Uladi accuses Malawi govt of victimising JB, forcing her to stay abroad

The former ruling People’s Party (PP) vice-president, Uladi Mussa has opened up on former President, Joyce Banda’s continued stay abroad, claiming government has the propensity to victimise her and denying her entitlements as former head of state.

Mussa:  Why fighting Malawi's former female president

Mussa: Why fighting Malawi’s former female president

Mussa claimed government is failing to provide Banda with official retirement home as stipulated by the Act of Parliament.

However, government has dismissed the claims as untrue.

In an exclusive interview with Star Radio on Monday evening, Mussa who is PP’s vice-president for central region, become the first party’s official to open up on real reasons Banda’s continued stay abroad, claiming there is a huge appetite from government to have Banda arrested on political inspiration.

”We know there is a prepared arrest warrant for her. But I don’t understand why government continues to victimize former Head of States,” said Mussa.

The former president told the local newspaper over the weekend that her nine-month absence from the country does not imply that she is in “self- exile”.

Banda explained that she made “a deliberate decision” upon leaving office in May 2014 that she was going “to step up onto the global platform and continue with my developmental work that I have done for the past 30 years”.

“This would provide an opportunity for the current President to run matters of the state without my interference.

“There is precedence that former President Bakili Muluzi stayed in the United Kingdom for a long time and nobody said anything and nobody called that ‘self-exile’. I have been out of the country for nine months and five out of those months, I have been in the United States from where I travelled to many countries to fulfil speaking and other engagements,” said Banda.

Banda further said there was no reason to fear any arrest as she was not implicated in the cashgate affair in the forensic audit report by British firm Baker Tilly.

And Minister of Information who is also government’s spokesperson, Kondwani Nankhumwa dismissed Mussa’s claims, saying there was no arrest warrant for Banda and that government once provided her with the official house.

”Information in our possession is that, there is no any warrant of arrest issued against the former President. I crosschecked with the law-enforcing agencies,” said Nankhumwa.

Nankhumwa claimed it was the wish of government to have Banda in the country enjoying her freedom like any other citizen.

On the issue of housing Nankhumwa said: ”Infact government provided her with the house last year; therefore those claims are not true”.

Earlier this year government disarmed some of Banda’s security personnel.

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38 thoughts on “Uladi accuses Malawi govt of victimising JB, forcing her to stay abroad”

  1. KACHAMBA says:

    Kawalala ameneyo akuthawa chiyani?

  2. She is wicked,akuzemba zemba chiyani ngati ali not guilty. ?

  3. Katundu Levson says:

    Asiyeni apume mayi Banda,mumafuna mipando ndiimeneyotu,mwangoti m’maso gwaa zikukukanikanitu.

  4. maritchara says:

    Oipa athawa yekha.

  5. Jenda says:

    This needs to stop for the sake of Malawians. Somebody needs to be the grown up in this mess. To my fellow Malawians please please please I beg you lest elect a youthful, smart, transformational leader in 2019. Cut off age should be 50. These gogos have been nothing but a disappointment.

  6. Kapenandiye says:

    Awa angakhale a pulezident awa owopa kumangidwawa? Enanunso mungosata zoduka mitu basi. Zoonadi yathazi siikoka ngolo ndaonela JB Ndi Jezebel Party Pppppppppp Odi uko JB wanyamukaaaaa sazabweleransoooo mpaka kutabwera Pharao amene samudziwa kkkkkkkkkkkk koma Malawi, ungotola ndi anankungwi omwe.

  7. Okhwipi says:

    Last Dys Leave Her Alone

  8. i kachere says:

    asiyeni amayi athu apume muntendele, mungoti nyoo-nyoo bwanji? ngati dzikukunyelani zanu izo,

  9. winston chigulu says:

    What we want is our development,our salaries we civil sarvants not busy with jb what for?let her free,when are you going to stop such old dirty politics?

  10. Xander Jimmy says:

    If there is no warrant of arrest or any court order or any formal request from any investigation body…………..then JB is clean status quo and has no issue to respond to……….ndiye you people who are emphasizing on ” abwere adzayankhe milandu” milandu yake iti? Kodi umapanga appear before court without court summon or at your on wish, even a case is non existence in court of law?………….please!!!! people leave masiteni alone, as for now! Allow her to stay wherever she wants and enjoy her retirement peacefully………at same time bwana professor concentrate on running the country towards Prosperity……don’t get derailed with trivia issues!…….don’t try to fabricate any non existence offence against JB……unless you have objective and sound facts against her conduct…….otherwise you might be creating future liability to taxpayers….through compensation claims from her as emanating from false arrest/imprisonment, by then people fickle nature will judge that against you……forgeting your key contributions……………

  11. City shooter says:

    Dats wat failures do, instead of focussing on real issues to bring development and deal wit problems Malawians are facing, u’re busy wit JB. She’ll remain a hero whilst u remain a zero. Kunamizila olive branch ili nyambo yachiwembu. She knws u and all u’re machinery, tread carefully or else mafias will b exposed dis tym

  12. Namagetu says:

    Lipilani ma civo servant ma salary bwana Mathanyula

  13. billy says:


  14. Mucracker_2 says:

    A Uladi kodi ndalama za kashi-geti zatha tsopano?
    Masiku anu a ndaale ndi ochepa zedi! Posachedwapa muzakhala munthu wamba.

  15. Gulugufe says:

    Akulu akale ankadziwa chomwe ankanena pokuti “Woipa athawa yekha!” or as they say it in English “The guilty are afraid!”


  17. aurora says:

    jb is afraid of being convicted, peter munthalika is not trying to revenge NO..but oipa athawa ekha thats what JB is doing..ndipo JB denied Peter his right as th epresident. SHE IS MAD AND JAILED AKANGOFIKA NOT BECOZ APM WATERO BUT BECAUSE WE THE PPLE WANT JUSTICE TO REIGN,APM AKAZACHOKA BOMA NAYE NGATI WABA JUSTICE WILL REIGN ITS NOT ABOUT HER BUT THE LIVES OF THE PPL.

  18. Hey! says:

    “JB in self exile”, I thought this could be the right heading for this article. What retirement home does she wants while she is globe-trotting? Apite kwa a che TA Malemia ku Domasi ali ndi tinyumba take kumeneko akayembekezere retirement home. Fwetseki! Akangoti iyi ya MK350b in one year (2013-2014) ikumuzunguza maganizo

  19. lloyd dylan jere says:

    If I were JB I would come back and fight my battle from within. Her lieutenants are not doing a good job.The reasons of her absence as put forward by herself and Mussa are good weapons to fight and weaken DPP.Staying away strengthens DPP and weakens PP. Evidence is mass resignations of cowards from the party’s executive. Come on JB,come back home.You have our support. Should you get persecuted we will make this country ungovernable.

  20. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr Mussa, please give us some space to think about developmental issues. In fact The budget was passed and we want see its implemention.

    Do not preoccupy our minds with Joyce Banda. Its over one year since she left office and there is nothing constructive that she can offer.

    About her retirement benefits, let her talk to OPC and not media. Learn to follow procedures and be realistic.

    Warrant of arrest for what? She says she is innocent. She can be paid for any illigal detantions so donot cheat us.

  21. The real Ujeni says:

    Whatever cheap shots you want to throw on Joyce Banda, Malawi is a country of delinquent politicians. It would be foolhardy for JB to trust these vampires. Everyday they cheat us that there is security in the country yet robbers continue to steal and kill right under their noses. Trust who? Fokofu.

  22. poooooo says:

    kkkkkk PP ukakwera pansana pa Njobvu kkkk. mwaiwala mmene mumawapangila anzanu?? mukusangalala chifukwa cha imfa ya anzanu!! lero nde zaipa?? kkkk munya ndipo simunati anthu inu. eeee mwazionatu. kkkkkkkkk.Mwaiwala kut mumamanga anzanu??

  23. chibwatiko mbekamachuni says:

    If this woman honestly knows she did nothing wrong why is she afraid of coming home? This proves that she knows what she did and fears arrest. An azikaona yekha let her face it

  24. Phodogoma says:

    Going through various documentations like one given by JB herself and Uladi Mussa, it clearly shows that JB is in exile for fear of being considered a big fish in the cash gate scandals. Reading on the wall it also shows that JB can not stay in Malawi even a single day before she is picked to answer questions concerning cashgates.Its easy to form such equations looking at the emotions created by government on one side and Abiti Namaloko on the other hand.These two parties will be in parallel till 2019 unless Mrs Namaloko wants the world to know the truth about her. I am praying that the government of Malawi should not dare to interpol her back home but the government officials should keep on showing her the direction to Nsanje Prison or Maula Prizon or Lumbazi Prison through her binocular gudget in south africa.Wopha mnzake ndi lupanga amafa ndi lupanga lomwe. Anzanu anali ambiri amalimbitsa mitima inu nokha ndi banja lanu mpaka kuthawa dziko likukoma. In short Abiti Namaloko should not come to Malawi at all.Yayaya it doesnt take a decade before one or two Mtumbukas go on exile. This decade is the time for JB and Richard Banda ( all Tumbukas ).Zoyamwira basi. Hahahaha.Bwana Richard Banda tell your wife to come, you are a lawyer by profession, for sure you will represent her in courts. Bwanji madala.Munthu wa mayi azingokukoni kulikonse. Life is too short. Come back and leave her there.

    Mrs Namaloko all the processes for your retirement house and retirement packages are ready. Come and sign the final documents for you to access them.You will meet Mr Lumbazi Prison there at state house where you will sign for the retirement benefits. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  25. masten ali phuma okha ndilibe nawo mulandu

  26. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    The former President, JB, has no excuse for not coming back home, live here and using our country as her base for travel wherever she wants and whenever. She’s really seeing imaginary things, or ghosts of her own past around every corner. How can she live peacefully with that psyche, wherever she is?
    It is said that innocent people have no fear: she should take that adage to heart if she is not afraid of her past haunting her. Otherwise …
    One big question for her: Where did she get all that money she’s spending while living in expensive places, and travelling business and first class? Is that not Cashgate money? Or is she abusing and misusing donor money meant for her charity work? Now, that could be a case in the books for her, when she comes back. And all that is her own making. There is absolutely NO way she could be using her own money all this time. No way Hose.
    APM has nothing to do with her imaginations, an should NOT feature in them at all. There is NO way APM would persecute anybody, including JB. APM is a Democrat by nature. As in “Democratic” Peoples Party.
    By staying away this long, and mouthing off like this, she’s really cementing her guilt image in the eyes of Malawians. That image is now becoming erasable; it is sticking. And I fail to see what good that is for her legacy.

  27. Patrick says:

    Strongest woman in the world kuthawa her own shadow, kkkkkkkkkkk

  28. Blue Ice says:

    Comment number 1, Gambatula I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. She is running away from the Lutepos and Mphwiyos because they were doing the evil things together. How can you milk a sick cow? She has houses she can stay in but not what Uladi is lying to the public. We need people to gain wealth thru hard work not because of having connections with politicians. Nayenso Uladi Mussa akudyera momwemo! mxi nde mudziti malawi mulibe ndalama????

  29. Joseph says:

    “Once provided her with a house?” What does that mean? Does that house still exist? Changovuta chizungu or what?

  30. sh ebrahim isa says:

    Why,men like Peter be fighting against the lady Amayi,do u fear her and she gives u sleepless nights?

  31. big boy says:

    Joseph ngambatula thanks for ur comment it is very neautral

  32. chisombezi likhunya says:

    I agree with Yosefe. Amayi is running away from what she left behind. She is a prime suspect in the cash gate scam. She must come clean and answer the plunder questions.

  33. Mwama Du says:

    Dont compare Mwalimu retirement with our former presidents’ retirements. They are incomparable. Nankhumwa shud explain to malawians what are the benefits given to Banda. They should not sound angelic while they are devilic and wicked in every thing.

  34. Patriot says:

    DPP is afraid of the woman.
    Ndi chifukwa chake amafuna kuwadula moyo mu kangozi ku kanengo chaka chija.
    Ama musabwere, the olive branch is poisonous.

  35. Bon Kapinda says:

    Iwe nyapaphi asiye Amayi apume kuli konse kumene angafuneko. She is a free person in a free world!

  36. Blessings says:

    A Mussa Mulipo Limbikirani Amayi Anu Aja Asamangidwe

  37. Chimani. Game says:

    I hate petro muthalika to the bone

  38. Yosefe Gambatula says:

    I listened to this interview on the radio and you wonder the caliber of the vice presidents of the chenji golos and interviewer.Both were howling like hyenas the interviewer and the interviewee making noise like both were intoxicated from cheap sachets arguing with no convincing facts..Claiming that JB is failing to live in Malawi because of a retirement home is untrue.Joyce Banda is failing to come to Malawi because of the issues she left behind in Malawi and the people she was connected too like the Lutepos and the phwiyos.You mean Joyce Banda cannot leave in a rented house while waiting for a retirement home?What type of a home is she looking for.People like the Great Nyerere of Tanzania retired in a modest home but never ceased to a respected former president.This woman is just running away from the issues she left behind.If she was an honest person and clean from corruption,she would have remained in Malawi to show that she is not afraid of anything.Victimising Joyce doesn’t mean that Pitala is safe.Malawians are also waiting for the 92 billion issue that has ballooned into 599 billion.Malawians wants to know the truth as to where all these billions went to.All the people involved should be prosecuted and brought to book.We want a clean Malawi where people should learn to achieve through hardworking than having connections to politics.

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