Uladi says ‘Mutharika must fall’: Slams ‘clueless in control’ DPP

Opposition Peoples Party (PP) has described the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as arrogant and clueless to solve the country’s problems and retaliated that it’s high time for the party to leave government and that Malawi will become just like other failed African states if President Peter Mutharika is left unchecked.

Mussa speaking at the rally

Mussa speaking at the rally

Jooma had also his turn

Jooma had also his turn

Addressing a public political rally at Masintha ground in Lilongwe on Sunday, PP acting president Uladi Mussa said Malawians are “fed up” with a government full of people who feel that they know everything when they are amateurs.

“This government is full of showy people, those who always like to walk tall in the streets as if they are delivering whilst they are killing poor Malawians,” charged Mussa.

“These are the people who have never had friends from day one of their leadership, these are people who have been messing this country from day one of their leadership but they don’t know that the key to a successful leadership is to make friends with the people,” said the PP acting president while citing poor governance marred with poor policies as the main identities of the DPP led government.

He added: “With the way things are, we need to unite as Malawians regardless of who we are, where we are coming or whether a Chewa, Lomwe, Yao or any other tribe to solve these problems. These people must go, they have failed this country and in a normal democracy, once you fail miserably you resign.”

The PP leader asked President Mutharika to step down of his own volition.

Mussa likened the current scenario to a funeral which all people come together to mourn.

He called on starving and suffering Malawians to voice out against Mutharika’s leadership to “send him away”.

“We chose our leaders to perform and if they fail we can sack them,” he said.

Taking his turn, PP Vice President for the Eastern Region Ralph Jooma said it is a shame for DPP to be failing to run the country when there is a good opposition with full of good advice and constructive criticism.

“We have always been advising them on how to deal with some of these issues but they are arrogant thinking they know everything.

“A good example is on Cement and Malata subsidy. W hen we are implementing the Mudzi Transformation program we didn’t use finances from the national budget. It was an independent program with independent funding.

“We told them that there is no way our national budget can fund a K15 billion cement and malata subsidy program. That amount could have been allocated somewhere and source the funding of the program elsewhere. When I did my own calculations, K15 billion can buy three million bags of maize from Zambia and feed a lot of households up to April during the next harvest but they ignored the whole advice.

“If they continue ignoring the people’s need of food and prioritizing this program then am afraid that by the time they will be finishing building the [mbofyo-mbofyo] houses, the targeted families will already be dead by then,” said Jooma.

He quashed suggestions that Malawians should persevere because of a season full of problems saying there is no such thing on earth.

“We don’t have a season of problems. Who doesn’t know that DPP is always associated with bad governance? If they leave government today and a new leadership is elected, believe me these problems will be dealt with,” he said.

Part of the audience at Masintha

Part of the audience at Masintha

“We need the requisite leadership in our country that puts all Malawi first not only a tribe or region,” he said.

Jooma said the President has demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that he doesn’t have what it takes to be a leader.

The rally had its share of problems as in the noon hours; police officers started dispersing people saying the party’s communication to the authorities on the date of the meeting was with conflicting dates.

It was after the discussions with senior police officers that they were allowed to hold the rally.

It was attended by members of Parliament and  senior party officials from all the regions like Ken Msonda, Ulemu Chilapondwa, Halima Daudi, Clara Makungwa, Beston Majoni, Lawrence Mpofu and Samson Msosa among others.

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Inu a Kabwira, banja linakulakani. Munganene chani chopanga anthu ma million kumva. MCP kwathu ku KU timaikonda kwambiri, koma inu a ku Dedza ndinu munadetsa chipani chathuchi, lero muti chani. Kulephera kupanga reconcile ndi munthu mmodzi koma apa nkumati a Malawi, a Malawi ake ati? ife ai. ma bukhu munamwera, koma ndinu mbuli mkabadidwe. Ma disasters onse aja inu mkumati fwefwefwe, ngati ife timakhala ku Zambia kuti muzitilongosolera. Pitala amapanga mvula? Kanamizeni ena, osamangoti amalawi amalawi, za ziiiii ife ai. amuna anu akuti mukambilane, mulere ana apa.


Imwe ndimwe yai, a Kamlepo, a Uladi, a Mkandawire, imwe Chiuta nga wakamtolani muchali twana. 1. u r are useless politicians Malawi has ever produced. 2. Mose ndimwe tuntchewe uto tubwenhta kutali na chimbwi. Pala munazeru amalawi wakatikana uli. u have empty long speaches. kwali ma advisers winu mbambula zeru nga ndimwe. To hell with our PP

chimimba tiye

Koma zinazi kumangoziona basi

Winston Msowoya
If Malawi was an established democratic entity,Muluzi could be put to task for imposing criminals in the country’s top leadership.All the shortcomings we are seeing today,is the responsibility of former President Bakili Muluzi who took the torch to campaign for Thom Muthalika whom he had no clue of the rogue’s characters or political standing.In his UDF,there were some highly competent leaders like late Aleke K.Banda and Chimunthu Banda (no relations) who could one of them,run our country diligently and patriotically.Bingu then had been fired from COMESA,for stealing US$475.000 in public funds.His brother Peter,was also in dire problems with Washington State… Read more »

lipenga inunso ndi phwala lamunthu ndithu I don’t even think kuti lipenga lake limalira how could you evolve bakili on this? forget that chakwera adzalamula dziko lino. what happen to jonah when God told him kukalalika ku nenevi? anathawa but It took God himself to put him on straight line soon God will put chakwera on straight line to go back to preach the gospel not what your saying zoduka mutu apazi.



Malawian based in Zimbabwe
Malawian based in Zimbabwe
No matter how and u may try how, it ll not work for u. MCP have u forgotten how u mistreated malawians for 31years in power? What is the problem with u? Jealous, let Mutharika alone to rule the country, agologolo inu machende anu, mufuna mubweretse chisokonezo mdzikomo. Amalawitu atopa nanu mukuona ngati mungadzalamulirenso dziko. Akhale wachilungamo chatsika wanuyo akanathawa ntchito ya Ambuye. He is a cursed person coz is aman running from God.Chilungamo chili ndi Mulungu osati anakafumbwefumbwe. Mudzichita utsiru wanuwo ku Lilongwe komweko. PP ili ndi fungonso kkkkkkkk sikusowa mbalume kumeneko mpaka kufuna friendly ndi leadership. Amalawi asakunamizeni… Read more »

peter yemweyo kuti wawawa!!!!


Uladi woyeeeee PP woyeeeee. …. Press harder and harder in so doing we can survive.

Gumede Njolinjo
I am not a supporter 0f DPP, but nobody will give a chance to PP to rule this country again. The cash gate is enough material to us to reject you no matter what you say against DPP – your Msowoya Msowoya knows this. Everybody has seen that you are power hungry and please tell Kabwira and her party that they will remain in the opposition for ever because we all know how power hungry you are and we know when you get into power, you will be filling your pockets first. Let those people that have already filled their… Read more »

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