Uladi says its ‘zero-development’ budget: Malawi maize in the hands of ‘unscrupulous traders’

People’s Party (PP) leader in Parliament Uladi Mussa has said government is not only implementing a zero-aid financial plan but a “zero-development” budget.

Mussa: it not only zero-aid budget but also zero development budget

Mussa: it not only zero-aid budget but also zero development budget

Malawi’s major donors are withholding budget support for Malawi worth $150 million (over K60 billion) following the massive public funds abuse at Capital Hill popularly known as cashgate dating back from 2005.

In his party’s response to the State of the Nation Address, which President Peter Mutharika delivered on Tuesday, Mussa said it will be difficult to implement programmes and projects “ambitiously outlined” by the Head of State, taking into account government’s failure and inability to mobilise resources to fund the National Budget of 2014/2015.

“Mr Speaker, Sir, as far as PP is concerned, this is not only a zero aid budget, but also a zero development budget,” Mussa said.

He said all district assemblies their budgets are for consumption, “their budgets are for salaries, salaries; there is nothing for development.”

Mussa criticised government on terminating contracts in the roads and civil engineering.

“What is wrong with the already existing contracts? Why do you terminate programmes that were already secured by the government? What does this DPP-led government want from the new contractors they want to award these contracts?   What do you want? Do you want to manipulate figures here and there? Is that your intention, to manipulate figures here and there? “

On land, Mussa said government should quickly review the land legislations “so as to protect our nation from being taken by foreigners as it is the case now.”

Mussa also asked government to fund grain trader Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) with K4.8 billion to buy maize and legumes in preparation for the looming hunger.

“Mr Speaker, Sir, there are three things in life which you cannot hide. If one is dead, you cannot hide, if one is pregnant, you cannot hide and hunger too, you cannot hide. The truth of the matter will come out,” said Mussa, attracting applause from backbenchers.

Mussa said it was worrying that the President made no mention of recapitalising Admarc which he said was a more reliable market for maize for rural Malawians.

He said Admarc needed between K3.6 billion (US$8 372 093) and K4.8 billion (US$11 162 791) to buy this maize, but instead government has plans to provide K8 billion to National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) to restock Strategic Grain Reserves (SGRs).

“We are leaving maize trading in the hands of unscrupulous traders who are ripping off Malawians,” Mussa said, adding resources to restocking SGRs should be increased to K15 billion.

Earlier, Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera said money set aside to purchase maize “must benefit Malawians who have maize, instead of importing maize from outside.”

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17 thoughts on “Uladi says its ‘zero-development’ budget: Malawi maize in the hands of ‘unscrupulous traders’”

  1. Mzozodo says:

    what is development Uladi? Peeeee…eee! Hw can u say there is no dvpt in salaries? Ok! Dats y civil servants were crying viphazi vamajoti vopondeleza vinali vomwevi eti! Wanya nayo dpp.

  2. Mhesha says:

    Malawians. ..remember that this country embraces s liberalised economy. No entity in this country can force farmers or traders to sell maize produce to Admarc. Admarc has to compete against private traders on the market by being competitive in order to win the decision of farmers to sell their maize to Admarc.

  3. Dr. Godfrey Ganizani Mvuma says:

    Yaaah, Malawi at its best. Sickening, indeed.

  4. Dr Moo Tha Leeker says:

    Jean Mathanga tinadya ife. Amazuna eish

  5. Dr Moo Tha Leeker says:

    Nankhumwa akuti anapereka mimba kwa wa form one pa Providence Secondary School. DPP home of sex gladiators.

  6. Ian says:

    Probably tough moments ahead, indeed.

  7. Ochibwe says:

    I still don’t understand this deliberate move done by this DPP government, ADMARC stopped buying produces in rural areas instead they use Mulli brothers which buys these produces at a very low price and sell it to government. These shows that the DPP gvt has no plans of helping the life of the poorest citizen but using him like a tenant. Mulli brothers is a big vendor sent by the Dpp gvt to exploit the poor.

  8. Look who’s calling kettle black,your party (PP) was the worst thing that ever happened to Malawi
    Amayi aja mmalo mokuti adzikuwuzani zochita inu mumawauza zochita powona kuti analibe experience iliyonse apart from selling dzitumbuwa

  9. Sapitwa says:

    What did you do in two years apart from annoying us with the same song from Joyce Banda about bringing fuel and donor funding ? Really nothing because anyone could have done it at that time.
    You are not even an asset to Malawi that even if you disappear, no one will notice.

  10. williams frazer Harawa says:

    Lets not cheat each other mr Change Goal thoz contractors are pp u contracted them and now their tym is over we also need to contract DPP die hards jst lyk u did u put aside mulli brothers so what and why wondering tody?

  11. Kokotowa says:

    Uladi Mussa ndi bulutu opanda nzeru!

  12. Lost says:

    “Caution”….Tough Times Ahead

  13. mahalawipha says:

    Mussa is right, the main suppliers of maize to National Food Reserve Agency r Mulli and Jean Mathanga!

  14. change golo akuti chani

  15. Achimidzimidzi says:

    This comedian has cracked another joke. This is change goal,at his best. PP for two years made several developments, let him show us

  16. Jimmy juga says:

    Mr uladi looks as if he has a point but where was he when things were bad during pp govt, no tangble development that malawians can remember pp adminstration. But have a point DPP can borrow. I like uladi can critisize and offer solutions unlike baba chakwela,

  17. Nkhuwawe says:

    Unya uona. Change golo angakumvere ndani iwe chitsiru, machende ako. Komanso akuti wapeleka mimba kwa wa form one ku Lilongwe, utha uona nyani iwe.

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