo says:

      Thats very true we have our own laws so they should leave us alone.

  13. trump says:


  14. mwikho pa dziko la pansi

  15. REX MSISKA says:

    Speaker of UK parliament, Mr John Bercow. Sir which is more horrifying- absolutely horrifying news indeed, between grieving God and pleasing a speaker or members of UK parliament? Remember Mr John Ber COW malawi is no longer a your colony it is a sovereign state with its own laws. Out of the donor funding you give to Malawi how much is meant for gays? John do you fear God or do you know him?

    Malawians would rather fear God who can kill both soul and body than fearing UK parliament which by its selfish laws can kill only the body. You have done a lot of killing already throughout history because of your selfishness. Is it not enough? UK dont think you are invincible to God.

  16. REX MSISKA says:

    Malawians, we are not poor as long as we uphold God’s laws and decrees. The whole parliament of Britain, the same people who brought christianity to Africa in the same vein they brought slave trade and abolished it, this time they condone gay practices! I cannot believe it. They are a confused kingdom.

    Malawians we should not compromise just because the donor money from them. If you feel so much about gays why can’t you give them place in Britain. Malawians truly love gays if you thought we don’t. We just want them to realise that it is a sin against God. UK do you still have your bibles?

    Please please please malawians don’t compromise on this. Please leave us alone, you English.

  17. Kanthuakoo says:


  18. Giftzamani says:

    These things i have spoken to you

  19. crattiek says:

    UK should not take advantage because it gives aid to Malawi. We might be poor but stupid,GAY rights for the whites not for the Africans.

  20. Hilda B says:

    UK stand on homosexuality in Malawi is likely to radicase youths in the country to start killing suspects. The western governments should be sensitive to certain issues. They created boko haram, alkaida, and other Islamic radical groups yet they do not learn from them. Western governments especially UK should be busy paying back the money their ancestors stole from us.
    Africa Union should ask UN to open international court in Africa where Westerners must be tried beginning next year and be punished accordingly.
    Gay issues is not part of African agenda

  21. synagougue of satan says:

    Azungu asowa zopanga eti? always trying to impose ass fucking on some black people.. Then impose the age of consent so they can come to Malawi and ass fuck your children until the rectums are blown away. zautsiru. what is so special about a man putting his penis in an orifice desinged to evacuate feaces. shit fuckers.

  22. Isaac says:

    Indeed Malawi Will Always Say Yes To Do Evil Because Of Our Poverty.Had It Been Than The Late Kamuzu Banda Was Alive,this Act Of Evil Sodomy Could Not Happen In Malawi.We Always Say That Malawi Is A God’s Fearing Nation.But Now Malawi Is Donor Fearing Nation.God Please Graciously Hear Us.

  23. huwa says:

    With illiteracy levels of up to 48%, ignorance is one of the biggest problems rocking the country now. Its all in the comments. What a load of ignorance. No wonder the country and its people are all bleeding. Mob justices everyday. What a shame my mother country has become.

  24. Mafo Oyimba Uja says:

    opanga u gay zao zimenezo akapsa okha , let them do what they want. but they should note that they will face judgement (wakumoto osachoselanso)

  25. cashgate1 says:

    Why are these white folks want to force something n which Malawian people are not yet ready to embrace. Can malawi parliament really discuss how police in UK are discharging their duties? Are we still under these colonial masters? I urge Malawi to come clean and declare it’s position. Whatever stand is made, there are costs to bear and better that way. Thanks playing hide and seek game.

  26. Bingu says:

    UK Parliament is a synagogue of Luciffer. Continue doing your mission which the devil has commissioned you to do. But remember you will be answerable to the Almighty God on the Judgement day.

  27. International Right now ma Nyasa land tili mmadzi. While on Local Status is Crime, on International NOT, NOT AT ALL.
    Ndiye aka, aka, ka KOTA- KOTA aka is not a Crime on INTERNATIONAL.
    Poverty iyiyi tidzelezeka nayo.

  28. peeping lizard says:


  29. third eye says:

    hake no this is BULLSHIT kodi what do we owe the British…guys lets mobilize we cannot continue being colonized this is a true indication that colonialism never ended what do we owe them? i guess we should give them what we owe UK …we don’t owe you a single SHIT UK. oooh! you sack big time… this is Malawi our country we fought in 1915 we shall do the same now even if it means death….this is a sovereign state..hallloooooo!!!!!

  30. Mmalawi Wodzitsata says:

    Angelezi, basi atengeni azibambowa abwere kwanuko azidzapanga mufunazo.

  31. levelheaded says:

    Common fellow Thom, don’t be one of the misinformed journalists who are exegerating this story out of hand. Malawi government,our government did not arrest these rumoured gays. In fact they were kept in custody by our police in protecting them from the impending mob justice since the majority on the ground are not in favour of this malpractice. If these lunatics were arrested on that day,surely they would have already been charged by today.

    You learned journalists, if you were indeed Malawians, were supposed to clarify to these morons on this matter rather than what you are doing. Check how your friends are doing in the countries that are doing better in Africa. You can’t report negatively about your government in such a way. You were supposed to make clarification on negative reports from other media houses. And that is what we call patriotism.I have so many times watched BBC making clarifications on what Aljazeera reported negatively about the British government, that is what we call patriotism. Nowadays Malawian journalists are in a competition of tearing there own elected government so that they should get international awards.You are not that good malawian journalists,those awards are telling you that you are rare stupid morons who are busy tarnishing the image of malawi at the time your elected president is working tirelessly to bring back donor confidence.

    Malawian journalists are doing this country more bad than good. You remember that APM interview in which the journalist kept on referring her questions to what nyasatimes wrote? These whites only get information from on line news so pliz journalists mind the way you report about mother malawi.

  32. mtumbuka1 says:

    You idiots, you have more pressing issues in your own country like your ailing economy and terrorists who are spending sleepless nights to map out ways of attacking you and many other issues….a Malawian gay couple shouldn’t be an issue to you at all since Malawi is a sovereign state with it’s own laws. Borrow a leaf from China a country that does not stick it’s nose into other countries’ social and political issues. Are you not ashamed of yourselves?

  33. lackison says:

    Here is white men trying to rule us, why in the first did u allow ur queen to get married? Why didn’t u allow her to marry another woman ?????

  34. HEHE YAAA says:







  35. Chidzukulu says:

    Malawians please let us just burn them toine ngati azungu awowo angawabwezerenso moyo. Why are these whites forcing us to behave so stupid than dogs can?

  36. Getrude says:

    Information bill, homosexuality, MK577 billion, Plunging Ecomony, crumbling health care, komanso cardiac arrest ichitika ndithu

  37. Dwambazi says:

    Mathanyula, mukuti nayo bwanji imeneyo. Mwagwira njakatatu

  38. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    Mathanyula a kuti nayo bwanji imeneyo, damage control? Kaplena he is waiting for the firestorm to die a natural death

  39. mula says:

    Love has become a crime.

  40. Thinking Aloud says:

    Some guys woke up one and told everyone that slave trade was very good. The world bought the idea. On another day, it we were told colonization was very, very good indeed. The world listened and complied. Today, it is being imposed on us that same sex marriage is marvelous. Heaven knows what we will be told tomorrow! By the way, USA, did you say in GOD you trust? Sounds like you either wanted to say in GOD you TRUSTED or in gods you trust…

  41. wise one says:

    azungu nonse pantumbo panu

  42. ANTI-GAY says:

    KILL ALL GAYS IN MALAWI. BRITAIN HAS NOTHING TO OFFER US. ALL GAYS TO THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE. Don’t even castigate religion because one day someone will come and say my religion allows robbery, what will you say? You bring stupid arguments into this matter showing how shallow minded you are. Is it not my rights to have sex by the road side? who am I offending? But once caught I go to jail.

  43. super mario says:

    These British are useless, when Malawians are complaining about lack of medicine in hospitals they are quite, when people have no food they are quite, when our economy is struggling they are quite, BUT WHEN GAYS ARE ARRESTED THE WHOLE BRITAIN WANTS TO COME TO MALAWI TO BAIL THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!! Something is wrong somewhere. There are so many people suffering in the world who need immediate attention and yet its mathanyula that is more important to them.
    Please religious leaders come out in large numbers and sensitize the nation. Address these gays and tell them the punishment that awaits them. Koma mipingo ili busy kutengerana kukhoti kaye tithawire kuti???????????????

  44. shybouy says:

    In Malawi we are not gays

  45. mukhalachocho says:

    39 years vs 19 years that man is a paedophile thats abuse yet the British govt is arresting such pipo who have sex with minors.

  46. chakwela says:

    Why this called white people are still do what they want though we have independent government? when do we stand on our self? UK sit down and discuses issues of Malawi bushtit white people let us alone.

  47. zamkutu says:

    mwachosa kupusa kumeneko mzungu mumamunyengerela why?imeneyiso muchose

  48. ismael says:

    No issue here guys. write something admirable not this shit.

  49. zamkutu says:

    you americans and the british,leave us alone,dont force us to do what we dont want. fucking each other of the same sex is satanism,do you know why sodom was destroyed?it is because of that gayish shit.god was the west you are the very same people who brought christianity in you know how sweet a pussy is?how can you take a dick and put it in somebody’s ass.that small pie hole is where shit comes from.lesibians they use an artifitial dick and why?thats clap isn’t it.why are you forcing us the things we dont want.i pray to god to destroy all of you who are claiming to be gays and lesibians guys you ate not serious the whole uk parliament discussing that nonsence.stay with your aid.anyone found in malawi if not government but people will be sorting them out by mob justice.

  50. kajima m nyirenda says:

    You don’t need to confront us Malawians but if any thing to do with teaching’s would welcome you. Don’t force us & make things worse rather let’s work together to fight ignorance.
    I understand even there in the US & UK you go wrong in other things but you regard yourself as know them all.
    Malawi is no longer owned by any man except The created alone.
    You have caused a lot of globals warming due to selfish & victim is a poor nation like Malawi but we have the right to safe environment. You have to deal with this because if we confront you then you shoot us.
    Today you take us as your children and use us but remember you found malawi that is y you can define it today.
    You are busy supporting other nations to fight themselves even if pipo vote againt for your merceless sucking of natural worth.

  51. Max says:

    Who is Britain to judge? Come final judgment, Judge of judges will judge.No human rights activists will stand before Him

  52. BMW says:

    Azibambo awiriwa atchuka dziko lonse lapansi kuti Ndi amathanyula lol

  53. Winikolo says:

    Malawi for Mathanyula basi! Kumeneko kuyankha kwa wa police ? U picked them for safety and not arrest? mmmmm! y giving them bail instead of just releasing them unconditionery? To my undustanding is mathanyula is fonication the same as smoking, imoral sex ( prositition ), abortion , drunkadness and the like. These sins are promoted by government indirectly but we know. Y should mathanyula alone be a crime? nosense! Leave the gays alone only God will judge. Y are you not arresting the rastas who smoke chamba ku mablacks yet a police amakhala komweko? weaked PEOPLE!

  54. Munyane says:

    Thank you London for the observation, now that you have become the God of Malawi.but let me tell you this generation will not allow you to deceive us with your evil think because of your little money with a batch of conditions you can tell us what to do.Malawi is a democratic nation where the majority reigns not minority !!!!..what do you know about think evil is a right too.Shame on you London. cursed is the one who encourages these little one to commit sin.London you are cursed.

  55. komkobb says:

    Azungu inu musatinyase mwamva. Tili ndi mavuto ambiri. Tithandizeni cha kudya osati kuchitana konyerera. Uchiysiru basi

  56. Mwana wa Mchewa. says:

    Nothing wrong with that arrests, we don’t tolerate that demonic act here in Malawi. Homosexuality?, no no no not for Africans it’s for Europeans.

  57. Brino says:

    Mind your business

  58. General says:

    You brishit are very stupid!why are you always interested in other ppls issues? there is no isseus there in brishit which u can discuss? you must be very mad and sick go to hell you Demons!!

  59. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    Stupid response from the police spokesperson. If it was for their protection why were they set on bail? Why not just let them go? Why did the police take them to the hospital? Why were they subjected to painful, embarrassing rectal search at the hospital??? All this for their protection ???? It does not add up, I don’t know how Mathanyula will explain this to the Donors, yes remember a few weeks ago he went begging for financial help?????

  60. Rasta says:

    Every Malawian in Malawi today remembers Tiwonge and Monjeza during the leadership of Bingu Wa Mutharika in the end when they were questioned by the police they revealed that they were cohersed into doing the engagement.The question is, by who? We were not told.But we can clearly see who is pushing for this homosexuality(satanism) not only in Malawi but the whole of Africa.Of all the challenges facing the UK, why the whole Parliament has to discuss a national issue of a small country in southern part of Africa.Just like the devil they secretly worship what they do is steal,kill and destroy.They have noticed the likely progress in the near future in Malawian Economy like what happened in 2009 now they want to stop it,actually destroy it. They dont want to see success in Africa bcoz they know they will lose their influence.

  61. Koma says:


  62. We dont need Gay’s in Malawi. Give them a place to stay in UK or elswhere in the world. We are very smart for what u want!!

  63. We Malawians , should follow our culture. Dont dectate us to follow what God never planned when he created us. We are not sending weapons to kill enoscent people or leaders in their countries.

  64. elder sage III says:

    Somebody is pulling wool over our [Malawian] faces. Of all the houses in Area 25 against the little number of policemen in that locality, how did the police know these two guys were having having sex. Its all a set-up by the Mutharika government to taste the waters on one hand, and to divert public attention whilst attracting global sympathy of our pathetic socio-economic situation.

    Crazy DPP publicity stunts ! started with the italian airport queuing…….

  65. Dr love says:

    whay u Azungu u forcing people and there country to do thing s wich is wrong to them very evil very bad beceuse ur rich BETTER U KNOW THIS UR MONEY OR UR POWER IS NOTHING BUT GOD HE HAVE MORE MONEY MORE POWER THAN YOUR S u said no gay no money to me and my country we are poor no problem

  66. BY the way why should we still clap hands for the westerners ,yet we are still suffering here,what benefit can we get from these countries or the so called international organizations? please leave us alone,to hell with your gay marriages,God will punish you!!!

  67. Johnston says:

    Malawi Government do not be afraid of these new Goliath. They are new evil giants coming to torment the nation of Malawi. They are incarnated devils in human body walking to suppress the righteous nations, WITH HIGH DEVILISH PACKAGES OF ECONOMY 666. THEY SAY TAKE OUR MARK OR DIE POOR. But Jesus is reigning for us. The Lord swore in Exodus that he will fight the Amalekites from generation to generation till forever. These are new uncircumised Amelikites and Philistines showing up in our land. Say no to their economic conditions. May the wisdom of Malawan rise to sub due these evil people, angels of satan wearing different faces preaching sodomy in nations. We will not close our eyes till your curse returns to your houses in London and Washington. People of Malawi remember David he met giants with six toes so tall that he did not know what to do, but finally all the giants of Gath were defeated. These are nothing but agents of devil with complicated faces walking on the earth. But the elects of God knows you… We vehemently reject you in the name of Jesus. Names of Ambassador America, UK parliament should not intimidate the Malawi Government and the police, otherwise you are angels of devil sitting in parliament discussing spirits to torment righteous people, to hell with your ideas and money.

  68. Kang'wing'wi says:

    Homosexuality is mental disorder which is being used by western elites as a weapon to destroy traditional family values in order to render the heterosexual majority world wide powerless, therefore easy to enslave. There is nothing normal about gays. All this talk equating homosexuality and human rights is a ruse intended to disarm opposition to a very destructive disease. Homosexuality is a disease which requires medical attention. Fighting this global homosexual agenda physically only gives its proponents excusses of human rights abuses. The answer to this problem is simply to provide already available evidence that it is a mental disorder.

  69. crazy stuff says:

    Azungu. Just mibd your own moral business. Just give aid. If u wish we can send all the gays to you country.

  70. crazy stuff says:

    Azungu. Just mibd your own moral business. Just give aid. If u wish we can send all the gays to you country

  71. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    Let us just legalise this gay issues and move on to more pertinent development issues for no matter how much we try to fight the west over this anti-gay issue we will never win the battle because it hinges on human rights while our baseless counter arguments are based on mere religious beliefs.
    There is more to sex apart from procreation for if sex was meant for reproduction only then it would have been illegal for women over 50 years to get re/married. And the argument that human beings risks extinction if gays and lesbians are allowed to marry each other is also laughable for it makes it sound like the gays and lesbians enjoy their sex more than the heterosexuals and that at the end of the day all Malawians will join this band wagon.
    If Malawi govt had legalized this law years back Malawians would not have been stoning and jeering at gays and lesbians and the police would have been exerting their energies on fighting real crimes instead of plucking people from the comfort of bedrooms for safe keeping at their filthy holding cells.


    Please leave the gays alone.

  73. austin says:

    Uk shud go to hell and rot in ur parliament talk sensitive issues which Malawi is going through not this evil sodom.last why u like to defend evil uk?u cant deceive us forget enough is enough u satans agents

  74. Johnston says:

    UK Speaker and America woman ambassador you are so evil. You read about sodomy in the paper you respond so quickly … You read about people suffering in hospitals you comment nothing… Let it be known today that we do not need your money in Malawi go to hell with those ideas where Satan will chair you as a parliament… not in Malawi… you are a perverse generation. What is UK parliament to us? it is a bunch of evil men discussing demons. You do not respect the sufferings of mankind but you propagate evil in nations. Jesus wipe away these evil men in our generation, men with reprobate mind… May your blood stand to enrich Malawi and impoverish the evil parliament of UK for discussing sodomy. You are the same yesterday, today and forever. You wiped the evil men of sodom and Gomorrah, who is Obama? who is Cameron? that Jesus your blood can not reign. God of heaven we have no power help us to wipe away the polluted leaders till our righteousness is heard.

  75. Truth says:

    Classical case of epic clash of cultures and beliefs. Fight!!!! White caucasian man and black African man.

  76. nduna ya kumwera says:

    Satan akukutumaniyo,akupweteketsani kwa Mulungu wathu.,.ana aku sodom inu..leave Malawi please

  77. R-san says:

    Wokondeka Mtogoleri wanthu wa Mkulu ndi Amalawi Onse Okonda Dziko,

    Ndakakamizika kulakhulapo za khani iyi ya anyamata amangidwawa kamba kochita zoipa amuna okhaokha. I have chosen to mix ndi Chichewa – pachifukwa choti amalawi amve bwino uthengau.

    Choyamba, ndifotokoze kuti ndamphunzira kuti thawi zambiri anthu amachita zithu pogwiritsa tchito nzeru za onse (common Sense) – but this has a problem sometimes because you end up making wrong decisions or doing wrong actions.

    We shud not rush to conclude this ordeal (the 2 gy ppl caught by a community police in Lilongwe) is real by just using common sense. Ineyo ndikukhulupirira (with 85% certainty) kuti khaniyi ikhoza kukhala yoti yachitidwa set up. Mkutheka kuti one of those who caught these guys – anachita kupanga set scene. Some things are not adding up. Mfunso ndilakuti, munthu kugwindwa ndi a Community Police basi wekha umvekere ndinali mnyumba mwa mwamuna mzanga ti mapanga za …….!!!???,….. !!! I doubt if this could be real.

    My advice to Gvt President and all Police pple. Ena ake akufuna kuona kuti Malawi ipanga chani. Its more less like testing madzi kuti atikole. Ndipemphe a Boma kuti atumize ma CID ndiakazitape akafufunze amene anagwira anthu amenewa. infact anayenera nawonso afunsidwe mafunso angapo. Akhoza kukhala kuti anatumidwa kuti agwire anthuwo dala mkupangana kuti unene kuti ndine gggg – ndiye awone kuti boma liziti chani. I am very very sure iyi ndi nyambo akufuna kulikola Boma.

    Khani ndalembayi ndiyofunikira kwambiri – amene ali ndi mwayi olakhula ndi a Boma please pass on this possibility. Ine anthu amenewa zindigwirizana nawo zimene amachita zofuna kuti amuna kapena akazi okhaokha azigonana okhaokha.

    GOD bless Malawi and everyone,


  78. Elias says:

    You stupid whites, what’s a matter with you and with our national affairs, when you kill Gaddafi and his family and cronies its not horrible, and when you killed Saddam, Syrians and Arab world its not horrible, leave us alone we don’t put policies on you and your cultures.

  79. Vwalakata says:

    this is bullshit, dont impose ur nonsense on us, if u want to know wat the people think of these morons let them try to demonstrate on the streets WE WILL ROAST THEM.

  80. psatapsata says:

    guys inu ndiye zithu maziyamba dalatu akuchitanibwino kukupwidzingani makape inu

  81. Zambulo says:

    Asiyeni anthu azichitana mmene akufunira. Inuyo zikukukhudzani bwanji. If they enjoy it its none of your business. Ine ndimakonda tiatsikana osati ntchembere ndiye mtima wanga umenewo. Munthu ngati amakonda ndiwo zatsabola musiyeni adye zatsabolàzo sivuto lanu limenelo. Kodi tonse tingàmapange zithu zofanana. Am not gay but as long as whatever they do is consensual and has nothing to do with my life i hàve no problem with that.

  82. khwangwi says:

    Like it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, so it is now. I get puzzled greatly when the so called human rights are in conflict with God’s Word. Is the world insinuating that God does not matter?

    Worse still the so called human rights activists claim to be Christians or Moslems and other such kind beliefs.

    Who came up with the concept of human rights? I believe these are Satanic doctrines aimed at subduing natural teachings that are in line with the teachings of the Holy Bible.

    You surely need deliverance!

  83. nzungu ndi batile says:

    kill all the homosexuals

  84. mtumbukaweniweni says:


  85. munyenyembe says:

    why not you dnt resume budget support?? but you are still talking about gays thats shit here in africa

  86. Mzekezeke says:

    We are a sovereign state. the UK Parliament should discuss important matters such as stopping shelling people in Syria

  87. The Most Concerned says:

    Can someone tell these stupid honourable members that one of the Gay freedom fighters here in Malawi (Timothy Ntambo) made his wife pregnant & has just delivered the twins?

  88. dadi says:

    Can Uk please leave Malawi alone, Britain is failing to assist Malawians who are starving to death because of hunger-aid with held as another major factor yet they are concerned with two useless, drunkard individuals

  89. joyce says:

    We need God here.

  90. kayirawakayira says:

    Abalewa akufunabe tizizunzidwa ngati usamunda wao ulipo.Let them leave us alone.

  91. moyenda says:

    Am really confused…. why don’t you ‘BRITISH MP’s’ discuss the other human rights violations like the Prison Congestions??? I think if you had the zeal to curb human rights violations you could have come right away through the DFID with more funds to extend those small Cells! in other ways the only human right violation to your attention is that of LGBT????

  92. KK says:

    Please leave us alone, we are saying NO gays in our loved country Malawi.

  93. Katswiri says:

    Nonsense….find other relevant issues to discuss. Leave Malawi alone

  94. mapapaya says:

    The west wants us to adopt their style of living in exchange for Aid. The whole UK parliament discussing Malawi gay issue. This means they have run short of ideas

  95. Mugonapamhanya says:

    These white fools need to spend tax payers’ money by discussing what concern the British public. When they have extra time and money they can use it profitably by discussing world problems such as Syria, Boko Haram, IS, Climate Change etc not what they are f***king doing.

  96. Mzozo kununkha says:

    Which human rights are you referring to, is annul sex a right or evil? you have held you monies and so let us soldier on with the law’s of Malawi….. mind you Malawi is not UK and UK is not Malawi. if you push for this mob justice will take over.

    To hell with your barbaric acts…. let alone Malawians solve their economic woes and also chasten the laws of their land…………. we are not demons please do not force to be for we will never

  97. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    You British don’t interfere with our culture, please leave us alone. let us decide on our own. Why should you force us. Our beliefs do not allow gays and we don’t even want to hear it . Take them to your home of gays.

  98. General says:

    I can feel Brishit wants to colonise us again,Why u brishit don’t want to leave us alone?mind u that time is gone, And it will never return,and that generation is gone!this is new genaration which don’t take bullshit!!!! Go to hell u murders sons of Devil!

  99. Nkomo says:

    You idiots instead of pondering and discussing issues that will uplift the lives of poor Africans you have been robbing since the beginning of time, you are busy with this nonsense!! Shame on you and go to hell!!

  100. charles makwiti says:


  101. Chalo says:

    God Will Punish you and your parliament for encouraging gay issues. Meaningyour more intelligent in discuss gays issues in Malawi than aid to more suffering people. R u born to gay couples? Be smart and genuine. God is Watching. Malawi will remain a God fearing country so what do you want us to learn from u UK’s (Gay Sex?) mmmmmmmmmmmmm I feel pity for you. Shocking Foreign cultures will not be tolarated in our Mother land Malawi. God is Watching! Ur kids r gay? mmmmmmmmmmmm

  102. Goddiea says:

    Uk! Please leave us alone!!!!! If you have nothing to do then go and fight IS in Syria
    Shameless whites!! Look at you!!

  103. Mtaya says:

    You British why are you imposing things on us.Is it because we are poor and beggers?Please hear from us we don’t want gay and lebian here in Malawi.Mind you people can even stone them to death if found doing the act.Please Malawi is not ready for these sinful act.

  104. thinktankmalawi says:

    Whats horrifying is a man putting his dick in the anus of fellow man….That’s what’s horrifying….

  105. Benjones says:

    Azungu awa di me gays are his face he looks gays eeeeeee!!!. Talk sense in parliament and not nonsense.

  106. CHINDERE BB says:


  107. sothini says:

    You must be very mad, dont you have issues to discuss in your parliament other than wasting your tax payers money by discussing petty issues of Malawi gays? Is this issue more important than ISIS or Boko Haram?

  108. Nyamakumutu says:

    You the foreigner you don’t even know the context of the issue here. The so call gay man is always sodomizing boys in the neighborhood and the people in the area know better that you do. Even if he was herosexual he does not have right to just pull girls into his room for sex. Are you trying to tell people to do whatever they want as long as they they are gay.

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