Uladi takes a dig at ‘babysitter’ Mutharika: Lacks strategic direction

It does not rain but pour for President Peter Mutharika who after being described as an “Executive babysitter” by Leader of Opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera, leader of People’s Party (PP) in Parliament Uladi Mussa also trashed Mutharika.

President Mutharika and PP's parliamentary leader Ualdi Mussa

President Mutharika and PP’s parliamentary leader Uladi Mussa

In his official response to the State of the Nation Address in Parliament in Lilongwe, Mussa claimed that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration was “claiming ownership” of PP projects such as the national stadium in Lilongwe “for lack of nothing to show” in the one year in office.

Mussa said Mutharika’s address was punctuated with “usual campaign messages and unfulfilled promises.”

He said after carefully analysing the speech, PP has observed that DPP government lacks strategic direction and priorities.

“People’s Party and all Malawians are disappointed and seriously concerned that this government is not addressing key challenges being faced by Malawians,” he said.

Mussa said Malawi desperately needs a kind of leadership that will ask the big “why” questions, and come up with innovative “how to” solutions to address the big why questions.

“At the moment, all we get are the ‘what to do’ – the shopping lists with no assessment of their impact,” he said.

The PP leader said DPP government lacks direction and priorities and full of “empty shopping list year in year out.”

He also doubted Mutharika’s plans to construct eight new roads starting this coming financial year when local councils were just consuming resources without tangible developments.

General debate on the President’s address has commenced.

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I come from salima the man has done absolutely nothing so he must stop poking others

Kampaundi- FND

Kodi Chakwera anali m’busa wa Mulungu kapena wa satana? Zoyankhula zake zopanda nzeru, zonyoza, zosayenera kuchokera pakamwa pa m’busa. Bola baba Tembo amakambako za nzeru ngati mkulu wa mpingo wa Nkhoma synod. Ukakhala Uladi kumbukira mawu ako umamuuza mako nthawi ya kampeni, “Chipani chikatuluka m’boma pamasankho sichimabweleranso” Hailala ilala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chigodobo chafikaso

I quote “there are three things you cannot hide: pregnancy, death, and hunger…..” Hon Change Goal( Uladi Musa )

williams frazer Harawa
williams frazer Harawa
Achange golo inu if u need pp presidency then keep on lying but if u need the countries leadership then u are far back behind because the stadium u r cheating on urself not malawians was one time brought disagreements in parliament when the late president wanted to trasnfer it to Bts and that was after he has sourced the fund already and everythn was set for the stadium to bign unfortunatery the president died then u pp pipo diverted it back to Lilongwe on political grounds so is this the stadium w know u wnt to craim as ur… Read more »

kukangana ndi Uladi ndi kutaya nthawi.Iweyo ndi anthu akuchibwenzi kwako ku Ngodzi mbuzi zokhazokha.Ndi chiyani ungaloze ku SA south,iii kuyambira UDF,DPP, pp palibe chomwe wachita ndi maboma onsewa ?

Next President

DPP hs completed the projects put in place by its former leader Bingu and PP mwapanga chani only if u cld hv told the president what u wantd mwina ndikanakumvetsani.and 4 uladi we nd 2 put in place terms 4 MPs 2 what has he dne in salima south apart from marrying dozen of wives and making babies he dnt even help.for chakwera he faild 2 run a church yomwe any pastor respects him ili ndi dziko where u cnt control anthu lik puppets iwe nd Yona soon nsomba ikumeza ku return and preach again


Its easy to say .. but Change goal what did PP really initiate in two years. Did ERP get off the foot with anything, if PP was a serious party that was liked by Malawian later lone people in Salima, why did it miserably lose elections. Mr Change goal be sincere other wise you will remain an empty vessel.
Look at aftermath of what you created yet you got MK24m from standard bank, and we are paying 50%.


A Chenjigolo inu mungapange chiani ?Mbuzi yamano kunsi.Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Ndiye ikakhala kuti ili ku Lilongwe kaamba ka amakowo ine nditani?
kutchainako anapitako ndi amakowo? nzeru za stadium anaganiza ndi amakowo?
Ulibe nzeru ngati amakowo.


Come on Uladi, the Lilongwe stadium was not initiated by PP how can you shamelessly claim ownership of the development you never initiated? Mutharika may lack direction alright but you cannot take away what DPP initiated for a PP development. When did changing a decision of the initiator of the project become project initiation?

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