Uladi takes a dig at ‘babysitter’ Mutharika: Lacks strategic direction

It does not rain but pour for President Peter Mutharika who after being described as an “Executive babysitter” by Leader of Opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera, leader of People’s Party (PP) in Parliament Uladi Mussa also trashed Mutharika.

President Mutharika and PP's parliamentary leader Ualdi Mussa

President Mutharika and PP’s parliamentary leader Uladi Mussa

In his official response to the State of the Nation Address in Parliament in Lilongwe, Mussa claimed that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration was “claiming ownership” of PP projects such as the national stadium in Lilongwe “for lack of nothing to show” in the one year in office.

Mussa said Mutharika’s address was punctuated with “usual campaign messages and unfulfilled promises.”

He said after carefully analysing the speech, PP has observed that DPP government lacks strategic direction and priorities.

“People’s Party and all Malawians are disappointed and seriously concerned that this government is not addressing key challenges being faced by Malawians,” he said.

Mussa said Malawi desperately needs a kind of leadership that will ask the big “why” questions, and come up with innovative “how to” solutions to address the big why questions.

“At the moment, all we get are the ‘what to do’ – the shopping lists with no assessment of their impact,” he said.

The PP leader said DPP government lacks direction and priorities and full of “empty shopping list year in year out.”

He also doubted Mutharika’s plans to construct eight new roads starting this coming financial year when local councils were just consuming resources without tangible developments.

General debate on the President’s address has commenced.

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47 thoughts on “Uladi takes a dig at ‘babysitter’ Mutharika: Lacks strategic direction”

  1. Ntchona says:

    I come from salima the man has done absolutely nothing so he must stop poking others

  2. Kodi Chakwera anali m’busa wa Mulungu kapena wa satana? Zoyankhula zake zopanda nzeru, zonyoza, zosayenera kuchokera pakamwa pa m’busa. Bola baba Tembo amakambako za nzeru ngati mkulu wa mpingo wa Nkhoma synod. Ukakhala Uladi kumbukira mawu ako umamuuza mako nthawi ya kampeni, “Chipani chikatuluka m’boma pamasankho sichimabweleranso” Hailala ilala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. chigodobo chafikaso says:

    I quote “there are three things you cannot hide: pregnancy, death, and hunger…..” Hon Change Goal( Uladi Musa )

  4. williams frazer Harawa says:

    Achange golo inu if u need pp presidency then keep on lying but if u need the countries leadership then u are far back behind because the stadium u r cheating on urself not malawians was one time brought disagreements in parliament when the late president wanted to trasnfer it to Bts and that was after he has sourced the fund already and everythn was set for the stadium to bign unfortunatery the president died then u pp pipo diverted it back to Lilongwe on political grounds so is this the stadium w know u wnt to craim as ur brain child? Answer m mr change golo ndale zabodza zidapita isanabwere DPP and if u say pp and malawians akwiya mmmm amalawi ake ati a pp or a DPP kod inuyotu u were on nmbr 3 do u knw wy? I mn wat was really on th ground not what u knw tht caused u to lose do u knw it? The problem wth u pipo in front seats its tht u rely on rgs who almost 80% are liars, crooks,thieves,grumandisers, cheaters, jst lyk u to the president, as a result u end up killing the party in the grass loot, bcz there is no party in the executive the party is in areas,constituency, and districts. Region a little bit and lastly the sponsors or the executive.

  5. makanja says:

    kukangana ndi Uladi ndi kutaya nthawi.Iweyo ndi anthu akuchibwenzi kwako ku Ngodzi mbuzi zokhazokha.Ndi chiyani ungaloze ku SA south,iii kuyambira UDF,DPP, pp palibe chomwe wachita ndi maboma onsewa ?

  6. Next President says:

    DPP hs completed the projects put in place by its former leader Bingu and PP mwapanga chani only if u cld hv told the president what u wantd mwina ndikanakumvetsani.and 4 uladi we nd 2 put in place terms 4 MPs 2 what has he dne in salima south apart from marrying dozen of wives and making babies he dnt even help.for chakwera he faild 2 run a church yomwe any pastor respects him ili ndi dziko where u cnt control anthu lik puppets iwe nd Yona soon nsomba ikumeza ku return and preach again

  7. Tifose says:

    Its easy to say .. but Change goal what did PP really initiate in two years. Did ERP get off the foot with anything, if PP was a serious party that was liked by Malawian later lone people in Salima, why did it miserably lose elections. Mr Change goal be sincere other wise you will remain an empty vessel.
    Look at aftermath of what you created yet you got MK24m from standard bank, and we are paying 50%.

  8. Kavuluvulu says:

    A Chenjigolo inu mungapange chiani ?Mbuzi yamano kunsi.Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  9. papa says:

    Ndiye ikakhala kuti ili ku Lilongwe kaamba ka amakowo ine nditani?
    kutchainako anapitako ndi amakowo? nzeru za stadium anaganiza ndi amakowo?
    Ulibe nzeru ngati amakowo.

  10. mangulenje says:

    Come on Uladi, the Lilongwe stadium was not initiated by PP how can you shamelessly claim ownership of the development you never initiated? Mutharika may lack direction alright but you cannot take away what DPP initiated for a PP development. When did changing a decision of the initiator of the project become project initiation?

  11. Achawa says:

    This is unfortunate and irresponsible person who is not serious but only inerested with opposing views for the sake of opposing trying to make a political milage, pp did nothing in two years apart from cashgate

  12. Nyonyo says:

    Damn u reporter and other fools…and uladi too…bingu had the plan not only that but also sourced the funding. .JB fwefwefwe anapanga chani which plan ya jb can dpp complete zingwe zang’ombe. Mxiii

  13. TATI says:

    Yes the stadium would have built in Blantyre had it been not for JB

  14. Its true that DPP is not advancing rather than running the country on. Experimentation.

  15. chishuka says:

    DPP ndi chipani chikanika apite ku blantyre kwawoku akamange yawo ya my Lilongwe ndi ya PP. anthu amenewa Matitenga a malawiyi ngati proparty ya kunyumba kwawo. ili bid dziko la a Malawi osati amuthalika ayi ppppppppppp woyeeee

  16. Tsiripas says:

    pp will neva rule again, mark my words

  17. Mapwiya Muhlupare says:

    Dziko losauka ndi choncho mmmh. Za manyazi president kumazichemelera stadium. Imagine Obama or Zuma mentioning construction of stadiums or hotels as their accomplishments in their state of union?? Nde a mayor anene chani? Not even a governor can say such things. why? becz these are council or ministerial or MP jobs. President azikamba za chuma, kuthetsa njala, kupezera schinyamata zochita osati kumanga stadium. za shame

  18. fundo says:

    Tell me what peter has done. Don’t count what previous presidents have accomplished.

  19. G.G says:

    Kodi mukufuna aliyense azibweretsa plan yake? Thats why malawi cannot develop. PP finished Bingus term with the planned projects. We dont praise plans but accomplished projects. DPP did not construct stadium but had a plan, PP started the construction and DPP will finish- this is normal. Stadium does not belong to a party.

  20. chatha says:

    Plan ya bingu zoona

  21. Tengupenya says:

    PP should not accuse DPP of campaigning in Parliament, however that is done. Engage the party in administration of the government on the agenda set on the table in at least two ways: articulate where you meet them and offer alternatives where you disagree with them. Otherwise you too are doing exactly what you accuse the DPP of doing- campaigning on the floor of Parliament. The public will judge you all according to what the public gets out of your leadership and work in Parliament.

  22. Tengupenya says:

    Bingu cheated Lilongwe of the MUST and tried to do the same of the Stadium. He dribbled full time. So about the Stadium in Lilongwe, the concept was indeed Bingu’s but the implementation was PP’s. Those are the credits each should claim. Both are lying if they claim full credit for themselves alone.

  23. Tengupenya says:

    Opposition, when you declare your corners, please come back to town and engage the government on the laid out agenda and articulate the convergence areas and offer your alternatives to the divergent areas. You are equally yapping to the cloud if you fail to do these too. Engage the government to optimize what it has offered and to broaden oe better their offer. It is about finding the best solution for Malawians and not a show down of the parties at the floor of Parliament!

  24. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

    Whether stadium has been done by pp or dpp ndi ngongole zosafunika kunyadila. Tulo a Malawife. Project yonyadira izikhala yoti mwalipira from your taxes.

  25. Mja Nkhuli says:

    Kodi macadet mwacommenta apanu simukudziwa kuti stadium ili Ku Lilongwe kamba ka Amayi?

    1. Nsanje lekani says:

      Mbuli iyi nayonso. Iwe ukunena zobweresa! Chikanapanda Bingu kukoza maziko onse bwezi mayi wakoyo atayibweretsa ku LLs?

  26. nyayo says:

    Both Bingu and Mai had a hand in Lilongwe project. Mai found it at implementation stage. She took the project to LL instead of BT. She facilited the construction. Let’s be fair and appreciate what mai did. This does not mean she is better. Her negatives outweigh the positives.

  27. Tili Chenene says:

    Kkkkkk! PP would do better to simply say, “with all people’s comments, we support the State President’s speech.” And sit down. They could be wiser than now after Uladi’s comments

  28. So you (uladi) leader of pp in parliament the whole of u this is what you can claim (stadium) that your pp party achieved during 2yrs in office kkk shame on u uladi & u dpp work up do something tangible…. Kukana namuso kumazapanga ma claim a boza ngat uladi..

  29. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    If PP keep making these patently false statements, then maybe they should not be given any chance to rebut a president’s address in future. Thank goodness, this action may not be necessary as PP will NOT have any MP in Parliament after 2019.

  30. Ambuje says:

    Kkkkkkkk musiyeni Uladi ndikamulanga ku simba pakuti posachedwapa tikuika chinamwali cha Jando kkkk achitonombe nkhani ndi imeneyo akangofika nayeni basi!!

  31. Okhrana says:

    Change goal tsopano kkkkk

  32. orila says:

    Bingu’s plan Ws to build it in btz but one in LL is mum’s stadium iyaaa! Anationjeza Ku Lilongwe ameneuja isaaa!!

    1. Nsanje lekani says:

      Same money, same budget

  33. Achimidzimidzi says:

    My foot!!! OG!!

    Uladi Mussa bwanji?? Kodi PP iribe secretary, to verify your arguments.

    Ndiye mwapanga comment yitiyo pamenepa

  34. Nsanje lekani says:

    Kkkkkkkkkk. Osaona ndani. PP? Osaziwa ndani kuti stadium ndi plan ya Bingu.

  35. wezzie says:

    The stadium wsnt ur project mr uladi..wt dd u do wth ur woman urslf?..fotseki

  36. mbuzi iwe says:

    So the stadium project was initiated by PP according to Uladi Mussa. Kuliratu uku. Mukulilira project ya Bingu, kodi mulibe manyazi. Kodi inu zaka ziwiri zonse zija zinangotha ndi kugawa mbuzi ndi abakha basi. Mwathatu inu

  37. nanjinga says:

    Ok inu a Uladi in ur 2yrs of PP leadership munapangadi zambiri tikuyamika 1,cashgate
    2,Corrupt Nigeria oil deal
    3,Presidential jet sale
    4,Kuolesa mitembo etc

  38. Fathara says:


  39. namarokoro says:

    Every sane Malawian will not worry what Uladi says. He is an idiot and clinging to a party that has no direction and has no leader because the leader is running from CashGate.

  40. powder says:

    uladi wabodza, iwe stadium ndi ya pp? kodi ukunamiza ana or what? sono ngati mukunamizira zitukuko za wena meaning u have discovered that u did nothing in ur period? who doesnt know that stadium is ababy of dpp under bingu? just to relocate then you say the project is of pp? you shld be ashamed!

  41. Khwethemu says:

    Mau munthu wankulu. Mbuzi ya Predident iyi

  42. maximum prison says:

    Mr Change goal you are just one of the frustrated guys like Chakwera! If you mention about the Stadium, Its DPP”s project what changed is just to bring it back to Lilongwe where initially it was earmarked to be constructed. PP has never constructed or initiated anything apart from laying foundation stones and distributing ropes for goats and cows with the main achievement of swindling the government!

  43. shaaaa! says:


  44. big chimbly says:

    The PP partly if not majorly are a reason why we malawians are living like this. Who depreciates his or her currency 100% in normal senses? It was a bad decision that led to the current financial problem. As much as I know that had we continued with Bingu the country couldve crushed, the PP led government was equally bad….

  45. Chikopa says:

    Lilongwe stadiam ndi pp project? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kuma iwe musa asandikomole ndi phwete anthuni mu parliment musakhale mopangila za izeki ndi jacob

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