Uladi query on Clerk of Parliament selection

People’s Party (PP) leader in parliament Uladi Mussa has questioned President Peter Mutharika’s appointment of Justice and Constitutional Affairs chief legislative counsel Fiona Kalemba as the new Clerk of Parliament (CoP) amid controversy that she was not the first among candidates interviewed by the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC).

New CoP Fiona Kalemba

New CoP Fiona Kalemba

Uladi said in parliament when he was responding to Mutharika’s state of the nation address that it was surprising the President did not pick the candidate who passed the interviews.

“Is this how it works. How can he pick a candidate who trailed on fourth position leaving out the one who passed,” asked Mussa amid applause from the backbenchers,

While a CoP is appointed by the President following recommendations from the PSC, the officer works under the direction of the Speaker.

Section 16 of the Parliamentary Service Act says that a CoP shall be appointed by the President on the recommendation of the PSC.

Mutharika intervened in the selection of the CoP after Speaker Richard Msowoya was accused of favouring Charles Mkandawire, High Court judge. Msowoya chaired the COP interviews.

But President Mutharika picked Kalemba.

Uladi said this is not the way governments run their affairs.

Kalemba is yet to take up her position as she was reportedly in Geneva for meetings of her former job at Ministry of Justice.

She becomes the second female CoP since independence after Matilda Katopola who left office acrimoniously in 2012 and has since bagged herself about K70 million ($125,000) from the government as compensation for unfair dismissal.

According to Section 55 of the Constitution and Section 16 of the Parliamentary Service Act, the CoP is responsible for managing operations of Parliament, providing procedural advice on parliamentary laws to committees among others.

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36 thoughts on “Uladi query on Clerk of Parliament selection”

  1. Olemba says:

    Fiona is the right person for the job. Consider her credentials and experience in matters of parliamentary procedure; they cant match any of her contenders. A recommendation is what it is, a suggestion to the appointing authority to consider appointing a pool of specific candidates. The appointing authority is not bound to pick the highest scorer, coz one may score highest without being the most suitable for the job. if four people were recommended, and the HE chose one, I do not see the reason for querying that she was not the highest.
    On a different note, Mrs. Kalemba is not from Mulakho land. She is from Mchinji.
    Congrats Fiona.

  2. maganizo says:

    kuthandiza abale ako sikulakwa koma atumbuka mumawonjeza- there was a time that BM said the fact that MZUNI is in north it does not mean that all workers should come from north. Posachedwapa paja amati amafuna kuti aziphunzira okhawokha. We hear tumbuka corner for kuwuzira mayeso-kumati ndi anzeru how come that God can give nzeru one tribe. Let us change our mindset kupanda apo we will remain poorest in the world.

  3. devilsadvocate says:

    A mp okongola ma spares kwa mwenye mukuti chiyani? Your duty was to comment on the HE speech. A recycled politician womwa mankhwala oyeletsa.

  4. Wadyera says:

    Well done APM. The syndrome of wakwithu has killed Malawians for so long. Just because Msowoya is from the North, he wanted Mkandawire to be the Cop. Hahahahaha. Atumbuka kuzikonda bwana akangokhala wa ku North basi kumangolembana nokha nokha. Shupiti

  5. Nabanda says:

    Tingoyerekedza munthu uli ndi ana awiri,onsewo ali standard 8. Wina wakhala nambala 1 wina nambala 4. Amene ungamphere nkhuku ndi uti? Ndangodutsa sin’natchole nkhwani.

  6. OBAMA says:

    Guys the way you are contributing it shows that for any appointment to take place let us hire azungu azipanga ma interview chifukwa they dont know us. Apapa akanakhala oti Fiona came first still people could have been saying APM is favouring mlakho. My question is does it mean someone should fail to get the job just because you come from the same home. If Fiona is qualified then it is ok. But I think let us choose on merit

    Komanso let us find independent people to choose government employees of that sort to avoid nepotism. Even if Mkandawire and Msowoya do not know each other but because of the names from the north people will assume he is playing nepotism.

  7. Chingolopiyo says:

    Everyone is entittled to their opinions

  8. johnstone chimphentheka says:

    Mkandawire is a judge of the High Court. Giving him the position of CoP would have reduced the number of judges. We are already crying that there are very few judges. A responsible president could not have been party to a ploy aimed at reducing the number of our judges. Go Fiona go!

  9. becks says:

    A Mary Manda sadakufunsireni Msowoya hence the worst speaker hahahahaha

  10. Chikoko says:


  11. Kabwira Kapasula says:

    Mesa iyeyo ndi lawyer , akwanitsa basi , inu a Uladi , izi si madalasi, nzopitila ku sukulu , bwanji kubwebweta zilizonse ngati kamtundu ka anthu ajawa

  12. Mary Manda says:

    sadly Speaker Msowoya can not be trusted for those of us who know him he is too incapable to the speakership almost the worst speaker malawi have ever had….lawywer kalemba in all fairness could ve been number 1..koma school ndiyabwino a MP uladi Mussa learn to talk the issues u ve capacity of…..apa it only shows low thinking capacity the bakili style…am sorry fiona kalemba is the right one as cop

  13. Jasitasi Chilungamo says:

    If Fiona is a person of integrity.She should to turn down that position honourably instead of taking it.That shows women are not achievers.They always needs to be dragged like donkeys.What a shame.Even if the nepotistic Mutharika didn’t like Mr Mkandawire,where was the one who scooped position two?This clueless oldman is crap.He thinks Malawians should just be watching whatever he likes doing at his own like Malawi is his personal farm.

  14. Bond Namiaka says:

    You need to wake up and quit being naive. I have nothing against Judge Mkandawire however it is common knowledge that if the majority members of an interview panel are homemates or friends of a particular candidate, they can rehearse and caucus before the interview and agree to award the highest marks to him/her and therefore how he/she performs during the interview would be of no consequence and wouldn’t make any difference. That is an old evil ploy that tribalists have used over the years and still use to stack up offices and companies with
    non deserving wakwithu, wakwathu, wakumangwetu operatives. This is a national disgrace staring Malawians in the face whether it be government offices, companies and NGOs. It is a national malaise which all enlightened and self assured Malawians need to fight. The entry point would be to refuse to accept jobs clouded with allegations of favouritism and partiality and refusing to be party to such cronyism as a panelist.

  15. kudya says:

    Eeee mayiwa aliboo tangoonani kumwetulirako ndi bullet.mpake kusankhidwa eee

  16. Sapitwa says:

    Who calls the shots? If Musowoya has outright powers, then yes but he does not call the shots. Therefore he could not have expected APM to rubber stamp his tricks. APM used the phrase: “after careful consideration, Mkandawire was unsuccessful” “after careful consideration, Fiona Kalemba was successful”. Case closed.

  17. nkhangazaona says:

    Ape nde nkhanga zaona ndipo zauluka zapita. Kaya nokha ndithu

  18. Praise says:

    Dziko silingapite patsogolo chonchi.

  19. Mapazi asiyana says:

    Chenji Golo,who appoints Clerk of Parliament and how does that happen? Thought after the interviews the PSC recommends to the president names of which the President has to choose one? What is wrong with the President picking this one? Was she amongst those interviewed? Was her name not included in the communication to the President? Ndalezi sizitipindulira Ku Malawi where everyone wakes up to accuse government of this or that even when doesn’t have knowledge enough on the accusations… Dzuka Malawi

  20. kamowa John says:

    Understand the idea of an interview. To sift around the candidates and select the best. The future depends on what we do today. The clerk is not oppointed as an employee of Honourable Msowoya but the clerk of Parliament CoP. Simple. Mbizi inu. Understand the material first before you can start commenting.

  21. master says:

    number 2 was also a woman based on interviews results, stop doing interviews if u know that u will not pick best capable interviews,

  22. chinyengambeta says:

    Komabe nginiyi ili boo. Akumwetulira ineyo.

  23. multilda says:

    All those who are against number interviewee being taken at the expenses of number, I think you dont know interview panel and the employer.You can not pick somebody with a negative image for organization to be hired as your employee. Then you need to peruse at few books on HRM. Dont just be political all the time as what Socrate said as humans being political creatures. Ngati watengedwayo ndi Mlomwe thus very good. I mean richardMsowoya can not hire an employee for Muthalika otherwise Msowoya may take a SNAKE , king cobra( oho no king cobra died)

  24. Titus scot says:

    Wamkulu ndi ndani, PSC or the landlord (president)? A chenji golo takhani chete! A recommendation can be respected or not. Simudziwa zimenezi?

  25. chimbiya says:

    if you are talking about women empowerment, so he could have pick number 2. a woman as well. nepotism, tribalism at cost.

  26. Mzee says:

    I am a qualified woman lawyer who would never accept a job where i was number 4. This is demeaning to women because it makes us look a bit incapable. Was Msowoya alone on the board? If indeed the aggregate score from each member placed Fiona on number 4 then its a scandal. I believe women are as capable as men ( in other cases they are better). Why then should sink so low as to offer them jobs they dont deserve (thats assuming the interview had reliability and validity). I hope my daughters will excel in life not because they are women but rather because they are capable.

  27. Pachilambo Usauchi says:

    Just like ukafuna kukwatira aliyense amayang’ana zimene wakonda mwina thako ! APM sanalakwitse

  28. GooNgayikosya says:

    Yauzilu, tenga iweyo udindowo. atenge mamuna muyambanso kulongolola ndikirani nthawi yanu pipipipipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! yanyamuka mwina2099 asa yauzilu

  29. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Musamutukwene Uladi Mussa, he is just asking a simple question.

    Mumuyankha kapena ai?

  30. chikutumbwe says:

    Emma Kaliya executive for women empowerment where are you when Uladi is not happy for DPP’s women empowerment.
    Uladi is another foolish being, comrade to Chakwera. I mean the president is an employer in this case. Any employer is free to take the one who pleases him or her regardless her performance . Employers do have their own reasons for hiring employees. Obviously no body can hire a house hold worker for you Uladi. So you are veruy stupid for asking Muthalika the employer Muthalika, in this why he has employed Kalemba at the expenses of those who did well. I mean employer -employee relationship is needed particulalry this parliament with Msowoya as speaker.Man you need to hire clerk of parliament carefully. Clerk pf parliament is a powerful person in parliament. Khamoni man.

  31. malawi says:

    Uladi wapeperapotu apa. Sunaone munthu nkukhala number 6 koma kutengedwa bcoz of other reasons??

  32. Therere says:

    Uladi you don’t women to take up senior positions?

  33. Mashamase says:

    Azimayi tengani mipando , mwina zinthu zingasinthe

  34. Bebvu says:

    ZayanbikA KU pARLIAMENT. Tiyeni nawo.

  35. Pimbisa Ambwiye says:

    Uladi mbuli!

  36. Renegade says:

    Women empowerment! women shud take up leadership positions

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