UK visa ‘shambles’: Malawi Queens, won’t play England in Liverpool

Malawi Queens will not be able to fulfil the first tie of the three-netball match series with England on Sunday at Liverpool’s Echo Arena after a delay to receive their visas in time for travel but will be able to play the two remaining fixtures.

Malawi Queens will travel for the remaining two matches

Malawi Queens will travel for the remaining two matches

There has been criticism on the way UK visa application for Malawians are handled.

Recently, Members of the House of Lords, the upper house of the UK Parliament called for a fit for purpose visa applications to the UK by Malawians and  asked their government to remove  the current “disproportionate”  red tape .

Lord Jack McConnell, who is former Scotland First Minister   said the system is  “dysfunctional” and that  it is  “certainly disproportion.”

The Malawi Queens travelling  squad has been the victims of  the bureaucratic nightmare  the visa application , forcing the team to miss the Sunday  match after tickets were already sold to spectators who wanted to watch Malawi play England at Liverpool Echo arena .

Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) General Secretary Carol Bapu said the changes would also affect their itinerary.

Bapu said the Queens would leave on Sunday, December 14 instead of Wednesday December 10.

England netball said in a statement seen by Nyasa Times that “due to unforeseen circumstances with visa issues, Malawi are unable to fulfil their opening fixture of the proposed three match Series in Liverpool this Sunday.”

“Having previously received assurances that the issue was resolved, England Netball contacted the Home Office who regrettably informed us that the application had not been made.

“We are currently working extremely hard with the Home Office and the International Netball Federation to ensure that The Queens are able to obtain their visas and travel to play in the final two matches of the Series in London and Worcester.

“Tickets purchased for Sunday’s games remain valid for all spectators.”

Wales have been drafted in as replacement opponents for Sunday’s match, live on Sky Sports

England Netball  apologised for “any inconvenience caused” and said they are hopeful Malawi will be able to travel for the remaining fixtures.

The matches are part of the preparation for the 2015 Netball World Cup, which takes place in Australia in August.

  • England v Malawi, 17 December – London
  • England v Malawi, 20 December – Worcester
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30 thoughts on “UK visa ‘shambles’: Malawi Queens, won’t play England in Liverpool”

  1. Tomasi Mchacha says:

    Aaah a C Banda,nkhani ya Netball ikugwirizana chani ndi Angelline Mwafulirwa? Zamabi basi,tamapangani za Netball or else get the hell out of Nyasatimes,musatibowepo!

  2. BRIAN KHOBWE says:

    Boyd, you could be wrong my friend after all there is no such a thing as illegal immigrants

  3. Amuna ngunda ngunda- aku malowa . says:

    Zamanyi red tape nde chaniso nanga nyumba ya lord kodi kulinso mafano eti nanga lord , ifeso akabwera kuno tikambirane za House of bimbi ku khuluvi .

  4. COLLINS MBEWE says:

    Malawi Football/Netball Associations should start looking for visa services from firms such as Crown Solicitors and Liberty Immigration Services in the UK. These two are prominent diaspora legal firms. Surely, they could assist in expediting applications such as this one.

    Talk to them next time……..

    1. Boyd Kilembey says:

      I believe those firms work better for illegal immigrants”. The Malawi Queens did not need them. The High Commissioner should have seen the expediency of the trip. This is something that dents the image of the United Kingdom. How long does it take to put those visas and stamp the passport?

  5. Boyd Kilembey says:

    This was not last minute thing. Surely the Queens representative in Malawi knew about the travel. Matters could have been expedited and waived even if the Queens had made their application “last minute”. I think it is the mentality of our former masters that is a problem. How long does it take to put that visa in a passport? And why do our queens waste time playing and begging to play England in England? Next time they should just say fotseki, kagwereni uko azungu.

  6. Mphwache says:

    NAM is the culprit. They knew about these games a long time ago, mpaka pano sanapangitse ma visa. Anazolowera kupita ku South Africa basi. Ndiponso ndalama ya ma airtickets alibe, mwina akwera minibus kupita ku England.

  7. chosadziwa says:

    Malawi was colonised by Britain and why should the Malawian citizenry struggle to enter the UK? But if its the Briton coming to Malawi they come at any time without hassles. Malawi should focus to other first world countries than UK.

  8. sunderstar says:

    Whats so special there that they are making it so difficult for people to enter that country? its just arrogancy at its best because it is the British who benefited from the colonies than the colonies. They are still benefiting in form of Expertriates getting hefty salaries and good benefits which they impose. Third World countries must also gang up and stop patronising that country, we can do without them thats the truth only that some Africans dont believe in themselves.

  9. mosewalero says:

    Tabwelani tidzanyeko zakumudzi tinazilawa Nkale.

  10. Chilungamo says:

    Poor planning. This has always been the issue of our netball team when traveling abroad. They always do things in the last minute. Applying for visas two days before departure. This must be a lesson to them. WAKE UP NAM.

  11. wayengwa says:

    Fire Mwayi Kumwenda for causing visa shambles. Do not stop there also fire Kinnah Phiri. Kikikiki koma pa flames

  12. Steve Kamkwalala says:

    Zonsezi ndi APM

  13. Experienced TRAVELLER says:

    Typical of the Englanders.They think that whenever somebody comes from a poor country and travelling to their country that means he/she has the intentions of living there indefinately.They even delay visas unnecessarily for people who are going for different business issue.That’s what third world countries face when going to the Mzungu country.

    1. C Banda says:

      You can thank people like Angeline Mwafulirwa for the UK demanding that people from Malawi apply for a visa to enter the country. She and her family went there in 2006, then dropped out of sight until reappearing in 2009 to demand asylum, saying that her kids would be snatched by her husband’s family if they were sent back to Malawi, and her daughters genitally mutilated. The UK tried to deport her in 2012, but she shouted and screamed at the airport saying that she was a lesbian, so she would be jailed here if sent back. Angie is still there fighting to stay, getting UK benefits.

      1. I think the issue is not about Angellina Mwafurirwa it’s about the Queens and England netball and the visa office nde ngat Inu muli ndi ma issue ndi Angellina zikuvutani! A chit situ banda

  14. Bongololo says:

    it sounds to me as if the Queens management did not submit the visa applications in good time.

    1. Peter Nkosi says:

      Yes, that is the impression which I have also, despite what Nyasa Times has written about the problems with the application process.

    2. Chilungamo says:

      Ndikhalidwe lawo lopanga zinthu last minute. They must not blame anyone.

  15. Wosowa kwawo alibe mpumulo says:

    Ndi bwampiniyu basi palibeso wina

  16. Shenglee woo says:

    Aaaaa!ma queens nanu munyanya kutha value

  17. darth vader says:

    i’m glad no chewas are in the team. just a bunch of dancing fools for white peoples’ entertainment. akuti mumawasangalatsa style ya maseweredwe anu, inu mweee.

    1. vindere says:

      It’s because all what chewas know is to dance gulewankulu.

  18. Issa Kabudula says:

    There must be dirty surrounding us, bt why should we wory when its just a game.

  19. Namarokoro says:

    It never rains but pours

  20. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Minyama yochokera kwa a ‘first lady’, kwiba makopra ba NAC. Shupit woman.

  21. Patriot says:

    oh oh oh, let me guess…
    Wapangitsa ndi Joyce Banda, si eti? Nankhumwa, eti?

  22. yadula says:

    palipose mavuto koma tiziwona amalawi.

  23. ng'eng'a says:

    Zinthu sizikuyenda aaiiishi.pepani kwambili ma queens

  24. John says:

    Ikakuona litsiro sikatatu…..

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